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Funny Shower Curtain

If you have a lot of guests, or friends that come to your home, you can try to scare them a little with Mother Psycho Shower Curtain. Just go behind the curtain and take a shower, and ask someone to come and bring you a towel, and have fun. – Price : ( $24.89 ) […]

Series X Multifunctional Furniture

Series X, an innovative and exciting range of contemporary multifunctional furniture comprising seat, table and footstool. Each product has a continuous loop form in a unique profile, which enables it to be rotated into different positions offering maximum versatility – upright, recliner and perching stool, coffee table, side table and foot stool, all matching each […]

Alien Abduction Lamp

Alien Abduction Lamp is something new, unique and original for the lamp industry, a really good alternative to the old boring lamps. Some of you might already want to purchase this lamp, but ( bad news ) this lamp is still in the concept stage. I know that this lamp is awesome, but we’ll have […]

Solitaire Workstation

Solitaire Workstation is a project by Alexander Lotersztain, and as you can see is a a table and a chair that look like the “G” letter. A beautiful piece of furniture that is excelent for small places, and if you want to use the whole power of the Solitaire Workstation you can use the space […]

Table Bench

Table Bench is a little table with two seats incorporated designed by Hans de Pelsmacker. This table is ideal for a small place. From the picture the table seems to small, and can be used for a chees match, a romantic date, or something that don’t requires to much space, and if you are tall […]

House Illusion

Surfing on YouTube today I’ve found this interesting illusion. When you look at it for the first time this look like a house, or a 3D object, but in fact this is a sculpture art at National Gallery Scupture Garden in washington DC, and a great illusion as you might see in this video. I’m […]

Tour – A Table for Bike Fanatics

By looking at this table I’m thinking that there are people who really love bikes. When you love something very much you try to have that thing all over the place, and this is how this table was born. I preffer a normal table, instead of this table, but I thought that this is a […]

Importance of Plants in Your Home

Plants bring natural beauty to our living spaces. By creating texture and balance, a room or patio can be transformed into an environment that comforts and welcomes. But, just like Miss Universe, plants can do more than look pretty. They’ve been proven to reduce stress so well that one glance at a plant lowers your […]

Mushroom Forest Table

Designer Thomas Wold wanted to try something new, and he got his inspiration from nature when he created this table. The mushroom caps function as flat table tops, each with different height and cap circumference. The “burl” base provides an extremely stable platform for the “growing” stems and caps. In conclusion something new, and unique […]

Shogun Juniper Bonsai

Browsing on Amazon today I’ve found these beautiful Shogun Juniper Bonsai at just $34,99. This juniper bonsai will create the illusion of an aged miniature tree in nature. Enjoy the ancient Japanese tradition of Bonsai cultivation with our Shogun Juniper Bonsai. The term ‘bonsai’ literally translated from Japanese means tray planting or tree in pot. […]

Frame Vase

Framevase is a pure definition of simplicity. As the names says Framevase is just a frame of a vase. Behind this simple design here is also an eco-friendly touch. With framevase, we stress on the point that it is not a vase which only captures the user’s attention to only the flowers, it is the […]

Jacquard Chair

This beautiful hand-carved chair combines the elements of an antique chair with some modern materials and elements. Perhaps most telling of the quality craftsmanship is the way the flourishes blend effortlessly with the jacquard upholstery, like two ballerinas from different worlds locked in a tightly choreographed dance. The price for this chair is not ultra […]

Toilet Seat Lifter

Toilet seat is one of those bathroom elements that can make a difference in a relationship. Some guys make some mistakes, and then the toilet seat gets dirty, things that womens hate. For this problem here is a product that can solve everything. You should also see Glow Toilet Locater, another thing invented to prevent […]

Modern Rocking Chair by Eero Aarnio

This chair ( Keinu rocking chair ) is the new definition of rocking chairs, a modern rocking chair. His designer Eero Aarnio has once again designed a chair that both attracts the eye and also conforms perfectly to the body’s shape. The molded plastic seat upholstered with black leather facilitate a relaxed sitting posture and […]

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