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Retro Black & White Design for Your Home

I love when I find in the same place interesting pieces of furniture with the same theme, because you don’t have to go somewherelse to find something to complement your color scheme. A good example is the chair, ottoman and pillow, all black & white with a retro pattern from chiasso. Black and white has […]

Creative Storage Design Laica

Designed by Francesco Innocenti and realized by Zerogloss, Laica is a creative storage design for books and magazines, entirely produced in composite material and refinished in six colours. The Laica is finished in a glossy lacquer or soft-touch effect, and is an entirely hand made production.This bookshelf is a good solution for someone who doesn’t […]

Closet Organizers Inspiration

  • Organize Closet
  • Family Closet
  • family closet organizers
  • Man Closet Organizers

From clothes to shoes and other life acessories, most days start in the closet, and closet organizers really can make life much simpler, especially if you spend a lot of your time in a rush looking for things ! Closets and Organizers are important within our home because it saves spaces and keep our home […]

Full Moon Sideboard

This Full Moon sideboard is designed by Sotirios Papadopoulos, and is a limited edition of 24 pieces, produced by Italian design company Ennezero. A piece of furniture that adds a celestial touch to any décor with a photo-realistic image of the moon’s surface lavishly printed on one of its sides. The Full Moon Sideboard was […]

The Most Outrageous Pieces of Furniture

I’m pretty sure that if you are for some time on Freshome you saw a lot of interesting designs, but what I’ve found today is a pure proof that our imagination doesn’t have limits. Rodolfo Rocchetti from Tappezzeria Rocchetti is a master upholsterer from Rome, and he made some really creative pieces of furniture, check […]

Modern Home Office Desk – Arches

Designed by Dario Antonion, the Elite original Arches Executive Desk has a sleek, unique design that will spark creativity while letting you work in a sexy setting. A polished chrome arch is the centerpiece, supporting a crystal clear glass work surface. A pivoting pedestal allows for maneuvering of the desks two oak drawers, allowing unparalleled […]

Couch Full of Color – The Pixel Couch

The fabric for the Pixel Sofa has been picked up by Danish manufacturer Kvadrat, based off of a concept by Cristian Zuzunaga, a Royal College of Art graduate. The contemporary couch is sure to grab everyone’s attention by virtue of its wide spectrum of colors. I’m pretty sure that people who use computers, and especially […]

AZ Island, A Floating World Concept

I’m used to see all kind of futuristic projects on the web, but this one is really something outrageous. This titanic project for a high-tech, artificial island capable of movement was thought up by architect Jean-Philippe Zopponi. I don’t expect to see this project to soon, but if the AZ Island eventually sees the light […]

Storage Furniture with Attitude : Spine

After I’ve presented the Pulse Bookshelf ,Måns Salomonsen the designer of this bookshelf contacted us to show us another interesting project named Spine, and here are his words. Spine is the result of a project to make storage furniture whit at least two drawers. I wanted to have the challenge to combine metal and wood […]

Bedroom Is Easier With a Rotating Bed

The New York Times shows us that Broadway director Jack O’Brien had a not uncommon concern when he built a home in New Milford, he couldn’t decide where to position his bed in the master bedroom. To solve this problem, Jack O’Brie hired a set-designer friend who came up with a rotating bed in the […]

Real Pictures with The Toilet House

A few months ago we presented the Toilet Shaped House, but then we didn’t had to many pictures, and the pictures we had were just 3D renders of the project.When we presented the Toilet House for the first time that post had a huge success because we had 100 Responses on that single post. Now […]

Floor Cushions with Zippers – ZipZip

After we presented the Zipper Light and the Zipper Rugs here is another product that uses zippers. Designed by Sternform Produktgestaltung, Ping Collection’s ZipZip is basically a collection of upholstered cushions which come with zippers on all four sides to connect in any configuration you like and can imagine. They’re made of Loden, which is […]

Stylish Solution for Your Cat Scratching Instinct

Everytime you look at the tattered corners of your sofa, your shredded curtains or claw marks on any other piece of furniture, I’m sure that you wish that your kitty didn’t had claws.Now you have the occasion to make your feline happy by providing a stylish alternative for her scratching instinct, with the Itch Scratch […]

Mobile Bed Designed Especially for Power Napping

The Nappak is an interesting solution designed for those people who power nap, and to be used in the office. Now I don’t know how many people would allow their employees to take a power nap in the office, but personally I would allow something like this because a power nap can quickly revitalize the […]

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