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Secure Your Home with Lightning Based Entry Denial System

Portal Denial System is a very interesting and useful system to prevent your home from burglars. Is made by Ionatron; it uses LIPC (laser-induced plasma channel) whereby a virtual wire is formed from the path of a laser leaving behind a stream of conductive plasma. You can then fire a lethal or “less lethal” shot […]

Man Adrift on a Rock Clock

The most interesting thing behind this clock is his story. The artist ( Pascale Judet ) subtly captures the idea of man’s small place in the eternal ocean of time and offers new insight when watching the clock. This idea might make you think more carefully at how you spend your time. You can have […]

Miss Gana Ottoman

Yesterday I’ve presented you something similar with today item ( BonBon ). For today from the same category another cute & colorful ottoman. The Miss Gana Ottoman (2003) is an eco-friendly design crafted out of a soft rubber made from recycled flip flops. In addition to keeping industrial leftovers out of landfills, Miss Gana repurposes […]

Vase that Looks Like Ipod

This vase looks like an Ipod. I say that is looks like an Ipod because the iPod is designed to look simple and easy to use. It is a rectangle with rounded corners. A beautiful vase for a modern home. The Pink Punk tall vase is a hand-made vase made of translucent acrylic in an […]

Tank You Vase

“Tank you” is a porcelain tank vase shaped as a tank. I love how they choosed the named for this vase, it’s very interesting how they played with words. “Tank You” sounds like “Thank You”, very poetic. The prices for this vase vary from 50 to 130 euro dependind on model.

BonBon by Della Robbia

Della Robbia BonBon is such a cute ottoman. With those fun colors and the plushy material looks like a plushy toy, and I’m sure that every child would love a BonBon ottoman in his room.

Interesting Bookcase

Today I’ve found a bookcase that catch my eye, because it is not usual, and in general things that are different catch our eyes. As you can see from these pictures a whole wall was used for this interesting bookcase, and the final result is a quite interesting bookcase, at least from my perspective. – […]

Indoor Vegetable Furniture

Judy Hoysak’s Indoor Vegetable Furniture is a great way to keep plants in your home. These pieces are using ready-made self-watering planters and T-5 fluorescent plant grow lights and the structure is made from Plyboo Strand and aluminum. I would like a piece of furniture like this because I love green color, because green is […]

Modern Kitchen Inspiration

Modern kitchen design inspiration comes after I’ve started Bedroom Inspiration series that now is at #4 set of pictures today I’ve decided that I should concentrate also on other rooms, and I’ve selected the kitchen. Like in Bedroom Inspiration series Kitchen Inspiration will be a collection of beautiful kitchen pictures for your inspiration. Today let’s […]

Gas Mask Shower

This time designer Chris Dimino’s made something really strange, and unusual, and I’m sure that his creation will attract some attention. As you can see from this picture Chris Dimino’s decided to change the old shower with this new strange guy in a gas mask coming out of the wall. I’m sure that this is […]

Get Knu Desk

Get Knu produces this interesting line of furniture that will be available starting with September 2007. Made from FSC-certified birch substrate and available in six GREEN veneers, these pieces are not only light and durable but environmentally friendly; sustainability and quality are clearly the primary tenets of Knu’s design philosophy.

Gargoyle Spout

If you would like to take care a little of your outdoors design you can take a piece of inspiration from this Gargoyle Spout. This is the first time I see that someone is taking care of how this part of home looks. I might pay more attention to little details, today I’ve found that […]

Fake Bookshelf Wallpaper

Fake Bookshelf Wallpaper is created by Deborah Bowness. This wallpaper can change the whole aspect of a room offering another feeling, surrounded by books. It also can be a fun way to entertain your guests. Just imagine when someone who didn’t observe that this is a fake bookshelf wallpaper tells you : “You have a […]

Chairs made from Plushy Toys

These chairs made from plushy toys where made by tow Brazilian brothers Fernando and Humberto Campana. There is not really a design for this chair, the chairs were created by attaching a bunch of stuffed plushy toys to a metal base. This kind of chairs would be perfect for a kid that loves little plushy […]

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