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Scandinavian Apartment Defined by Exquisite Taste and Fascinating Design Tricks

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  • interior modern crib
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Located on Hvitfeldtsgatan, a street in central Gothenburg, this Scandinavian apartment boasts a design complexity that we find mesmerizing. Discovered by Freshome on Alvhem Brokerage & Interior, this lovely home is a masterpiece in terms of material use and layout. Allthough the photos below seem to depict an imposing dwelling, with plenty of living space, […]

Flawless Restoration of Historical Villa: Huize Vreeburg in The Netherlands

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Huize Vreeburg in Rosmalen (The Netherlands) is a building with a rich history and a true village icon. It has in the past served as a post office and in recent years was used as a home. Sonder Jansen, an international importer, exporter and producer of frozen fruit and vegetables, acquired the property because of […]

Timeless Villas on Spain’s Costa Blanca Absorbing Unrestrained Panoramas

  • Luxury Villas in Costa Blanca in Spain - BluePort Altea (1)
  • Luxury Villas in Costa Blanca in Spain - BluePort Altea (2)
  • Luxury Villas in Costa Blanca in Spain - BluePort Altea (3)
  • Luxury Villas in Costa Blanca in Spain - BluePort Altea (4)

Born out of the collaboration between Altea Hills Estate Company, architectural offices Carlos Gilardi, Pepe Cabrera and design studio Erik Kuster, these stunning villas boasting panoramic views over the Mediterranean Sea make you wish you were there at any given time. With 5 bedrooms, a spacious living room next to an open kitchen, an inviting dining room, large bathrooms, a fitness center, […]

Notably Luxurious London Apartment Looking for Short-Term Tenant

  • Stylish London Apartment for rent - Henrietta Street (1)
  • Stylish London Apartment for rent - Henrietta Street (2)
  • Stylish London Apartment for rent - Henrietta Street (3)
  • Stylish London Apartment for rent - Henrietta Street (4)

Living stylishly in London for a while – how many of you dream about this? If it’s something you really want, work for and focus on,  you might soon find yourself renting something like this elegant apartment in Bayswater, London. Designed by Kelly Hoppen Interiors, the Henrietta Street apartment spreads over the second and third floors of an imposing Victorian building in […]

Minimalist Warsaw Duplex Exhibiting a Powerful Character

  • design Warsaw apartment
  • interior Warsaw apartment
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  • Warsaw apartment (5)

Despite its modern minimalism, this Warsaw duplex exhibits a powerful character, staying true to the idea that less is more. Envisioned by Hola Design, the spacious abode comprises four bedrooms, two children rooms, guest zone and a home office. The designers went for a generously-sized living space, where the kitchen was elegantly integrated. An inspiring […]

Guardian’s UK Top 10 Schools of Architecture 2015: Make the Best Choice

You might dream of attending one of the best schools of architecture in the UK. If so, this list released by The Guardian will put some order in your choices. Cambridge University occupies the first place in the Guardian’s annual rankings among the best architecture schools in the UK. With a solid academic reputation going back some 800 years, University […]

Canadian Design Candy: Vibrant Modern Model Home Design in Toronto

In a neighborhood crowded with old houses, this residential project shines a light of modern living and acts as an oasis of comfort and style. This collection of interiors shape a modern model home for Trinity Bellwoods Town + Homes. Designed by Toronto-based Cecconi Simone, the bright interiors seen in Toronto, Canada, conquers the viewer with […]

Impressive Family Dwelling by the Sea in Castellón, Spain

Situated opposite to a golf course in Castellón, Spain, this single family dwelling boasts great views and surprisingly, a high level of privacy. Valencia-based Sanahuja and Partners (unfortunately, the company does not have an official website with information on other works in their portfolio) envisioned D&E House as a series of volumes created using different materials. […]

Middle Harbour House in Sydney Showcasing a Dramatic Layered Character

Building Middle Harbour House overlooking Sydney Harbour was considered a privilege not to be undertaken lightly by the creative minds at Richard Cole Architecture. According to their statement, this modern dwelling strives to encourage the everyday experiences of a family and contributes to the rich context of the populated slopes that extend into the waterway: “A […]

Innovative Apartment Design: One Gesture, Touch or Word to Change Function 

How do you imagine the apartment of the future? Compact and functional? Elegant and spacious? Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Media Lab’s Changing Places team has one realistic vision on future apartment design – an innovative living space named CityHome. This concept evolves around movements and an intuitive space, where everything has its place but […]

Original Modern Personality Displayed by Casa ST56 in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Located in a neighborhood in the South Zone, a province in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Casa ST56 by Epstein Arquitectos is the embodiment of its owners’ contemporary living dream. Two visually distinct volumes are merged into one, creating an exterior facade that surprises no matter what the standpoint. From the street level, the house appears relatively […]

Add The Ocean-Inspired Iniala Beach House To Your Bucket List

If you’re in the market for a new exotic beach locale to fall in love with, look no further than the Thailand’s Iniala Beach House. Located in Phuket, a city famous for its spectacular beaches and world-class scuba diving, its ocean views will leave you drooling. But, the modern interior design by architectural studio A-cero takes […]

Family Fun: Modern Backyard Design for Outdoor Experiences to Come

Mindfulness and relaxation are both part of a balanced life, especially when your backyard design composes a modern background for everyday life. A lot of creative and hands-on work went into building this stunningly contemporary backyard. Each of the teams helped shape the design: COS Design imagined the layout, Signature Landscapes created the manicured gardenscape, Serenity Pools built […]

Would Buying This Glazed Waterfront Designer Villa Make You Happier? 

Captivating the eye with its natural beauty from behind a glass wall, the Mediterranean Sea was the anchor needed to convey the feeling of freedom inside this spectacular six-bedroom waterfront designer villa in Mallorca’s Santa Posa region. The Malgrat Islands appear from water in the distance, while greenery surrounds the sun-kissed architectural elements. Mother Nature offers inspiration for everything […]

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