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Apple Jacket

Is your apple tired of wearing Prada and Gucci? Then it`s time to get him the new Apple Jacket. This is the cutest thing I have ever seen beside my puppy! I`m pretty sure the apple doesn’t feel the cold weather but it look`s like a million bucks.Now you can go out and show off […]

The Hobbit House

  If you wore told that the little hobbit houses from Lord of The Rings aren`t true , well they lied because here they are..Who said you can`t be a real living hobbit? It`s amazing but this house is built by two men(father and son) with a low budget (about $6000) in about 2 months.The […]

The Bubble Chair

Maybe the color of these chairs isn’t so nice but they sure are.These are 100% handcrafted rattan chairs and look comfortable too.I guess the bubble they form is just another good place where you can stock magazines or about anything.Lucky us with this modern furniture , not only that is practical but kind of gives […]

Stripe Floor

Now this is an eye-poppin floor.If you want to get crazy in your own home well..after watching for several minutes this unusual floor , I bet you will go crazy.Mabe you think it`s some kind of carpet but it`s not.Actually the floor was made out of extensive tape.This great idea camed from the actual owner […]

Nature v2.01

You know how people say you should try to get in touch with your natural side? Well I don`t think they wore refering to this chair particularly but it`s a start.This chair is actually very cool because you can sit on it and say you have a tree also.I`m pretty sure we can go into […]

Bunk Sofa Bed

Now, this is the kind of smart sofa that I want in my living room.Not only that it looks great but it`s also multi functional .I bet you haven`t seen one of this yet , a sofa that converts into a bunk bed.You can even sleep peacefully in the top bed because the bunk bed […]

Toobe Lamps

It comes a time in everybody`s life when we just feel like…buying a new lamp.Choose this great lamps created by the italian designer Ferruccio Laviani.It`s easy to move around the house and it comes in this great 4 colours.This lamps have been made of geextrudeerde plastic(PMMA) tube which contain a bright incandescent light source at […]

Splinter Chair

You know those products that offer you 2 things in one package? Well this is one of those products.There is no doubt that in the first picture we see a bench but miraculously in the second picture we have not one but two chairs.Now how is that possible? Simple.All you need is a cool designer […]

King King Bed

  My royal readers , feast your eyes on this.If you feel like a king but your bedroom doesn`t show it then you need a bed like this.Unique designed , hand carved, all made for your comfort.Now if you think about the price then i suggest you take a nap first and then look at […]


From now on this beautiful lady will be joining you at every meal.No , she is not real she is just a napkin holder made in Switzerland in the 1950s.Cute thing is that the napkin actually form her dress , so for every ocasion like Christmas or Thank Giving Day , Servietta will have a […]

InModern Coffee Table

If you want something nice that doesn`t take a lot of space , is cute and also has a futuristic look, then choose this manufactured coffee table.It`s easy and quick to assemble and dissemble without using any tools.Purchase one now for only $200.

Behind the Wall Sofa

As humans we like to be surrounded by walls so we can feel protected.But how about a wall that is also a sofa?Why spend more money on a sofa or even on chairs when all you need is this Wall Sofa that doesn`t take a lot of room.Imagine the surprise your friends will get when […]

Wave Chaise

This is the kind of furniture that not only look`s like a wave but will surely do some waves among people who see it.Use it indoor as well as outdoor.It has an elegant look and let`s face it white is always for style.As for the wave shape , all i can say is that it […]

Bamboo Bed

  This bed put`s the “c” in comfort. High Touch created this beautiful bed from natural bamboo that provides a sweet sleep.A romantic mood is set by the white drapes that also protect you from mosquito.It`s available in natural light , natural dark and natural tiger finishes . The High Touch Bamboo Bed is around […]

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