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Snake “Guardian” for your Gardern

At a first glance this snake seems to be very real especially if you are in hurry you can be scared for some time. But what is his use ? This six feet rattle in your garden and save it naturally from birds, rodents and naughty children who eat your fruits or flowers. All you […]

Today’s Dream Home – Mustique Villa

If you dream to live in a Dream Home I want to say to you that now you can because today’s dream home is for rent. But when I say for rent you must be aware that you’ll need some money to be able to rent a Dream House and the price is $35000 per […]

Beautiful Hi-Tech Teenage Furniture

Roberta Rammê from Brazil did an excellent work creating this furniture concept. As you can see from this pictures this furniture combines 3 elements : beauty, comfort, and functionality, and is specially designed for tech-savvy teenagers. This multifunctional chaise-Longue called Wave Chaise is equipped with a TV, DVD and a music system along with a […]

Fruit Combo Rack

I love this Fruit Combo Rack, because you can store fruits in an unusual way. The Fruit Combo Rack is not just a place to store fruits like a fruit basket, he can be also used as an interior design element. This dispenser can hold a line of fruits such as Apples, Oranges, Guavas, Pears, […]

Easy Sleep by Luca Scacchetti’s

Luca Scacchetti’s designer a modern sofa sleeper. A durable polyurethane foam core allows for comfortable sleeping, while a series of side buttons are as much about stability (they can be looped together while in sofa form) as they are about style.Now you can have a modern sofa that always can be opened and transformed in […]

Fish Bone Extention Cord

In these days anything can be personalized, from cars to houses. But let’s not forget little things that can have their own unique design. Like this cord that now has some “life”, and some personality. This cord was made in Japan by CubeWorks and Maywa Denki. And you can purchase it in two colors (white/black) […]

ZERO™ Chaise Lounge

The ZERO chaise is the metaphoric relationship of suspension under tension.The concept of weightless-ness is express in visual form, with its long extended base traveling as one continuous line. The seat trusts forward from the thin, 1″ thick polished steel base.A 2″x3″ polished steel tubular post seamlessly enters the backside of the seat, as the […]

Funny Knife Cabinet

Inspired by the Sword Cabinet illusion beloved by magicians, this novel knife holder features a crouching figure behind glass.If you look at that little scared man you’ll see the comic and sinister side of this knife cabinet.I hope he will survive. – You can get it for 59,95$ from here. – Via – Cooking Gadgets

Light, Music, Shower from Zucchetti Rubinetteria

Many people take a shower to recharge, change their mood, and feel fresh. If you love to take a shower than you must see this luxurious shower from Zucchetti Rubinetteria. Designed by Ludovica and Roberto Palomba, the ceiling-mounted steel plate conceals both a relaxing rain and blade flow for a choice of luxurious shower. Z94150 […]

Indoor Pool Transformed into a Home Theater

When you have a big house, with many rooms, some of the rooms are not used, and to not keep them empty you can make something useful, like these owners of this Wisconsin home did with their unused indoor pool. They decided that their unused indoor pool can become a veritable home theater, and they […]

Today’s Dream Home in Cama de Vaca

Today I’ve decided to add a new category to this blog, and that category is named Dream Homes. In this category I will present dream homes.Why dream homes ? Personally I like to see beautiful & luxurious homes, and I think I’m not the only one who like to see dream homes.So sit back, relax, […]

Magazine Table

I really like this table because if I drink something or eat something and also want to read a magazine I don’t have spread them all over the table. The only “bad” thing I can see at this table is the price that is Maple: $595 Walnut: $695, and that’s a little expensive. – Found […]

Hook and Store

Two days ago I’ve posted the Tree Hook Coat, a nice metal hook inspired by nature. Today I’ve found another hook, that’s more than a simple hook. Is a combination of a hook and storage space made of ceramic. As you can see this Hook Box, how the designer ( Luca Nichetto ) called it […]

Glassbulbs with Two Lives

In these days is a trend, to incorporate many utilities in one product. Oooms a design studio based in the Netherlands who’s projects mainly concern interior design and furniturs made this interesting bulb, that can be used as a glass when he burns out. If you want something that can attract attention and cause a […]

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