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Sweet Dreams with Reality Bedding Sexy Sheets

I want to thank Stan Grabish for suggesting this article. You can always suggest something that you think I can publish on this blog using Send Us Tips form.Now what can I write about these sheets ? The image is to obvious. Reality Bedding is the new sexy line of bedding for your room. These […]

Folding Furniture – Scissor Self Unit

Scissor Self Unit is another piece of furniture that is excellent for small places or for those who move often.As you can see this unit can be reduced to a package just 24 cm in height for transportation purposes.The spacing between the shelves can be fixed as you like: 33 cm for folders or 28 […]

Salmon Shaped Pillow

When I saw this pictures I’ve said “What ? Is this really a pillow ?” – I was a little intrigued, and maybe this is the marketing strategy for this pillow, to make you speak about her, resulting in a word of mouth marketing, and who knows …more sales.For those who still look strange at […]

Flying Carpet

The Flying Carpet by Nanimarquina is a wonderfully comfortable and flexible system, sure to spark your imagination. What can I say, rug industry is becoming more and more innovative, and this rug prove it. As you can see this is a multi functional rug, you can use it as a mini sofa to watch a […]

Philippe Coudray – Renoma Collection

These interesting pieces of furniture are made by Philippe Coudray in France, and are from Renoma collection. Here I’ve attached 3 pictures, but if you want to see more pieces from Renoma collection you should visit Philippe Coudray website. – Via Designer’s Block

Affrodable Flyer Platform Bed

If you look at this bed you might think that a modern simple bed like this has a huge price, but if you’ll continue to read you can find that this bed is something really affrodable, and is just $499.Simple and sleek, with a modern design they are stylish alternatives to the common box spring […]

Today’s Dream Home – El Encanto En Punta Mita

When I saw this estate for the first time I’ve fall in love with her immediately.This is a real dream home, as you can see beautiful ocean view, a lot of space, and surrounded by nature beauty. This home is part of the El Encanto En Punta Mita resort development in Mexico, an 18-acre gated […]

Sleeping Cow Help you Clean the Dust

Just look at this cow is so sweet. Its primary function is to suck up dust from your desktop. It’s only as big as your hand, but it sucks all dirt, lint, and cookie crumbs off of your desktop when you switch it on. To empty, simply pull out the cow’s head and drop the […]

Furniture Inspired by Scrabble Game

Today I’ve received a piece of furniture that is worth publishing in this blog, sent to me by an anonymous visitor via Send Us Tips form. If you also have something interesting related to home inspiration, furniture, architecture … I encourage you to send to me. I’ll read every email. But let’s come back to […]

Bedroom Inspiration #2

New Bedroom Inspiration want to give you fresh ideas about how to decorate your bedroom. This blog main purpose is to give you inspiration when you need to decorate your home. Ten days ago I’ve started a topic entitled “Bedroom Inspiration #1“ where I’ve posted 6 pictures with beautiful 6 bedrooms. Today here it comes […]

The RUF-Cinema Bed

As I’ve said many times in this blog and I’ll continue to repeat this :”To be competitive in a market you always have to innovate.” – Starting from this quote and looking at the pictures we can see that this principle is also valid in beds industry.I’ve found this beautiful modern bed at furniture section […]

The Cave – Bookcase with a Reading Space

The Cave is a shelving unit with integrated nook for reading, for those who want to grab a book and start reading right away.I can say that this idea is ideal for small places, because the nook for reading can save the space used by a chair. The price for this piece of furniture is […]

Missy’s Dreamer – Pet Bed

If you love you dog or cat, and you want a modern bed for him “Missy’s Dreamer” is a good choice and will keep your cat or dog sleeping soundly in its curvaceous acrylic form with color coordinated mattress.The price for this luxurious bed for animals is a little bit high ( from $485 to […]

The Reflection Chair

Designer Vincent Lai made this chair for everyone who want to relax, reflect, and concentrate.As we can see from the picture this chair seems to be very comfortable, and ideal for someone who want to learn something in a quite and relaxing place. The Reflection chair is a furniture piece that creates a personal hideaway […]

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