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New York Residences by Gage Clemenceau

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Today While visiting Gage Clemenceau Architects an architecture and design firm with projects covering a wide range of scales, from a five hundred room Hotel/Resort, to residential, furniture and product design I’ve discovered in their residential projects section two beautiful New York apartments ( Griffin Residence & Residence in SOHO ), that I liked an […]

Minimalist Wall-hung Washbasin from Sanindusa

Clean and white, the form of this wall-hung washbasin from Sanindusa is simple, minimalistic and geometric. Flow’s rectangular shape contrasts nicely with the circular impression of the sink. Almost solid in appearance, it offers a different interpretation of what a sink should look like and be: Flow carries us in the future of bathroom design. […]

Beautiful Colors Wall Clock

Usually I don’t present two product from the same designer, especially in the same day, but today is an exception. After I’ve just presented the Discovery Drawer by Richard Shed and Alex Taylor I also wanted to share a beautiful wall clock called simple “Colors”. The “Colors” wall clock was designed with the sole intention […]

Discovery Drawer by Richard Shed and Alex Taylor

The Discovery drawer is a piece of furniture that I really like, and it was designed by Richard Shed and Alex Taylor. Produced as a door or drawer unit system, both of which use the intriguing laminated peeled corner detail as an aesthetic and functional feature. The drawer system uses the peel detail to reveal […]

The 3 seater Jonque Sofa

Designed by a french company La Maison Coloniale, that specializes in incorporating the concept of ancient pieces and original designs with contemporary lines, the 3 seater Jonque Sofa is a piece that can have a big impact in defining a beautiful interior. With this piece of furniture La Maison Coloniale brings you the splendor of […]

Beautiful Tian02 Table by Andacht Interieur

The form of the Tian02 Table is so simple and logical, it is a wonder it has not been done before. The table-legs are made of four cuts trough the table top which are bent downwards. Its silhouette looks calming and unpretentious, not exciting and spectacular. With dimensions of 120 x 120 x 24 cm […]

Excelent Furniture Solution for Small Apartments

Designed by Stefano Bigi and produced by La Cividina the Globos Chair is a brilliant  solution for small places, especially if you don’t have space in your apartment for 12 chairs laying around your house all the time. So to solve this problem designer Stefano Bigi designed a collection of furniture that cleverly hid extra […]

Ooch Armchair – A Frame with Four Pillows

The Ooch armchair is an interesting and practical piece of furniture designed by Sanniadesign. The Ooch armchair consists of a framework and four pillows. The pillows can be stacked together to determine the height of the chair, but they can also provide additional seats on earth. The chair is presented for the first time in […]

Interior Design That will Make your Cat Happy

When we are planning our houses or apartments we usually think how we want to look, so we can feel good in our own house. Now after I’ve saw this image on the Catshouse I’ve came to the conclusion that there are some people that really care about their cat(s), and they invest serious time […]

Bedroom Designs from Italian Furniture Company Tomasella

For today I’ve decided to post another interesting inspirational set with bedroom designs, that I’ve found on Tomasella, an italian furniture brand. Usually in this kind of posts where I present inspirational bedroom designs pictures, I don’t have to much to say, but here are a few words about the company that made these designs […]

Two Person Accent Chair Designed for Group Seating

Today I’ve found an interesting piece of furniture on FurnitureFashionBlog, a two person accent chair designed to accommodate flexibility for group seating or as individually setup chairs. By placing the three chairs together, one can create a group seating configuration such as what you may find in a public place like an office lobby. The […]

Minimalistic Swedish Interior Designs by Åsberg Interiör & Styling

The Swedish Interior Designs are heavily influenced by the light and weather of Scandinavia, because long dreary winters with early dusk and a lack of natural light necessitated rethinking the structure of the interior design. Anything dark, gloomy, and heavy was out while anything pale, light, airy, and minimal was in. Pale walls ( especially […]

Leggera Bathtub A New Design from Ceramica Flaminia

The new Leggera bathtub from Ceramica Flaminia is a really interesting design, that looks more like a bigger modern bathroom sink. The lightness of the design, and the thin surfaces of the bathtub allows for a sense of freedom from the usual boundaries. The outside and inside of the bathtub are less marked, melting into […]

Los Muebles Amorosos Chair

Designed by Javier Mariscal, the Los Muebles Amorosos Chair is an colorful piece of furniture that can change the whole atmosphere in any room. The base of the chair is made from a steel frame, and the feet are natural beech, screwed to the frame. Seat cushion is stress-resistant polyurethane foam in varied densities and […]

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