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Stylish Wall-mounted Spice Rack for Your Kitchen

The 1-Line Spice Rack from Desu Design is made from 1/4” thick brushed stainless steel bars, and each piece is meticulously welded and finished to create a seamless line which appears to float on the wall. If you look at the pictures below you can see that this is a very good looking way to […]

The Ice Lounge, a Place Where You can Chill out in Style

The Ice Lounge is a place created for relaxation and especially to enhance the pleasures of a truly delightful ice cream. Right now you might ask yourself why ice cream ? This piece of furniture was created by Claudio Colucci for a a Swiss ice cream manufacturer. Claudio’s objective was to create a chair that […]

Recycled Mattress Chairs – Madam Rubens Collection

Most of us would not be able to guess the origin of these plump stools, pouffes and chair for the designer, Dutch born Frank Willems has truly given old mattresses an extreme makeover. His idea came about after a project on material life. He noticed almost all unwanted waste material could be recycled except mattresses. […]

Two Clever Clear Lighting Solutions For Your Home

Clear lamps are great because they can blend so easily with any color scheme. But won’t it be even better if they could also help you solve organizational problems in your home at the same time? Like misplaced magazines and books. If you’ve been spending too much time hunting for that book you were reading, […]

Kids Chair with Roll-Top Storage Space

The Kid’s Roll Top Chair has a sitting surface that works like an old-time roll-top desk, sliding away to reveal storage space where kids can put their toys and other “stuff” while being usable as a chair too. As the name of this chair already suggests, the chair was designed for kids, and it looks […]

Modular Bed Concept Turns Single/ Double in Seconds

By looking at this modular bed design concept designed by Swedish designer Marcia Hanvey Isaksson, I can say that a bed like this should exist in every hotel. The design is basically a double bed that lets you instantly split it into two single beds without having to spend your back for it. Each single […]

Modern and Comtemporary Storage Furniture

This beautiful piece of modern and contemporary storage furniture is designed and manufactured in Germany by Mueller. Made of 1 to 3mm thick Steel this is a very strong, well made product not to mention unique. For comparison, sheet steel for cars is 0.8mm thick. For painting, the manufactured uses acrylic paint specific to the […]

Table with Hexagonal Form and Round Shapes

It’s been a long day at the office, you get home, change into something comfortable and watch the football game. Wouldn’t you want to rest your feet on your new FUKU/TTON table? You’re not allowed on the table? Stephan Wootton designed the FUKU/TTON with a hexagonal structure meant to reduce the living space, and with […]

Kitchen Design Inspiration from Sanidero

For those that are serious about the way the kitchen looks like, Snaidero has a few ideas to choose from. With a modern design and features a combination of stainless steel and LED lighting, the Venus kitchen uses a Solid Surface top to make the countertop. It has plenty of storage and though simple, it’s […]

Stool Inspired by Stalagmites and Stalactites

Ever imagined that someone would build furniture by studying the aesthetic qualities of stalagmites and stalactites, because I didn’t. Zachary Fluker is the guy that created the Hyme stool by using geometric rectangles in a very ordered and purposeful configuration. He actually built the rows from individual pieces, and then assembled the individual rows together […]

Felt Jacket Pillows

Necessity is indeed the mother of invention. Mexican designer Ximena Orozco once needed a pillow case. All she had on hand was a old felt jacket. She loved the soft warm fabric and was loathed to take the jacket apart so she slipped the pillow inside instead. It was an eureka moment. She then went […]

Damask Staircase Makeover

Staircases are often neglected in homes. After all they have a utilitarian function – a passageway to go from one floor to another. Yet, they deserve more visual impact. As Melissa from Sugar City Journal wrote, it’s all about “elevating the mundane“. She was inspired by an older interior decorating book by Alexandra Stoddard which […]

Stupid Record : World’s Longest Sofa Record Broken

A few days ago I’ve read an article about how people spend thair lifes, and from that article I’ve came to the conclusion that we must be very careful on how we spend our time, because he never comes back. Just after I’ve finished that article I’ve found this interesting new record …the world’s longest […]

Five Franklin Place by Unstudio

Five Franklin is a 20-story building designed by Ben van Berkel of Unstudio that will be located at 5 Franklin Place, between Broadway and Sixth in Tribeca. The building pays homage to TriBeCa’s iconic cast-iron aesthetic, with a facade constructed from reflective black metal bands of varying widths. This facade treatment offers privacy with maximum […]

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