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Font Clock Presents the Time using 12 Different Fonts

After I’ve presented the Beautiful Colors Wall Clock a few days ago today I’ve discovered another simple wall clock with a modern design. The Font Clock is a 21st century take on the British 24 hour clock design icon. Twelve different fonts are printed within the mechanism of the clock providing a random, mixed display […]

Home Accessories : Butterfly Clock

To add up personal elements, colors and fine traces, you may need to weigh right on a combination of basics in furnishing, home ambience along with thoughtful home decor accessories. Made completely from lacquered metal, the Butterfly clock lets you decide how far you want time to fly away ! This clock could be a […]

Bonsai Tree Inspired Clock

The Bonsai Clock is designed as an old bonsai tree and has slow moving gears. At a first glance it might appear difficult to tell the time, but after a while I’m sure that you’ll get used with this clock. Despite their steely looks, the clock’s gears are actually made from plastic, although the frame […]

Retro Clock – Flip Down

For those of you who want a trendy and slick looking metallic flip down clock here is the Retro Flip Down clock, a nice piece of gadget to sit on your work desk for telling you the time. Every 60 seconds and hour, the time will flip down automatically without any need for winding or […]

Mp3 Alarm Clock – YOM

YOM is an mp3 player alarm clock that can make your wake up on your favourite song. You can set which songs to wake up to via the touch sensitive controls. YOM is designed by Philipp Goeder and until now is just a concept design. The USB stick then becomes a joystick to toggle thru […]

Bellini Clock Sofa

Bellini Clock Sofa is a great model for those who want to play a little with their furniture from time to time, and make some changes in their homes. This sofa let you express your style. It gives harmony and equilibrium to your house, every instant have to be used. As you can see this […]

Hotel-de-Ville de Paris Wall Clock

Wall clocks are a great element that can change the whole look of wall, and besides that you can also know the exact time. Today I’ve stumbled upon this beautiful wall clock that made me think at old times. I’m sure that a wall clock like this could change the whole atmosphere in a room, […]

Clock Side Table

This table with a clock included is an interesting idea, but I don’t think that this idea is to useful. Every time when you would like to check the clock you should go to the table to see it. In this case a wall clock would be more useful. This table could be useful for […]

Grandpa Clock

Grandpa Clock looks like a very old clock, but in fact the clock is just the image of an antique clock is printed onto canvas fabric and hung on the wall. Behind the fabric is a wooden frame and modern clock movement, complete with antique-style hands. Pretty interesting design, and also a cheap ( 79$ […]

Modern Painting Clock by Progetti Srl

This clock has a very interesting design. The folks at Progetti Srl combined a clock with an art piece, and they made this beautiful modern wall clock. A simple clean white and black design that can look very nice on your wall. The bad thing at this clock is … he have only one hour […]

Man Adrift on a Rock Clock

The most interesting thing behind this clock is his story. The artist ( Pascale Judet ) subtly captures the idea of man’s small place in the eternal ocean of time and offers new insight when watching the clock. This idea might make you think more carefully at how you spend your time. You can have […]

Clock Safe Perfect for Hiding Goods

For those of you who want to hide some of their stuff this clock might be an interesting idea. I don’t know how many people will see this clock as a safe, that’s the interesting part, because it’s not so easy to see where is actually the safe. Sometimes, the safest place to hide something […]

Ninja Clock

Our friend from NerdApproved found an interesting clock. The Ninja Clock is a 13″ plastic time piece features nunchuck hands and a ninja swinging into action as the pendulum. An ideal piece to measure time for those who love martial arts. Just imagine that little black ninja with this red belt swinging into action as […]

Hard Drive Desk Clock

Surfing on Etsy today I’ve found a quite interesting hand made item. As you can see from the pictures here you have an idea of what to do with a broken hard drive. You can convert it into a working desk clock. This clock has been manufactured using the finest quartz clock motor. The clock […]

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