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Wallpapers from Ferm Living

Today I’ve stumbled upon Ferm Living a Danish wallpaper company that has some very interesting wallpaper designs. Here I’ve selected that designs that got my attention, especially the first design is the one I love the most. Ferm’s products are finally available, through their own webshop.

Ball Chair by David Di Benedict

The Ball Chair is the creation of David Di Benedict member of the Office Diadora Communication. This chair is completely covered with footballs from soccer of every color. The design is very interesting because it looks like an elegant leather chair, but the colors and the texture make us think at a match of football. […]

Storage Unit Flap

Designed by Massimo Bonetti the Flap storage unit is a great piece of furniture that seems like floating and hides all the mess behind its nifty flap. For those who are a little bit messy this storage unit can save a lot of work when somebody want to come at you quickly, just close the […]

Bellini Clock Sofa

Bellini Clock Sofa is a great model for those who want to play a little with their furniture from time to time, and make some changes in their homes. This sofa let you express your style. It gives harmony and equilibrium to your house, every instant have to be used. As you can see this […]

Designing A Kitchen: Let’s Get Started!

For those who want to know a little bit more about how to design a kitchen my friend Susan Serra wrote this awesome article. Susan Serra Associates, Inc. has designed kitchen interiors and other rooms for nearly 20 years in the Long Island/NY metro area, so here are some tips gathered in 20 years of […]

Tavi The Magazine Table

Tavi Table designed by Adele Rotella is a great example of how the furniture evolves. Now as you already know people like to have multifunctional stuff, and a great example of that are the cellphones. Now in the furniture industry to be competitive you must product something new and at least interesting. The Tavi Table […]

Kolonihagen Summerhouse – A Little Piece of Heaven

The Kolonihagen Summerhouse was designed by Tommie Wilhelmsen of Stavanger, Norway. The Kolonihagen Summerhouse is a great example of how much can be done with small spaces. Personally I’d love to stay in a small but beautiful house like this, especially in weekend, and that’s why I call this house a little piece of heaven, […]

Phantom Semi-transparent Couch

Phantom couch has a very interesting design. At a first glance this couch might look like a broken bathtub that was transformed into a couch. Phantom is a semi-transparent couch, luminescent, and colorful : the body is a sheet of milky PMMA resting on a tubular framework in chromed steel. Some people use large pieces […]

D-mension Shelf – Modern Shelfing System

The Italian studio Icon Design Studio has just presented D-mension, its new system of modular racks created by Nicola Zanetti. This new shelving system is made out of steel and aluminium. The units, shaped like lower-case d’s, can be arranged in a staggered, abstract, or symmetrical formation based on the user’s personal taste. I think […]

Closet Door with Folding Hooks : Easy Closet

I think that this idea is very intelligent, a closet door with hooks that fold out when open. There are enough hooks on the door to hang everything from bags to coats. This closet would be a lovely piece of furniture for womens that can’t decide what to wear before going outside and search the […]

Detergentless Haier WasH20 Washing Machine

Haier WasH20 just came with a new and innovative washing machine, that can save you the money you spend on detergent or soap. The Haier WasH2O washing machine doesn’t use any detergents !!! This washing machine works by breaking water molecules into its OH- and H=+ ions components. OH- acts as the cleaning agent by […]

How to Read Decorating Magazines

Do you find yourself seeing hundreds of “perfect” rooms and photographs in each issue of every decorating magazine ? I’m in this situation, and I’ve thought how I can escape from this overhelming feeling, and the internet is the solution as usual. I’ve found an interesting article that will help you to develop your own […]

Basket Bathtub from Condor Balneo

A bathrub model from Condor Balneo, contemporary lines in porcelain, great made oval, of great depth, with the particularitity by which the body is surrounded by a species of lining that him of aspect of treated fiber basket so that you do not have any kind of problem with the humidity. Available from Condor Balneo, […]

A Bathtub inside a Room ?

Today ‘ve stumbled upon this beautiful design. As a picture I’m sure that this design looks interesting, but I don’t know if this design could be put in practice. What do you think about this ? Let’s discuss. – By the way this bathtub is for sale here for 1660.05 €

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