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Supercomfort Chair by Joe Colombo

Joe Colombo sketched Supercomfort in the year 1964. The Italian manufacturer B-LINE produces the comfortable armchair since 2004 in a new edition. Supercomfort is consisting a refined armchair, of a structure of curved nut tree multi-laminated wood and a leather-referred pad. Some the many characteristics, which are Supercomfort in its kind become to let singular, […]

Lund by Thomas Mylonas

Dot Kite – Lab introduces a modern, sophisticated yet reassuring seating element with an understated feeling of luxury in a vaguely contemporary mood. A new cleanness of subtle lines, of perfect proportions emphasized by the high quality fabrics for the seat and organic forms for the frame. Lund is available with the seat in wooden […]

Computer Chair Buying Guide A Step-By-Step Guide

  • seat-height2.jpg
  • seat-depth.JPG
  • lonbar.jpg
  • backrest.jpg

I these days people spend more and more time on a chair. If you spend hours each day sitting at a desk and using a computer having a comfortable and supportive office chair is crucial. Life of modern man has been dominated by the sitting position, so you’ll have to make sure you’re safe and […]

Jacuzzi Morphosis Luxury Bathtubs

Jacuzzi® proposes a unique bathroom design. Morphosis luxury sanitary ware features soft and cosy shapes designed to envelop the body in relaxing harmony. Fluid shapes that embrace the body and mind. A perfectly harmonic blend of creativity and the most advanced technology. A Jacuzzi® bathtub that is as cosy as a mother’s lap, as evocative […]

Multicolor Walls Using Lights

Last month I’ve wrote an article that had a huge success and received a lot of comments. That article was Room Color and How it Affects your Mood, if you didn’t saw him until now you should take a look, because you can learn a lot of useful stuff from this article. Now starting from […]

OoLaaLaa Globe Shaped Chair

OoLaaLaa Chair – is available in 6 sizes ( XS, S, M, L, XL and XXL ), prices depending on the size you choose, starting from 99€ for XS and 999€ for XXL version. From their collection the most interesting for me was this globe shaped chair, that looks very beautiful. Now on witch continent […]

Lyaeus Relaxation Chair

Lyaeus Chair surrounds the user in a cocoon-like embrace, offering you a quiet place to rest and relax after a hard day of work. Bentwood slats are spaced to allow limited sunlight to filter through the carapace while maintaining privacy.

Red Flower Chair

The Red Flower Chair has a very interesting design. Shaped like a beautiful flower this chair can add some color to a room. If you also love flowers then this chair will be a really beautiful piece of furniture in your room. In conclusion the design is very interesting, but I’m wondering how comfortable is, […]

Snappy Convertible Sofa

This convertible sofa has something that I never saw before. Is like a little puzzle game. If you look at the pictures you’ll understand what I’m talking about what i say puzzle. The ottoman perfectly slides into the detachable seatback and armrests–forming a stylish two-toned bed in the process. This convertible sofa can be purchased […]

Suntracker Swivel Chair

This chair initially was build for those who spend the whole day at the beach re-arranging your chair to get in an optimal position for catching the sun. Suntracker is the only folding beach chair that swivels a complete 360 degrees so users never have to get up to adjust for optimal position and direction […]

A View To Kill

I just found these incredible pictures by Mrzyk & Moriceau on NotCot. I have for a long time in mind some designs that looks like these, and when I saw that these designs becomed reallity I was very happy to see them alive. My future home will definitely in this style, noncomformistic, unique, remarkable, and […]

Sleek and Stylish Breadbin – Armadillo Breadbin

Today I’ve found a very beautiful breadbin. Armadillo Breadbin looks unusual to say the least. Made of brushed aluminium, wood and plastic, the Armadillo looks sharp, sleek and stylish. Rarely, a bread bin can demand so much attention. Armadillo Breadbin will be certainly be the center piece of a kitchen.

Delicious Pizza Pillow

This pillow can create a really good illusion of a pizza. Take a look at the picture. If you are watching this pillow from distance you can think that this is actually a real pizza. I’m already thinking how some of my guests will react if I had a pizza pillow. The price for the […]

Trey Chair – The Multifunction Chair

These day’s I was working at a new material that I’ll publish soon on this blog, and I’ve found this interesting office chair. As you can see from the pictures at a first glance this might look like an usual chair but in fact he is a little bit different, and can be used not […]

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