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Bedroom Furniture Inspiration

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Bedroom furniture inspiration is another inspirational post from our bedroom design inspiration series. Today I’ve gathered another 5 beautiful bedrooms for you, and I hope that while you are watching these pictures a few inspirational ideas will hit you. If you would like more inspiration check our Bedroom section …I’m sure you’ll find a lot […]

Family House by Alan Neil Denari

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In an article published in the NY Times I’ve found some pictures of the ‘A Crowded Family Enters the Space Age’, conducted by Neil Denari expansion in Los Angeles. The house looks very modern, and simple, but the ony thing I don’t understand at these homes is …”Where is the privacy ?“. I don’t know […]

Change Your Home Decor with Modern Furniture Lighting

If you would like to make a little change in your home decor, you might find this idea quite interesting. LIT is a flexible accent/mood light that is easily installed under most furniture. LIT is designed by Mark Pohlkamp and it’s a virtually effortless way to update or add warmth to your space. You just […]

Wall Bed – Zoom Room

Zoom-Room, is far from being simply “a bed” or traditional “wall bed”, is a design solution that allows you to think of the rooms in your home in a completely different way. I’m sure that people who love technology or those who always try to find a way to save some space in a house […]


COMPOD.create is designed by Phillip Haselwander inspiring new types of working, and provides a marked contrast to the traditional workplace. Spontaneously and intuitively is how COMPOD.create is used. Free and easy sitting in many different positions supports the spontaneous change from concentrated work with a notebook, to leaning back and relaxing. Speaking of leaning back […]

Storage Bed – Wonk’s Knickerbocker

For the small places a bed that allows you to store stuff is pure gold, because you can save precious space. Wonk’s Knickerbocker is a piece of furniture that combines a bed and a drawer saving space, and is looking really good. These beds have a base platform, headboard, and two drawers but if you […]

Modern Contemporary Bed & Sofa from Saba Italia

The Scoop! is a very original idea for a bed designed by Guido Rosati for Saba Italia. Scoop! is a sophisticated and innovative answer to the demand for combinig the sofa function with the bed function.The two semi-circular sides of the bed can be separated resulting two new pieces of furniture. This bed is a […]

Lea – Chair & Bed

Lea Chair & Bed is a piece of furniture that can be a chair or a bed, depends on how you want use it in a certain situation. This piece of furniture is designed by Paola Verzola for Casamania. The internal filling is from expanded polystyrene and upholstery in leatherette. Lea Chair & Bed is […]

Brooklyn Blinds

Brooklyn Blinds are designed by Carrie Solomon and they can create a really unique atmosphere in your house. Made from Europly, a completely sustainable wood, these vertical blinds create this much craved atmosphere. The abstract pattern was inspired by the bark of the Birch trees which line McCarren Park in Brooklyn, and from there they […]

Corner Lamp

I think that the Corner Lamp is a brilliant idea. The Corner Lamp is a lamp that can be very useful in a small place, and also pretty stylish. With this lamp you’ll don’t waste any space in your room. I’m sure that a lot of people will find this lamp very practical. This lamp […]

Villa Bio

Villa Bio is a really interesting house project that caught my attention. This project was created by architect Enric Ruiz-Geli. Usually most homes impress us with beautiful interior design, furnishings and all kind of high tech gadgets. In this case I was impressed by a thing that usually is not designed to impress …the ROOF. […]

Binova Fires – Cooking Surface

Binova Fires Line cooking surface has a fantastic simple and minimalist design and is an ideal solution for kitchens and small houses where the kitchen is not used much or minimalist environments also. It can be used on narrow work tops and is easy to clean. The modern depth of the cooking surface improves the […]

Narrowest House in The World just 1 Meter Wide

Today you’ll see a great example of what a woman did with a small piece of land without any “architectural” help: 2 rooms, kitchen, 3 bedrooms with washrooms and a veranda! This narrow house belongs to the lady in yellow – Helenita Queiroz Grave Minho , designed by her. She live in this 1 meter […]

A Window that Can Both Heat and Cool your Home

A few months ago I’ve wrote an article named – Tricks to Keep Your House Cool this Summer and a lot of people commented and liked that article. In this article I’ve presented ways to keep your home cool during the summer but without using an air conditioner. Today I’ve found about a new invention […]

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