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Storytime Rocking Chair

Hal Taylor, designed this beautiful rocking chair, that I think is a pretty good idea. He come with this chair while he wanted to read to his three small children while they all shared a conventional rocking chair.

Secret’Air – A Small Office for You

Objet B’art’s secret’air is a chair that turns into a table and vice-versa. It’s a piece of architecture, a hidden workstation, where you can place your laptop on the inside or hang your unpaid bills between wide rubber bands so you don´t forget to pay them. With the secret’air you can create your own office […]

Store Wood with Reservoid

Reservoid is a smart an interesting way to store wood. The wall mounted Reservoir system makes storage of your logs convenient, clean and accessible. Placing a number of Reservoirs near your fireplace creates a unique ambiance to that space. In sure that this smart idea can be easy made in any home with some improvisation.

Zanotta 884 Evolution By Ora Ito

When I look this chair I think at Apple and their iPods. Same color, same sleek design, same shine, this looks like was made by Apple. It was designed by Ora Ϊto and presented at Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2007, Milan. You can buy one from Zanotta .

Modern Sofa – DS 152

The DS 152 has been designed as a haven of snug shelter and relaxation. The design is a little bit unusual for a sofa, but there is plenty of room for two people on the comfortable seating surface surrounded by its generously upholstered ringlike back and armrests. For those who want to increase their relaxation […]

Hive – Freestanding Module Shelvig

The Hive is a new freestanding module shelvig system that can be put toghther in countless combinations, and is designed by Chris Ferebee. The Hive is founded in the innovative technique combining the strenght and flexibility of the metal and the warm beautiful finish of the wood. The Hive is made with a solid aluminium […]

Chairs That Transform Into Tables

Today I’ve found two interesting chairs that you also can use them as a little table. The ideas are different as you can see from the pictures. The first chair can be a table during the day, and when you have to more guests you can open the table and transform it into a chair. […]

Razorblade Mirror

Designer Phil Sims had a very original idea to combine the razor and a mirror to create an interesting wall mirror. I like this mirror because is something new, an interesting modern design and is more than a mirror, is a pretty damn cool object to put on the wall. No pricing details have been […]

Garden Furniture

These pieces of garden furniture from Made In Design can offer an amazing visual effect. As you can see from these pictures the possibilities are endless. You can create all kind of models for your garden just use your talent of gardener and will be perfect in your gardens, parks, golfs and green spaces. It […]

Fridge Magnet – Bottle Opener

This bottle opener attached to your fridge door is an useful little thing that is right there on the fridge for you when you just pulled the bottle out of. A stylish solution to a very common problem. Now you don’t have search for a bottle opener in the middle of the game. Just pull […]

Apartments in Dubai – What you get for $10 Million ?

Now that’s called luxury and is a perfect post for our Dream Homes section. Dubai’s Damac Properties is targeting the world’s super-rich with a collection of apartments priced at up to $10 million. The exclusive residences will each occupy an entire floor in two of Damac’s landmark skyscrapers: Ocean Heights in Dubai Marina and Lotus […]

Sliding Doors

I love this concept of sliding doors. They are practical and stylish. A folding sliding door can be a solution to many situations without removing or destroying the look or the character of the building. There are so many situations that a folding sliding door can be a solution to improving your living space and […]

Give a New Look to Your Fridge

If you want a new look for your fridge then these beautiful stickers will add life and color to your fridge door. Fridge Tastic it is a semi-permanent vinyl adhesive fridge covering. The clever part is that it doesn’t matter what size your fridge is this brilliant product comes in one piece measuring 558mm x […]

Vibrating Windows to Stop Outside Sounds

I live in a crowder area, and I hear cars, people, all day long. Somethimes all this noise can be quite disturbing, but a team of researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Structural Durability and System Reliability LBF in Darmstadt, Germany, have developed a vibrating window that negates noise generated by sources as loud and […]

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