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Fitting Gold – Modular Furniture

Fitting Gold for office, home and contract is a piece of modular furniture in black anodized aluminum. The doors in finishing gold-leaf handmade by master craftsmen. A successful mix between a high technology furniture and secular processing doors still produced by hand. Fitting Gold is in a limited edition. For many, but not for all. […]

Christmas Ornaments Goes Digital

This digital christmas ornament decorates your tree while storing over 50 of your favorite family photos on its 1.5″ color LCD. The pictures can be displayed as a slideshow, or you can leave one on at a time. In these days technology is in everything even in christmas ornaments. This digital christmas ornament is $49.95, […]

Velvet Black Faucet by Grohe Ondus

The Velvet Black Faucet is a modern faucet designed by Grohe Ondus. Surrounding each component, a chrome ring celebrates the beginning of a rising interface. This sophisticated details creates a consistent icon and adds an intrinsic jewel-like quality. Handles seamlessly flow from their cylindrical bases, like raindrops gently dispersing on the surface of a stream […]

Love Mattress

Designed by Mehdi Mojtabvi, the love mattress is actually made up of single slats, each covered in with a smooth fabric. The slats allow you to dip your arms to better hug your partner in bed. Look at this very intimate lover mattresses, fragmented bands design lets you easily mattresses will be “separated” from the […]

Clever Bath Organiser

Sometimes I stay a lot of time in bath, but just to relax and think. I know that a lot of people like to spend time in bath, to forget about the everyday problems, take a deep breath, enjoy the warm water and finally relax. Today I’ve discovered a really interesting bath organiser that you […]

A Lamp That Can Change Size

I’ve presented a lot of interesting lamps on this blog, and today I’ve found another chandelier or lamp how you want to call it, that is really awesome. This lamp can change this way in a really interesting way. The system is really clever. Watch the video to see how it works. – Via – […]

Toilet Seats Inspired by Guitars

These toilet seats might look like a joke, but there is no joke, they are real products, and you can actually buy one. I don’t know who want a toilet seat shaped like a guitar, but who knows maybe there are people who want to buy this product. And as a bonus this toliet seat […]

Picture Frame Transforming into a Table

Verena Lang the designer of this smart picture frame had an original idea when she made this product. Hanging on the wall, it looks as if you are displaying a beautiful photograph in a unique picture frame. As the diagonal bar is opened up, we instantly are provided with a nice and sturdy table. Because […]

How much Surface Area You Get for €50,000 in Cities Around the World

Anarchitecture Blog published a graphic from where you can see how much surface area one gets for every 50,000€ (about USD $73,400) in various cities in the world. I’m sure that these numbers are just aproximative, because the price depends on many factors. You can see some factors that can influence the price of apartment […]

Illy – Push Button House

The Illy Push Button House designed by Adam Kalkin is built within a standard shipping container, that takes just 90 seconds to expand to reveal a five-room home, complete with kitchen, dining area, bedroom, living room and library. The house uses hydraulic cylinders that are controlled by a computer system within the kitchen island and […]

Sitscape Sofa

The „Sitscape“ is a seating zone with a length of six meters. The form transforms the usual use of a couch. The design is based on specific seating positions and smooth transformations between them. Based on the preferred relaxing positions of the client we generated six basic positions and formed a perfect fit for them […]

How Much Energy is Wasting When Household Appliances are Left Plugged

Did you know that even when household appliances are turned off, most are still using some electricity ? Good magazine has an interesting chart in their latest issue that details how much energy your vampire devices use, and how much it costs you to keep them plugged in. You can see the interesting vampire shaped […]

Modern architecture – Farnsworth House

The one-room, steel-and-glass house designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe that has been called one of the most important works of 20th century architecture. Located in a beautiful meadow on the banks of the Fox River two miles south of Plano, the Farnsworth House has been called “sculptural” in its simplicity and a masterpiece […]

Modern Coffee Table – T2

The t2 coffee table is a moulded timber structure that can be produced in a variety of colours and finishes. The table incorporates elegant curves that work on several planes, creating a piece that constantly changes form and detail from whichever direction you view it. The piece incorporates an inherent storage space and appears to […]

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