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Corner Lamp

I think that the Corner Lamp is a brilliant idea. The Corner Lamp is a lamp that can be very useful in a small place, and also pretty stylish. With this lamp you’ll don’t waste any space in your room. I’m sure that a lot of people will find this lamp very practical. This lamp […]

Villa Bio

Villa Bio is a really interesting house project that caught my attention. This project was created by architect Enric Ruiz-Geli. Usually most homes impress us with beautiful interior design, furnishings and all kind of high tech gadgets. In this case I was impressed by a thing that usually is not designed to impress …the ROOF. […]

Binova Fires – Cooking Surface

Binova Fires Line cooking surface has a fantastic simple and minimalist design and is an ideal solution for kitchens and small houses where the kitchen is not used much or minimalist environments also. It can be used on narrow work tops and is easy to clean. The modern depth of the cooking surface improves the […]

Narrowest House in The World just 1 Meter Wide

  • narrow-house2.jpg
  • narrow-house3.jpg
  • narrow-house4.jpg
  • narrow-house5.jpg

Today you’ll see a great example of what a woman did with a small piece of land without any “architectural” help: 2 rooms, kitchen, 3 bedrooms with washrooms and a veranda! This narrow house belongs to the lady in yellow – Helenita Queiroz Grave Minho , designed by her. She live in this 1 meter […]

A Window that Can Both Heat and Cool your Home

A few months ago I’ve wrote an article named – Tricks to Keep Your House Cool this Summer and a lot of people commented and liked that article. In this article I’ve presented ways to keep your home cool during the summer but without using an air conditioner. Today I’ve found about a new invention […]

Side Chair

The Side Chair is a piece of multifunctional furniture designed by Alexander Kneller. This chair/table allows you to sit comfortably and create more room in your limited space. This multi-functional design also comes with an option for an open lower area for storage of your favorite reading materials. The designs come in both white and […]

Serenity Twin Daybed

The Serenity Daybed is sure to be one of the coziest corners in your house. Your kids will agree that there’s no better spot for hanging out, reading a book, or watching TV. And if they fall asleep there… well, that’s okay, too! Young America’s high / low lock systems allow the twin and full […]

Skl Lounge by Brodie Neill

The Skl Lounge is a project designed by Brodie Neill and is a white low riding lounge revealing a red interior comfort zone. This product has an appealing look, but I don’t see this piece of furniture in any home, I’d rather see this in a studio, or in other place where you’ll have to […]

Furniture Inspired by Ipod

In these days Ipods are extremely popular, and because of that people started to invent other things where Ipods can be used. A few months ago I’ve posted about “7 Hi-Tech Sound Pillows for your iPod“. Today another product that was inspired by the Ipod are these pieces of furniture that are great for music-lovers. […]

Nesting Tables – Bonnie and Clyde

Bonnie and Clyde nesting tables are designed by Anna Thomas. Each table is made from cold-formed mahogany, rubber and plywood; their bare simplicity allows them to serve as anything from cocktail tables to shelving. The design is so simple, clever and also beautiful. More information about the Bonnie and Clyde tables can be found here, […]

Isokon Penguin Donkey – Storage Unit

First designed in 1939 to hold penguin books, the penguin donkey has become a classic piece of design. The central section is great for holding books and magazines, and it also holds up to 80 paperback books. This model is made from natural birch. Isokon Plus produce three versions of the Penguin Donkey in a […]

Gladsax Nightstand

The Gladsax Nightstand is designed by Hildurs hus and is a simple piece of furniture but with a nice look. The two nightstands are made of solid oak by the Swedish company Hildurs hus, and as you can see they are perfect to store a few things like magazines or a book if you like […]

Bathroom Mat – Drops of Water

If you are looking for a cute bathroom mat, today I’ve found one that I think is really cute. The Drops of Water bathroom mat is designed by Hella Jongerius and has a really interesting design, solidified ‘drops of water’, that is perfect for your bathroom. Made of soft PU, this anti-slip, easy to clean […]

Yang Sofa

Yang Sofa is sofa that allows you to play with. It can be interlocked to form a sofa or a sectional. You can create a range of different groupings using up to four left or right arm sofas. Designer Francois Bauchet created this brilliant Yang sofa for Ligne Roset. – Found via – Teejay5

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