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Living Room Inspiration

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Living Room Inspiration is the first post from a new series of inspiring living room pictures and was inspired by the Bedroom Inspiration Series. I know that a lot of people come on this blog for inspiration, and I hope that the picture that I present here will give you some inspiration for your living […]

Cleopatra Sofa

Cleopatra Sofa is a piece of furniture with personality. The playful but tight design of the Cleopatra Chaise Lounge harmonizes beautifully with today’s modern interiors. The timeless design defines any area in your home or work space. Tubular steel frame with horizontal springing, upholstered with moulded foam. Cleopatra Sofa is available at Functionsonline and the […]

Sticky Lights

Sticky Lights are light bulbs in a transparent plastic case, that you can stick on a wall, piece of furniture, or anywhere else. The Sticky Lights are designed by Chris Kabel for Droog Design. This might be an interesting idea if you want to add some light on your wall, but if you want a […]

A Shower for a Modern Home

The WMK A-16 Shower Enclosure Unit is a fully-loaded steam shower enclosure with a built-in steam generator, hydrotherapy foot massager, radio/stereo inputs and much more for your therapeutic experience. As you can see this Shower Enclosure Unit can replace a bathroom, looks very cool, and is equiped with a lot of stuff that can relax […]

Amazing Upside Down House

  • upside-down-house.jpg
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  • upside-down-house5.jpg

The Upside Down House is a project created by a Polish businessman and philanthropist named Daniel Czapiewski, and is located in Poland in the tiny village of Szymbark, and here are a few pics with this house. Rather than simply being a bizarre tourist attraction this house, managed to attract thousands of tourists. The house […]

Prefabricated House – Upcher by Bates Masi

The desing of the Upcher House by Bates Masi is a project for a writer and was a study in adaptability and re-use. The house was designed to be both spatially and economically efficient by coordinating the assembly of pre-manufactured components researched over the internet. It is essentially one large room with ancillary spaces that […]

Bedroom Designs by Barbara Hawthorn

Barbara Hawthorn has over 25 years experience in interior design, project management and urban planning. She established her namesake firm, Barbara Hawthorn Interiors, in 1984 specializing in “timeless, trend-resistant design”. Her original designs mix modern, comfortable furnishings with fine art and antiques, and an exceptional use of lighting. Today I would like to present you […]

Square Bookcase

The Square Bookcase is an interesting method to store your books, and not only books designed by Anne Linde. As you can see from this picture this white bookcase would be a great piece of furniture in a white room. The Square Bookcase doesn’t require to much space, and can be hanged on a wall […]

Minimalist House by Marià Castelló Martinez

Marià Castelló Martinez designed and build this beautiful minimalist house for himself on on the Spanish island Formentera. The building is a 12×12 meter square, sitting between existing woods and an old traditional stone wall. The house and studio are divided by a core infrastructure: library, filing cabinets, bathroom, kitchen, cupboards, Murphy beds, mechanicals, and […]

Carpet Rug Landscape

Studio Laurens van Wieringen created this beautiful landscape carpet. The Carpet is constructed from many little ‘foam-bars’ in different colours and heights. Together these ‘foam-bars’ show an image of a landscape in color and a relief in height. The final result look very interesting, and I’m sure that walking on such a carpet would be […]

Contemporary Bedrooms

Contemporary bedroom design is about simplicity. This design style is anchored around clean lines and few accessories. Use a contemporary bedroom design when you want a simple, streamlined retreat at the end of a busy dayContemporary Bedrooms is a new source of inspiration for your bedroom from the Bedroom Inspiration Series. This is the #9 […]

Interior Design – Black & White

The use of white and black in interior design can create a stunning and dramatic decor. The use of black and white in decorating gives a fresh, clean, and unquestionably sophisticated and elegant look to any room. For today I’ve selected a few examples of using black and white in interior design. If you have […]

Quad Bookcase

I know that a few months ago I’ve posted this interesting bookcase, and a lot of people loved that interesting design. Today I’ve found something similar but this time you can buy it if you like the design. This multi-sized shelves design can store your CDs, DVDs, folders and books all in one clever product. […]

Modern Furniture MODUL 011 Sideboard

Sideboard MODUL 011 has a very creative design for a piece of furniture. When I saw it for the first time I saw it like a Tetris piece. This sideboard cuts a good figure anywhere and is extremely versatile. It comprises three laterally offset levels of different depths. Two drawers on each level offer plenty […]

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