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Beautiful Decorative Wall Vinyls

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I love wall vinyls and the decorative vinyls are the last tendency at the time of decorating walls. Today for those who want to add an interesting design to their walls here I’ve found some interesting designs from Miraentuinterior. If you want to see more interesting designs be sure to visit their website. If you […]

Mushroom Shelves

Shelves are all the same, but if you want to be a little bit more nonconformist’s you should take a look these mushroom shelves. Made from exquisitely carved basswood, these gorgeous mushrooms prove once and for all you need not be a hookah-smoking caterpillar to appreciate fungi-inspired designs. I’m sure that these shelves can make […]

Mobile Raphael Fireplace

If you dream to have a fireplace in your home, but your home is not designed for one, now you have the solution. The Raphael Fireplace can be installed very quickly and the best thing is that he can be moved from room to room anytime you want. he mantel is an ornate, classical design […]

Factory Vase

Maxim Velcovsky turns a familiar symbol of pollution into an ironic comment on industrialism with his porcelain Factory Vase. Instead of harmful exhausts, clean, delicate flowers emerge from out of the smokestack. A dramatic reminder of global warming in an engaging and eye-catching form! – Price : $99.00

Most Expensive Real Estate in the US

In the real estate world from US there is a new record for the most expensive property on the market in the US today. This house is on the market for $165 million, and for this huge sum of money you get – 6.5 acres of land that include four houses, an apartment and a […]

7 Most Important Interior Design Principles

At the end of this article you’ll be able to recognize and use the basic interior design principles used by every interior designer to create a great design, and who knows maybe you’ll also save some money, or start a new career ! Now let’s begin with the beginning, and undestand what interior design is […]

Boath Themed House

This is another example of creative thinking put intro practice. A unique, boat-themed apartment building in Silverlake, in the northeast part of L.A. The windows are portholes. With bars over them. The design might look interesting, and for those who love boats I’m sure that this house is very attractive, but just look at this […]

Summer House by Christensen & co. Arkitekter

Summer House by Christensen & co. Arkitekter is a beautiful project that I just love. A simple modern little vacantion like this is exceptional for a weekend party, or for relaxation after a hard week or work. This tiny timber-built summer cabin is located in the woods between the coast and Lake Arresø in Northern […]

Multifunctional Design

I’m sure that some of you like Multifunctional furniture. Today I’ve found a piece of really multifunctional furniture. This multifunctional design created by Gustavo Mourão and Danilo Santos can be turned into a table, a chair, a closet or a sofa. It works very simple and it looks great. A piece of furniture like this […]

Sha-Do Lamp

A german company named Aeneus came with a very interesting idea. They have a collection of beautiful lamps that can produce an astonishing effect in a room, and also can be useful as a decoration as well. Just take a look at these images and you’ll see how they play with shadow and light in […]

Netsurfer Chair Ideal for Computer Addicts

More and more people spend more and more time on the internet, and I’m one of them. For people like me, and other internet addicts Snowcrash made the Netsurfer Chair. This chair seems very comfortable, as you can see from this picture the chair has pillows to support the neck and lower back and adjustable […]

Xel Bookcase by Luca Nichetto

No,the bees didn`t invade youre house but after they see this bookcase I`m thinking that may just will. It`s practical, fun and easy to use and doesn`t take a lot of space. The harder part will be to arrange the books in a way that will be easy to take a book if you want […]

What would you like more from Freshome ?

Today I want to ask all my readers a question, and I encourage your to post a comment. What do you like most on Freshome, and what do you want more from Freshome ? For example Zane ( a loyal reader of this blog, who also helped me these days to make the website look […]

Bookinist Chair by Nils Holger Moormann

Holger Moormann, the designer of Bookinist chair tried to make a chair especially for reading, by combining a chair and a bookcase. Bookinist chair it is based on the principle of a pushcart and can be rolled to a favourite spot. The books are stored ready for use in the arms of the chair. A […]

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