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Tour Eiffel Lamp

If you love Paris, and you want something to remember of that beautiful city that the Tour Eiffel Lamp would be a great souvenir. An interesting stilysh design that can look good on any office. This lamp can be purchased online from here for 240.00 € – Via – Pan-Dan

Electric Carpet from Panasonic Keeps your Warm

Japanese electronics giant Panasonic just released a heated rug that have a special radiant mat that sits beneath the surface of the carpet to keep things nice and warm and when I say warm I mean upto 46°C and if that is way too hot for you you can always adjust it. Be careful if […]

Take Out – Furniture with Portable Valises

Take Out is a brilliant idea of storage furniture, which resembles a traditional chest of drawers with the exception that the drawers have been replaced by portable briefcases. This makes it possible for each briefcase to be taken to the next room or even on a longer trip. Take Out is ideal for the storage […]

Speaker Chair by Pinju Chen

Speaker Chair by Pinju Chen is not the first musical chair presented on this blog. If you are interested in musical chairs you should also check the Sonic Chair and the Musical Chair with Subwoofer. The Speaker Chair by Pinju Chen is stil only a concept until now. The Speaker Chair is capable of generating […]

Windowherbs by Zodesign

Windowherbs is a really innovative idea designed by Zodesign a company owned by two dutch designers : Tineke Beunders and Nathan Wierink. Just attach this transparent pot onto your window and let your plants to enjoy the whole light. They are provided with suction cups to place on the kitchen window.In this way the herbs […]

Orange Slice Table

Orange Slice Table catched my eye because I just meet someone who loves the orange color, and since I’ve meet this person I’m very aware to orange things. Now this table has a fresh and appetising design, just looking at this imagine I hear my mouth screaming for a slice of orange. The design of […]

Chairy by Amin Bouchti

Chairy is an interesting minimalist solution for dynamic seating designed by Amin Bouchti. The structure of the chair combines functionality with the spirit of freshness. In conclusion if you want a simple, but modern piece of furniture to complete your home design this chair could be a good choice. – Via – Designspotter

Zoe – Low Lounge Chair

Zoe is a low lounge chair that seems very comfortable. The Zoe chair can be used as a one person sofa, a little bed, or a good place to rest and relax. Zoe is fully upholstered in fabric or soft leather with expressed seams. All upholstery is fully removable. For more informations about this chair […]

Buttefly Light

Buttefly Light is designed by Vinta, and is a beautiful source of light with an interesting modern design. This light came from the idea of folding a piece of paper. The function of its adjustment of light and the space created by that are a result of simple action of one surface (the panel) being […]

Hand-le Doorknob

Designed by Naomi Thellier de Poncheville, this doorknob welcomes visitors with the firmest of handshakes. So if you want something unique and original for your door this doorknob could be something that you should try. Who knows maybe your guests will feel more welcome after cause of this friendly handshake. Most of us don’t live […]

Tilting Vase Tells You When it Needs Water

Tilting Vase is an interesting and inteligent vase designed by David Sweeney, Jeff Virangkabutra and Michael Korn. Now what is so special at this vase ? When the vase is full, the vase stands upright but as water is taken up by the plant or evaporates it’s center of gravity shifts and the vase begins […]

Spell Shelf by Da-Eun Song

Designer Da-Eun Song had an interesting idea whenhe designed this shelf that spells out shelf. This shelf has an very original and modern design. You can’t store to much stuff on this shelf, but is a great way to decorate a wall, and put inside only the books and objects your really like. I’ve found […]

Fiat Lux Lamp

Fiat Lux Lamp is the latest product from Cate Hogdahl & Nelson Ruiz-Acal and is under production and will soon be launched ! Fiat Lux means “let there be light”, but from these pictures the lamp is not a marvelous source of light. The Fiat Lux Lamp has an integrated slot which definitely comes in […]

Back from Greece

From 11 August until now I was in a tip to Greece, 10 days of relaxation after 2 years of no vacantion. It was beautiful, I had a great time, and I want back. I’ve left a messange that I’ll be away and my sister uploaded something new from time to time. She don’t know […]

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