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Magneto Shelves by Henry Julier

Some time ago you could see on Freshome an innovative idea Magnetic Clothes Hangers, a topic that had a huge success, and readers loved this idea. Today we have something similar named Magneto Shelves. These shelves can be adhered to any magnetic surface. Each shelf contains between one and three neodymium magnets, which are very […]

Canvas Speakers Inspired from Art

I’m a big fan of music, and yesterday I was searching for an idea to put some big speakers into walls. This can give dangerous for the building and can take a lot of planning, time, money and work. But today I’ve found a solution, canvas speakers. High-quality speakers are disguised as art work which […]

Teardrop Vase

A bunch of flowers in a vase is all you need to add color to your décor; flowers alone can change the mood of the interiors and add cheer to the place no matter where you place them.I know that because a few days ago my sister added a vase with flowers near my computer […]

10 Things You Should Know Before Buying an Apartment

After spending some time in renting business you’ll realise that you should stop throwing away money on rent month after month, and buy a house or an apartment. If you are going to buy your first apartment ever, then in this article will show you a checklist of things that you should verify before buying. […]

Pocket Table Ideal for Small Places

I love smart things, and Pocket Table is one of those things. As you can see from this picture Pocket Table is a folding table & 2 benches seating 4 adults, something that can add some space in a small house. These pocket tables are handmade by Pat McGeehan in Waynesville, and he can customize […]

Sinking Clock

Last week I’ve found this sinking lamp, today this sinking clock.Pretty interesting.Could this be a new trend ? Sinking products ? Maybe, who knows.We have here already two sinking products, this can be a sign. 

Screw Table

Inspiration can come from everywhere if you know how to look.In this case the inspiration for this table as you can see was a simple screw. The designer just had to make the screw bigger, and that’s how he got a new product. The Screw Table reflects Eero Aarnio’s whimsical design philosophy and invariably enlivens […]

Stools can be Sexy To

This picture catched my attention, because has something at least fun, and I thought that is an interesting material for this blog. In this picture you can see tow womens sittting on specially designed stools at a park in southwest China’s Chongqing municipality April 20, 2007. – Found on ChinaDaily

Jacaranda Modern Sofa by Joaquim Tenreiro

I’m looking at this sofa, and I realize that this sofa is not for everybody. You’ll need some space if you are going to buy it. Designed by Joaquim Tenreiro of Brazil, the upholstered chair sits atop an expansive jacaranda frame with green glass tops flanking each armrest. Big, modern and beautiful. If you are […]

Floris – Folding Floor & Furnitre

Today I’ve found an interesting idea on SCI FI Tech, a floor that can turn into a table or chairs, making your room extra-functional if you have lots of guests over. Simply fold the tiles up and they turn into pieces of furniture right before your eyes. Adam Frucci from SCI FI Tech already found […]

Tetris Inspired Pillows

I see that more and more designers find inspiration for their products in games, computers, and tech products.An interesting example of this are these Soft cuddly puzzle bricks inspired by the well known game named tetris. These pillows can look great on the bed, on the sofa or in the games room.You can buy them […]

Bruce – The Balcony Barbecue Grill

This idea is quite interesting, and is specially made for a specific niche.This product target those people who would like to make a grill, but for some reason they can’t. Bruce is a balcony barbecue grill. To save space on the often very small balconies Bruce is designed to be hung up on the balustrade. […]

Transformer Furniture Two or Three Beds

I’ve shown you last month a “Sofa that converts into a bunk bed in two seconds“, something very useful for small places .It seems that more and more companies find products like this interesting, and if the market want them they build furniture that we can enjoy as a sofa that turn into two or […]

Satala Hammock by Aqua Creations

This chair is created by Aqua Creations and is a model that dates from year 1996. One is a construction of iron in leaf form that is maintained by the part superior to a wall and by the inferior part to the floor. I have doubts about the stability of this chair, but who knows […]

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