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Damask Staircase Makeover

Staircases are often neglected in homes. After all they have a utilitarian function – a passageway to go from one floor to another. Yet, they deserve more visual impact. As Melissa from Sugar City Journal wrote, it’s all about “elevating the mundane“. She was inspired by an older interior decorating book by Alexandra Stoddard which […]

Stupid Record : World’s Longest Sofa Record Broken

A few days ago I’ve read an article about how people spend thair lifes, and from that article I’ve came to the conclusion that we must be very careful on how we spend our time, because he never comes back. Just after I’ve finished that article I’ve found this interesting new record …the world’s longest […]

Five Franklin Place by Unstudio

Five Franklin is a 20-story building designed by Ben van Berkel of Unstudio that will be located at 5 Franklin Place, between Broadway and Sixth in Tribeca. The building pays homage to TriBeCa’s iconic cast-iron aesthetic, with a facade constructed from reflective black metal bands of varying widths. This facade treatment offers privacy with maximum […]

Untitled Chair by Alessandro Bêda

This chair is rather a cool concept proposed by the Portuguese designer Alessandro Bêda, we presented another interesting concept made by him a week ago ( Two-piece Flower Vase in the Shape of a Whale ). He called this chair “Untitled Chair“, and it seems that he’s not very good at coming up with names […]

Modular Carpet Tiles – Alexander Girard’s La Fonda del Sol Collection

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Modular carpet tiles are the way to go for a beautiful yet customizable focal area for your living space. New from are these drop dead gorgeous designs by Alexander Girard, the renowned textile designer. His La Fonda del Sol celebrates folk art designs like you’ve never seen before – whimsical sun shapes in must-have […]

So not your Grandma’s Sofa – Star System Collection

Remember your grandmother’s Chesterfield couch?Old fashioned floral fabric and frills may have put you off but those buttons were a nifty design feature. Well, now you can have your own updated button couch. The Star System of modern sofas shown here were designed by Enrico Buscemi and Piergiorgio Leone and were recently presented at the […]

A Table Inspired by Pollution

The Robber Baron series by Studio Job is an important suite of five cast-bronze furnishings, consisting of a Cabinet, Mantel Clock, Table, Standing Lamp, and Jewel Safe, each to be offered in a limited edition of five commissioned by Murray Moss. From these five pieces the table that you can see in the pictures below […]

Extension Cord Idea To Solve Messy Cables Problems

I’m sure that I’m not the only one who hates messy cables, and in these days we become more and more depended on energy and everything has a wire. For example you might have 2 cellphones, laptop, digital camera, computer, tv, etc …There are a lot of cables, and of course a lot of mess. […]

Future Architecture : Floating Ecopolis for Climate Refugees

According to the less alarming forecasts of the GIEC (Intergovernmental group on the evolution of the climate), the ocean level should rise from 20 to 90 cm during the 21st Century with a status quo by 50 cm (versus 10 cm in the 20th Century). As a solution to this alarming problem architect Vincent Callebaut […]

Furniture That Transforms Into a Little Gym

Last month I’ve presented an idea called Sports Furniture, that was a solution for a small gym in your home. Today for those of you who liked that idea, here is something even better. I’m pretty sure that most of us don’t have apartments large enough so that we can have our own gym at […]

12th and John Residence by Pb Elemental Architecture

Designed by Pb Elemental Architecture this private residence in Seattle’s Capitol Hill District exhibits an exercise in urban in-fill design with a project that consists of over 1600 sf of space including a one car garage plus on site parking and green space. Extensive store-front windows facing the street add a voyeuristic element to the […]

Kitchen Furniture Ideas at Low Prices

A lot of people when they want a good piece of furniture at a reasonable price, they go at IKEA, but IKEA is not the the only place where you can find inexpensive stuff. French site features other inexpensive kitchen suppliers in France, including a few options for the space-challenged, like this Dolcéa “cuisine […]

Harpenden House, a Beautiful Glass Extension

A few months ago I’ve presented an interesting way to add a room to your apartment. Some people said that this is a crazy idea, but others found it interesting. Today I would like to present an interesting extension to a house located in the city of Hertfordshire north of London, England. In this project […]

Old Looking Furniture Transformed Into Something Fabulous

Today I’ve found on Designspongeonline an interesting example of how you can make an old looking piece of furniture intro something sophisticated and modern looking. Anna Spiro shared with us how he totally transformed an old looking wing chair intro something fabulous. You can see pictures “before and after” with the final result, and who […]

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