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Multifunctional Design

I’m sure that some of you like Multifunctional furniture. Today I’ve found a piece of really multifunctional furniture. This multifunctional design created by Gustavo Mourão and Danilo Santos can be turned into a table, a chair, a closet or a sofa. It works very simple and it looks great. A piece of furniture like this […]

Sha-Do Lamp

A german company named Aeneus came with a very interesting idea. They have a collection of beautiful lamps that can produce an astonishing effect in a room, and also can be useful as a decoration as well. Just take a look at these images and you’ll see how they play with shadow and light in […]

Netsurfer Chair Ideal for Computer Addicts

More and more people spend more and more time on the internet, and I’m one of them. For people like me, and other internet addicts Snowcrash made the Netsurfer Chair. This chair seems very comfortable, as you can see from this picture the chair has pillows to support the neck and lower back and adjustable […]

Xel Bookcase by Luca Nichetto

No,the bees didn`t invade youre house but after they see this bookcase I`m thinking that may just will. It`s practical, fun and easy to use and doesn`t take a lot of space. The harder part will be to arrange the books in a way that will be easy to take a book if you want […]

What would you like more from Freshome ?

Today I want to ask all my readers a question, and I encourage your to post a comment. What do you like most on Freshome, and what do you want more from Freshome ? For example Zane ( a loyal reader of this blog, who also helped me these days to make the website look […]

Bookinist Chair by Nils Holger Moormann

Holger Moormann, the designer of Bookinist chair tried to make a chair especially for reading, by combining a chair and a bookcase. Bookinist chair it is based on the principle of a pushcart and can be rolled to a favourite spot. The books are stored ready for use in the arms of the chair. A […]

How To Paint a Tree Mural

Personally I don’t like blank wall in just one color. I like to add something on a wall, something that will give some life and personality to that wall, and of course to the whole home. Today for those who want to learn how to create their own cool wall ( like in the picture […]

Dan Golden Funny Rugs Collection

If you would like a funny rug intro your room, you should take a look at these rugs made by Dan Golden. These hand-tufted rugs of New Zealand wool can make a bold statement on any floor. I’m sure that anyone can came up with their own origianl funny message, but Dan Golden put this […]

Kitchen Inspiration from Valcucine

For today I want to give you some inspiration for your kitchen. Italian manufacturer Valcucin has some beautiful kitchen designs in their portofolio. The different panels and materials yield a range of nicely styled kitchens. In conclusion in this post you can see a few kitchens that have clean lines and simplicity of form. If […]

Ikea Furniture Shopping Tips From A Former Employee

I wanted to write a post about Ikea, but I couldn’t decide what to write, and I didn’t had enough information, but today searching for materials for this blog I’ve found some tips that can be useful for those who want a new piece of furniture, and Ikea is the store from where they will […]

Expensive Chair – Tacchini Moon Chair

Are you ready for a piece of very expensive furniture ? I would like to know what do you think about this chair, and if he deserve this high price. Tacchini Moon Lounge Chair is in compact polyurethane with shiny polyurethane paint finish. The upholstery is attached to the seat using a special process, so […]

House Made of Doors

This house has something really special, because is made from an entirely unconformistic material. I’m sure you don’t see a house made entirely from old doors everyday. This was just a quick example of creative people are, and some of them keep to amaze us everyday. This picture was taken near Elberton, Georgia, snapped from […]

Beautiful Pool of a Modern House – Aatrial House

Surfing the internet to find cool stuff for this blog I’ve stumbled upon an interesting ultra modern house named Aatrial House that is designed by KWK PROMES. This house is very interesting, for example: the driveway leads inside the ground floor level, from underneath the building, to an inner atrium with the driveway in it. […]

About The Million Dollars Homes

Business Week recently wrote an article where they discussed why huge million dollars homes are more and more popular. The statistics shows that home sales at the $5 million-plus price range rose 11% in 2006, compared to a 8.4% decline in overall housing market sales. Between 1999 and 2005, the Institute for Luxury Home Marketing […]

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