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How To Design a Bedroom that Grows with Your Child

Kids are notorious for changing their personal tastes from minute to minute. And, that’s okay – it’s all part of the fun of growing up.However, when it comes time to decorate their rooms, constantly updating the décor to reflect those ever-changing tastes can be exhausting, not to mention expensive. Use these tips to design a […]

23 Amazing Bedrooms with a Panoramic View of the Ocean

Beachfront properties are very desirable for a lot of people because they’re regarded as a rare commodity. Not everyone will have the privilege of owning a piece of property that’s close to the beach because of how limited and expensive such types of properties are. Although properties so close to the Ocean are among the […]

Inspirational Interior Design of the Day : Bedroom with an Amazing View

Today Inspirational Interior Design of the Day is something really really beautiful, at least from my perspective, a bedroom with an amazing view. You can fall asleep under the stars every night and wake up in the morning with a spectacular view …just imagine having this bedroom in a quiet place somewhere on an island. […]

Building a Bed Starting from a Picture Saw in a Magazine Ad

One day while Fabienne saw some ad pages in some magazines she was inspired by a photo ( attached below ), to design a bed, here are his own thoughts “gee I really hate bumping into a hard bed, I want something completely padded, but modern looking”. Starting from this picture Fabienne has documented in […]

Unique Bedroom Idea Using Stained Glass and Stainless Steel

If you want a really unique piece to sleep on, then you should take a look at this innovative model named the Hot Bed. This bed is hand crafted with stained glass and stainless steel and can be bought with or without headboard. The price for this bed is for the super rich …$10,500.00, but […]

Swing with Style in a Suspended Bed

I don’t know why but it seems that each time I see a bed suspended on ropes I automatically fall in love, and I sure that I’m not the only one. A suspended bed makes a dramatic statement in the uncluttered space, as you can see in this picture that I’ve found here. Now some […]

Colorful Bedroom Decorating Ideas and Pictures for Kids

When I’m writing an inspirational post, a post that people will check especially for images is quite hard to find words to describe that post, but I have to write something, and not just post a few pictures. Now for today I’ve found an Italian furniture manufacturer called Tumidei, that made some really nice bedrooms […]

Beam Bed – Sun-Rays-Like Light Effect

The Beam Bed was designed by Ewan Robertson for Lagostudio. An original system of boards forms the base for the mattress, opening up in a sunburst arrangement from a central fulcrum. The way of supporting the mattress is therefore innovative and unorthodox, but decidedly functional and practical. Inspired by a figure of elementary simplicity and […]

Bed with a Curved Structure – Emiselene by Mazzali

The Emiselene bed by Mazzali is a piece of furniture that looks good and will surely grab some attention. The design is characterized by the curving structure, that is not just for the aesthetics, it server another concealed purpose, as a storage space. The bedroom also has a matching low bedside table and chest of […]

Modern and Contemporary Beds Inspiration

Today I’ve decided to post a new collection of pictures with bedroom inspiration, and how modern and contemporary pieces are my favorites, this post is about modern and contemporary bedroom ideas. If you’re not sure how you want your new bedroom to look analyze these pictures, by looking at beds, chests, nightstands, media units, tv […]

Modular Bed Concept Turns Single/ Double in Seconds

By looking at this modular bed design concept designed by Swedish designer Marcia Hanvey Isaksson, I can say that a bed like this should exist in every hotel. The design is basically a double bed that lets you instantly split it into two single beds without having to spend your back for it. Each single […]

Beautiful Bed Frame : Marina Bedroom

The Marina Bedroom is designed by Sacha Lakic, and is a piece of beautiful contemporary bedroom furniture. The design is characterized by clean lines, simple design and rounded corners. The materials used for this design are beech frame in walnut laminated panels, top upholstered in leather. The headboards are electrically or manually adjustable. The bed […]

Bedroom Design Pictures and Inspiration

A bedroom is a place in a home that a person spends an average of 5 to 8 hours each day. If you think a little at this, you’ll find out that actually you spend a lot of time in the bedroom. It is a place you can unwind and relax at the end of […]

Beautiful Black and White – Letto Reflex Bed

The Letto Reflex Bed from Presotto Itallia is a beautiful dark upholstered piece of bedroom furniture, that can really make a difference. I know that the main purpose of a bed is the comfort, but this bed is not just comfortable it has a purpose, and a great design. The Letto Reflex Bed has 4 […]

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