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Omni Chair

This chair ( Omni )comes with a simple and elegant design. The Omni chair was designed by two Swedish architects – Marten Claesson & Eero Koivisto. Omni comes standard with black polyamide as pictured. A timeless clean Scandinavian design. – Price: $1,950.00 at Nova68 – Via – Betterlivingthroughdesign

Ikea Employe Job Test

Ikea employe job test might not be a post about interior design, not a cool product, not an useful advice, just a fun image that I’ve found today and made me laugh. I’ve decided to share this funny image with my readers because you all know that Ikea is a well known furniture brand, and […]

AfterGlow Chair – Luminous Chair Made from Recycled Milk Jugs

This chair might not be to beautiful and not to comfortable. Now maybe you are asking, why a chair that doesn’t has the main things a chair requires. The chair has a special ability, he can glows in the dark, and can be a pretty decorative light for your garden. It is eco-friendly and made […]

Corona Sun Powered Lamp

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Corona is a solar-powered outdoor lighting system. It can be staked to the ground, attached to a wall, or simply placed on a table top. The Corona solar light’s solar voltaic cell transforms sunlight into energy during the day, and its LEDs automatically start to glow when the sun sets. A beautiful sun flower shaped […]

Tea Stick

Tea Stick is a very clever and useful idea. Teastick seeks to re-define the form of a tea-bag, such that it can also act as a stirrer for the user, allowing the user to enjoy the tea through stirring it easily.The simplicity of the form also allows it to be hung from the sides of […]

Pick Chair

Like an answer to the problems of space in the home, the Italian seal BBBemmebonacina produces these showiest chairs to pick-chair. The name is a game of words between pick (to take) and picture (picture). When it is necessary, takings one of the wall and you turn it a showy accessory chair. It’s a perfect […]

Foureight Table a Multi-functional Design

I’m a big fan of multi-functional designs, that’s why today I’ve decided to post this piece of furniture that allows you change his form in many shapes. The Foureight Table by Alex Suvajac was designed in response to the need for functional furniture in small urban dwelling. The table functions as a coffee table that […]

Alcove Sofa

This sofa looks like it was designed to give you a quited place to rest, isolated from the outside world. With high backrest and high arm rests this sofa can make you feel in a little quiet room. The sofa is wide enough to allow two people to stretch out and face each other- but […]

Balou Modern Chair

This chair is designed by and it looks like someone who is already sitting down. Is like is designed to invite you to sit down and relax, in a comfortable hug. This chair is made with a tubular metal frame with hardened steel springs in the back and headrest covered in molded foam. The legs […]

Modern Maria Bed

The most interesting part of the Maria Bed can be considered the front legs which are designed as one piece with the headboard, together creating a beautiful effect in any room. The bed headboard is made from synthetic leather, and the legs are finished in leather too. When I look at this bed I feel […]

Sofa Hanger

Sofa Hanger has a stylish design, and it can be very useful for small places, because it can replace a coffee table. It is particularly flexible and can be attached to any arm rest. The price for this item is 174€ and you can get it from here. .

King Queen Sleigh Faux Leather Bed

This beautiful and luxurious leather bed was submitted using Send us Tips form by Irvina Kanarek. This is a great find because the price for this bed is only $999.00, that is a very good price for a leather bed like this. This unique leather slay bed in a lush milk chocolate hue will have […]

A House that Impressed Me

Today I was viewing a slideshow from the June issue of Monocle, where they presented homes of Afghanistan’s nouveau-riche (many are druglords), and I saw this house. I stopped an I was really amazed by this design. The most touching part was the big black shiny window that is a sign of power and luxury. […]

The Camouflage House

This home has been encased in a facade matching the greenery around it, with a beautiful result. The concealing mesh is permeable to let the sunshine filter onto the house. But it also allows the light from inside to radiate out. Allowing the build to sit anonymously by day, but emerge discretely at night. Blurring […]

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