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Small Apartment but Flexible by Setmund Leung

Designer Setmund Leung presents an apartment that features sliding panels on rails that you can use to partition the space to your preference. These small but flexible apartments provide practical living dimensions that cater to all their needs. The different rooms are divided and hidden behind sliding doors set on a track. This mobile system […]

Shoal – Fishes Chandelier

Shoal is a mass of finely cast exquisitely sculpted bone china fish, swarm around a central beam of light. A true piece of beath-taking art. This awesome chandelier is designed by Dominic Bromley and is an award winning feature exhibit at 100%Futures, part of 100%Design 2007. – Via – Apartamenttherapy

Latest Kitchen Design Ideas from Copenhagen’s Kitchen Showrooms

  • modern-kitchen2.jpg
  • modern-kitchen3.jpg
  • modern-kitchen4.jpg
  • modern-kitchen5.jpg

Editor’s note: This is a guest post written by Susan Serra from Thekitchendesigner I LOVED going to Copenhagen’s kitchen showrooms, seeing the latest, and very cool, design ideas. Large patterns on walls, beautiful, and textural wood grains, lots of dark charcoal or black, and white, cabinetry, these are some of the latest trends in kitchen […]

Bedroom Wall Sticker

We all know that a cool wall sticker can change the whole look of a room, and a great example is the beautiful bedroom wall sticker. I’m a big fan of wall stickers, and today I’ve found a really interesting one that would look great in any bedroom, just check out this bedroom wall sticker […]

Nido Sofa

The sucture of the Nido Sofa is in metal covered completely expanded polyurethane, completely covered with woven protecting coupled to polyester fiber. The Nido Sofa is designed by Corinto and is a very good chooice if you want to have a modern sofa.

Skateboard Shelf

Skateboard shelf is a piece of furniture that every skateboard lover would tell your that is awesome. I know that because last month I’ve meet someone who is in love with skateboarding, and he fall in love with this piece of furniture. Perfect for students and kids, it provides substantial storage space for books, display […]

The AMP Speakers Desk

The AMP Speakers Desk is a really high tech and cool piece of furniture. As you can see from the picture this piece of furniture has two big speakers incorporated. Just imagine how awesome would it be to have sound coming out of your entire desk. Active speakers don’t need an external amplifier since the […]

Drawer for the Wall

Drawer for the wall is a simple but ingenious design by Patrick Frey and Markus Boge. A L-shaped steel plate serves as the top of the drawer and the mounting surface while the birch plywood drawer hangs from the steel plate on two inner grooves. The idea is very good for small places, and it […]

Futura Furniture

If you seek for a very original design, this Futura Sofa published by Manworks should hold your attention, and if you want a whole set of furniture you should look at the whole Futura collection. The base and the file of this sofa of white color contrast with the lower part hollow made up in […]

White Desk

This beautiful white desk is completely from plexiglass, interiorlaterally white painted. An excellent desk for a minimalist room. This desk is created by Bastian Greim, and is a simple but pretty useflul piece of furniture. You have two places in left and right to store a few books, or copybooks. A perfect clean space, that […]

Alien Table – A Really Scary Table

Alien Table is a really strange piece furniture. Inspired by the well known movie “Alien“. The Alien Table is skillfully hand crafted from carefully selected used car and bike parts, tools and other recycled metal components making each individual piece subtly unique. I don’t know how many people whoule buy a strange and scary piece […]

Zipper Light

If you would like to play a little and create something creative you can start from David Ngo idea. He used an illuminating object, some fabric, zippers and created the Zipper Ligh. This wall hanging capitalizes on the inherent capabilities of ordinary zippers to provide varying levels of brightness, a unique and gratifying user interaction, […]

Fireplace – Home Flame Collection

For those who want a piece of modern fireplace in their home, I think that Home Flame Collection by Radius Design can provide a beautiful & modern fireplace. The special thing about these fireplaces is the patented combustion chamber made of double-skin stainless steel, with a special ceramic sponge in the middle. This ensures even […]

Kitchen Designs Inspiration

Do you want to redisign your kitchen, or are you searching for some inspiration for your brand new kitchen ? If your answer is yes, you are in the right place. In this post I’ve gathered as usual six pictures with six beautiful kitchen that might inspire you. For those who want more kitchen designs […]

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