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Inteligent Kitchen Design Concept for the Future

As I’ve said in Contemporary Kitchen in Bamboo post in these days the kitchen has long since become a place where the boundaries between food preparation and everyday life dissolve. The kitchen is continuing its evolution into a natural part of people’s living areas. Now by following this trend Designboom hold a contest entitled “Kitchen […]

Bathroom Vanities Like You’ve Never Seen Before

A few days ago I’ve presented a modern wooden sink from the Italian company Bandini, and today here are another two modern bathroom vanities from them. The amazing Atmosfera and Onda vanities from the Italian company Bandini, have an eye-catching style with a super-modern design like you’ve never saw before. Formed of bend plywood and […]

Spherical Speakers Made from High Class Natural Wood

If you care about your how your room looks, then you should pay close attention to every single details. For example everybody likes to listen to music, and if you want a beautiful pair of speakers that will make your system sound great, and also make your room look great then you should take a […]

The Splash Chair, Inspired by Water Drops in Slow Motion

Are you ready to see a very creative design ? Is called the “Splash Chair” , and is designed by Michael L. Wendel. As you can see from these pictures the Splash Chair was inspired by slow motion water drops. The Splash Lounge Chair is sure to be a hit for any home, especially for […]

The Most Stupid Piece of Eco Friendly Furniture

Around the world, as people are becoming more conscious about the environment, the demand for eco friendly products is increasing. And when it comes to furniture, the trend of going green is fast picking up. A lot of furniture manufacturers took note this trend and started producing eco-friendly products and ensuring they were readily available. […]

Contemporary Kitchen in Bamboo

The bamboo wood allow us to create remarkable environments according to an avant-garde and functional concept. This beautiful Contemporary Kitchen in Bamboo is designed by Block Cocinas and the idea behind this design is that …the kitchens are not laboratories, they are spaces for living. That’s why in these days the offices are joined to […]

Furniture with Lots of Drawers and Unusual Shape

I’ve discovered these pieces of furniture with a really unusual shape for a piece of furniture when I saw a report on Cuban art on Frontline/World earlier this week. They mainly focused on the work of Los Carpinteros, a group of two Cuban contemporary artists. From the pieces created by these artists the most interesting […]

Brilliant Idea for a Pillow Designer

From time to time people come up with a crazy idea, like this one, but sometimes a crazy idea can be used as a source of inspiration.  A crazy idea that I’ve found today came from Justin. He went to several supermarket bakeries to look for the right pillow-like cake to sleep on. I don’t […]

Modern Wooden Sink Made in Stone Rain : Ebony

Ebony is a modern wooden sink made in stone rain, wood blends into the warm environment with its linear outer dimensions while the delicate sculpture on the inside softly embraces the natural light while captivating the glorious stone grain in redolent color. The final result looks luxuriant and full of elegance, and can be purchased […]

A few Changes on Freshome this Weekend

This weekend I’ve made a few changes to Freshome, to experiment a few things, and I hope to improve the readers experience on this website. Now let me explain what I did, and after that you’ll tell me if what I did is a good things, and you like it …and of course if there […]

Nelson Coconut Chair

Nelson Coconut Chair is a chair that has an innovative design, and an innovative shape. Intended to combine comfort with freedom of movement, the shape of the Coconut Chair’s white molded shell was inspired by the shape of Eero Saarinen’s Kresge Auditorium at MIT. Echoing both the auditorium’s triangular shape, as well as a portion […]

Bedside Table Light, The NOD Light

The NOD Light is a bedside table light or wall mounted light, that can be used to store a few small personal items, and of course keep you a little more organized. As you can see from the picture attached, the manufacturer suggest, that this bedside table light can be used to organize and store […]

Vinyl Graphic Design – Groups of People

Groups of People is an interesting design made from high quality cut Vinyl with a matte surface finish. The graphic is easily applied and looks great on walls, windows, mirrors, fridges, and ceilings. Any smooth clean surface is suitable. Personally I like the idea of a group of people in a row, and I would […]

Self Watering Plant Pot – Vitamin I.V. Plant Pot

The Vitamin I.V. Plant Pot is a nice looking self watering lightweight fiberglass plant pot. This is not the first self watering idea that we presented on this blog, you might remember the Roly-Poly Pot, the Tilting Vase That Tells You When it Needs Water and the, Sink that Feed the Plants. The Vitamin I.V […]

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