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George3 Console Table by Gareth Neal

The George3 console table is designed by Gareth Neal, and is a piece of furniture that is quite unique, and can very easily catch your eye. In the same style we presented last year another interesting table by Gareth Neal. The only problem I can see is there will be dust to collect in those […]

Amazing Landscape Architecture : Namba Parks

Namba Parks is a really amazing piece of architecture, a place where you’ll spend half your time shopping and the other half admiring the design. It stands where Osaka’s baseball stadium used to be until 2003, and consists of a 30-floor skyscraper, Parks Tower, and 120-tenant shopping mall which includes many restaurants and a cinema. […]

Brad Pitt to Design a Luxury Eco-friendly Hotel in Dubai

It seems that when you are a celebrity you know everything, or at least media shows that you know everything and you can do anything easily. For example recently actor Brad Pitt has signed on as the designer of a luxury eco-friendly hotel with Zabeel Properties, that will be built Dubai. The project, which aims […]

700 Palms Residence by Steven Ehrlich

  • 700 palms bedroom
  • 700 palms modern house
  • palms residence house
  • 700 palms living room

The 700 Palms Residence was designed and completed in 2003 by Steven Ehrlich, and is located in Venice, Los Angeles, California. The house expresses a counterpoint between a sense of harmony and tranquility with flowing, dynamic spaces. Flexibility and transformation are fully realized through the use of wood-and-steel frame structure, enclosed and shielded for privacy […]

Casa Aquino by Augusto Fernandez Mas

This amazing house located in Morelos, Mexico is called “Casa Aquino” and it was designed by Augusto Fernandez Mas (K+A Diseño). Architect Augusto Fernandez Mas’ emphasis on wood and stone helps blend the house in with its natural surroundings. This single-family residence is located on a steeped lot in front of federal government lands and […]

Remote Controlled Wall Mount System for your Flat Screen TV

In these days wall mounted flat-screen TV’s are more and more popular and affordable. A lot of people buy them, because they look good mounted on the wall, and they also save space. Inca is in the business of helping you decide what to do with your flat panel. Their newest creation is the P/N […]

In & Out End Table

Usually seen next to a table or couch end tables are often overlooked even thought they can hold the look of a living room together. They add style and function to your home with ease. Their main function is to hold stuff, a lamp, remote controls, drink, vase of flowers etc. Today I’ve found an […]

Do Lo Res Sofa by Ron Arad

“Do Lo Res” sofa is a very creative design by Ron Arad. Do Lo Res is a very up-to-the-minute sofa composed of several soft, square-based cube- or rectangular-shaped units of various heights. The units are arranged in rows to form the shape of the sofa, and fixed to a platform by steel pins. The units […]

Beautiful Bed Frame : Marina Bedroom

The Marina Bedroom is designed by Sacha Lakic, and is a piece of beautiful contemporary bedroom furniture. The design is characterized by clean lines, simple design and rounded corners. The materials used for this design are beech frame in walnut laminated panels, top upholstered in leather. The headboards are electrically or manually adjustable. The bed […]

Playdate table with Stools a Smart and Simple Design

Designed by Lawson-Fenning for Nurseryworks ( a Los Angeles-based furnishings firm founded by Traci Fleming and Kaye Popofsky Kramer ), the Playdate table + stools is smart, clean and simple design. Great functionality make this table & stool set a perfect playtime addition to any modern space. The design consists of a circular table with […]

The Geekiest Toilet Ever : Souped Up John

What you are going to see in this post is a realistic toilet that was featured under “Cool Inventions” in National Geographic Kids Magazine under the title ‘Souped Up John.’ An ultra pimped out toilet, that is the ultimate in geek bathroom luxury. It features a TV, TiVo, DVD, XBox, laptop, refrigerator, megaphone, Ipod dock […]

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas, Pictures & Inspiration

Today I was looking for bathroom remodeling ideas and I’ve found an Italian company that produces modern contemporary bathroom designs. This company is called Mastella and it was founded in 1984. Today Mastella is a solid company with a consistent, easily identifiable image, run by Antonio Mastella with the help of wife Daniela and daughters […]

Coffee Table Inspired by Ipod

Wired’s Nicole Martinelli ( Italian correspondent ) spotted this iCoffee table last week in the lobby of Milan’s Nhow design hotel. I expected to see at least one product inspired by the well known Ipod, and here it is one, and it looks as good as the Ipod, simple and sleek. – Via

Pet Plant Pot Wants to Make us Understand How Plants Feel

Earlier this month I’ve presented the Vitamin I.V. Plant Pot an interesting and good looking self watering plant pot. Today I’ve discovered something more extreme, a very geeky and sophisticated plant pot named Pet Plant and designed by Junyi Heo. This plant pot is for those of you who are so busy that they might […]

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