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Balance Coffee Table

The balance coffee table has a substantial foundation in the rolled ends of the lower shelf. alance is constructed entirely using molded plywood with a selection of veneer and finish options. Shown in walnut with satin polyurethane to protect from UV damage and spills. – Via – Novamodern

Hotel-de-Ville de Paris Wall Clock

Wall clocks are a great element that can change the whole look of wall, and besides that you can also know the exact time. Today I’ve stumbled upon this beautiful wall clock that made me think at old times. I’m sure that a wall clock like this could change the whole atmosphere in a room, […]

Allen Corner Bookcase

If you home has an empty corner like in this picture you can use a corner bookcase to make that corner a more interesting place, not just an empty boring place. This corner bookcase fixes storage problems that everyone has, and gives you more space to store all kind of stuff. This corner bookcase can […]

Sticklebook – Invisible shelving system for books

Sticklebook is an innovative design solution to book storage that creates the illusion of a line of books hanging unsupported on the wall. An alternative to a regular bookshelf, it comprises an aluminium bracket and combed strip that grips the cover and pages of paperback books. It is totally secure and fall-proof. Comes with screws […]

Park Planters Really Cool Flower Pot

Park planters is a really innovative way to keep plants in your home. Designed by collective Science + Sons, Park Planters converts the potted plant into the backdrop for an urban park scene. Park planters were created to elevate the common household plant to the status of full grown tree. The potted plant becomes the […]

The Splinter Bench – Two Chairs and One Bench

The Splinter bench was inspired by the ups and downs of romantic relationships and was designed by Matthew Kroeker for Jane Hamley Wells. As you can see there are two chairs and they fit together like puzzle pieces to form a sleek contemporary-looking bench. – Via – Metropolis.

Create a Relaxing Atmosphere in your Home with Healing Theater Umine

The Healing Theater Umine projects watery blue and green moving images on your ceiling as it plays back digitally recorded sounds like voice of dolphins, sound of bubbles, sound of waves and cry of seagulls as if you were on the island. The Healing Theater Umine is a great way to relax in your own […]

Bedside Slippers Rug

When I saw the Bedside Slippers Rug I instantly said “I want this sweet rug and slippers right near my bed.“. The Bedside Slippers Rug is created by Daniel Meyer. He created a small bedside rug with porthole cut outs for your matching slippers. Now you’ll always know where they are before you get in […]

New Bedroom Designs – Bedroom Inspiration #7

To continue our Bedroom Inspiration series today I’ve decided to post some new bedroom designs that I’ve found during my daily online surfing. So here are the latest 5 new bedroom designs that will enter in our Bedroom Inspiration series, that now is at number 7. If you would like to see more bedroom inspiration […]

Natural Stone Bathtub

Natural Stone Bathtub is an interesting bathtub designed by Stone Forest. They create hand carved granite sculptures which combine the elegant simplicity of Japanese style with contemporary design. Since each piece is hand carved using hammer and chisel, the individual character of the rock as well as the inspiration of the stonecutter lend each sculpture […]

Fold-Away Wall Mounted Ironing Center Ideal for Small Places

Today I want to present you a product that I think is very useful for small spaces or college dorms, because it takes a minimum wall space, but can be very helpful. The Wall Mounted LifeStyle Ironing Center combines convenience, space efficiency, inconspicuous style and astounding affordability into one smart, simple package, designed for quick […]

Residence Klosterneuburg

Residence Klosterneuburg is a beautiful project designed by Project A01 and is situated in a small town near Vienna. The site is situated on a slope overlooking the whole valley. The base of the building roughly follows the incline of the slope and is slightly terraced. In keeping with this concept, the ground floor consists […]

Tufty Time Sofa

Tufty Time Sofa is designed by Patricia Urquiola and this seating collection of traditional sofas, corner sofas and islands is consumed by tufting to the point that they seem to be composed of discrete cubes. The Tufty-time consists of various modules made of large-scale square tufts which can be combined in different ways to form […]

Wegner Shell Chair

Wegner Shell Chair was designed by Danish modernist designer Hans Wegner. A simple and stilysh design, that invites you to take a seat. Originally produced in 1963, it was discontinued after a few limited series. In 1997, production on the chair was re-launched and became a hit with the public. Crafted from solid oak with […]

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