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A View To Kill

I just found these incredible pictures by Mrzyk & Moriceau on NotCot. I have for a long time in mind some designs that looks like these, and when I saw that these designs becomed reallity I was very happy to see them alive. My future home will definitely in this style, noncomformistic, unique, remarkable, and […]

Sleek and Stylish Breadbin – Armadillo Breadbin

Today I’ve found a very beautiful breadbin. Armadillo Breadbin looks unusual to say the least. Made of brushed aluminium, wood and plastic, the Armadillo looks sharp, sleek and stylish. Rarely, a bread bin can demand so much attention. Armadillo Breadbin will be certainly be the center piece of a kitchen.

Delicious Pizza Pillow

This pillow can create a really good illusion of a pizza. Take a look at the picture. If you are watching this pillow from distance you can think that this is actually a real pizza. I’m already thinking how some of my guests will react if I had a pizza pillow. The price for the […]

Trey Chair – The Multifunction Chair

These day’s I was working at a new material that I’ll publish soon on this blog, and I’ve found this interesting office chair. As you can see from the pictures at a first glance this might look like an usual chair but in fact he is a little bit different, and can be used not […]

Clock Safe Perfect for Hiding Goods

For those of you who want to hide some of their stuff this clock might be an interesting idea. I don’t know how many people will see this clock as a safe, that’s the interesting part, because it’s not so easy to see where is actually the safe. Sometimes, the safest place to hide something […]

Gear Stick Coat Rack

This is a great way to hang your clothes, especially if you are a driver, this gear stick coat rack would be wonderful . Gear Stick Coat Rack, is constructed from steel and measures 83.5cm in length, features five different gear sticks that serve as hooks and we don’t doubt that it would it make […]

Dragon Speakers

Designer Joakim Axelsson thought that box shaped speakers need some innovation, and this is how Dragon speakers have been born. The Dragon speakers are made for those who are looking for something more then just a good sound. I see this speakers in a Chinese restaurant, or in a room with Chinese influences. The speakers […]

8AM Desk Lamp – A wire with a Bulb

8PM desk lamp clamps onto your desk, and it looks like its bulb is magically held up by a wire. There’s a regular braided electric wire leading to the clamp on the desk, but then coming out the other side is an electric wire that looks the same but that’s reinforced just enough to hold […]

Halo Ultraviolet Vacumm Help You Clean and Kill Unseen Parasites

Some time ago I’ve read an interesting post entitled “What Everyone Ought to Know About Parasites”, and I’ve found some interesting stuff about these microscopic guys. I knew that they are not visibile to the naked eye, and they can be dangerous. Today I’ve found a solution that seems to help us keep these microscopic […]

Illusion Candles Create a Cool Atmosphere

If you love candles maybe you’ll also love this product. Illusion Candles is nothing new, the mirrored glass behind the candles gives the impression of infinite light. The stylish unit is made up of a glass base, stainless steel fixings and two mirrored glass sheets. I think this product can provide a beautiful relaxing atmosphere, […]

Bench Toilet by Julien

As I’ve told you last week a new trend is rising in furniture industry, remember the post “A New Trend – The Bathtub Becomes Furniture”. This post is another proof that this trend is rising. Californian remodeling firm Julien asked Troy Adams Design to come up with a secret loo that doubles as a “Powder […]

The Hill House

Today I’ve decided to create a new category on this blog, that is called Architecture. This is the first post, and I hop you’ve enjoy it. The Hill House is designed by Johnston Marklee & ASSOCIATES under conditions generated by modern problems of building on the hillside. The site, an irregular shaped lot situated on […]

Changing Cupboard by FRONT

Last week I’ve presented you an innovative technology from Front Design, Sketch Furniture. Today I’m gonna present you another interesting piece of furniture from Front Design. Changing Cupboard, has a decorated front that constantly switches between three different patterns. This is achieved through the same system of revolving triangular battens as used in billboards. You […]

Mantra Bed by Mauro Bertame

Designed by Mauro Bertame, Mantra Bed was designed based upon Feng Shui principles. . The base of the bed is very low and the canopy has soft round contours providing a warm embrace. The high arc canopy gives the comfort of a warm embrace. Those of you compelled to involve the Feng Shui principles into […]

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