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Wave Chaise

This is the kind of furniture that not only look`s like a wave but will surely do some waves among people who see it.Use it indoor as well as outdoor.It has an elegant look and let`s face it white is always for style.As for the wave shape , all i can say is that it […]

Bamboo Bed

  This bed put`s the “c” in comfort. High Touch created this beautiful bed from natural bamboo that provides a sweet sleep.A romantic mood is set by the white drapes that also protect you from mosquito.It`s available in natural light , natural dark and natural tiger finishes . The High Touch Bamboo Bed is around […]

Sink by Kohler

  If you take a quick look at this picture and don`t notice the tap you`ll say it`s a jacuzzi.The sporty lines and Yin Yang shape give a new look to your bathroom because is so much different than the usual round and oval sink.Get your`s now from Kohler.

The Infinity & Taiga III

  Got to admit a real work of art and this is just one of it. Created by the russian designer Vadim Kibardin .No doubt that the chairs are both beautifuland don`t take a lot of space.I`m just afraid that the black “Infinity” chair can`t hold much weight and I don`t advise anyone to lean […]

Levo Book Holder

This is not a joke. People really invent this kind of stuff that help you to get even more lazy then you wore. Yes , it hold`s the book for you and you can move it around the house. Only thing it doesn`t do is to turn the pages also.The Levo Book Holder is available […]

Brave Space`s Coat Range

Ok , so it look`s like a piece of wood that a hungry bear attacked and ended up with this shape. Well it`s a coat hook that shapes like a mountain with snow on top. Ingenious? Maybe. One thing I know for sure, it`s practical , you can hang it anywere and hang anything on […]

The Moon System Sofa

Metalic look and curved shape, an U.F.O? Wrong. It`s Zaha Hadid`s (world-famous architect) sofa made for B&B Italia. Looks like it`s carved out of a single material but here is the beauty of the architect that tryes to perfect the art of shaping things. If something is missing from your room then this sofa will […]

The Madera Bathtubs

No, this is not a huge pot for supe, it`s a bathtub,for all those people that like to keep it simple but still modern. This incredible bathtube was sculpted by hand and it`s made from hard woods. Now your relaxing moments will be increased. Check out some other bathtubs with the same futuristic design .

Race Rocking Chair

Bringing the 1950s back. Not only granny`s will love this chair but the new look is very attractive for young people as well.Now you can rock in style. This beautiful rocking chair is actually a copy of Ernest`s Races Rocking Chair from 1948. It`s made of steel rods with hardwood arm rests.For all the rocking […]


Today I want to announce that for the next 10 days I’ll be away. After a very long time I decided to take a vacantion to recharge my batteries. For the next 10 days I’ll be in Greece, and I hope that I will find an internet cafe to check Freshome from time to time. […]

Self Cooling Seat Cushion

The Self Cooling Seat Cushion is a furniture accesory that bringing a new level of comfort to whoever sits on it. The Self Cooling Seat Cushion is a comfortable seat cushion made from natural minerals specifically chosen for their unique cooling properties. Reusable, it automatically self-regenerates (without refrigeration) overnight for the next day’s use. The […]

Invisible Speakers by Olivier Hennessy

Sonance Architectural Series speakers is the perfect solution for a modern home. Personally I would love to have a speaker like this in my home, and I will have in future. Mounted into a wall, Sonance Architectural Series™ speakers become all but invisible, aligned perfectly on-plane with the surface of the wall. Consider the Architectural […]

The Barbados Daybed

The Barbados Daybed is an excellent way to relax after a hard day of work. As you can see from this picture the Barbados Daybed is a simple piece of furniture that can be placed indoors or outdoors. At the buttom the Barbados Daybed has a shelf unit that allows you to store some books […]

Le Beanock

Le Beanock is a modern twist on the classic beanbag/hammock designed by UK fashion model to expert sailmaker to qualified welder, Tracie Herrtage. Made of sturdy sailcloth, it can hang from any height and at any angle and comes to two generous sizes at is priced at $500 – $1,000.

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