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How I Became a Kitchen Designer

I know that a lot of people dream to become some kind of designer one day. I also recognize that I dream to become a clothing designer, but is just a dream that someday who knows…. Today for those who want a little inspiration, I’ve asked Susan Serra from Thekitchendesigner to tell us her story, […]

Evolution Vase

The Evolution Vase a very abstact design and strong silhouette. The difference to most mouth blown items is the assymetric design, so you have from every view another shape. The stand is inclined and so the vase appears once to drop and once again it appears to brave the law of gravity. The equator line […]

Bathroom Faucets with Cool Designs

Bathroom faucets are almost the same in every house, but if you would like to have something more special, you should take a look at these original designs, especially the last ones, the dragon shapen one and the dolphin are my favourites .Many of these products may not fit into most design concepts but they […]

Spiral Shower – Chiocciola

If you have a little more space in your bathroom you should check this interesting shower, designed by Benedini Associates for Agapedesign. The interesting part of this shower is the wall that surrounds the area where you take the shower.

Stop Snoring Pillow

A German scientist who had problems with snoring after he tried all sorts of products that not worked has come up with a solution for snoring – a computerized pillow that shifts the head’s sleeping position until the noise stops. Now you might ask yourself how this pillow works, here is the answer. The anti […]

Asking the Readers

Today I would like to ask my readers two questions. I’ve asked a question like this a few months ago but then I didn’t have so much readers. Today the RSS readers show that there are 723 readers, and I hope that some of them will have something to say, because I really want to […]

Interior Design Inspiration from Jennifer Post

Today I would like to present some pictures forom the interior designer portofolio Jennifer Post. She creates first class living environments for high profile executives, untold numbers of celebrities, and established families; her design is always current and classical yet never trendy. Her grasp on both architecture and design disciplines are found rarely in this […]

Wine Jug Couch

The Wine Jug Couch is not something you see everyday, is a piece of furniture made from 33 empty Cabernet jugs and a vintage corduroy futon mattress. This couch was made starting froma Wine Company Carlo Rossi to motivate its customers to make something out of its wine jugs. This is not the only one […]

Boat-Shaped Bathtub

The Boat-Shaped Bathtub also called Vascabarca is designed by Anne and Parick Poirier Antonio Lupi. This is a very unique design specially designed for those who want something interesting in their bathroom. Personally I would like to see this bathtub in the middle of a swimming pool. I’m sure that this would be a great. […]

Small Apartment but Flexible by Setmund Leung

Designer Setmund Leung presents an apartment that features sliding panels on rails that you can use to partition the space to your preference. These small but flexible apartments provide practical living dimensions that cater to all their needs. The different rooms are divided and hidden behind sliding doors set on a track. This mobile system […]

Shoal – Fishes Chandelier

Shoal is a mass of finely cast exquisitely sculpted bone china fish, swarm around a central beam of light. A true piece of beath-taking art. This awesome chandelier is designed by Dominic Bromley and is an award winning feature exhibit at 100%Futures, part of 100%Design 2007. – Via – Apartamenttherapy

Latest Kitchen Design Ideas from Copenhagen’s Kitchen Showrooms

Editor’s note: This is a guest post written by Susan Serra from Thekitchendesigner I LOVED going to Copenhagen’s kitchen showrooms, seeing the latest, and very cool, design ideas. Large patterns on walls, beautiful, and textural wood grains, lots of dark charcoal or black, and white, cabinetry, these are some of the latest trends in kitchen […]

Bedroom Wall Sticker

We all know that a cool wall sticker can change the whole look of a room, and a great example is the beautiful bedroom wall sticker. I’m a big fan of wall stickers, and today I’ve found a really interesting one that would look great in any bedroom, just check out this bedroom wall sticker […]

Nido Sofa

The sucture of the Nido Sofa is in metal covered completely expanded polyurethane, completely covered with woven protecting coupled to polyester fiber. The Nido Sofa is designed by Corinto and is a very good chooice if you want to have a modern sofa.

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