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Goodspeed – Prayer Bench

I find this product very interesting, and creative. The „Godspeed” is a new kind of prayer bench which is easy to use in different positions. Paralel to it’s main function, it could be used as a bench at home, school, clubs, sport hall etc. I see this something bewteen crazy and very creative, but why […]

Bamboo Lamp

The floor torch consists of 3 mildly radiant segments connected with flexible joints on a round base. With help of stiff and flexible connections one can bend the torch to create a variety of shining curves. Is interesting because when you are bored you can play with this lamp, and put your creativity at work, […]

What’s Up Sofa by Patrick Norguet

Patrick Norguet has an interesting idea when he designed this fabric upholstered sofa with tubular base. From my perspective this looks like a piece of bathtub. The chaise longue WHAT’S UP is a strong, minimalistic, almost graphic design. By combining both the left and right chaise longue, you can make a 3,40 metre sofa! Its […]

Original Pool Chaise

Original Pool Chaise is a comfortable floating chaise. An excellent solution to relax in a sunny day at the pool, and get a nice tan. The chaise is designed to avoid sinking too deep in the water or struggling to remain upright, one more aspect to keep you relaxed. Price : $295.00

Freshome Readers – May 2007

I would like to know a little about my readers, like from where you are, what you do for a living, age, why are you keep reading this blog, if you have a website/blog/forum, etc ? I’m curious. If you want to find more about me you can check About Freshome page, or ask me […]

Built-in-wall Coffee Maker – Brew Express

Brew Express Coffee Maker is a simple coffee maker specially designed to save space in your kitchen, that installs directly into the wall, directly to the water supply, so all you need to so is to add coffee. If you want to find more about Brew Express Coffee Maker you can visit their homepage. And […]

Wood Table/Stool by Albero

If you love nature, and if you would like to feel like in the middle of nature, these simple pieces of furniture made from fallen trees can make your home look that way. They’re made from fallen trees, so they are environmentally friendly, and, since they are put together by hand, the natural characteristics are […]

Delta Shelter by Tom Kundig

The Delta Shelter, designed by Olson Sundberg Kundig Allen Architects, is a weekend cabin made of steel, that can be completely shuttered when the owner is away. This 1,000 square-foot weekend cabin, basically a steel box on stilts, can be completely shuttered when the owner is away. Situated near a river in a floodplain, the […]

Metro 2 Bathtub and Furniture

Another great example starting from an older post ( The Bathtub Becomes Furniture ) to confirm the trend that furniture is more and more present in bathrooms. I like this bathtub that come with shelves / storage space built in, because the shelves are smart placed into that bathtub, saving space, and offering a beautiful […]

Secure Your Home with Lightning Based Entry Denial System

Portal Denial System is a very interesting and useful system to prevent your home from burglars. Is made by Ionatron; it uses LIPC (laser-induced plasma channel) whereby a virtual wire is formed from the path of a laser leaving behind a stream of conductive plasma. You can then fire a lethal or “less lethal” shot […]

Man Adrift on a Rock Clock

The most interesting thing behind this clock is his story. The artist ( Pascale Judet ) subtly captures the idea of man’s small place in the eternal ocean of time and offers new insight when watching the clock. This idea might make you think more carefully at how you spend your time. You can have […]

Miss Gana Ottoman

Yesterday I’ve presented you something similar with today item ( BonBon ). For today from the same category another cute & colorful ottoman. The Miss Gana Ottoman (2003) is an eco-friendly design crafted out of a soft rubber made from recycled flip flops. In addition to keeping industrial leftovers out of landfills, Miss Gana repurposes […]

Vase that Looks Like Ipod

This vase looks like an Ipod. I say that is looks like an Ipod because the iPod is designed to look simple and easy to use. It is a rectangle with rounded corners. A beautiful vase for a modern home. The Pink Punk tall vase is a hand-made vase made of translucent acrylic in an […]

Tank You Vase

“Tank you” is a porcelain tank vase shaped as a tank. I love how they choosed the named for this vase, it’s very interesting how they played with words. “Tank You” sounds like “Thank You”, very poetic. The prices for this vase vary from 50 to 130 euro dependind on model.

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