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Hope Table by Rafael Morgan

The Hope Table was designed by Rafael Morgan, and is a message to all designers and a reminder to young designers that someday, someone will really get their message; that great ideas are everywhere, like messages in bottles waiting to be discovered. If I was the designer of this table I would name it “The […]

First Zero-Emission Home Unveiled

1.Wind catcher, for summer ventilation 2.Solar array at back of house for hot water and electricity 3.High-level of wall insulation 4.Biomass boiler The UK has unveiled its first zero emission home that will set the environmental standard for all new homes in the future. The two-bedroom house is insulated to lose 60% less heat than […]

Ulo Chair by Ian Walton

After I’ve showed you yesterday an interesting piece of Folding Furniture and a lot of multufinctuinal pieces of furniture today I want to present you a new interesting piece of hi-tech furniture, that can do more than a simple chair, it can be transformed in another chair ( I know that it sounds strange, but […]

Polstergeist a Sofa Bench

Polstergeist is a beautiful combination of a sofa and a bench, of course with a modern touch. Inner frame of steel and wood. Upholstery of moulded polyurethane foam covered with leather or fabric. Runner in chromed steel. The system provides possibilities of no, one or two backrests. The backrests can also be placed in a […]

Spruce – Lamp and Floor Sweeper

Spruce is another cool multi-functional item for your home. As you probably might saw more and more companies develop multi-functional product. Maybe the market is to tight for a product with only one function. This free-standing lamp doubles up as a floor sweeper. The sweeper is integrated into the base of the lamp, allowing people […]

Sweet Pebble Pillow

I love these little Pebble Pillows. From distance they looks like real pebbles, but in fact they are composed of cotton terry material. The Pebble Collection is destined to be an instant classic. If you want an unusual and cool pillow than this one can be a good choice. You can get it for $85,00 […]

Multi-Functional Furniture : KEWB

This piece of multi-functional furniture from KEWB can change into so many different forms that it’s hard to find someone that wouldn’t find a KEWB useful. With only a few simple moves the KEWB changes from a table unit to a full size comfy chair and table, a bed and side table, a games table, […]

Grandpa Clock

Grandpa Clock looks like a very old clock, but in fact the clock is just the image of an antique clock is printed onto canvas fabric and hung on the wall. Behind the fabric is a wooden frame and modern clock movement, complete with antique-style hands. Pretty interesting design, and also a cheap ( 79$ […]

Basket Basketball

If you are a basketball fan you can practice your skills at work. Here’s how, just attact this basket panel to your wastebasket and practice “3 points” shoots from your desk. An excellent item that will allow you to relax and forget about all the work for a few minutes, and who knows maybe you’ll […]

Folding Furniture ( Chair & Table )

Folding table and chair are designed by Nils Frederking, and I like to call these pieces intelligent furniture. By the way this pieces of furniture are awesome if you want mobile furniture. They don’t take to much space when are folded, but can become great furniture pieces when are unfolded. See more in this video. […]

Eclipse Table

The positioning of the tabletops enables the small tabletop to be hidden under the main one, or easily be moved out when another friend comes along or when you have ordered one too many dishes. – Designed by Jonathan Maltz

Flower House

I think that this hose is a great example of outdoor design example. All these flowers change the whole aspect of this home, making this home a little piece of paradise for someone who loves flowers. I think that some womens can fall in love with this house instantly. Anyway I’m sure that the house […]

Modern Dream Home

Today I’ve found this beautiful modern dream home on Desire to Inspire, and I love it. A great example for everyone who want a modern home, just to afford one. Enjoy these beautiful pictures. – P.S – Click on images to enlarge

Bubble House by Pierre Cardin’s

I’m fascinated by this kind of buildings, and in general by everything that is amazing, and this house is something really amazing. But let’s find something about this house … Twenty years ago, Pierre Cardin was looking for a house in Cannes, but he couldn’t stand the prospect of the unoriginal villas that had multiplied […]

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