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A New Trend – The Bathtub Becomes Furniture

I’ve found an interesting article on Veerle’s blog, where she spotted a new trend in bathroom design. If you are an interior design fan I’m sure you’re aware that designers spend more time for bath products, and not just for furniture. In this article Veerle has gathered a beautiful collection with a lot of amazing […]

Illuminated LED House Numbers

Illuminated LED House numbers are easy to see in the dark. So if someone will want to visit you he will have an easier mission, finding your house in dark. These illuminated led house numbers can be helpful if the police or an ambulance has to find your house in the middle of the night, […]

Door Organizer Helps You Don’t Forget Something at Home

I found this little door organizer very useful for those who want to sleep a little bit more, and still not forget something when they go away from home. Right before you go to sleep you can put in this door organizer your wallet, phone, cigarettes, keys, post, ipod and all of the stuff you […]

Dedicated to Readers

First I want to say “Thanks” for all of you who read this blog, a really big “Thanks“. This blog exist because there are people who really come back to check if I’ve posted something new everyday. I want to say that I respect those people, and I care about them. I’ve decided to find […]

Ola Sofa

After I’ve fall in love with Mendocino Sofa a few days ago today I’ve found another interesting leather sofa. I don’t know yet, but I think I love leather, or anything that looks like leather. Ola Sofa – from this picture don’t look to comfortable, but has an interesting wave design. The bad thing about […]


This sofa from LYX has been crated without the slightest respect when it comes to how a sofa should look like. Using one of the most geometric shapes, the cylinder, the designer has created something very different. Both when it comes to looks and sitting behavior. Anyone that kicks off his/hers shoes stretch out in […]

Glass Shelf & Towel Bar

I’ve found this Sine Glass Shelf/ Towel Bar by Motiv today on Apartmenttherapy, and I think this glass shelf with a towel bar is something that can save some space in any bathroom, and it looks very nice. The Shelf Glass can be purchased from Motiv with $193.00.

Lipla Double Bed

Lipla is a low queen sized bed designed by Jean-Marie Massaud. This bed is composed of a number of perfectly integrated elements. The mattress rests on a wooden frame. An upholstered structure with a headboard ‘encircles’ the mattress. And there is an optional wooden element that stands at frame level behind the headboard and provides […]

Luna Bed

Luna Bed – Is a beautiful modern bed, with a frame and head board made from solid beech wood. Head board in matte silver color. Feet are made from casting alluminium. Luna Bed is made in Germany and is available at Lookluxe for $3099.95.

Computer Mouse from a Real Mouse

Instructables  posted a few days ago an interesting tutorial on how you can make your mouse, a real ( dead ) mouse. When I saw this idea I was quite amused, and also shocked after I’ve found out that this mouse was made from a dead mouse. This mouse look interesting, but I preffer a […]

San Damas Chair

Unique and rare and in limited edition aluminium armchair. The design is emphasised by the exaggerated back and arms terminating in an stylised bird design with wings, shaped seat rail on pronounced splayed back legs and front legs in the manner of a bird’s legs and feet. Extraordinary execution in the casting and modelling in […]

Bedroom Inspiration #4 – White

Bedroom inspiration white, here we come with a new set of pictures for those who seek for some inspiration for their bedroom designs. Today we have six beds, and the theme is white color. If you want more inspiration for your bedroom you can check Bedroom Inspiration Series #1, #2, #3. – Enjoy !

Hard Drive Desk Clock

Surfing on Etsy today I’ve found a quite interesting hand made item. As you can see from the pictures here you have an idea of what to do with a broken hard drive. You can convert it into a working desk clock. This clock has been manufactured using the finest quartz clock motor. The clock […]

Mendocino Sofa – Style & Power

When you look at this sofa, she tells you : “Respect ME !”. That’s how I feel when I’m looking at this beautiful sofa. Filled with plump feathers, down, and high-density foam, Mendocino Sofa offers irresistable sink-in comfort. A pure simbol of style and power. Mendocino Sofa can be purchased from Gump’s for $2,995.00.

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