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Secret Passage in Your Home – Woodfold Bookcase Doors

I love this product. Most secret rooms need to be designed into your house way before it’s built, but these Woodfold Bookcase Doors change all that. Now if you want a secret passage in your home you can have it because Woodfold Bookcase Doors are special made for this. Easy to install and with a […]

Dimitri CD Holder

Dimitri CD Holder is small plastic figure forever posed in an Olympic-esque weightlifting stance. An interesting tool that allows you to store CDs and DVDs in a cool and interesting way, and why not, this little man can add some fun to your desk for just $6,99 from here.

Room Color and How it Affects Your Mood

  • colors1.jpg
  • room-color-psychology
  • red-room-color
  • yellow-room-color

The colors of the rooms within your home need to bring out your personality. While most of us may not spend a lot of time thinking about room color, it affects every day of our lives. Room color can influence our mood and our thoughts. Colors affects people in many ways, depending upon one’s age, […]

DS 1025 – A unique seating experience

I found this really interesting piece of leather furniture. As you can see DS1025 is a piece of furniture that is made from many elements, and you can choose the desired shape.You can make a sofa, an armchair, a bed, etc. – Product Page – Found on BedZine Built on the basis of two ingenious […]

Stance Angle Chair

If you look at Stance Angle Chair I’m sure you can imagine a lot of standing positions. This chair was made to offer you a better posture, protect your back, and improve circulation. In conclusion, more comfort and a healthier position. I’m sure that this chair can also improve your productivity not just your posture. […]

Home Ideas – Toekick Drawers

Apartmenttherapy presented us an very interesting idea, that they’ve also found here. As you can see in these pictures we have spaces in our homes that’s hardly ever used. You can make this space useable by having a good cabinetmaker craft you some toekick drawers. So if you want more space to store your stuff, […]

Overlap Tray

When I saw this item I immediately thought that this item is made for those who work from home, and especially for bloggers A beautiful way to create instant table space or play surface. At a first glance this might seem very useful, but I think you should work in another place, not in bed, […]

White Spider Table

I like this white spider shaped table because it’s a modern and simple piece of furniture.White coffee table with 4 spider-like legs. The round glass table top has a depth of 10mm.You can buy if for £199.99 from here.

Rolf Disch’s Heliotrop Rotating House

Rolf Disch has designed a new house with a solar-collecting array on top that follows the Sun all day long, but the real feat of engineering comes from the structure itself. The entire house rotates on a central axle. The front of the house is composed of triple-glazed glass to point toward that glowing ball […]

Paddy Chair

Paddy is a concept chair from Nick Melville that was part of the DesignersBlock London “Dark Design” exhibit. The ‘Paddy’ chair is a comfy upholstered chair with the theme of a padded cell. The enclosed shape is meant to offer an experience of safety and security, and give the user a sanctuary from the rapid […]

The Hall Satellite 2007

I loved this little and funny Bookshelf made by Perros.If you look at them you can see that these Bookshelfs are made from traditional materials with traditional techniques.They are very simple, but I like them because they make me laugh.

Titanic Lamp

Remembered the sad history of Titanic ? Many people saw this movie more than once.This lamp was created by Charles Trevelyan and was inspired by this movie ( Titanic ). Leaning as if sinking below the surface of the table, Titanic is designed to throw a wash of light across a room. – Found on […]

TWIN Bookshelf

TWIN Bookshelf is a project by Zeynep Cinisli, representing the two sides of Istanbul, Asian and European, and the bridges connecting them. It compares this connection with the relation of twins.The bookshelf is a cabinet when closed, when it is pulled to sides, the shelves representing the bridges become apparent. Via the selves with rails […]

The Obelisk Stackable Chairs

The Obelisk Stackable Chairs by Janus et Cie are as unique and attractive as they are functional. I love this idea. Just imagine when someone come to you, and ask “What is this ?”. You simply tell him that is a piece of furniture, and show him what is about. This five piece set includes […]

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