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Pebble Rug

The Pebble Rug from 2Form Design may look like it’s made of real pebbles, but it’s actually crafted out of 100% wool. It looks good, and makes you feel like you are in the middle of nature, near a mountain river. If you have anything in the house that occasionally projectile vomits, you might want […]

Bedroom Interior Design

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For something such as a bedroom design you’ll want to think long and hard about precisely what it is that you’re going to do, and today we present another inspirational post from our bedroom interior design inspiration series. Bedrooms are the primary place of relaxation, where we all retire to take a good sleep and […]

Jeremy Kipnis Amazing $6,000,000 Home Theater

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I can say that I’ve saw a lot of home theaters, but nothing can’t be compared to what Jeremy Kipnis $6,000,000 ultimate home theater. I know that there’s simply nothing quite like watching your favorite movie or sport event on a huge movie palace screen with fantastic wall-to-wall sound, and if you are really, really […]

Library and Studio for a Writer by Andrew Berman

This 1,520 s.f building was designed by Andrew Berman Architect as a library and studio for a writer. It is located at the threshold between a open field with an orchard, and a densely wooded area. The building geometry and circulation map the transition between these two landscapes. The study is situated at the elevation […]

Curtains with Magnetic Technology

A curtain is a piece of cloth intended to block or obscure light, for instance at night to aid sleeping, or to stop light from escaping outside the building (stopping people outside from being able to see inside, often for privacy reasons). Florian Kräutli a design student at Eindhoven had a very clever idea when […]

The Bookcase Table – MOCO

The italian furniture company MOCO designed Ptolomeo ( picture 2 ) in 2004. Four years later, Ex libris is born, a table obviously inspired by Ptolomeo, with the wisest legs in the world. When designing a table you don’t have to many options, that’s why almost all tables are the same, but this design is […]

Modular Bookcase Lodge

Lodge is a modular bookcase that obtains a high degree of personalization, since it is formed from blocks of equal height that allow a free composition. At this modular bookcase it is possible to enlarge the height of the bookcase from new modules as more space is needed for storage. It presents/displays different compartments, suitable […]

Electric Touch Cooktops for Elegant Cooking

Millennia Electric Touch Top Cooktops balance understated elegance with high performance, offering powerful, quick heat response for greater control, accuracy, and durability. When you look at this new of form of “elegant cooking” you don’t even want to cook, because the surface is to stylish, shiny and clean. Featuring powerful and quick heat response for […]

First Wind-Powered Building Inaugurated in Argentina

Buenos Aires Province/Argentina – Mar del Plata will have its first wind-powered building. According to its developers this building, called Cefira (whose name refers to the Greek god of wind from the west) is the first sustainable energy in Latin America. The complex, which will require an investment of $ 4.1 million and will be […]

Casa Elegante – Pure Luxury

Casa Elegante is a pure simbol of luxury, that I’ce decided to post under my Dream Homes collection. I know that I didn’t post to much in that category, but this house is really amazing, and I had to post about. Now let’s find a few things about this luxurious home. The home was developed […]

Nirvana Chair

The Nirvana Chair is far more than a simple sculptural statement, is a piece of steel furniture that follow the natural shape of the reclining body. The presence of this piece of furniture in any room will change the mood and embellish it with a strong sense of sophistication and style. The concept of form […]

I Want Feedback from my Readers !!!

In the begining of this post I would like to say “Thanks” for all of you who read this blog, a really big “Thanks“, you made this blog big. This blog exist because there are people who really come back to check if I’ve posted something new everyday. I want to say that I respect […]

Yellow Vegas Sofa

So you wanted a sofa with attitude, then here is a beautifull statement piece of furniture from a very inovative Italian sofa company. Armrests and backs in tubular painted steel, seat in solid wood and multiply with elastic straps. Padding in polyurethane foam with differing density covered in polyester microfibre, feet in mirror polished cast […]

Modern Glass Bookcase

A few months ago I’ve presented a product named Glass Shelves, an interesting shelving unit caracterized by clean lines and a modern transparent design, that was designed by Tonelli. Today I’ve found a similar product that look better, or maybe I’m influenced by the whole aspect of this room. Composition 653 is a transparent wall […]

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