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Modern House with a Concrete and Wood Facade

  • inside-house-c
  • c-i-house-2
  • c-i-house-3
  • c-i-house-4

This modern home by Paul Cha Architect called the C-I House is a 2,000-sq.-ft. getaway from the endless go of city life, located at about two-hour drive north of New York City. The outside design is a simple “box” with a concrete and wood facade. The first floor’s service area consists of a storage closet, […]

Interesting White Building : Shiro by 1980/Takuya Hosokai + Hiromasa Mori

In these days some architects can create amazing buildings, and to give an example here it is a building named Shiro, that is a hair salon in Fukui,Japan, made by architects 1980/Takuya Hosokai + Hiromasa Mori. The design is simple, and with a very eye-catching look. Great outlines, unusual angles with a little tension, and […]

Wave Table by Kenneth Cobonpue

Designed by Kenneth Cobonpue the Wave Table is a hand made piece of furniture. Hand-finished walnut or mahogany wood pieces are attached together in a graceful and rhythmic pattern to create sculptural tables that seemingly float on the ground.

Sofa Bend by Stéphane Perruchon

In a minimalist style, without neglecting the comfort, the Sofa Bend is the latest creation of Stéphane Perruchon. What strikes at first glance it is the contrast between the fine structure formed by a sheet of metal folded and the cushions soft and colorful. Indeed this sofa is composed of a single sheet of metal, […]

Apartments on the Coast by Ofis

  • beehive
  • beehive apartments
  • beehive-composite
  • beehive composite

This complex was constructed as a low-income residence for young families and couples in the industrial district of Izola on the Slovenian coast. The project is simply called “Apartments on the coast” and it was designed by OFIS ( we presented another project made by them in this post – Tetris Apartments ). The striking […]

Comfortable Lounge Chair for Sports Fans

If you are looking for a comfortable armchair, but you also care about the design, and of course you’re a sports fan then here it is a piece of decor that reflects the spirit of sport. These two pieces especially designed for football and basketball fans are my favorites and they are part of the […]

Earth House Estate Lättenstrasse

Earth houses is a project designed by Peter Vetsch and are based on the interpretation of an environmentally conscious, ecological and progressive architecture. The pictures from this post are with a house named Earth House Estate Lättenstrasse, that is located in Dietikon, Switzerland. Compared to traditional residential houses built on the ground, the aim of […]

Washbasin Shaped as a Fossil – Ammonite

If you want something really unique in your bathroom then you should take a look at the Ammonite washbasin from HighTech that is shaped as a fossil. This unique design showcases the organic qualities of concrete. The washbasin can be produced in widths between 90 cm and 330 cm with a standard depth of 56 […]

Interesting Idea to Decorate a Prefabricated Container by Angela Fritsch Architekten

In Darmstadt, Germany, The Alice-Hospital vom Roten Kreuz has commissioned Angela Fritsch Architekten to build a pavilion in the park in front of their main building, and the final result is a really creative design. The pavilion was constructed using a conventional system of prefabricated containers. In order to integrate it into the park, the […]

Wake Up with an Amazing View – SkyCeiling

If you would like to brighten up and inject some life into a dull room, then you should check this beautiful idea. SkyCeilings are photographic illusions of real skies that fit into standard ceiling grid systems. SkyCeilings faux skylights now include programmable lighting which can be used to emulate the intensity and color changes that […]

Furniture Made with a Single Stroke

Designed by Aykut Erol the Line Furniture System is a metal wire system made with a single stroke or line. This system has everything from a lamp, to coat hook, to shelving, to TV set, to even a wine and CD racks! The most important characteristic of “Line” is it being a no-break line. Theoretically, […]

Beautifuel Life – Oil Can Coffee Set

Ouch. With oil selling at record prices, filling up our cars at the pump really hurts our wallets these days. Global demand, especially from rapidly growing economies like China and India, is far outstripping our capacity to produce enough oil. So it makes more and more sense to curb our dependence on crude. Perhaps a […]

Modern Mosaic Tables

Mosaics are great additions to home decor, not just for floors and walls but tables. Mosaic tiling on tables is not new but many of those you come across would not suit a contemporary style. So it is delightful to see the work of designer Brad Teasdale, co-founder of Brooklyn Glassworks, NY. He is ” […]

Curvy Retro Furniture – MeliaDesignUK

Sculptural furniture with its shapely forms can become voluptuous additions to your decor. The full-bodied approach to such furniture can best be seen by the work of John-Paul Melia and Lucy Tatam, who are the designers behind MeliaDesignUK. They work primarily from man-made boards and a range of real wood veneers, some of which are […]

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