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Greenfield Residence by Minarc-Architects

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The Greenfield Residence is a beautiful green house designed by the Icelandic firm Minarc-Architects, and the principals of the firm live in it with their two infant children. The house is situated in a classical “temple on the mount” position, quite a few feet above the semi-suburban streetscape of Mar Vista. More about this beautiful […]

Marrakesh Bathroom Design

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Dare to be different. This is the message behind these bathroom products. These beautiful decorated faucets and lavatory basins with stunning patterns, colors and textures, are decorated with a special technique that creates raised ruby-like flowers and 24k gold tendrils make me feel like a king. Named for the ancient capital of Morocco and home […]

Garden Design by Andy Sturgeon

If you are looking for ideas for outdoor spaces I’m sure that Andy Sturgeon portofolio will give you some inspiration. “Andy Sturgeon Garden Design has emerged as a leading design practice earning a reputation for creating stylish modern gardens that are a fusion of contemporary design and natural materials. Planting often features heavily and ranges […]


As the name of this lamp suggests ( XL ), this lamp is a very big lamp that requires a lot of space. XL(AMP) is interesting because you don’t see everyday a lamp like this, and when you see one you are amazed. Disassemble and roll up lamp in glass fibre strnghthened polyester plate. Can […]


I’ve found this interesting project named SleepLess on Style Files and I like this idea, and I love to read books this way. Who knows maybe someone will make this project digital and maybe we’ll can read books right before we sleep in our bed this way. SLEEPLESS. SLEEPLESS is a collaboration between The Great […]

Bedroom Inspiration #5

Sometimes your new bedroom decorating simply needs a change of atmosphere to make it more comfortable. Maybe you have a bedroom design that is immaculate, modern, and beautiful. But is it comfortable? It’s important that a room still feel like home, and an easy way to achieve this is by adding some creature comforts. Some […]

Cosmo Modern Shelves

If you would like a modern shelving solution then Cosmo Shelves are the ideal solution. As you can see from the pictures these shelves have squares and rectangles shapes with rounded corners. They come in two colors, black and withe, exactly like Neptune Chairs that I’ve just presented to you. I’m sure that these chairs […]

Neptune Chair with Extra Wide Seat

I don’t know why this chair is called Neptune, but is clearly inspired by the planet Neptune. This chair has an extra-wide seat that clearly can offer a lot of comfort.Its clean lines and contemporary shape are seriously swank. Invitingly wide so you can curl up or invite a close friend. Sublime vinyl with chromed […]

Celeste for Intimate Sleeping

Cream Fresh, a company created by the Belgian designer Kris Van den Berghe, proposes “Celestial”, a product which will be able to transform your room to be laid down in true cocoon! Celestial is a mobile partition carried out to cover any bed. It makes it possible to create an intimate space within a large […]

Lustre Ceiling Sticker

This ceiling sticker can produce a very interesting “shadow” effect in any room. Just stick it near your ceiling lamp, and you will create an illusion of an elaborate chandelier. For some of you this sticker might look creepy, but for others it might be funny to impress friends. – Price: 100 € at Ugly […]

Omni Chair

This chair ( Omni )comes with a simple and elegant design. The Omni chair was designed by two Swedish architects – Marten Claesson & Eero Koivisto. Omni comes standard with black polyamide as pictured. A timeless clean Scandinavian design. – Price: $1,950.00 at Nova68 – Via – Betterlivingthroughdesign

Ikea Employe Job Test

Ikea employe job test might not be a post about interior design, not a cool product, not an useful advice, just a fun image that I’ve found today and made me laugh. I’ve decided to share this funny image with my readers because you all know that Ikea is a well known furniture brand, and […]

AfterGlow Chair – Luminous Chair Made from Recycled Milk Jugs

This chair might not be to beautiful and not to comfortable. Now maybe you are asking, why a chair that doesn’t has the main things a chair requires. The chair has a special ability, he can glows in the dark, and can be a pretty decorative light for your garden. It is eco-friendly and made […]

Corona Sun Powered Lamp

Corona is a solar-powered outdoor lighting system. It can be staked to the ground, attached to a wall, or simply placed on a table top. The Corona solar light’s solar voltaic cell transforms sunlight into energy during the day, and its LEDs automatically start to glow when the sun sets. A beautiful sun flower shaped […]

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