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Get Electricity Smiling

If you want to add some fun when you redesign a room, you can try a wallpaper from like this elephant but from this picture. With this method you can make charging your gadgets or powering your PC a little more interesting. Others wallpapers from are the Ping, Cow, and Little dog.I’m sure […]

Acer 22-inch LCD Monitor $250

For those who want some good quality at a low price today I’ve found this great deal. A 22 inch LCD monitor, display has a 1680×1050 resolution, 700:1 contrast ratio, 5ms refresh time, DVI and VGA inputs. With such a monitor at this low price you can feel like a plasma owner. Acer also gives […]

Milk Drop Bowl

Whan can I say ? These bowls are just wonderful, I love them.They are made by Frenchknicker, and they are just begging to be filled with fresh fruits. – Via – Anothershadeofgrey

Perfect Furniture for Bedrooms and Dorm Rooms

In previous post you could see a “Sofa that converts into a bunk bed in two seconds“, a great solution for small rooms. Now I came up with something better.Rustica Full-Over-Twin All-In-One Bunk Bed is the perfect wood furniture solution for bedrooms and dorm rooms where space is at a premium. This piece of furniture […]

Sofa that converts into a bunk bed in two seconds

When I saw this sofa for the first time I’ve immediately thought at college, and those movies about cool college boys, and parties. This sofa would be great for something like this. During the day you can have a single cool sofa in your room, and when the night come, you and your roommate can […]

The Bookworm

This interesting idea to store books, magazines, and DVDs is called by his creator BookWorm. Designed by Ron Arad, the bookworm is made from plastic which can be shaped into any form desired, each upright can support 20 pounds, and it is suggested that the bookworm be mounted in a curved design to increase capacity. […]

Leaf Duvet Cover

I don’t know why, but I think that I love leafs, because yesterday I’ve also posted about this beautiful rug that has a design based on leafs. Today I’ve found this beautiful Amenity Leaf Duvet Cover, that if you use it in a room were the floor is brown, and the furniture is brown you […]

CEIVA 8-inch Digital Photo Frame

Everything is becoming digital, and that is a good thing.In these days more and more people have a digital camera, and store their pictures on computers.Now we don’t need lot’s of photo albums to store out pictures.For those who want to see their pictures now you can have a digital photo frame. Bring your digital […]

Wake Up with Songbird Serenade Clock

For everybody who want to wake up in the morning by something that is not annoying the Songbird Serenade Clock came with new pleasant sounds.This alarm clock has 27 different cards with birds songs, each card contains 10 different bird songs.That means 270 different birds songs, almost enough for a whole year. This Songbird Serenade […]

Stick Shift FM Radio

Now that’s an interesting radio concept. A radio like this can make me listen to the radio, just for the fun to play with it. With this sleek silver FM radio player, you can pretend that you are a race car driver. All the functions–from volume settings to channel tuning–are controlled by shifting gears. Up […]

Fish Bubbles – Wall Hanging Fish Tank

What do you think about this fish tank aquarium ? I think that is really cute, small and you can hang it anywhere in your home, apartment, or office. They require no pump or filtration. And le’ts not forget that this fish aquarium is “catproof”. You can get it from Amazon for $24.95 or from […]

Beautiful Little Field of Flowers Rug

This rug is called “Little Field of Flowers“, but in fact there is a little field of leafs. I don’t want to be mean but this is what I see, a beautiful rug of leaves. This rug is available in 3 colors – purple, red, green. But to have the field on your feet in […]

Puzzle Floor: Something Original for Your Grounds

This floor is something that stands out from the crowd.The new Puzzle Floor elicits expressions of surprise and amazement .A perfect solution for children’s bedrooms , but not just for children’s. Available in 13 colors, the tiles can be mixed for unique and personal installations. Made of solid northern hardwood, each piece is pre-finished and […]

Hand Grenade Oil Lamp

This lamp can be great gadget to entertain your guests. You came with the grenade lamp, and tell a story that you’ve found it, and it might still work. When the story is over just light the lamp.Some people might think that you are crazy, because they don’t know the real truth about your grenade.The […]

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