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Stylish and “Dramatic” Apartment in Berlin Designed by Peter Fehrentz

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Peter Fehrentz, owner of a 60 square meters stylish and “dramatic” apartment in Schöneberg, an up-and-coming, fashionable and artistic neighborhood in west Berlin, has recently completed the interior of it. The best thing about being a designer is that you end up garnishing your home freely, without constraints of any kind. Berlin is a city full of excitement and […]

Bauhaus Style Residence Enclosing a Delightful Garden: Villa Wiese in Berlin

  • design villa Wiese
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Architect and builder Volker Wiese has realized his personal home design dream with a Bauhaus style residence with exterior HI-MACS® cladding that secures privacy from the outside while enclosing a delightful garden within a multi-façade, two wing design. For the keen nature lover that Wiese is, using acrylic stone for the exterior wall cladding was […]

What You Need to Know About Becoming a Realtor

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It seems like such a glamorous profession – showing clients luxurious and elegant homes with the hopes that one will be perfect for them. Many people have at one time or other thought about a career in real estate. There’s a good bit to know about becoming a realtor and we’re  here to walk you […]

Perfectly Balancing Modern Living Needs: Empire Display Home

  • design The Empire Residence
  • The Empire Residence (3)
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The Empire display home was especially envisioned by the team at Residential Attitudes to reach a good balance of light, volume and  indoor-outdoor space optimization. Located near Perth in Western Australia, the modern villa was built on a narrow site, lifting the upper level as high as possible, in order to elevate it above the […]

A New Approach to Luxury : Bentley Furniture Collection By Carlo Columbo

  • bentleyfurniturecarlocolombo2
  • bentleyfurniturecarlocolombo3
  • bentleyfurniturecarlocolombo4
  • bentleyfurniturecarlocolombo5

Inspired by the superior finish and design of Bentley’s car interiors, the new Bentley Home furniture collection by Carlo Colombo is an example of British elegance, with a touch of the British driver’s spirit. The UK-based luxury car company is renowned for its sophistication and engineering expertise, now reflecting these features towards a furniture collection, […]

Exquisite House in London With Double Volume Space by LLI Design

 Located in Crouch End, North London, this private residence boasts a magnificent ground floor double volume space. The LLI Design‘s mission was to bring a sense of warmth to this house and to make it as welcoming as possible. The interior is characterised by breeziness and a certain sophistication accentuated by the wonderful choice of decorations, […]

Physical Therapist´s Practice Merged With Modern Home in Austria

ma hoRe Architects completed the design and development muk Residence, an original housing project in Saalfelden, Salzburg, Austria. The primal need of the client was to combine both his dwelling house and his physical therapist´s practice in one building thereby ensuring privacy for the living space and enabling the therapy rooms to be open and […]

Minimalist Table&Vase Fusion by Designer Anna Strupinskaya

The TREEANGLE table by Russian designer Anna Strupinskaya triggers the imagination with an image of a curved tree, split up at the top. The leg of the table is smoothly transformed into a small white vase. The sleek composite pillar created with nature-inspired, asymmetric forms composes a dynamic bend. We love the way this project […]

10 Easy Tips For Brightening The Darkest Rooms Of Your Interiors

While you may not realize it, if you have been feeling tired, cranky, stressed or just not in a great mood, look to your home and it’s sources of natural light. It’s a proven fact that humans respond, act and feel better in a home that has plenty of natural light but also has light […]

Modern Residence Seamlessly Integrating into the Landscape in Ottawa, Canada

Recently designed by Christopher Simmonds, this clean-lined modern residence located in Ottawa, Canada is a sanctuary of peace and tranquility. Encompassed by trees and lush vegetation, Gatineau Hills Residence, blooms in the melancholic days of the fall. It might sound a little bit unusual, but as soon as you get to explore the fantastic burst of colours […]

Striking $30,000,000 Estate With Beautiful Gardens And Relaxing Views

This Magnificent Waterfront estate is a true masterpiece located at 188 Long Neck Point Road, Darien, Connecticut, built in 1897 and including 17 rooms. The beautifully landscaped property, designed to take advantage of its amazing location, has 3.7 acres of gardens and lawns that lead to Long Island Sound, with appealing views to Manhattan skyline […]

Nature-Invaded Dwelling in Sydney, Australia: Bondi House

Fearns Studio completed the design for a lovely looking home in in Sydney, Australia. Bondi House is a fascinating example of how modern architecture can be successfully “softened” by allowing nature its well deserved role. The residence consists of a first level timber tube above a ground floor brick volume. Natural lighting is invited indoors […]

30 Spectacular Modern Glass Facades Presented on Freshome

Expanding a home beyond the borders of its rooms is a growing trend in modern residential architecture. Glass facades were mainly driven by the pursuit for opening up a home towards the surrounding natural landscape, as well as for ensuring a high level of transparency and allowing natural light inside. With constant technology uplifts, glass […]

Reinventing the Light Switch: Futuristic Goldee Light Controller [Video]

Goldee Light Controller is a reinvention of the light switch that redefines how people interact with light. The new system translates information from your surroundings into smart functions that respond to your lighting needs. Users will enjoy smart features such as the Sunrise Alarm, which simulates the morning sunrise to make your morning rise easier. […]

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