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Smart Lighting Solution with Spectral Qualities for a Brighter Home by BETILLON/ DORVAL-BORY

  • Details colours
  • How light spreads
  • Light
  • Plan

Appartement Spectral is a 20 square meters studio apartment in Levallois, Paris, France. It might seem small but the space’s enough for a young couple with a busy schedule. When BETILLON / DORVAL‐BORY, an architecture office based in Paris, took the project understood that the main problem was not the lack of space but the lack of light. In […]

Stylish Bungalow Inspired Residence in Singapore: Sunset Terrace House

  • design sunset-terrace-house-architology
  • exterior sunset-terrace-house-architology
  • sunset-terrace-house-architology (2)
  • sunset-terrace-house-architology (3)

a_collective completed the design and development of Sunset Terrace House, a highly modern residence organized in an L-shaped plan in Singapore. Stylish and diverse, the bungalow-inspired crib exudes harmony and a large degree of openness. A modern blend of glass, wood and concrete results in an eye-catching street facade. All the rooms have views to […]

Royal British Atmosphere Experimented in 100Sqm Russian Apartment

  • living room Russian apartment
  • modern Russian apartment
  • Russian apartment (4)
  • Russian apartment (5)

The creative studio at Simultin Design completed the design of a contemporary flat with a surface of ​​just over 100 square meters. Located in a new residential complex in Krasnodar. Russia, the apartment was developed according to the requests of the owner, who wanted everything to revolve around a central theme: The United kingdom. In […]

Compact Loft in Madrid Displaying Smart Storage Solutions by Beriot Bernardini Arquitectos

  • Plan
  • Wardrobe
  • Smart Space
  • Limited Space

Discovered on Trendir, this super-compact apartment located in the heart of Madrid’s historic centre provides a decent and comfortable living environment for a single person. As expected, the loft designed by Beriot Bernardini Arquitectos incorporates a series of smart storage solutions enhancing a little bit the feeling of space: the stairs, for instance, have drawers. A […]

Amusing Bog Standard Oak Toilet Seat With Roll Holder by Henry Franks

  • Wooden details
  • Seat with toilet
  • Process of fabrication
  • How it's made

We’ve seen plenty of peculiar things that actually turn out to be quite useful but we’ve never seen anything like this before! Amusing, functional and well, let’s face it, elegant, Bog Standard is an oak toilet seat with a built-in toilet paper holder. In other words, a clever and ingenious accessory that adds a touch of […]

Fascinating Living Space Royally Mixing Design Styles in Ankara, Turkey

Envisioned by Özhan HAZIRLAR, this complex living room is part of a villa in the Bilkent neighborhood of Ankara, Turkey. Its design blends classic and modern details, employing warm colors, ergonomic furniture and an overall appealing style. Boasting 60 square meters, the living room in the photos below is the core of the 320 square […]

Original Surf-Inspired Table and Bench by Duffy London

In the memorable words of Jon Kabat-Zinn, “You can’t stop the waves but you can learn to surf!“ Inspired by this fascinating sport, Christopher Duffy of Duffy London envisioned the Surf-ace Table and Bench, a lovely item exhibiting a high level of originality. The Surf-ace table is made using traditional surfboard manufacturing techniques giving the […]

Delightful One-Room Scandinavian Crib With Plenty of Living Space

Browse through the photos below and you will discover a welcoming apartment, filled with inspiring design ideas, personality and space. Each of the 44 square meters in this beautiful Scandinavian crib was optimized, resulting in a home that simply dazzles. Discovered by Freshome on Alvhem, the abode consists of a single open plan interior, with […]

10 Ways to Correct Your Interior Design Color Myths

I’m sure you’ve heard all of the “rules” when it comes to choosing colors for your interiors. Whether it’s “don’t pair too many colors together or your room will feel cold” or “Don’t just use beige color in your room it will look boring”, there are always ways to correct any myth, right? If you’ve […]

Luxuriously Integrating Water Elements: 813 Laurel Avenue House

Amit Apel Design ( development, interior design, landscape design, material selection on this project was done by YL CONSTRUCTION ) have completed the development of 813 Laurel Avenue, a contemporary home built with the functionality of a traditional plan and the sleek, distinct taste of modern design. The home has large, multi-height windows to allow […]

Mixing Baroque Elements and Car Art: Distinctive Glamour Beetle Armchair

The design collaboration between Andrea Colombo (interested in iconic cars) and Linda Assandri (passionate about Swarovski and glam details) led to the development of the Glamour Beetle Armchair. The duo from ZAC Glamour Design launched a unique approach to furniture, combining Baroque elements and Car Art. In the case of the armchair presented in the photos below, […]

Modern Home Design With a Little Extra: Hillsborough II Residence by MAK Studio Architects

San Francisco based MAK Studio Architects, completed the design and development of Hillsborough II, an interesting looking modern residence located in Hillsboro, Oregon. From the street side, the building displays a “reserved” appearance, a rectangular shaped pierced by glass. You can notice the intention of blocking out curious gazes in the blurry, impermeable windows. The […]

Surprising Mix of Rectangular Volumes: Casa Familiar in Athens

Recently completed by Office Twentyfive Architects, Casa Familiar is located in a suburb of Athens, called Gerakas. It is surrounded by other private residences with gardens, public spaces and a narrow land without form to the north, which will son become a public park. The residence consists of a dominant white volume combined with large […]

DIY Vs. Hiring an Expert When It Comes to Redecorating Your Home [Infographic]

We ran across this infographic by In Style Modern analyzing the benefits of hiring an interior designer, versus the benefits of redesigning a home for yourself. According to the photo below, some of the main advantages of DIY are flexibility to change, easy plan adjustments, budget control, family time, trying out new experiences and of […]

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