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Luxuriously Integrating Water Elements: 813 Laurel Avenue House

  • exterior 813 laurel house (2)
  • exterior 813 laurel house (1)
  • architecture 813 laurel
  • 813 laurel (58)

Amit Apel Design ( development, interior design, landscape design, material selection on this project was done by YL CONSTRUCTION ) have completed the development of 813 Laurel Avenue, a contemporary home built with the functionality of a traditional plan and the sleek, distinct taste of modern design. The home has large, multi-height windows to allow […]

Mixing Baroque Elements and Car Art: Distinctive Glamour Beetle Armchair

  • Baroque armchair
  • project Baroque armchair  (1)
  • project Baroque armchair  (2)
  • project Baroque armchair  (3)

The design collaboration between Andrea Colombo (interested in iconic cars) and Linda Assandri (passionate about Swarovski and glam details) led to the development of the Glamour Beetle Armchair. The duo from ZAC Glamour Design launched a unique approach to furniture, combining Baroque elements and Car Art. In the case of the armchair presented in the photos below, […]

Modern Home Design With a Little Extra: Hillsborough II Residence by MAK Studio Architects

  • exterior residence Hillsborough
  • interior residence Hillsborough
  • residence Hillsborough (3)
  • residence Hillsborough (4)

San Francisco based MAK Studio Architects, completed the design and development of Hillsborough II, an interesting looking modern residence located in Hillsboro, Oregon. From the street side, the building displays a “reserved” appearance, a rectangular shaped pierced by glass. You can notice the intention of blocking out curious gazes in the blurry, impermeable windows. The […]

Surprising Mix of Rectangular Volumes: Casa Familiar in Athens

  • design project cassa familiar
  • exterior project cassa familiar
  • project cassa familiar  (2)
  • project cassa familiar  (5)

Recently completed by Office Twentyfive Architects, Casa Familiar is located in a suburb of Athens, called Gerakas. It is surrounded by other private residences with gardens, public spaces and a narrow land without form to the north, which will son become a public park. The residence consists of a dominant white volume combined with large […]

DIY Vs. Hiring an Expert When It Comes to Redecorating Your Home [Infographic]

We ran across this infographic by In Style Modern analyzing the benefits of hiring an interior designer, versus the benefits of redesigning a home for yourself. According to the photo below, some of the main advantages of DIY are flexibility to change, easy plan adjustments, budget control, family time, trying out new experiences and of […]

Daring Black Box Extension to a Heritage Worker’s Cottage in New Zealand

A heritage worker’s cottage in Auckland, New Zealand was recently expanded with a modern cube-shaped extension developed by the creative team at BOX Living. The new addition creates a powerful contrast with the surrounding buildings, its black, simple geometrical silhouette adding a contemporary vibe to the neighborhood. According to the architects, the cottage houses the […]

High Level of Interactivity Exuded by Stylish Modern Home in Taiwan

H2o+Co2 Design sent us photos and information about a modern house design they recently completed in Taipei, Taiwan. The owner who works in the fashion industry wanted to have a home with unique and personal features. After discussing these needs, the designers reduced partition walls to a minimum level to break the independent spatial pattern […]

White Silhouette With An Intricate Geometry in Portugal: Colunata House

A white silhouette with an intricate geometry can be spotted in the town of Lagos, Algarve, Portugal. Colunata House is defined by an edgy architecture, especially envisioned by Portuguese architect Mario Martins to conquer the rocky landscape of the shore. The design of the residence aimed at making the most of its location, by offering […]

Practical House Layout in Japan by Future Studio: The Light Valley Residence

Despite its 90 square meter surface, the Light Valley Residence by Future Studio seems extremely spacious. Cleverly integrated in a 264.5m2 shaped lot in a new residential area in Kizugawa, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan, the house surrounds a beautiful garden on the south side. Its curving shape perfectly secludes the interiors from the curious eyes of […]

Soothing Ambience Inspired by Small One-Room Apartment in Gothenburg

It is impressive how Swedish designers manage to bring personality into various spaces, without using expensive materials or furniture items in line with the newest trends. Apparently, all it takes is creativity and these Scandinavian apartments make use of it in large amounts. This particular crib we would like to present today has a total […]

Compact and Stylish Apartment in Moscow with Panoramic Views by SL*Project

Alex Nikolashin, the architect from SL*project designed the interior of this compact apartment located at the 23rd floor of an elegant residential building in Moscow’s city centre. The loft offers some of the most amazing panoramic views, allowing you to see the city’s skyline in all its grandeur. Due to the limited amount of  space, the […]

Metaphor for the Uprising Generation: School Extension Integrating a Crinkled Wall

There’s a large number of buildings with a long standing tradition in Kufstein, but only few of them are subjected to modern architectural experiments. When we first saw the Schillerstraße  high school, we perceived it as …a peculiar landmark of the city and we couldn’t stop wondering what exactly lead the architects to this interesting concept? To understand […]

A Playful Design Reinterpretation: Chess Stools by Giorgio Bonaguro

This family of stools, designed by Giorgio Bonaguro for Icons Furniture, aim at giving a playful interpretation to this particular type of indoor furniture. The collection starts with Alfiere ( the “Bishop” in Italian) which is a stool in solid wood: it features a geometric form, interrupted by a large diagonal cut which acts as […]

10 Creative Faux Finish Ideas for your Bare Walls

If you are like most homeowners you’re trying to think of a creative way to transform your bare walls into something spectacular, right? Faux finishing is the art of using painting methods to give an artificial appearance to look like a material such as metal or wood, or to give an architectural style aesthetic to […]

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