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A Radiator with Style

Now you can have a real beautiful radiator that not only does it provide the much needed heating for the colder days, but it also functions has a stylish mirror and there’s a digital clock on the front panel.I can say that these are the new generation radiators, everybody will want one, because of design, […]

The Hanger Chair

What can I say, this chair looks at least interesting, but I don’t know how comfortable it is, maybe if you add a cushion to support your back.This chair is designed to save some space, so when you don’t use it you can hung it from hooks on the wall creating a contemporary art piece […]

The Illuminating Door Handle

Today I’ve discovered this interesting door handle. As you can see from this pictures the handle indicates the room is occupied with a red light on the outside of the door when the thumb turn is activated. When the room is vacant there is a continuous green light on the outside. This door handle can […]

Corner Cabinets

Yesterday when I discovered these corner cabinets I laugh because this was the first time I saw something like this.I can say that they are pretty interesting, but I don’t know how useful they are. Anyway they are a great alternative to the lazy susan that is typically used in a corner cabinet. – Via […]

Things You Should Know before Buying a New Bed

Did you know that most of us spend one-third of our lives in bed, everyday we go for sleep for 8 hours. We do spend a lot of time in bed and the bed we spend it in as a lot to do with how comfortable we are during the night and day. You should […]

Rustic Design with Modern Lines Sofa

This collection combines the primitive one and technology, the exubérance and the minimalism, simplicity and the luxury in a very contemporary design. In the middle of our sophisticated lives, Bleu Nature questions the memory of the origins and the wisdom of essence.I love how they infuse rustic design with simple, modern lines, just look at […]

Waterfall Plasma TV

A plasma TV and a waterfall ? I don’t see the purpose of this two combined.It might offer you a nice view but that’s all. Oriental mythology suggests including waterfalls to the interior decoration to promote peace and prosperity. Maybe this is the reason for Astute Advances to create a Plasma Tv into a waterfall. […]

Pasta The Chair

This beautiful chair was presented at Grow up!, “an exhibition presented by students from the School of Design and Crafts in Sweden , that wants to remind you of the childhood and point out the needs we all have when growing up.”. Pasta is made to transform the kid’s room to a happier and more […]

Sweet Dreams with Reality Bedding Sexy Sheets

I want to thank Stan Grabish for suggesting this article. You can always suggest something that you think I can publish on this blog using Send Us Tips form.Now what can I write about these sheets ? The image is to obvious. Reality Bedding is the new sexy line of bedding for your room. These […]

Folding Furniture – Scissor Self Unit

Scissor Self Unit is another piece of furniture that is excellent for small places or for those who move often.As you can see this unit can be reduced to a package just 24 cm in height for transportation purposes.The spacing between the shelves can be fixed as you like: 33 cm for folders or 28 […]

Salmon Shaped Pillow

When I saw this pictures I’ve said “What ? Is this really a pillow ?” – I was a little intrigued, and maybe this is the marketing strategy for this pillow, to make you speak about her, resulting in a word of mouth marketing, and who knows …more sales.For those who still look strange at […]

Flying Carpet

The Flying Carpet by Nanimarquina is a wonderfully comfortable and flexible system, sure to spark your imagination. What can I say, rug industry is becoming more and more innovative, and this rug prove it. As you can see this is a multi functional rug, you can use it as a mini sofa to watch a […]

Philippe Coudray – Renoma Collection

These interesting pieces of furniture are made by Philippe Coudray in France, and are from Renoma collection. Here I’ve attached 3 pictures, but if you want to see more pieces from Renoma collection you should visit Philippe Coudray website. – Via Designer’s Block

Affrodable Flyer Platform Bed

If you look at this bed you might think that a modern simple bed like this has a huge price, but if you’ll continue to read you can find that this bed is something really affrodable, and is just $499.Simple and sleek, with a modern design they are stylish alternatives to the common box spring […]

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