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Old Looking Furniture Transformed Into Something Fabulous

Today I’ve found on Designspongeonline an interesting example of how you can make an old looking piece of furniture intro something sophisticated and modern looking. Anna Spiro shared with us how he totally transformed an old looking wing chair intro something fabulous. You can see pictures “before and after” with the final result, and who […]

Disguised Lighting into Your Home Decor : Torn Lighting

Designed by Billy May, Torn Lighting concept is an interesting way of adding some light to your home. Torn Lighting is perfectly disguised on your wall while hiding it’s LED secrets from view. The installations conceal LED lights, and look like you’ve got some kind of weird space-time holes torn into your walls and leaking […]

Pillow Shaped Pot for Plants : Grow Bag

Grow bag is a pillow shaped pot for plants made of PVC foam, that is designed by Martino D’Esposito. I can say that Martino was quite creative when he created the “Grow Bag”, because is a really unusual idea for a plant pot, and a pillow would be the last thing I’d imagine choosing as […]

Bookshelf That can Play Music in a Cool Way : Wazz AL

You have to see this cool technology that is called Wazz AL and is designed by NoDesign. In a few words Wazz AL is a bookshelf which can play the music, and with very cool control panel, you can see more by watching the video from this post. Waaz AL is a shelf connected to […]

Steel Towel Heater Shaped Like a Snake

If you have a small bathroom you should plan carefully your space. One thing that you can do is to replace the radiator with a  nice looking stainless steel towel warmer that would heat the bathroom as well as the towels. Ok so where’s the space saving? You can use the wall-mounted towel warmer to […]

Wall Mirror with Storage Space Integrated

Babycake is a design by Karim Rashid for Tonelli of Italy , a great combination between wall mirrors and storage space. The two containers are hidden and if we look at the overall design I can say that this design is better this way. You can save some space, and have only a mirror with […]

Two-piece Flower Vase in the Shape of a Whale

Here is a FRESH design from a FRESH mind, something like you’ve never saw before. Industrial designer Alessandro Bêda, from Portugal had a very interesting idea, when he designed this two-piece flower vase in the shape of a whale. The flowers, placed in the whale’s ‘blow hole’, are like a colorful burst of water spray. […]

Drawerment : A Composition of Drawers from Old Furniture

This idea looks nice, but is not something new, we presented some time ago a similar piece ( Chest of Drawers ), that was made from of discarded drawers, found and rescued at flea markets. Drawerment is a composition of drawers collected from old office furniture. The Drawerment is the creation of Czech designer Jaroslav […]

Wooden Chair with a Secret Drawer : Moheli

Moheli Wooden Chair with drawer is an interesting idea, and is a great piece of furniture especially if you want a piece of furniture with secret drawers or compartments. The secret drawer that is placed under the chair can be used to hide your personal belongings from your guests eyes and also have them readily […]

Compact Desk for Apartments with a Limited Amount of Space

At a first glance this piece of furniture looks like a simple cabinet, but if you take a closer look you’ll see that this cabinet can be coverted into a 55″ full-size desk, making it a clever solution for studio apartments and multipurpose rooms. This innovative compact desk is an awesome piece of furniture that […]

Branch Bookshelf

Shaped as a tree branch, this supposed bookshelf looks like a part from a super tree that managed to grow through your walls. With an unique and simple design inspired by the nature this branch not only supports books or objects, but it can also as be used as a clothing rack. This piece was […]

Stink Coffee Table, A Table That Cracked

The Stink table is designed by Dylan Gold for Link Studios and it is a brilliant conversation piece for those guests that appreciate contrast in modern design. Now I know that a lot of people would say, but is a cracked table, I can’t use it. That’s right that stuff will fall through the cracks […]

Furniture from Giant Lego Bricks : LunaBlocks

For those of you who loved Lego when you were young here is something that might remind you of that period. Designed and created by Thierry Nahon & Philippe Landecker, LunaBlocks are based on an original concept, the transformation and enlargement of bricks used in building games for children. Easily stacked together, functional and totally […]

Speak Bubble Shaped Speakers

In the last two weeks I think that I’ve presented about 3 or 4 speakers designs, but the design for today is the cutest, and I can say that is also my favorite. These speakers are simply called Speak-er, and for now they are just a very interesting “speak bubble shaped speakers” concept from Sherwood […]

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