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King of Siam Shelf

King of Siam is a combination of two shelfing units by moebler, , a new Berlin based design/art group. I don’t know where the designer of this bookshelve was thinking when she designed it, but in the end he created a really strange piece of furniture, but some of you might like crazy ideas like […]

Fringerie Chandelier by Dottings Design

Dottings Design decided to combine fringes and light and create this beautiful chandelier that has an exquisitely old look, that was exposed at Vienna Design Weeks between 3 Oct and 21 Oct 2007. This chandelier is a great example of how you can use inspiration from old things to create beautiful new stuff. – Via […]

CD Furniture – Vienna

In these days people seem to have more places to hold the CDs and DVDs than books. For those here is a beautiful piece of furniture that allows you to store your digital data in an original way. The Vienna CD furniture joins two seemingly incomparative styles: Baroque and High-tech. In a traditionally handmade, golden […]

Shigeru Ban’s Metal Shutter Houses

An 11-story building with 9 duplex residential condominium apartments ranging from 1,950sqft to a 3,180sqft penthouse with three terraces designed by Shigeru Ban, an architect born in Tokyo and noted for his work with paper products, is planned for 524 West 19th Street in Chelsea. The Metal Shutter Houses have walls that lift up completely […]

Sculpt By Maarten Baas

Sculpt is a collection of a few really akward pieces of furniture designed by Maarten Baas. All these furniture pieces are handmade pieces, made in the studio in Waalre, Netherlands. Rough scale models of different kinds of products are transformed into 1:1 pieces of furniture, executed in various materials. At a first glance these pieces […]

Beautiful Paper Work by Jen Stark

Miami-based artist Jen Stark creates these amazing sculptures using construction paper. Not only is it beautifully executed but her use of colour and proportion is fantastic. What makes me most impressed is the way she makes two-dimensional papers into three-dimensional sculptures. I’m sure that these “paper sculptures” can be a beautiful piece of art that […]

Thinner – The Thinnest Desk just 6mm

Tobias Berneth designed the Thinner desk, a desk that is just 6 mm. Thinner creates the illusion of a thin, weightless surface. Thinner is a table characterized by the elegance of its slender dimensions. To gain the required stability the table was constructed like the wing of an aeroplane. Simply sleek and stunning. The only […]

A House That is Built in 1 Day

When someone is preparing to build a new house they actually have to wait quite a long time until the project is finished, but today I would like to present you a new technology that allows you to build a house extremely fast.This is a wood framing technology, originally from Japan, that I led the […]

Modern Bathroom by Baldini

If you are here for a piece of inspiration for a modern bathroom, then you are in the right place. Today I’ve found these awesome bathroom pictures, that I think are beathtaking, true luxury. The pieces from this pictures are Baldini Leuce collection and they are sold each year testify to the firm’s ability to […]

Coffee Table : Tetra

Designed by Bernard Vuarnesson, this coffee table has a top in “carabottino” style, clearly of oriental inspiration. Four pull out shelves with slight borders can be flexibly used to add significant capacity to the table. Shown here in beech with double face top in blue/beige laminate, the Tetra is also available in Iroko with black/beige […]

Multi-Functional Lamp : Angel

At a first glance the Angel Lamp might look like a huge lamp, but in fact behind this the lamp opens-up to reveal a table, with a smaller lamp. I don’t know if I should name this a lamp or a multifunctional piece of furniture, but is something really impressive. The lamp shade screen is […]

Illumination with Style : Birds On A Wire

For those who want things that are a little bit out of common, here is a great and beautiful example of how you can use illumination with style. Javier Henriquez and Sebastian Lara from the Mexican design studio eos méxico got inspired by the suburb afternoons and came up with this beautiful birds on a […]

Modern Planter Box

A few months ago we found that plants are really important in our homes, and here are the reasons if you are not convinced yet. Today here is a modern planter box that is simple and absolutely beautiful. Stainless steel base and powder coated metal.This planter is available in White, Aqua, Black, Orange, Yellow and […]

Teeth Brush Shaped Sofa

When I’m looking at this sofa concenpt it reminds me about the Pasta Chair , another cool concept of furniture. This sofa looks like a giant brush adorned with thick bristles, but each of these comfortable bristle is designed to give you a relaxing massage.Its a very different take on the most common furniture that […]

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