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Amazing Towel in a Pill

Huhh .. Technology continue to amaze me everyday.Today I’ve discovered something that I’ve never thought that could be real.Tiny pills that transform into an 11′ x 9″ multi purpose towel as you make it wet.These towel pills are an exceptional solution for those who don’t have to much space, or don’t want to feel overwhelmed […]

Paint that Protects Your Wireless Network

In the EM-SEC Technologies have discovered a type of painting that is able to block certain electromagnetic waves, like those of the WiFi or those of the moving bodies. So if you have at home, or at office a Wireless Network your information can be protected from unauthorized access by the use of their EM-SEC […]

Tree Bench

I think that this Tree Bench is really cool. I’ve found it at vividvormgeving. The bad thing about this bench is the price that is €7950, and I think is a little to much for this simple design. Anyway you can make this bench because is not to much work. You just need back covers […]

Chairs Inspired by Nature

When I look at these chairs they seem to be from a fairy tale, a king elf throne, or something like this.In fact these chairs are real and everybody who want one can purchase one. These chairs are made by Rachel Miller and Tim Miller and can be bought for $2200 from here. They are […]

Modern Front Door Storage

I love modern furniture, and modern products. That’s why I also love this modern front door storage. With a sleek design this modern front door storage is equipped to store everything a person may be carrying when out side can be stored on when entering the home. This smart design has a place for everything […]

Laptop Shade – Sun Protection for Your Laptop

I’ve found this great idea some days ago, but I wasn’t decided if I should post about this on this blog. Finally today I’ve decided to post about it, because I like to much this idea. The Sun and its rays are a laptop user’s greatest enemy. If you are a laptop user I’m sure […]

Whale Bath

Taking a bath in this whale bath is very relaxing experience. Just look at the design. The mini shower like a little waterfall looks great. Besides wonderful design, you also have bubble massage and chromatherapy lighting. All these to make you feel like “The king” of the ocean riding a furious whale.The price for the […]

Loop Lounger Chair

With a very simple design and color this chair seems to float a little too effortlessly. When you look at this chair you might think that he is to fragile, but in fact this collapsible lounge chair can hold 220 lbs, and is made of stainless steel and plastic fabric mesh.The price for this chair […]

Ideal for a Party – James Plate

I love this plate design, and I think is perfectly designed for a party, vernissages, stand-up parties, and any type of events where drinks and appetizers are served with style. The plate is designed in a way that allows you to eat something, have a drink, and still have a free hand to say hi […]

Luminous Fabric – Light Your Style

LumiGram is a French luxury fashion accessories, clothes and decoration items designer. Now the interesting part is their products, high tech clothes & decoration items based on a new Luminous Fabric technology. As you can see from the pictures this Luminous Fabric, based on Fiber Optics, emits a colored light along the full length of […]

Cook Lounge – Cool Furniture Concept

CookLounge is the real definition of modern furniture. A piece of furniture that can change his shape, and can be adapted to various environments and purposes. Today it can be your kitchen and tomorrow the living-room where you entertain your friends .To bad that the CookLounge is just a concept, and not a real piece […]

Speech Bubble Cardboard Coffee Table

This cool piece of furniture is made from corrugated cardboard. The project behind this Speech Bubble Cardboard Coffee Table and some other cardboard pieces of furniture was born out of the desire to create cardboard furniture for the masses that anyone could fashion from scrap cardboard. You can also make your own cardboard furniture following […]

The Saddle Chair

The design of this chair is based on the dynamic sitting position of the horseman. HÅG Capisco stool offers unique advantages for use with height adjustable worktables. With the saddle seat you can vary between low and high working positions – right up to standing positions, allowing you to be more dynamic, but still in […]

Cute Shower Curtains

If you want to add a little more color to your bathroom, you can start with a shower curtain, and not a simple one. Just look at this beautiful shower curtains that I’ve selected from’m sure that these shower curtains can add more than color to your bathroom, they can also change the whole […]

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