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Yasuko Bell – Behind The Curtain

This curtain is something quite interesting. I never saw a curtain like this before. A playful curtain, which feeds the imagination on an event that might be going on behind. – Via

Liika – Ironing Board with Suction Cups

The Liika ironing board utilizes suction cups which allow it to be attached to any non porous surface. This eliminates legs which can be knocked over and it also allows the device to be attached to a height level which is comfortable to the user, eliminating strain. The articulating arms, which rotate and pivot, offer […]

Viteo Garden Shower – Upside Down Shower

The Viteo Garden Shower – is a small white platform that can give you a refreshing breeze after sports or sunbathing. An excellent solution that don’t take to much space, and can be moved in different locations, in conclusion a mobile shower. When you step onto the white platform the shower sprays out a meter-high […]

Slant Table by Rhubarb Decor

Slant Table is made by Rhubarb Decor and is a beautiful piece of multi functional furniture. You can use it as a table and in the same time as a bookshelf. Constructed of eco-friendly bamboo ply, the Full Slant is part of the innovative furniture line offered by Rhubarb Decor. The price for this table […]

Strange Stairs

Between artistic project and design, Stair is a rather astonishing staircase created by Gabriella Gustafson and Mattias Ståhlbom for TAF. I don’t see to much people using this kind of stairs, but is an interesting artistic project. Would you use them ? – Via – TrendShow

Human CD Holder Collection

For those who want a beautiful way to store their CDs collection these little humans that look like they assist in holding the CDs would be a great solution. Add an artistic touch and keep your CDs organized with these Human CD Holders. They are restless, quite funny and will attract all eyes. The prices […]

3D Stairs Rug

I’ve found this interesting rug in Chenhui Su’s portofolio. I like this idea, because this 3D effect create a really good optical illusion. Inspired by the entrance stairs, this piece is intent to be placed in front of doors.

Regolo the Ruler Mirror

Regolo is a mirror that looks like a ruler. A very interesting concept for a mirror. Simple, but still original. This kind of mirror is ideal for kids to watch themselves grow and mark their progress with markers. It was designed by juanco and me and is produced and sold by BanalExtra. If you are […]

Microsoft Surface

You just have to see this, is to beautiful to be true, and I so eager to see this technology in our everyday lifes. Microsoft Surface represents a fundamental change in a the way we interact with digital content. With Surface, we can actually grab data with our hands, and move information between objects with […]

Karakiri the Friendly Octopus

If you live alone now you can have a Karakiri, that is a friendly octopus that holds you when you sleep, or watch tv. I don’t know how many mature people would embrace this interesting idea, but I’m sure that kids will love this octopus. Karakiri is made from cotton, is washable and you can […]

Anemix – Modular Lighting System for 3D Effects

The latest in the lighting trends is this modular lighting system called “Anemix” that creates 3D effects, inspired in bioluminescence. The hi-tech lighting system is developed by two young architects and lighting designers, Ximena Munoz and Paulina Villalobos. You can customize it to create a mix of shapes and graphics for an electrifying effect. No […]

Animi Causa ChouChou & Inflow

I love how our friends from PadStyle describe the products, that’s why for this product that I’ve found on their website I want to post their description, because I love it. MODERN YET MESSY TYPES will love Animi Causa’s Chouchou and Inflow tables which literally absorb loose artifacts with little more than a half-hearted shove. […]

5 Tips for Fooling the Eye and Making a Room Look Bigger

In a small space, everything counts. This is the main idea behind this article, which will teach you how to make a small room look bigger, by simply applying a few clever tricks. Small rooms can feel confining and uncomfortable. Luckily we can utilize certain design concepts that fool the eye and make interiors seem […]

Texture for Your Walls

If you would like to have in your home something different on your wall you can take a look at these wall flat patterns available at Inhabit Living that are absolutely gorgeous and a green solution for any modern home. Made from bamboo pulp (a renewable resource due to its fast rate of growth) the […]

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