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How to Soundproof Your Apartment

Do you like to listen music at high volume, throw a lot of noisy parties, or anything that is to loud for your neighbors ? If your answer is “Yes” then you might do something or your neighbors will do something you reall don’t want. Wired Magazine gathered the data you need to soundproof your […]

Home Theater Inspiration

Home Theater Inspiration is a new collection of inspirational pictures for those who want a home thearer in their home. Either way, the home theater is becoming increasingly popular. Equipped with the latest digital video and surround-sound audio technology, home theaters can transport you to another world without your ever having to leave the house. […]

Pixel House

The Pixel House is an interesting project designed by Mass Studies and has an innovative design and a curve like geometry. It just looks like each pixel of stone jelled together to create this astonishing building, which apparently gives you an effect similar to that of a 3-dimensional picture. By using a simple orthogonal bricks, […]

Prefab home that can be built in just 3 days – Perrinepod

Architect Jean mic Perrine has come up with an audacious new idea – ready made, stackable, expandable pod homes. Jean mic Perrine project is named Perrinepod, and is a cute prefab home that can be built in just 3 days and withstand everything from earthquakes to cyclones. In conclusion a great choice for those who […]

Solar Energy for Your House or Vehicle

The Life Port Solar solar carport kit created by Envision, creates electricity for homes and also charges electric vehicles. The self assembled kit can cut down electricity costs and minimize power consumption for a single family dwelling. The system features 24 solar panels, 6.4 kilowatts hour per day. The Life Port Solar is constructed using […]

Transparent Table – Peekaboo

Peekaboo is a little transparent table that allows us to we see right through it and a fun new graphic burst underprinted in black. Transparent surfaces float in the room without taking up permanent visual residency. Thick molded acrylic adds clean mod edge in one seamless turn. Bunch two or three in front of the […]

Tivoli Chair

The ‘Tivoli’ chair can be experienced at the SE-exhibition until November 11th 2007 in Copenhagen and in January 2008 in Silkeborg. The Chair is the result of a collaborating experiment between PP Mobler and Swedish designer Frederik Mattson. The chair is made of ash wood, one of PP Møbler’s preferred materials. For the production itself […]

Hide Your Cables with Power Block

The power block is an elegant way to hide your cables. As we all know in these days every little gadget must be charged and sometimes the socket might look awful with all those wires all around. Seated on the floor against the wall, it masks so elegant the wall socket. So today your home […]

Fitting Gold – Modular Furniture

Fitting Gold for office, home and contract is a piece of modular furniture in black anodized aluminum. The doors in finishing gold-leaf handmade by master craftsmen. A successful mix between a high technology furniture and secular processing doors still produced by hand. Fitting Gold is in a limited edition. For many, but not for all. […]

Christmas Ornaments Goes Digital

This digital christmas ornament decorates your tree while storing over 50 of your favorite family photos on its 1.5″ color LCD. The pictures can be displayed as a slideshow, or you can leave one on at a time. In these days technology is in everything even in christmas ornaments. This digital christmas ornament is $49.95, […]

Velvet Black Faucet by Grohe Ondus

The Velvet Black Faucet is a modern faucet designed by Grohe Ondus. Surrounding each component, a chrome ring celebrates the beginning of a rising interface. This sophisticated details creates a consistent icon and adds an intrinsic jewel-like quality. Handles seamlessly flow from their cylindrical bases, like raindrops gently dispersing on the surface of a stream […]

Love Mattress

Designed by Mehdi Mojtabvi, the love mattress is actually made up of single slats, each covered in with a smooth fabric. The slats allow you to dip your arms to better hug your partner in bed. Look at this very intimate lover mattresses, fragmented bands design lets you easily mattresses will be “separated” from the […]

Clever Bath Organiser

Sometimes I stay a lot of time in bath, but just to relax and think. I know that a lot of people like to spend time in bath, to forget about the everyday problems, take a deep breath, enjoy the warm water and finally relax. Today I’ve discovered a really interesting bath organiser that you […]

A Lamp That Can Change Size

I’ve presented a lot of interesting lamps on this blog, and today I’ve found another chandelier or lamp how you want to call it, that is really awesome. This lamp can change this way in a really interesting way. The system is really clever. Watch the video to see how it works. – Via – […]

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