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Grandpa Clock

Grandpa Clock looks like a very old clock, but in fact the clock is just the image of an antique clock is printed onto canvas fabric and hung on the wall. Behind the fabric is a wooden frame and modern clock movement, complete with antique-style hands. Pretty interesting design, and also a cheap ( 79$ […]

Basket Basketball

If you are a basketball fan you can practice your skills at work. Here’s how, just attact this basket panel to your wastebasket and practice “3 points” shoots from your desk. An excellent item that will allow you to relax and forget about all the work for a few minutes, and who knows maybe you’ll […]

Folding Furniture ( Chair & Table )

Folding table and chair are designed by Nils Frederking, and I like to call these pieces intelligent furniture. By the way this pieces of furniture are awesome if you want mobile furniture. They don’t take to much space when are folded, but can become great furniture pieces when are unfolded. See more in this video. […]

Eclipse Table

The positioning of the tabletops enables the small tabletop to be hidden under the main one, or easily be moved out when another friend comes along or when you have ordered one too many dishes. – Designed by Jonathan Maltz

Flower House

I think that this hose is a great example of outdoor design example. All these flowers change the whole aspect of this home, making this home a little piece of paradise for someone who loves flowers. I think that some womens can fall in love with this house instantly. Anyway I’m sure that the house […]

Modern Dream Home

Today I’ve found this beautiful modern dream home on Desire to Inspire, and I love it. A great example for everyone who want a modern home, just to afford one. Enjoy these beautiful pictures. – P.S – Click on images to enlarge

Bubble House by Pierre Cardin’s

I’m fascinated by this kind of buildings, and in general by everything that is amazing, and this house is something really amazing. But let’s find something about this house … Twenty years ago, Pierre Cardin was looking for a house in Cannes, but he couldn’t stand the prospect of the unoriginal villas that had multiplied […]

Man and Woman Bookend

I saw that Bookends are more and more popular in online shops, and they have more and more interesting shapes. This is one shape that catch my attention. – Price : $49.95 Add an artistic touch and keep your books upright with our Reading Sophisticates Bookends. These bookends feature a man and a woman dressed […]

Windowseat Lounge

Windowseat is designed by designers Maaik Evers and Mike Simonian of the American studio Mike and Maaik. Their goal was to create a personal space for the user right through an armchair, which they are placed in public space (airport, station) or in a private interior. Its creators wanted into only one products to combine […]

Funny Shower Curtain

If you have a lot of guests, or friends that come to your home, you can try to scare them a little with Mother Psycho Shower Curtain. Just go behind the curtain and take a shower, and ask someone to come and bring you a towel, and have fun. – Price : ( $24.89 ) […]

Series X Multifunctional Furniture

Series X, an innovative and exciting range of contemporary multifunctional furniture comprising seat, table and footstool. Each product has a continuous loop form in a unique profile, which enables it to be rotated into different positions offering maximum versatility – upright, recliner and perching stool, coffee table, side table and foot stool, all matching each […]

Alien Abduction Lamp

Alien Abduction Lamp is something new, unique and original for the lamp industry, a really good alternative to the old boring lamps. Some of you might already want to purchase this lamp, but ( bad news ) this lamp is still in the concept stage. I know that this lamp is awesome, but we’ll have […]

Solitaire Workstation

Solitaire Workstation is a project by Alexander Lotersztain, and as you can see is a a table and a chair that look like the “G” letter. A beautiful piece of furniture that is excelent for small places, and if you want to use the whole power of the Solitaire Workstation you can use the space […]

Table Bench

Table Bench is a little table with two seats incorporated designed by Hans de Pelsmacker. This table is ideal for a small place. From the picture the table seems to small, and can be used for a chees match, a romantic date, or something that don’t requires to much space, and if you are tall […]

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