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Why Going Back In Time Will Make You A Better Architect

We live in a world where it’s an understatement to say that things move fast. We desire and have even come to expect instant efficiency, if not constant entertainment. With the sheer amount of technology waiting at our fingertips at any given moment, it’s not hard to understand why when it comes to creativity, the […]

10 Signs That You Should Become an Architect

Can you juggle?  We hope so because you need to juggle a lot of things if you want to be an architect. Architects are not just designers, they are dreamers and doers. There is a unique mind inside the head of an architect that is magically able to juggle numbers, lines and angles, along with […]

10 Things You Need To Know Before Hiring An Architect

Whether your construction or design aspirations are small or large scale—getting to the middle of a project and realizing you’re lost or out of resources can be an overwhelming feeling. Many people choose to hire an architect when they know that there are limits to what they can personally provide, or they simply want to […]

Why A Mentor Will Make You A Better Architect

In a perfect world, we would all come into existence ready to leap into our purpose-driven lives and careers and make an impact solely based on instinct and raw passion. Wouldn’t it be nice if we grew up and naturally knew how to do what we love doing most—perfectly?  While it’s harmless to wonder what […]

Streamsong Resort: Florida’s Prehistoric Beauty Leads to Architectural Splendor

When escaping to Florida for vacation many go to the family-filled amusement parks and beaches that are packed with noise and stressful vibes. While others think that Florida resorts can’t be serene and off the beaten trail. If you haven’t visited a resort that brings 15 million years of prehistoric beauty to your eyes to […]

Collage of Amazing Sights at Tholos Luxury Hotel Resort, Santorini

Perched on the cliff of the famous Santorini Caldera in Greece, the Tholos Luxury Hotel Resort welcomes guests in a picturesque landscape. Part of the traditional village of Imerovigli, the hotel is relatively close to the island’s tourist attractions, while maintaining an intimate, romantic feel. Here is an inviting description from the hotel staff: “The […]

Distinct Geometry and Enthralling Caribbean Views: 100 Pond Bay Estate

Generously offering fantastic views no matter what the standpoint, the 100 Pond Bay Estate in Virgin Gorda, Caribbean, consists of six pavilions overlooking  the most spectacular beach in the British Virgin Islands. Two infinity salt-water pools define the exterior of this uncanny retreat, giving it a distinct geometric character. At one end of the property […]

Vertigo-Inducing NY Penthouse Defying a Common Lifestyle

Here is an luxurious penthouse for those of you who are fascinating by New York’s urban lifestyle. Located in the famous 860 United Nations Plaza, the apartment boasts no less than six rooms, all defined by with wall to wall windows, providing spectacular surrounding views. Currently on sale here, the penthouse offers impressive social and […]

Tropical Gardens and Spectacular Design: Thousand Waves Holiday Villa in Hawaii

Welcome to a dramatic one-acre, 11,000 square foot estate immersed in the tropical setting of Maui, Hawaii and showcasing a design inspired by the Chinese pavilions and Indonesian decor. The massive Thousand Waves holiday villa can accommodate up to sixteen people in its eight spectacular bedrooms, making it perfect for corporate getaways or large family […]

Terrifyingly Original: Polanski Inspired Bloody Moon Wall Murals by PIXERS

We received an interesting project with an even more intriguing story behind. The Bloody Moon wall murals were envisioned by the creative team at PIXERS and can add a terrifyingly original twist to a room. Here is some information from the press release we were sent: “This is the story about murder and sweet dresses, […]

Ultra Luxurious Suite Simulating a Personal Golf Resort: Hole in One

Hole in One is a project for golf lovers. The concept of the design is based on the idea that golf is part of a lifestyle and needs a special space. The project was conceived and designed for a specific and sophisticated target that loves the outdoors and a particular kind of luxury. The design […]

Spectacular Duplex Penthouse in New York Defying the Urban Racket

Occupying the 10th and 11th floor of a building on West 19th Street, New York, this modern penthouse comes with sweeping views of the Hudson River, the High Line Park and cityscape. Moreover, the inhabitants of this opulent apartment currently on sale, will enjoy private outdoor space of approximately 1170 square feet, including curved balconies […]

Green Architectural Features Displayed by Holiday Villa in Thailand: Aqualina Residence

Embedded in a scenic mountainside and offering astonishing views over the neighboring island of Koh Phangan, Aqualina Residence is an unusal looking contemporary holiday villa in Koh Samui, Thailand. Every standing point reveals a great perspective, as the L-shaped building is wrapped around the swimming pool and overlooks the sea beyond. The triangular shaped main […]

Immersed in the Tropical Refuge of Koh Samui, Thailand: Headland Holiday Villa 3

Headland Holiday Villa 3 is part of a group of six alluring holiday homes immersed in the tropical haven of Koh Samui, Thailand. The houses were recently redesigned, in order to answer the comfort needs of the contemporary tourist, while preserving some of the initial traditional features. From limed hardwoods to thatched roofing, natural materials […]

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