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Excelent Furniture Solution for Small Apartments

Designed by Stefano Bigi and produced by La Cividina the Globos Chair is a brilliant  solution for small places, especially if you don’t have space in your apartment for 12 chairs laying around your house all the time. So to solve this problem designer Stefano Bigi designed a collection of furniture that cleverly hid extra […]

Ooch Armchair – A Frame with Four Pillows

The Ooch armchair is an interesting and practical piece of furniture designed by Sanniadesign. The Ooch armchair consists of a framework and four pillows. The pillows can be stacked together to determine the height of the chair, but they can also provide additional seats on earth. The chair is presented for the first time in […]

Interior Design That will Make your Cat Happy

When we are planning our houses or apartments we usually think how we want to look, so we can feel good in our own house. Now after I’ve saw this image on the Catshouse I’ve came to the conclusion that there are some people that really care about their cat(s), and they invest serious time […]

Bedroom Designs from Italian Furniture Company Tomasella

  • dream bedroom
  • japan bedroom
  • master bedroom
  • ny bedroom

For today I’ve decided to post another interesting inspirational set with bedroom designs, that I’ve found on Tomasella, an italian furniture brand. Usually in this kind of posts where I present inspirational bedroom designs pictures, I don’t have to much to say, but here are a few words about the company that made these designs […]

Two Person Accent Chair Designed for Group Seating

Today I’ve found an interesting piece of furniture on FurnitureFashionBlog, a two person accent chair designed to accommodate flexibility for group seating or as individually setup chairs. By placing the three chairs together, one can create a group seating configuration such as what you may find in a public place like an office lobby. The […]

Minimalistic Swedish Interior Designs by Åsberg Interiör & Styling

The Swedish Interior Designs are heavily influenced by the light and weather of Scandinavia, because long dreary winters with early dusk and a lack of natural light necessitated rethinking the structure of the interior design. Anything dark, gloomy, and heavy was out while anything pale, light, airy, and minimal was in. Pale walls ( especially […]

Leggera Bathtub A New Design from Ceramica Flaminia

The new Leggera bathtub from Ceramica Flaminia is a really interesting design, that looks more like a bigger modern bathroom sink. The lightness of the design, and the thin surfaces of the bathtub allows for a sense of freedom from the usual boundaries. The outside and inside of the bathtub are less marked, melting into […]

Los Muebles Amorosos Chair

Designed by Javier Mariscal, the Los Muebles Amorosos Chair is an colorful piece of furniture that can change the whole atmosphere in any room. The base of the chair is made from a steel frame, and the feet are natural beech, screwed to the frame. Seat cushion is stress-resistant polyurethane foam in varied densities and […]

The Grass Ottoman

A few months ago I’ve posted about the Plants Furniture by Mindscape a great idea that combines interesting plant shapes with a place to sit and contemplate the garden. Today I’ve found something even cooler than that design. This Grass Ottoman looks like it was something right from nature, but in fact is constructed of […]

Sleek, Modern and Contemporary Plasma TV Stands

In these days it seems that a plasma tv became an element of design that can improve the way your home looks. So let’s say that, you’ve gotten yourself into a new HDTV so that you’re entertainment life at home will change. Well, now you’re also going to have to change some of your decorating, […]

Small Apartments(Lofts) Interior Design Ideas

In these days more and more people live in small apartments, because the prices for buying or renting an apartment are higher and higher every year. Now the most challenging issue with living in a small apartment is not the size of the apartment itself, but all the things you have to organize in a […]

Interesting Flower Vanity from Duebi Italia

The Flower Vanity from Duebi Italia is a frivolous and light-hearted interpretation of the shape of a flower, this vanity will add an abstract air of modern design and vitality to your bathroom. Is strange on how nobody thought at something like this before. While I’m watching this design a lot of other designideas came […]

Lily Lace Chair

The Lily Lace chair is a unique sculptural piece exploring the versatility of lace while highlighting the commonalities between its soft alluring texture and the delicate yet sensual form of the calla lily. The lily form, symbolizing purity and virginity is complimented by the underlying dualities of purity and experience, naivety and seduction, inherent to […]

Steel Bean Bag Chair by Rick Ivey

The Steel Bean Bag Chair is a strange piece of furniture designed by Rick Ivey. I say strange because a piece of furniture made from steel ? This is very uncomfortable, cold, and I’m pretty sure that nobody would use something like this. The solution for this chair would be that someone to find a […]

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