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Beautiful Staircase of The Plus House

The Plus House is a pre-fab two-storey house with the generic proportions of a traditional Swedish bard house, designed by Swedish architects Claesson Koivisto Rune. Now the most interesting part of the house I think that is this beautiful and simple staircase. Now here are a few words about this project from the Swedish architects […]

Bring a little Hollywood glamour into your living room

A while ago I’ve noticed that metallic & shiny fashion trends with colors like silver, gold and bronze became quite popular. Today I’ve discovered that this trend also hit the furniture industry, and a great example is the Hollywood Stardom Sofa, an unique piece of furniture that can bring a little Hollywood glamour into your […]

Beautiful Black and White – Letto Reflex Bed

The Letto Reflex Bed from Presotto Itallia is a beautiful dark upholstered piece of bedroom furniture, that can really make a difference. I know that the main purpose of a bed is the comfort, but this bed is not just comfortable it has a purpose, and a great design. The Letto Reflex Bed has 4 […]

Retro Cuban Chair : Bon Adventure

Selamat Designs’ Bon Adventure line is a throw-back to the golden age of rattan furniture. This retro-Cuban inspired line harkens to a time of wind-swept verandas, lazy sunny days and the faint rustling of surf. Made in a classic four-pole architecture that is very rare anymore, this line has a look that stands out in […]

Pillow Inspired by DOS Black Screen

A pillow is an inexpensive item that you can use to add some color to a room, and for today I’ve found a really sweet pillow named the Dosugus cushion. I’m sure that a lot of people who work with computers might like this pillow because it looks like a black screen and has good […]

The Watershed Outdoor Furniture Set by Paul Galli

The Watershed Outdoor Furniture Set is designed by Paul Galli, and manufactured by 54Dean. The idea behind this piece of furniture came when Paul Galli while studying photos of furniture left in their “natural state” noticed that the common act of tilting a chair agains a table to protect it from the elements was actually […]

Leaf by Lime Studio

Lime Studio is a multi-cultural design trio who passionately create objects to inspire, amuse, challenge, provoke, innovate and explore. Now a very simple design is the Leaf a project that is designed with a simple curved form and low height to allow multiple position. I don’t know who would buy something so simple like this, […]

Ideas for Small Apartments from Compact Living

In the last month I’ve got a few emails from people asking me if I can find and post a few things and ideas for small apartments. I’ve searched a little and I’ve found Compact Living, a company that designs prefabricated easy-to-install lofts for just about any space. Just contact them with the dimensions of […]

Modern Aquarium : Spacearium

The ASP Spacearium fishtank is a new idea that wants to “reinvent your indoor space,” as opposed to just being an accessory with some fish in it off in a corner somewhere. As you can see from the pictures the ASP Spacearium fishtank looks more like a plasma TV. The huge acrylic tanks are shaped […]

The Air Lounge System Bed by Fabio Novembre

The Air Lounge System is a beautiful piece of furniture with a futuristic touch designed by talian designer Fabio Novembre. Rounded shape and “open air” design make them look like something from the aero space industry. This bed had everything to fit perfectly in a modern house : futuristic shape, with round corners, leather, and […]

Strange & Amusing Door Designs by Nicolai Wallner

When I saw these door designs by Nicolai Wallner I didn’t know what to say exactly, I was just really amazed, and I can say that the pictures made me smile. Just try to imagine how your friends, or anybody would react when they’ll see a door like this …. WTF !! Galleri Nicolai Wallner […]

Black Box with Strong Graphic Images in White Lines : Sin Den

Located in Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Sin Den was desgined by Klein Dytham Architecture. This project was carried out in the area for a young couple and a baby as their living space with their hair salon. This cutting-edge’ salon attracts those who have their own style and seeks a perfect hideaway.Maybe you’ve noticed that wall […]

Hotel set Within a Beautiful Water-Filled Quarry

If you are looking for really something different, this might be it. Atkins has won an international competition to design a five-star resort hotel set within a beautiful 100 meter deep quarry in the Songjiang district close to Shanghai in China. I know that from these pictures the hotel looks almost unreal, but this project […]

Up5 Chair and its Ball-Shaped Ottoman

Since its first appearance, the UP series, designed in 1969 by avant garde Italian architect Gaetano Pesce, has been one of the most outstanding expressions of design. These days, the Up5 and its ball-shaped Ottoman are made from shaped polyurethane foam, then covered in a fabric of your choice. They look good, and comfy and […]

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