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Sketch Chairs – Mommy’s Chair by Lucy Merchant

Look closely. Very, very closely. These chairs appear to be a child’s drawing or a delibrate cartoon sketch on paper. But they are not. They are fully 3-D chairs i.e. real chairs anyone can sit on. Lucy Merchant is the designer behind Mommy’s Chair, a series of hand-bent recycled steel chairs with white seats which […]

The Limes Hotel Opened in Brisbane

On June 27 in Brisbane, Australia, the Limes Hotel – first Australian hotel to join the Design Hotels organization opened gates. Designed after spending countless hours in airplanes and hotel rooms by award-winning Argentinian designer Alexander Lotersztain, it is located in Fortitude Valley. I’ve decided to publish about this interesting and innovative piece of architecture, […]

Dolce Vita Chair and Footrest Set

A long day at the office deserves at least a couple of minutes of rest in a comfortable place. Stefano Bigi designed the Dolce Vita swivel chair and footrest combo for La Cividina Inc and obviously did a very good job. First thing that gets the attention is the shape and the powerful orange color. […]

The Wave Bookcase from Urbinati

This beautiful combination of glass and bent, dubbed The Wave Bookcase, was designed by Leonardo Emiliozzi for the Italian furniture manufacturer Urbinati. With aluminum feet and made of crystal and straight or curved plywood, the cabinet comes in two heights and widths, both allowing custom positioning of the shelves. Can’t say if they’re solid enough […]

The Hive by Mostapha El Oulhani

“The Hive” is inspired at the same moment by the natural shelter built by bees and traditional forms of the Andalusian Arabian architecture and it was designed by Mostapha El Oulhani. The modules of arrangement of hexagonal shape overlap so as to draw a landscape within the space and so become an element structuring all […]

Brandt Aion, the Kitchen of the Future

When thinking how the future will be, I don’t include kitchen designs or kitchen utensils in the big picture, but now that I see the Brandt Aion, I think I should have. A result of Antoine Lebrun‘s work, the multi functional kitchen designed for Fagor Brandt is intended for small places and should go along […]

Cocobello Modular Cabin With Various Purposes

Building a new house in the old fashioned way, doesn’t allow change and takes not only a lot of time but a lot of personal effort. Not the Cocobello modular cabin which is built using three interlocking elements that can be moved horizontally and vertically, to form a two-storey studio unit. Designed as a Fliegender […]

Practical Huggy Armchair

At Freshome we really enjoy furniture that can twist, bend or turn, to get a new shape for different purposes. Take the Huggy armchair for example. Normally it has a mattress that is wrapped inside a small cylindrical wooden base, like the ice cream in a cone, to form a 77 x 60 x 60 […]

Wall-Mounted Aquariums from Mikaza Home

These wall mounted aquariums will add an atmosphere of life and sophistication to any room or office. As the tank is fully mounted on the wall, there’s no need for a stand or table, thus drawing the eye directly to the tank. The low profile of these aquariums match the modern look of plasma TV […]

Karl Lagerfeld to Design “Haute Homes” in Dubai Isla Moda

After last month we saw that Brad Pitt will design an eco-friendly hotel Dubai Infinity Holdings just announced that Karl Lagerfeld will design 80 residential homes for them, including a limited-edition design on Isla Moda, the world’s first dedicated fashion island, set in the iconic development, The World ( one of many man-made islands being […]

Bicycle Trailers on Loan at IKEA

IKEA of Denmark is now starting a new concept at their Danish stores. After they made a survey and found that 20 percent of its customers arrived by bike, the IKEA outside of Copenhagen has hooked up with the Danish Freetrailer service to offer (relatively free) Velorbis bikes with trailers to customers. IKEA has invested […]

Decorated Shelves : Nero Shelf

The Nero Shelf was designed by Nanni Holén, and was inspired by the decorated shelves you sometimes find in old cupboards. The shelf can be used alone or in a group and gives a wall a strong and contemporary look. The Nero Shelf has an eye catching design that looks good, and is not just […]

Erotic Furniture Inspired by the Most Attractive Female Forms

I don’t know what was in Mario Philippona head when he created these pieces of erotic furniture. His work is inspired by the most attractive female forms, and his pieces available for sale are hilarious. The pieces might be unique, but they are to much, for example how would you explain to your kids that […]

Hide Your Valuable Stuff with Air Vent Secret Compartment

The Air Vent Secret Compartment is supposed to be a hidden place where you can hide your stuff. You can hide stuff under your mattress or behind various other things that a thief would want to steal, but that’s pretty unorganized. What if you could hide your valuables inside of something that’s so common, that […]

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