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TWIN Bookshelf

TWIN Bookshelf is a project by Zeynep Cinisli, representing the two sides of Istanbul, Asian and European, and the bridges connecting them. It compares this connection with the relation of twins.The bookshelf is a cabinet when closed, when it is pulled to sides, the shelves representing the bridges become apparent. Via the selves with rails […]

The Obelisk Stackable Chairs

The Obelisk Stackable Chairs by Janus et Cie are as unique and attractive as they are functional. I love this idea. Just imagine when someone come to you, and ask “What is this ?”. You simply tell him that is a piece of furniture, and show him what is about. This five piece set includes […]

Seymour Home Office Armoire

Seymour Home Office Armoire is a clever solution for a miniature home office, another great idea for small places. As you can see from this picture this small armoire has everything to you need in a small office.It also functions as a desk, storage and compartment to hold many home office needs without the fuss […]

Drop Dead Rug

An everyday rug which incorporates a light hearted take of the classic dead body chalk outline. The shape mimics that of an unfortunate soul which may have come to pass right there on your living room floor with their silhouette remaining as evidence. – By Alex Carpenter

Sensor Soap Pump

Every day more and more technology is coming in our lifes.Today I was to present you the Simplehuman Sensor Soap Pump, a little bathroom accesory that dispenses soap when you wave your hand under the sensor.Interesting idea, and quite useful because you don’t have to keep a soap on your sink. This idea is very […]

Miniature Zen Garden

When I say garden I immediately think at my father, because he loves nature and plants.I know that because every year he had some plants to take care everyday.Now this miniature zen garden can be something very beautiful for plants lovers that live in big towns and don’t have a place to grow a plant. […]

Stone Bath Mat

Surfing the net I’ve fond this interesting stone mat, that can make you feel that you have a piece of nature in your home. Polished smooth by river water, the flat stones in this bath mat create a wonderful spa experience, gently massaging the bottom of your feet in total comfort. Our absorbent, durable backing […]

Innovative Idea : Magnetic Clothes Hangers

Clothes hangers and clothing spaces have largely remained in the same format over the years.So designer Daniel decided to change the old hangers, and came with new and innovative idea.Now you don’t need to organize your clothes on the metallic bars that occupy space in closet, because you can use magnets.These hangers replace the hook […]

Bedroom Inspiration #3

After you’ve saw Bedroom Inspiration #1, and #2 today here I come with the 3rd part of this series, that will continue over time .Enjoy these pictures, and I hope you’ll leave from here a little more inspired. Don’t forget to come back because Bedroom Design Inspiration series is just at episode #3, and there […]

USB Beverage Chiller for Hot Day’s

If you spend a lot of time at your computer that probably this USB Beverage Chiler may be something you’ll find really useful.This innovative and space-efficient beverage chiller keeps drinks at a cool 45 degrees. Now we are in April, but the summer is close, and this little desktop gadget my be very useful and […]

Morpheo Sofa with Lights

I’m looking at this interesting sofa, and I’m wondering “Do we really need something like this ?”.Maybe the lights attached to this sofa are useful when we read something but I prefer another kind of light.The Morpheo Sofa bed is available in the colors black, red and green.If you want it you’ll have to spend […]

Evolution One Beautiful Wheel Chair

If you are a car lover then you’ll love this chair. These chairs are made by a Swiss design team, Emosign and they are called “Evolution One”. Wheel chair is a stylish piece of furniture that combines a wheel with a chair. Emosign let you customize your chair by allowing you to pick from a […]

Load-Thing Supports Your Ipod while Charging

“Load Thing” is a decorative basket that stylishly cradles your iPod, DigiCam, Cellphone, DS, etc while it is being charged. The including-softly attachment-lured bowl beds your equipment, while it is loaded. “Load thing” is outside in white plastic softly held and inside completely attachment-lured in red, black or pink. You can have it for 9.90€ […]

Screens of 3 and 9 millimeters from Sony

Technology is something that moves very fast.To illustrate this Sony is decided to launch 3mm Thin OLED Displays. This year at Display Expo 2007 Sony in his stand this presented/displayed this two hese gorgeous screens. This first screen is able to reach 1024×600 points just by 3 millimeters in thickness. This however is a screen […]

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