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10 Ways To Give Your Home A Subtle Luxurious Feel

  • Use these tips to give your home a subtle luxurious feel. Image Via: Oz Architects
  • Ground every room with a focal point. Image Via: Betsy Burnham Interiors
  • Plush seating makes a room feel luxe and comfortable. Image Via: Streeter Associates
  • Incorporate warm colors to make a space feel inviting. Image Via: Dustin Peck Photography

As the old saying goes, every man’s home should feel like his castle. However, these days it seems like castles are only seen in storybooks and on big-budget reality TV shows. It doesn’t need to be that way. We want to bring that luxury back into your home. When you develop your home’s design, remember […]

Visualize How Furniture Adapts to Your Home Before Buying It: Littlewoods Home App

Cimagine Media and Shop Direct have joined hands in creating an application with a massive potential impact on future interior design and decorating. This collaboration will allow users of and (online retail brands belonging to Shop Direct) to see a realistic simulation of how hundreds of furniture products will fit in their cribs: “The […]

Passive Black&White Residence Optimizing Light and Space: Third House From The Sun

  • architecture modern house
  • design modern house
  • exterior modern house
  • interior modern house (0,6)

Third House From The Sun by Le 2 Workshop Studio is the third home of the current owners and is located in Lodz, Poland. Both of the clients’ previous dwellings had seemed to lack a bit of light and space, hence the pursue of a new place to live came to life. The spot is […]

Playful Multifunctional Wall Unit for Various Storing Needs: Manolo [Video]

  • ideas modern shelving unit
  • modern shelving unit (3)
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  • modern shelving unit (5)

Manolo by Italy-based Ilario Branca is a multifunctional wall panel with a strong attitude towards customization, pure usefulness and design. Its wooden knobs and your creativity are the basic elements to create the ideal layout, transforming it into coat hanger, bathroom console, bookcase, bedside table or simple shelving. The contemporary unit interacts, changes and suits […]

Contemporary Couple’s Apartment in Brooklyn Enriched With Asian Artifacts

  • design modern apartment Vietnam
  • interior modern apartment Vietnam
  • modern apartment Vietnam (2)
  • modern apartment Vietnam (3)

After being overseas in Hong Kong for three years, owners Michael and Dorit felt that this apartment was going to be crucial to them settling back in and having the kind of space that let them hang out with family and friends. Their apartment was designed by Tali Roth of Homepolish and is located in […]

Re-Sizing Lifestyles: Modern Small Home for “Empty Nesters”

With a catchy name like the Empty Nester Residence hinting to a serene atmosphere, this modern small home makes its presence known in the neighborhood with a sleek wooden architecture imagined by Studio Twenty Seven Architecture. Spreading over 222 square meters, the home known as the Empty Nester Residence is located in Arlington, Virginia. This home brings inspiration for those looking for small-scale homes to inhabit once the […]

Affordable Handmade Cupboards for Distinctive Kitchens by British Standard

British Standard by Plain English is the brand behind affordable, off-the-shelf cupboards for kitchens, larders and utility rooms, made by hand in a Suffolk workshop. Nuanced by traditional brass fittings and distinctively grained worktops, British Standard’s Georgian inspired cupboards create subtle yet impactful undertones of Britain’s manufacturing past. Using a monochrome colour palette, charcoal-painted cupboards […]

The Importance of Texture in Interior Design

You know how sometimes you can just look at a room and know that something is missing? All the components of a complete design are there – color scheme, furniture, décor items – but the entire room just feels a little flat. If this scenario feels familiar, you are not alone and we might just […]

Yarn Factory Converted into Luxurious Home: Loft „Alte Wollgarnfabrik“ in Berlin

Loft „Alte Wollgarnfabrik“ depicted in the photos below was designed and implemented by Berlin-based BERLINRODEO interior concepts. The project is a transformation of a yarn factory into a luxurious and elegant contemporary home. One of the aspects that make this project special is that it was especially created for the designers themselves (couple Axel Schaefer […]

Modern Loft in Portland Embedding Multiple Lifestyles

One of Steve Dangermond and Christopher Keane‘s residential projects is a spectacular loft in Portland, Oregon. Displaying a refined take on space planning, this bright and welcoming loft in Portland surprises the viewer with a modern solution for space partitioning. Beautifully addressed, the intimacy theme within an inter-generational apartment steals the show with a highly creative solution. […]

Concrete and Steel “House H” in Lima Built Around a Sunken Garden

Located near Lima, Peru, on a 1000 square-meter lot next to a busy road, House H by OZ Arq offers a high level of privacy, while opening up to some fantastic views: “The project developed as an architecture that analyses and recognizes the context, generates paths and handles an extensive program while keeping as much […]

Today is Freshome’s Eighth Birthday! Thank You for Dreaming Big With Us!

We have a little announcement to make: today is Freshome’s eighth birthday! It may not seem like a big number; it is only when split it in months and then further into daily published projects that you get an accurate scale of this passion-driven magazine. Freshome started back in 2007 and it developed into a […]

Arresting Rectangular House in Barcelona Exemplifies Simplicity

Artigas Arquitectes imagined a rectangular house exemplary filling a suburban lot in Barcelona, Spain. Spreading over 540 square meters, this rectangular house in Barcelona “arises from the idea of creating an ideal habitable space in the interior of a pure and light volume, which has a regular shape and is permeable to the excellent natural conditions and […]

Multifunctional Furniture Piece Hidden in a Notebook Cover: Bookniture [Video]

Multifunctional and highly portable, Bookniture is a clever furniture piece hidden in a notebook cover. Envisioned by Hong Long-based designer Mike Mak, the project is extremely practical: it can be a foot rest, a nightstand and a standing work desk. Moreover, you can use it as an outdoor stool or add a wood-board on top […]

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