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Do you like Freshome ?

Now this blog is 3 months old, and I’ve noticed that I have some people that come back everyday to checkout what’s new on this blog. I want to thank to these people, and ask them a question. The question is in the title of this post “Do you like Freshome ?”. If the answer […]

Sling Seat

Black leather is my favorite material, probably that’s why I’ve posted about the Sling Seat. I think that this chair is realy comfortable and it would be perfect after a long day of work. You can have only the chair, but if you also want to rest your feet you can also have this foot […]

Saint Speaker

This idea is very interesting at least for a speaker. In this case a saint that holds a speaker could replace a boxy speaker. This could be something new …who knows maybe you like this idea. – Via – Bencollette

S Table

S Table is a round table with an interesting S shaped base designed by Xavier Lust. The base is the most interesting part of this table, because it look futuristic, and looks more like a piece of paper.

Capsule Turntable Room by Lane Hamley Wells

A wonderful piece of outdoor furniture made by Lane Hamley Wells – The Capsule Turntable. This season is wonderful for this piece of furniture. The Capsule Turntable is great for a morning beakfast outdoors enjoying the fresh air, and bird songs. A stainless steel frame supports a simple arching canopy provides a light and airy […]

Sculpted Furniture by David Delthony

Today I’ve discovered some strange furniture pieces. They might be strange, but building a piece of furniture like this is demanding skills and complex techniques, and I’m sure is quite hard to sculpt furniture. These pieces of furniture are made by David Delthony, and if you want to see more examples of his work you […]

Popup Chair

Popup Chair is a simple chair designed by Alain Berteau & Charlotte Lancelot. They started this project with a complex concept, but in the end they obtained “a block of foam cut in half.” An interesting design that can be easily packet an moved, and also if you want you can use it like a […]

Gun Pillow from Gama-Go

Today I want add another interesting pillow to all these pillows that I’ve presented on, because I think is really funny and sweet. The Gun Pillow, a sweet pillow shaped as an old gun. – Via – BoingBoing Others interesting pillows presented on – Delicious Pizza Pillow, Sweet Pebble Pillow, Blood Puddle Pillows, […]

Log Holder Madera

For those of you who own a fireplace, or plan to have one in future you might want to take a look at this fireplace accesory. Made from : aluminum stand with a removable black leather log holder / carrier, this can be a stylish thing to keep near your fireplace. The Madera Log Holder […]

Paper Bag Vase

When I saw this was I just love it, it’s a common object transformed in a vase, and this object as a vase is really funny. The paper bag vase looks like a real paper bag, and most of the people at a first glance will have some questions for you. If I didn’t knew […]

Joyn – Curtain & Wall-art by Hiroshi Tsunoda

Designed by Hiroshi Tsunoda, ‘Joyn’ is a hexagon curtain / wall which can be used to divide a room or funk up a window. The structure is made up of hexagons which can be connected together. There is no need for a standing structure; it’s connected and swiftly hung up, on a steel cable using […]

Plants Ladder

Plants Ladder is an interesting way to store your plants, so they can get the best light, because they really need light to grow and feel wonderful. Another aspect that I like at this ladder is that she can save some space in your home. Price : $55.93 – Via – Product Dose

Foot-dustpan by Matthias Lange

Foot-dustpan is just another product for the super lazy people, something to make their work easier. Designed by Matthias Lange the Foot-dustpan can be easily fixed or moved with the foot. Due to that dust and dirt can be collected without permanently bending down. I don’t know how many people would be interested in a […]

Behind the Wall by Jordi Canudas

Behind the Wall is an intriguing two sided piece of furniture that is both wall and sofa created by Jordi Canudas. It offers a comfortable sitting area that becomes playful when users interact from both sides of the wall. Movement, sound and touch hint at what might be happening on the other side. – Via […]

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