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Coffee Table : Tetra

Designed by Bernard Vuarnesson, this coffee table has a top in “carabottino” style, clearly of oriental inspiration. Four pull out shelves with slight borders can be flexibly used to add significant capacity to the table. Shown here in beech with double face top in blue/beige laminate, the Tetra is also available in Iroko with black/beige […]

Multi-Functional Lamp : Angel

At a first glance the Angel Lamp might look like a huge lamp, but in fact behind this the lamp opens-up to reveal a table, with a smaller lamp. I don’t know if I should name this a lamp or a multifunctional piece of furniture, but is something really impressive. The lamp shade screen is […]

Illumination with Style : Birds On A Wire

For those who want things that are a little bit out of common, here is a great and beautiful example of how you can use illumination with style. Javier Henriquez and Sebastian Lara from the Mexican design studio eos méxico got inspired by the suburb afternoons and came up with this beautiful birds on a […]

Modern Planter Box

A few months ago we found that plants are really important in our homes, and here are the reasons if you are not convinced yet. Today here is a modern planter box that is simple and absolutely beautiful. Stainless steel base and powder coated metal.This planter is available in White, Aqua, Black, Orange, Yellow and […]

Teeth Brush Shaped Sofa

When I’m looking at this sofa concenpt it reminds me about the Pasta Chair , another cool concept of furniture. This sofa looks like a giant brush adorned with thick bristles, but each of these comfortable bristle is designed to give you a relaxing massage.Its a very different take on the most common furniture that […]

Opus Shelving by Sean Yoo’s

This quasi-hexagonal pattern bookcase is made with “expanded polypropylene”- same material used for the car bumper and motorcycle helmet. It is very light but very strong, can be used indoor or outdoor and 100% recyclable. It wasn’t designed specifically to be used as a book case. I’ve seen some people use it for storing wine […]

‘Wood Rugs’ by Arzu Firuz

These rugs made by Arzu Firuz looks like they were made from wood, but is just an appearance. These rugs are actually made from large sheets of imitation wood vinyl. The line of five rugs includes names like, ‘babylon’ and ‘rosace’. For those who want another example of “wood rugs” here is the Woody Wood […]

A TV that’s Perfect for Every Bedroom

When you see that room for the first time you don’t see nothing strange, but here is something really cool with that bed. A flat TV panel is hidden under the bed and slides out to position itself for the optimum viewing while in bed. I’m sure that every man will want a TV like […]

Tetris Apartments

Tetris Apartments is an innovative project completed by slovenian architects Ofis in Ljubljana. As you can see from these pictures these apartments are inspired by the well known game named Tetris. The building stands on the edge of the 650 apartments development which was finished year ago. By urban rules the block is 3 floors […]

The Paperclip Lamp

The Paperclip Lamp is a really innovative lamp designed by Ben Collette and David Wykes. They decided to make a lamp with a really unusual shape, a paperclip. So they made a big stylish paperclip that is used as a lamp. The Paperclip Lamp is notonly bendable, it’s posable as well. Until now this lamp […]

Round Coffee Table by Luciano Bertonici

Manufactured by Bellato, this round coffee table has a fixed top with three hollow surfaces that rotate 360°. Thanks to its particular shape this table allows you to have lots of hidden storage space and maximizing the given space. Every segment reveals inside a useful space where you can store small objects, books, magazines, etc. […]

Huit Sofa – Figure 8 Shaped Sofa

The Huit Sofa is a concept piece of furniture designed by Emanuel Laffon de Mazieres, a young french designer. As you can see the Huit sofa is a really unusual sofa designed in 8 or infinite sign shape. The continuous curve flows in a figure 8 so depending on your position, your point of view […]

Eco Friendly Furniture – PLI

The PLI series eco friendly products are efficient and compelling in both form and material. A combination of a plywood shell and brushed stainless steel leg frame, providing a visually lightweight aesthetic, achieving both comfort and strength. Formway PLI design concept investigated the use of environmental materials whilst focusing on aesthetic simplicity. The eco-friendly plywood […]

Mp3 Alarm Clock – YOM

YOM is an mp3 player alarm clock that can make your wake up on your favourite song. You can set which songs to wake up to via the touch sensitive controls. YOM is designed by Philipp Goeder and until now is just a concept design. The USB stick then becomes a joystick to toggle thru […]

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