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The Magic Box

The Magic Box is a versatile ‘box’ that changes the stereotypes of prefabricated houses and extension rooms by having qualities such as transparency and simplistic form with high versatility. The simplicity of the design and the use of transparency give the Magic Box a lot of versatility. The Magic Box also creates innovative life styles […]

Case Coffee Table

The Case Coffee Table is a table tha folds itself into a case when not in use. With this table you can save a lot of space, or have a table with you when you go to a picnic. This handmade table is constructed using sturdy birch wood, and its spring loaded locking hinges can […]

Modern and Minimal Bedroom

I’ve found this beautiful modern and minimal bedroom picture on Yankodesign and I think that is a great example. The place is very well organized, not cluttered at all and the design looks awesome. Another thing that is interesting at this bedroom is the furniture, every piece of furniture seems to float. This picture is […]

DIY : Black and White Bookself

The Black and White Bookself is an interesting DIY project presented by Apartment Therapy and shows how a simple bookcase was transformed in this beautiful bookcase. The project is quite simple and the costs are just $75 for this projects, and you can see the step by step instructions for how this was done on […]

Stylish White Frame Planter – Prairie

You might remember the Metaphys Indoor Grass Planters a similar product designed with the purpose to bring a piece of nature in a stylish way inside our homes that I’ve presented a few months ago. Today I’ve found the PRAIRIE FACTORY SQUARE a charming frame planter. This small white plastic square allows you to plant […]

Ikea Organizes Furniture Swap

In these days people love to swap books, music and movies, especially online. Now for those of you who would like to swap furniture with other people, flat-pack behemoth IKEA is organizing a furniture swap at its Amsterdam store: a husselmarkt. The swap, which will take place on February 9th, will let up to 250 […]

A Chapel Converted Into a Modern Apartment

The decline in church attendance over the last several decades has meant that countless churches across the Netherlands have lost their function. They are crumbling, are demolished, or are put to new uses. Their specific architectural features often fall by the wayside in this process. Not every church can be turned into a municipal exhibition […]

Contemporary Rugs HZL

HZL is a collection of contemporary rugs by Henzel and they are built upon a foundation of creativity and a desire to make rugs a key element of interior design. The quality of HZL’s rugs comes from a belief in using only the very finest materials and the expertise of dedicated craftsmen. Henzel’s rugs are […]

Moonlight Sound Speaker Globes 360° Sound & Pulsating LED Light

Made with German engineering, the award winning, contemporary Moonlight Sound globes stylishly conceal integrated speakers providing up to 200 watts of crisp, clean audio combined with rich LED lights that change color with the rhythm of your music. Finally, there’s a solution to the problem of separate light and sound fixtures by combining them both […]

Strange Japanese Apartment – Fudamae

The Fudamae Apartment is designed by ISSHO Architects an architectural design office based in Tokyo and they got my attention with this apartment window’s design that has an unusual shape. The Fudomae apartment’s design makes the most of a limited volume while creating a comfortable urban living space . Each 18 sqm unit fits a […]

A Treveler Dream – The “Unicat” Home On Wheels

At a first glance this car might look like a garbage truck from outside but it is in fact designed as a sort of a cross between a mobile home and an off-road vehicle. It’s a Terra Cross “Home on Wheels” manufactured by UNICAT. This “Home on Wheels” has everything you need, an office, beds, […]

The Flying Chair

The Flying Chair is designed by Phillip Grass and is a digital prototype for a fibreglass chair with an upholstered foam seat. This sculptural concept is meant as a sort of pilot seat on the flight to relaxation and perhaps a bit of dreaming. The design looks good, but is quite big, and I’m pretty […]

Betsey Johnson – Pink Apartment

I’m not a big of pink, but I know that a lot of girl love this color, and Betsey Johnson is a great example of someone who loves that color. This apartment from designer Betsey Johnson screams pink from top to bottom, if you don’t believe me take a look at the pictures below. According […]

Vinyl Decorative Wall Decals – Staircase

For those of you who don’t have a staircase, here is a nice idea created by Sofia Antonovich. She created a vinyl decorative wallpaper that looks like a staricase. If you have an apartment I’m sure that might be the only one that would fit in your apartment, and will cost you just a fraction […]

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