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Re-Framing Family Life in Updated Victorian Terrace House

  • Elsternwick Addition by Sketch Building Design (1)
  • Elsternwick Addition by Sketch Building Design (2)
  • Elsternwick Addition by Sketch Building Design (3)
  • Elsternwick Addition by Sketch Building Design (4)

When re-framing your lifestyle, a new architectural language soon follows. Sometimes it’s adding or subtracting furniture, other times it’s adding and altering the architecture of the home itself. In the case of this particular home owner, the existing outdated one bedroom Victorian terrace house in Australia needed to become larger and brighter in preparation for a […]

Elliptical-Shaped Residence in Spain with a Futuristic Character: Balint House

  • design modern residence
  • exterior modern residence
  • ideas modern residence
  • modern residence (1)

Fran Silvestre Arquitectos completed the design and development of Balint House, a modern elliptical-shaped residence in Valencia, Spain. The volume neighbors a golf course and is placed leaving as much free surface as possible towards the southern edge of the plot for it to be used as a garden, while the lateral limits are blurred with vegetation. A continuous […]

Most Expensive Residence in Beverly Hills Purchased by the Creator of Minecraft

  • beverly-hills-views
  • design modern residence
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  • modern residence (1)

Located on a promontory in the high-end Trousdale Estates neighborhood, this bewildering 23,000 square-foot residence is officially the most expensive residence in Beverly Hills. The “1181 N Hillcrest Road” project was developed by Ferrugio Design + Associates and is currently owned by Swedish billionaire Markus Persson, known for creating Minecraft. Before we share more information, have a look at the […]

Spatial Openness Revealing Flawless Modern Design

  • Laidley Street Home by Michael Hennessey Architecture (1)
  • Laidley Street Home by Michael Hennessey Architecture (2)
  • Laidley Street Home by Michael Hennessey Architecture (3)
  • Laidley Street Home by Michael Hennessey Architecture (4)

Slices of downtown San Francisco reveal themselves from every corner of this flawless modern design: the Laidley Street Home by Michael Hennessey Architecture. Entering this astounding home through a pivot door at the garage level, owners and their guests are welcomed inside this bright and open residence in San Francisco’s Glen Park neighborhood. Up a flight of […]

Colorful Apartment in Warsaw Balancing Modern Decorating and Comfortable Living

  • architecture colorful apartment
  • design Modern-Apartment
  • interior Modern-Apartment
  • Modern-Apartment-Design-2

Bright,spacious and dynamic, this colorful apartment in Warsaw, Poland seems to have it all. Designed by Plasterlina, this stylish urban refuge perfectly balances modern decorating with comfortable living. The focal point of the open plan living room seems to be a striped carpet with a rich chromatic tone, setting a cheerful vibe for the entire space. […]

Playful Mix of Textures As Backdrop for Modern Living: 150 Hudson Residence

150 Hudson Residence by Lucid Studio is a “moody and modern” family home located in Denver, Colorado, USA. As you approach the residence from the street, you are greeted by aged copper panels with subtle shades of greens and blues. A large two-story commercial glass piercing unveils three six-foot tall Pablo Design pendants suspended between the first and […]

10 Architectural Photography Tips To Get The Ultimate Shot

Architectural photography, whether classic or contemporary, can be both rewarding and challenging. Figuring out how to get the ultimate shot isn’t always easy, even though you try, try, and try again. There are a lot of factors that play into getting the ultimate shot — some controllable and some not — so here a few […]

Adjustable Smart Table Design With Ambient LED Lighting: TableAir

TableAir is a new smart work desk which lets you change your posture throughout the day. According to the project developers, we spend enormous amount of time sitting behind our desks, and when you look at it, the table hasn’t been functionally transformed for over a thousand years. The human body is meant to move, […]

Outstanding Family Home Design Hiding In The Suburbs

The M House by MAKE Architecture was re-imagined on a south facing site in Northcote, Melbourne, as having a contemporary addition to the existing family home. With a charming, delightful addition, this newly developed family home unravels its former cramped nature in an updated form. In order for the family to enjoy a soothing family life, the designers were […]

Nestled Between a Lagoon and a Suburban Streetscape: Narabeen House

Located in Narrabeen, Australia, this contemporary home designed by  CHROFI is cleverly adapted to its historical neighborhood (defined by early 20th century Australian town planning). Narabeen House acts as a “buffer zone” between a natural lagoon on one side and the suburban streetscape on the other. The spacious opportunities of the residence are extended outdoors, through the […]

What Does Your Home Say About You?

Are you adventurous? Well-travelled? Creative? These are personality traits that, in a sense, can be written on your walls. So, what does your home say about you?  There’s a reason that the saying, “Home is where the heart is” resonates with people as a commonly accepted expression. No matter where your life takes you, home […]

LEGO-Inspired Kids Furniture Collection Sparks Up Nostalgia 

Considering kids love for all things LEGO, Spanish furniture design and manufacturing company Lola Glamour imagined a modern furniture collection inspired by the charming building blocks. The handmade LEGO Furniture Collection for Kids employs the visual power of beloved LEGO bricks into contemporary furniture design for children’s rooms. These storage for kids use well-known patterns to […]

Unconventional Maple Entry Table Exuding a Singular, Continuous Form

Coming up with an original table design is hard work nowadays, with so many creative models out there. The Maple Entry Table by young California-based Chance Coalter surprises and inspires. Just one of the many striking pieces in Coalter’s portfolio, the unconventional table was built using a technique known as brick-laying. This is the secret behind its singular, continuous […]

Creativity and Warmth Displayed by Vila Mariana Residence in São Paulo, Brazil

Vila Mariana Residence by Cristiane Bergesch is an inspiring renovation project delivered in São Paulo, Brazil. The 34 square-meter home with two levels was completely redesigned to serve the modern living needs of a young couple. Improving the ventilation and lighting systems was one important aspect to consider during the planning stage of the project. According […]

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