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Magnetic Vases – Magically Standing on End

This new vase concept looks very interesting, and for a moment this vases will appear to be magically standing on end ! But of course like every magic trick there is a secret, and the secret behind this vases is their magnetic base. Place your tablecloth between the magnetic vase base and metal plate. The […]

A Tropical Island Feeling with Palm Tree Umbrella

I know that I like palm trees, probably because I don’t have this kind of trees in my country. Anyway I’ve found a solution for this, this beautiful Lighted Palm Tree Umbrella is definitely a must have addition to any garden or yard, bringing the feel of a tropical island to your home. A trio […]

Float Wave Chaise

This is a beautiful and modernist chaise line designed by architect Jeanne Scandura.The design is simple and elegant. Constructed from fiberglass-reinforced resin, the Float Wave is little more than a double wave whose basic form makes it equally appropriate indoors and outdoors. Now looking at this chair I can say that I want one, but […]

Pointer Table – Computer Inspired Furniture

More and more designers saw that more and more people use internet and computers and why not exploit this market and make some products inspired from computers. One of this products inspired by computers is this mouse cursor table. First time I didn’t realized that this table has a shape of cursor, just after reading […]

Falb Chair

I think that this chair is really interesting. Falb is a chair which offers some space to place one’s personal things. Its shape differs from the symmetry of usual chairs. Its back carries jackets, borses. A chair like this would be perfect in a place where people had to wait for something, like a dental […]

Ultimate Relaxation System Bed Chair

I love this bed chair concept, because as you can see is a perfect solution for reading in bed, watching tv, …. in bed or on the floor.I remember when I was in college I had to learn in bed, because I didn’t had enough space, and if I’ve had a bed chair like this […]

Lego Table

Lego is a line of toys manufactured by Lego Group, a privately held company based in Denmark. Its flagship product, commonly referred to as Lego, consists of colorful interlocking plastic bricks and an accompanying array of gears, mini figures (also called minifigs by Lego fans), and other pieces which can be assembled and connected in […]

Today’s Dream Home – Ellen’s Montecito Mansion

Today dream home is owned by Ellen Lee DeGeneres, and for those who don’t know her, here are a few words about her. Ellen Lee DeGeneres is an American actress, stand-up comedian, and currently the Emmy Award-winning host of the syndicated talk show The Ellen DeGeneres Show. She and her partner Portia Di Rossi have […]

Office Fish Tank – Make your Fish Feel Like a Boss

If you want to make your fish feel like a boss, you can buy him an office fish tank.This whimsical desktop aquarium is outfitted with a mini cubicle, desk, computer, lamp, chair and potted plant everything their goldfish, guppies or tetras will need to get the job done right. All these for just $24 from […]

Finnish Sauna from Effegibi

I don’t know people who have a sauna in their home, but I see in magazines and at TV houses that have a sauna in their home .I’m sure that you need some money to have a sauna in your home, especially if you want a sauna like this. The new Finnish sauna Koko aims […]

7 Hi-Tech Sound Pillows for your iPod

A pillow is a small (and usually soft) support for the head, usually used while sleeping in a bed, or for the body as used on a couch or chair. For those of you who like to fall asleep to music now you can make this using a musical pillow.There’s no need for any annoying […]

Useful Solution for Multiple Power Cords

This product is not just interesting, but also useful. From time to time everybody had this problem : “Which plug do I pull ?” ( see the picture ).Now ID Pilot Wire Identification Labels come with a simple solution for this problem.These little vinyl labels can be stuck on your power cords and other cables […]

19-inch Bamboo Widescreen LCD Monitor

If you would like a monitor that fits your furniture, then this Bamboo LCD might be the answer you are looking for. I like this Bamboo LCD monitor because is something unique, and something that can add a piece of style to room.You can have this 19-inch widescreen LCD monitor for US$474.98 or £289.00 from […]

TeleSpy – Phone Alarm System

I know that I’m not the only one who love cool gadgets. In this picture when you look you might think that this is an usual phone, but is not just a simple phone.This phone can is in fact a disguised alarm system. When an intruder walks by, the TeleSpy calls the number you programmed […]

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