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Stacking Tray Seats

These Stacking Tray Seats are desinged by Tanya Aguiñiga, a Los Angeles based furniture designer and maker, and her company Aguiñiga Design.This is a smooth piece of furniture that you can anytime take with you when you go to a picnic or barbeque and also use it inside you home while casually of lounging on […]

This Weekend Freshome Was One Step Away from Death

Yes this is true “This Weekend Freshome Was One Step Away from Death” …let me explain. Saturday morning I just woke up and went online to check my email, the news and the website ( Freshome ), and I was left without words when I saw that on my domain is not there,it was replaced […]

Equation Bookshelf

The Equation Bookshelf is designed by Marcos Breder and is a simple idea of to divide things in priority order. As you can see the design is quite unique, stylish and original. You can put together the books that you need immediately or more important between (parentheses) or maybe a photo, or something important for […]

Disappearing “Wall Stairs”

This interesting disappearing staircase is designed by industrial designer Aaron Tang. If you are a big lover of technology then this staicanse might be something really interesting for you, because this staircase can disappear at the touch of a button. – Via – Treehugger “Using simple mechanical hinges and pistons, this inventive staircase easily folds […]

Gareth Neal Table

What cought my attention at this table designed by Gareth Neal is the interesting design of the table legs, and the detail of those legs. Gareth Neal don’t tell us any information about his table, just this picture. Particularly this, the ghost of a 1730’s Queen Anne table spliced with a more contemporary counterpart. – […]

Feel Seating System – Animi Causa

At a first glance you might be asking yourself “What is this ?“, because the Feel Seating System designed by Animi Causa has a really cool and unusual shape. The shape is inspired by a molecular structure, the basic form for all objects is the universe. It is made of 120 sofa balls covered with […]

Solitaire Chair

The Solitaire Chair is designed by Alfredo Haberli, and is an upholstered chair with an organic shape that is designed in one piece. Alfredo Haberli thought that rather than design a chair and then designing a table to go with it, he designed the Solitaire, which is both at the same time. One of Solitaire’s […]

Orgy Sofa and Ottoman

Orgy Sofa and Ottoman is designed by Karim Rashid’s, and has a really strange name. I’m wondering why he named this sofa the Orgy Sofa, maybe you have some ideas. The design of the Orgy Sofa is smooth and curved lines scream simple modern style. The sofa and the ottoman seems to be in a […]

Photo Wall Murals

Today I’ve found this post about photo wall murals and I don’t know why I found myself falling in love with them. They really seem to bring depth to the room, and from my perspective they look really good. The following pictures are from the Jupiter Hotel and I thought that are great for inspiration. […]

Bathroom Sink Glows in Dark

Meltdown sink by Italy’s WET STUDIO is a sleek addition to any minimalist bath. The Meltdown sink is made of 100% recycable & light-weight polyethylene. A special “teflon” treatment to the tooling made it possible to obtain an important improvement to its superficial quality, gathering an almost shining effect with a dirt-free surface. The design […]

Zero House by Scott Specht

Designed by Scott Specht studio architecture Spect Harpman Architects, the “Zero House” is a prefabricated house of 200 square meters totally autonomous and environmentally friendly. The roof is made of solar panels that provides electricity so you don’t have to worry about electricity and the power is then stored in a battery backup. Once completely […]

Set Piece Chair

Swedish designer Peter Andersson has recently launched a new piece of furniture at the luxury internet shopping site 20ltd. Peter Andersson has build up a reputation for creating pieces with a humorous twist, and he says that “A smile is the best feedback I can get for my work”. This chair at a first glance […]

Radiator Heater Keeps Your Food Warm

“Natural Wave” is a clever little ceremic plate that sits perfectly on top of an old radiator and it was designed by Byung-seok You. It’s got places to set your coffee, tea, milk and other breakfast items to keep them warm without having to use another heating device like a microwave or oven. “Natural Wave” […]

Roses Rug for a Beautiful Romantic Atmosphere

The Roses Rug is a simply stunning rug designed by Nani Marquina. This rug is handmade and hand loomed, each individual petal is woven into the base to create a remarkably durable and beautiful piece for any room. I’m pretty sure that this rug can create a beautiful romantic atmosphere if you add a sweet […]

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