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Fluttua – The Floating Bed

Have you ever wanted a floating bed, like those from SciFi movies ? Now it’s almost possible.The Fluttua bed from Lago has the appearance that it is floating a short distance from the floor. To give the bed its floating appearance, the frame attaches to the wall and supports a single post under the center.I’m […]

Sink + Toilet for a Better World

Sinkpositive came with a sink idea that I think is very good, and everyone should have one. Now … why have one ? First you can earn some money. For example after you wash you hands that water is reused when you flush. If you care about the environment this sink saves water and reuse […]

Wing Lounge Chair

This recliner is made for serious cocooning and is the closest you can get to weightlessness. The upholstery in the Wing Chair is made by open cell visco-elastic foam, developed by NASA and used in all space crafts since the 70s. The foam adapts to your body shape and temperature leaving you in cosmic comfort. […]

Delonghi Small Indoor Grill

This little indoor grill can cook quick healthy meals for you in a matter of minutes. Now you don’t have to waste a lot of time and energy to prepare a grill, because this indoor grill combines contact and radiant heat to deliver delicious low-fat healthy food without smoke and hassle. Adjustable thermostat ranges from […]

Remote Control Gun

This little gadget can provide a pleasant sensation when you watch TV, and suddenly you see someone you don’t like, a show, a soap opera, BUSH, etc.Just push the trigger and change the channel.The interesting part of this little remote control gun is that he works with most standard television sets. In conclusion you can […]

Sliding Door – Star-trek Style

This door concept is pretty interesting.The door is segmented into multiple stips and opens minimally according to the shape of the object that pass through ( human, animal, or object ).The door is activated by infrared sensors.For a live demonstration take a look at this video.I think that this door concept could be the future […]

Apple Bird Feeder

If you love birds singing in the morning at your windows you must have an apple bird feeder. For example this morning I was at jogging and I was so happy to hear the birds singing in the morning that I’ve turned off my mp3 player. So for those who love to hear birds singing […]

Cheap Color Changing Faucet

If you want to add something interesting to your bathroom you can start with a color changing faucet. This will make your bathroom more alive, and with a futuristic aspect. This color changing faucet will stream blue water normally, but turns red as soon as it hits 89 degrees. And the interesting part is that […]

Expandable Table – Smart Furniture

If you want a piece of unique furniture in your home than this table is the right choice for you.This table is not just an usual table it is a round table which, when rotated at its outer perimeter, amazingly doubles its seating capacity and, just as astonishingly, remains truly circular. Very importantly it stores […]

Playing with Fonts – Door Mat

This Door Mat designer has a great idea. Playing with fonts he made a funny door mat. When you want to enter the house the door mat displays you a welcome message ( Come In ) or a hostile message ( Go Away ) depends on how you set your door mat.Take a look at […]

World Time Clock

For those who are always on the road, and want to know the hour for a specific place on earth before making a call this clock is a valuable tool. You can see 24 cities represent the 24 Global Time Zones. To find the local time in another time zone, simply roll the clock so […]

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