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Mark Christofi Interiors

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Here are some awesome interior design pictures from Mark Christofi. He began designing interiors 25 years ago and since 1995 has his own firm. His style juxtaposes traditional and classical elements with unexpected contemporary accents. This wall graphics is so unique and crazy.Check it out!

Noorcool Fridge in a Drawer

The architect Donald Chong quotes “Small fridges make good cities”. He may have a point there .The smaller the fridge is the less food we stock and eat. It integrates perfectly in any kind of kitchen and nobody will even knowledges that is a fridge. Unfortunately , the drawers all have open bottoms , easy […]

Barrel Sink

Gorgeous sink made out of a solid block of Onyx , Jutta or Sinai Stone and designed by Carlos Colombo.You can see the warm golden colours above the dark base that show the unique personality of this sink. I can see why they called it “barrel” sink , because it`s so big and probably heavy […]

007 House

This is the 007 House designed by architect Rob Paulus and it set in the Arizona desert. What I really like about this house is that it can capture all rainwater on the roof in a steel pipe gutter that will spill into a 1000 gallon storage tank to be re-used for courtyard planting. Rob […]

The Offside Football Coffee Table

I think this coffee table is perfect for guys.I mean what more can you want early in the morning after you drink your hot coffee then to And if guys don`t like football well then I don`t know who does. The coffee table was designed and handcrafted by Howard Bushell in his workshop in […]

Sonic Bed

This looks more to me like a thumb and not a bed. This bed has 12 channel surround sound and require 220 volts to power of electricity and covers every inch of your body in sound.This way is for sure you have a deaf sleep.Now I don`t thik anyone will want something like this beacuse […]

Apple Jacket

Is your apple tired of wearing Prada and Gucci? Then it`s time to get him the new Apple Jacket. This is the cutest thing I have ever seen beside my puppy! I`m pretty sure the apple doesn’t feel the cold weather but it look`s like a million bucks.Now you can go out and show off […]

The Hobbit House

  If you wore told that the little hobbit houses from Lord of The Rings aren`t true , well they lied because here they are..Who said you can`t be a real living hobbit? It`s amazing but this house is built by two men(father and son) with a low budget (about $6000) in about 2 months.The […]

The Bubble Chair

Maybe the color of these chairs isn’t so nice but they sure are.These are 100% handcrafted rattan chairs and look comfortable too.I guess the bubble they form is just another good place where you can stock magazines or about anything.Lucky us with this modern furniture , not only that is practical but kind of gives […]

Stripe Floor

Now this is an eye-poppin floor.If you want to get crazy in your own home well..after watching for several minutes this unusual floor , I bet you will go crazy.Mabe you think it`s some kind of carpet but it`s not.Actually the floor was made out of extensive tape.This great idea camed from the actual owner […]

Nature v2.01

You know how people say you should try to get in touch with your natural side? Well I don`t think they wore refering to this chair particularly but it`s a start.This chair is actually very cool because you can sit on it and say you have a tree also.I`m pretty sure we can go into […]

Bunk Sofa Bed

Now, this is the kind of smart sofa that I want in my living room.Not only that it looks great but it`s also multi functional .I bet you haven`t seen one of this yet , a sofa that converts into a bunk bed.You can even sleep peacefully in the top bed because the bunk bed […]

Toobe Lamps

It comes a time in everybody`s life when we just feel like…buying a new lamp.Choose this great lamps created by the italian designer Ferruccio Laviani.It`s easy to move around the house and it comes in this great 4 colours.This lamps have been made of geextrudeerde plastic(PMMA) tube which contain a bright incandescent light source at […]

Splinter Chair

You know those products that offer you 2 things in one package? Well this is one of those products.There is no doubt that in the first picture we see a bench but miraculously in the second picture we have not one but two chairs.Now how is that possible? Simple.All you need is a cool designer […]

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