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Gorgeous and Comfortable VIK Lounge Chair Designed by Arian Brekveld

  • VIK Lounge chair
  • White VIK
  • Red VIK chair
  • Details VIK

VIK Lounge Chair is a gorgeous project designed by Arian Brekveld for the Dutch design company Spectrum. A light metallic pipe frame supports its comfortable seat made of leather or fabric. The backrest and the headrest are both adjustable keeping your body into a permanent reclined position – reminding us of a car seat and it characteristic comfort. It’s clearly that the […]

10 Ways Window Design can Influence your Interiors

  • window creativity kitchen skylights
  • window creativity living room clerestory
  • window creativity clerestory living room
  • window creativity bathroom transom

Ask any homeowner what the top amenity that they love about their home and their response is usually the views and the location. In fact, many homeowners can stand to live in a smaller home if it means they will have a great view, and the windows that deliver this view is essential. Every room […]

Modern Home in Canada With Extensive Pacific Views by Mehran Mansouri

  • design modern residence
  • exterior modern residence
  • modern residence (1)
  • modern residence (5)

Some of you may remember The Palmerston Project, a modern residence we presented on Freshome in a previous post. The house in the photos below was also designed by Mehran Mansouri and built by Dcube Construction ltd., with the intention of providing a warm living space for its owners in West Vancouver, BC, Canada. The construction has […]

Modern Crib in Taiwan Displaying a Highly Intriguing Layout

  • design Residence Leung
  • interior Residence Leung
  • Residence Leung (4)
  • Residence Leung (5)

KC Design Studio sent us photos and information about a modern residential project the team completed in Taiwan. The main objective was to  develop a friendly and practical living space, one that would highlight the owners’ impressive collection of travel items. To this extent, the designer envisioned a series of wooden shelves, allowing the inhabitants […]

Mediterranean Luxury Comes in White: Villa di Gioia by Pedone Working

  • Ground Floor
  • First Floor Plan
  • Breeziness
  • Lovely Details

Villa Di Gioia is a single-family house located in the idyllic region of Apulia, outside the urban area of Bari and close to the Adriatic Sea (Southern Italy). The construction, completed by Pedone Working in 2011 was designed as an inspiring open space, in harmony with the surrounding site. Reflecting a typical Mediterranean lifestyle:  soothing and relaxed, Villa […]

Quirky Spaceship as Game Studio Office by Ezzo Design

The collaboration between Ezzo Design and Game Studio 2o led to the development of an unconventional office space in the friendly city of Timisoara, Romania: “As soon as a client asks us for an innovative project, with beautiful use of materials, unique approach, no classic lines, incorporation of nature in design, we are intrigued. Thus, […]

Demanding Modern Design for Two-Level House Extension in Australia

Have a look at this daring architecture approach taken on by the Australian architects March Studio! According to the project developers, the Mullet house “performs contorted gymnastics in order to facilitate an ambitious brief on a small, yet opportunistic site“. The clients, Scott Smith and Phoebe Moore, wanted to commission not only a new and comfortable […]

Cool Ramen Restaurant in Vietnam Integrating a Mosaic Wall

The Ramen Bar Suzuki, located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam is a particularly interesting restaurant, with a mosaic wall and a cozy ambience. Its amazing interior, which is like nothing you’ve seen before, was specially design to make people feel comfortable. The team responsible with the project, 07BEACH, had to make Ramen glow. And that was not […]

Refined and Contemporary Composite Stool by Artisan Andrew Cassels

The Composite Stool by Andrew Cassels of Cassels Design has its roots in the warmth of wood, but it is complemented by the addition of powder coated stainless steel, resulting in a refined and contemporary piece. Each Composite Stool is hand-made in the converted garage behind the designer’s house in Wellington, New Zealand. Local businesses […]

Smart Lighting Solution with Spectral Qualities for a Brighter Home by BETILLON/ DORVAL-BORY

Appartement Spectral is a 20 square meters studio apartment in Levallois, Paris, France. It might seem small but the space’s enough for a young couple with a busy schedule. When BETILLON / DORVAL‐BORY, an architecture office based in Paris, took the project understood that the main problem was not the lack of space but the lack of light. In […]

Stylish Bungalow Inspired Residence in Singapore: Sunset Terrace House

a_collective completed the design and development of Sunset Terrace House, a highly modern residence organized in an L-shaped plan in Singapore. Stylish and diverse, the bungalow-inspired crib exudes harmony and a large degree of openness. A modern blend of glass, wood and concrete results in an eye-catching street facade. All the rooms have views to […]

Royal British Atmosphere Experimented in 100Sqm Russian Apartment

The creative studio at Simultin Design completed the design of a contemporary flat with a surface of ​​just over 100 square meters. Located in a new residential complex in Krasnodar. Russia, the apartment was developed according to the requests of the owner, who wanted everything to revolve around a central theme: The United kingdom. In […]

Compact Loft in Madrid Displaying Smart Storage Solutions by Beriot Bernardini Arquitectos

Discovered on Trendir, this super-compact apartment located in the heart of Madrid’s historic centre provides a decent and comfortable living environment for a single person. As expected, the loft designed by Beriot Bernardini Arquitectos incorporates a series of smart storage solutions enhancing a little bit the feeling of space: the stairs, for instance, have drawers. A […]

Amusing Bog Standard Oak Toilet Seat With Roll Holder by Henry Franks

We’ve seen plenty of peculiar things that actually turn out to be quite useful but we’ve never seen anything like this before! Amusing, functional and well, let’s face it, elegant, Bog Standard is an oak toilet seat with a built-in toilet paper holder. In other words, a clever and ingenious accessory that adds a touch of […]

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