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Hand & Foot Chair by Pedro Friedeberg

Sometimes when I’m looking around me I see a lot of crazy ideas, and peoples with strange tastes. Today I’m going to present a piece of furniture that is from this category …unusual and wired. The Hand & Foot Chair is a fabulous sculptural piece signed Pedro Friedeberg chair dating to the 1960’s. From a […]

The Asymmetric Chair by Asad Firdosy

Last month we presented The Fish Tail Chair designed by Asad Firdosy, and today he sent us his new project called “The Asymmetric Chair”. The chair handmade in teak & leather is an experiment to evoke emotions that emerge in these modern times of straight line mass productible furniture. In this chair Asad Firdosy tried […]

The Fish Tail Chair by Asad Firdosy

A few days ago architect Asad Firdosy sent us a few pieces of furniture to take a look, and from these pieces we selected the Fish Tail Chair, and here are a few words about this product from Asad : “When I designed this chair all I wanted to create a statement in wood and […]

Sea-Urchin, the Amazing Hand-Made Chair

I remember those hand-made chairs from my childhood, but what you’re seeing above is simlpy incredible. Dubbed the Sea-Urchin Chair, it was hand-made built by Oooms Studio and Dutch designer Rachel van Outvorst, who used 8000 cable ties to come up with that unique shape. The chair which hangs from above, sure looks comfortable and […]

The Cabbage Chair

Personally I don’t consider this a design, for me this is just something considered a design and made by someone who was very bored. The cabbage chair is created by peeling away the layers of a roll of pleated paper one layer at a time. The designer Nendo made this chair for the XXIst Century […]

The String Chair

This string chair invites a second look, a wish to try it out and perhaps even a love-hate reaction. The chair boasts strong clean lines – literally – for the seating area and backrest are series of taut strings. The two groups of strings neatly interlock at the junction of the seating area and the […]

The Living Lounge Chair

I don’t know about you, but after sleeping on the floor until my bedroom furniture gets here, I am really excited to see comfy looking chairs. Take the Living Lounge Chair for example. The concept was created by JGreen Design and won the 2008 Niche Awards, even though the price is more than most of […]

Chair made from Sponges by Marcella Foschi

The designer Marcella Foschi participated in the workshop of the Campana brothers in Milan sponsored by 3M and developed this chair made from sponges. The final design is not such a big deal, and I’m pretty sure that a lot of people could make something like this, but …it has something interesting, and I can […]

Dolce Vita Chair and Footrest Set

A long day at the office deserves at least a couple of minutes of rest in a comfortable place. Stefano Bigi designed the Dolce Vita swivel chair and footrest combo for La Cividina Inc and obviously did a very good job. First thing that gets the attention is the shape and the powerful orange color. […]

Beautiful Piece of Furniture – Evitavonni Blue Chair

The Evitavonni Blue Chair is a piece of furniture with a brilliant color of blue that makes the chair an inevitable focal point for any room. The design is suitable for contemporary interiors and is truly iconic, the quilted effect with interspersed buttons playing with the norms of more traditional furniture. The chair looks good, […]

The Ice Lounge, a Place Where You can Chill out in Style

The Ice Lounge is a place created for relaxation and especially to enhance the pleasures of a truly delightful ice cream. Right now you might ask yourself why ice cream ? This piece of furniture was created by Claudio Colucci for a a Swiss ice cream manufacturer. Claudio’s objective was to create a chair that […]

Untitled Chair by Alessandro Bêda

This chair is rather a cool concept proposed by the Portuguese designer Alessandro Bêda, we presented another interesting concept made by him a week ago ( Two-piece Flower Vase in the Shape of a Whale ). He called this chair “Untitled Chair“, and it seems that he’s not very good at coming up with names […]

Wooden Chair with a Secret Drawer : Moheli

Moheli Wooden Chair with drawer is an interesting idea, and is a great piece of furniture especially if you want a piece of furniture with secret drawers or compartments. The secret drawer that is placed under the chair can be used to hide your personal belongings from your guests eyes and also have them readily […]

Transforming the White Plastic Chair

The white plastic chair is the most common chair in the world. Nobody knows who designed the first white plastic chair, but now they are practically everywhere. They’re light, very cheap, stackable and easy to clean. The Swedish Front Design Group has revamped these plastic chairs with leather upholstery, transforming the white chair into an […]

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