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Garden Furniture

These pieces of garden furniture from Made In Design can offer an amazing visual effect. As you can see from these pictures the possibilities are endless. You can create all kind of models for your garden just use your talent of gardener and will be perfect in your gardens, parks, golfs and green spaces. It […]

Fridge Magnet – Bottle Opener

This bottle opener attached to your fridge door is an useful little thing that is right there on the fridge for you when you just pulled the bottle out of. A stylish solution to a very common problem. Now you don’t have search for a bottle opener in the middle of the game. Just pull […]

Apartments in Dubai – What you get for $10 Million ?

Now that’s called luxury and is a perfect post for our Dream Homes section. Dubai’s Damac Properties is targeting the world’s super-rich with a collection of apartments priced at up to $10 million. The exclusive residences will each occupy an entire floor in two of Damac’s landmark skyscrapers: Ocean Heights in Dubai Marina and Lotus […]

Sliding Doors

I love this concept of sliding doors. They are practical and stylish. A folding sliding door can be a solution to many situations without removing or destroying the look or the character of the building. There are so many situations that a folding sliding door can be a solution to improving your living space and […]

Give a New Look to Your Fridge

If you want a new look for your fridge then these beautiful stickers will add life and color to your fridge door. Fridge Tastic it is a semi-permanent vinyl adhesive fridge covering. The clever part is that it doesn’t matter what size your fridge is this brilliant product comes in one piece measuring 558mm x […]

Vibrating Windows to Stop Outside Sounds

I live in a crowder area, and I hear cars, people, all day long. Somethimes all this noise can be quite disturbing, but a team of researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Structural Durability and System Reliability LBF in Darmstadt, Germany, have developed a vibrating window that negates noise generated by sources as loud and […]

Stylish Way to Store Eggs – Bliss Egg Holder

The Bliss Egg Cone is offers you an interesting way to store you eggs. To bad that I didn’t found this product before Easter. For Easter this could be an interesting way to entertain your guests, but if you’ll keep the eggs to much outside your frige you might have an unplesant surprise. If you […]

One Handed Balancing Serving Tray

To handle a tray full with drinks with just one hand you’ll need some skill and balance. For those who have problems with this the one-handed serving tray will come in handy.With a handle that flexes out at a 55-degree angle, the tray’s designed to always remain in a balanced position when the handle’s in […]

FOLLO Bathroom Washsystem by Will MacCormac

This sink from Follo by Will MacCormac has an interesting sleek design, and it will be officially launched at the London Design Festival in September. The Follo washsystem is a thermoformed “solidsurface” and carbon fiber structure that self-drains and conceals unsightly pipes. Designer Will MacCormac configured it to be either mounted to the wall or […]

PlasmaRiser – Make your Plasma Tv Portable

Plasmariser lets you store away your box, cart it about and set it up where you want. This is very useful when you want to move your plasma tv all over the house, and maybe in your garden or somewhere near house. PlasmaRiser is a professional enclosure that has been designed to easily store and […]

Otto Sofa

Otto Sofa has a very simple design, but a strong visual effect. Maybe the visual effect come from this beautiful contrast brown and orange. Otto Sofa has a plywood frame with pressed bamboo lamination. For more information about this sofa go to Sipuredesign.

No-Constraints Carpet from Panasonic

Panasonic unveiled the “No-Constraints Carpet”, an innovative hot carpet shaped like a furry snake in order to mimic the feel of a hot pet. The carpet’s luxurious coat of faux fur houses a set of smart heating elements that deliver warmth. These heating elements will only be activated when you cuddle it, ensuring no energy […]

Lama Leather Chair

The Lama leather chair designed by Ludovica and Roberto Palomba’s was launched las year at Milan Furniture Fair, and it functions as both chair and chaise lounge. A simple beautiful modern piece of leather furniture, with an eye catching design. Its fixed cowhide cover has a saddle-stitch detail and rests on a graphite-colored varnished steel […]

Corner Hot Tub for 3

The best thing at this tub is the space, the 3-person spa takes just half the space of square tubs. So if you want to save some space, this this corner unit from Keys might be an option. If you want to buy a spa, but don’t know to much about how to buy a […]

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