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Modern Chaise Lounge – Swing Plus

This modern and beautiful chaise lounge is called Swing Plus and is designed by Jochen Hoffmann. This piece can be used as a rocking chair or as a normal place to sit. The frame comes in chromium plated or painted steel accompanied by wooden armrests. The covering can be from fabric or leather, depending on […]

The Flip Table

The Flip Table is one of the products that I really love. I love this table because it is a great space saver, it can be a coffee table and a dinning table. Starting as a low coffee table on a solid base, the dining table legs flip out to reveal six stools for seating. […]

Sushi Table and Stools by Gloster

Gloster outdoor furniture Sushi is a very clever design that allows you to save some space, if you use it indoors. Created from man-made wicker, the Sushi outdoor collection features triangular stools and chairs topped with plush cushions that tuck neatly beneath the table. Equally at home in outdoor or interior settings, this award winning […]

Top 8 Most Amazing Tree Houses

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  • cool-tree-house
  • future-tree-house
  • modern-tree-house

Tree houses are buildings constructed among the branches or next to the trunk of one or more mature trees, and are raised above the ground. Tree houses can be built for recreation or permanent habitation. Generally, the term “tree fort” is used only for recreational structures and not permanent homes. In this post you can […]

Roly-Poly Pot

The Roly-Poly Pot is a very clever idea that allow us to know when our plants need water designed by Samgmin Bae. With this pot you can know exactly when plants are thirsty. Using water a a counterweight, the pot slowly tips over when water levels are low, as you can see in the pictures […]

iBean Bag Chair

The iBean Bag Chair allows you to enjoy your mp3 player & Ipod tunes with dual speakers and subwoofer, while lounging around or doing homework on the computer. The iBean Bag Chair is built with included dual speakers and sub woofer and supports mp3 players, laptop computers, DVD players and virtually all-electronic game platforms. The […]

House 108 by H Arquitectes

The House 108 is designed by H Arquitectes and is located on a sloping hillside in Girona, Spain. The house adapts to its natural setting, following the inclination to the hillside. Still being in one of the most virgin zones of the Brave Coast, the Rosamar urbanization characterizes by a mixture of tipologías of constructions […]

Ellipse Bookcase

The Ellipse Bookcase has a really beautiful design, that will definitely enhance the beauty of any room. The ellipse bookcase is made up of hard tough elm tree wood and layers of wood veneer. The shelves are covered with unrolled bamboo. Unfortunately if you have a lot of books this bookcase is not for you, […]

The Duck without a Head Lamp

The Duck Lamp was created by Sebastian Errazuriz and is a really strange and creepy lamp. The lamp isn’t for sale, I think that this design will remain just a design because I don’t see people buying something like this. As a design is unique and interesting but this lamp only purpose is to scare […]

Bathroom Furniture

This piece of bathroom furniture is inspired from the beautiful sea shells, and is called Piude. The Piudue bowl welcomes and mostly enjoys the water. Pinudue is made up of the perfect fusion of horizontal and vertical axes, minimalist forms of the interlocking modules convey a sense of rhythm and equlibrium. Soft natural colors embrace […]

Computer Desk Inspiration – Dual Monitors

The computer desk inspiration is a new post from the series Workplace Inspiration, a post started a few days ago with the purpose to give you a few ideas, about a place that is present in any home, the computer desk. If you are reading this blog you might be already at a computer desk, […]

Lamp Shades

Lamp shades are one of the best ways to add detail and decoration to your home design. The lamp shades you choose can add elegance or a fun touch to any room. Lamp shades are easy to find and widely available. There are many varieties, colors, designs, shapes, and details available in lamp shades. Today […]

Tripple Espresso Lamp

Tripple Espresso lamp is designed by Francois Legault a young lamp designer living in Montreal, Canada. For the last 9 years he designed and built custom made decorative lighting fixtures for restaurants, bars, market, hotels, etc. This fall he issued his first commercial collection “Kitchen, Coffee and Spoon” collection, 15 models in total with many […]

Console Table – Crescendo Console

The Crescendo Console Table is an elegantly sculpted piece, inspired by movement. Visually lightweight, the design features sinuous legs that create a sense of motion and provides mutable compositions depending on the angle from which it is viewed. From the design to fabrication, the Crescendo Console was developed with 100% sustainable materials. The unit is […]

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