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Contemporary “P House” in South Korea Embedded in a Seductively Landscaped Site

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The P House by EAST4 Architecture is constructed within a tenth of a large site, while the remaining areas are fully landscaped. South Korea’s distinct four seasons can be experienced by the various plant species placed within the landscape to provide a comfortable and relaxing house as an escape from the busy life. The Client […]

Design Ingenuity Driven by Repetition: Contemporary Atlas Table

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The Atlas Table by Gunnar Rönsch and Stephen Molloy from The Fundamental Group caught our attention due to its look and design ingenuity. According to the project developers, the unconventional unit pays tribute to the mountains bordering the Sahara, the geographical features on the surface of the planet and the famous titan who bears the […]

Ingenious Design Update for Family Home in Brooklyn, New York

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This colorful crib in the Cooper Park neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York is part of a row of family homes initially built in the 1950s. Each of the dwellings comes with a rear and front courtyard and place for parking, However, they have an outdated layout and are too small to accommodate the living needs […]

Contemporary Norway Island Home Sculpted Within a Harsh Terrain

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Located not far from the polar circle, this cottage-like dwelling on the island of Vega in Norway takes in its wild surroundings. Envisioned by Kolman Boye Architects, the project opens up towards wide panoramas of the Norwegian Sea and mountains rising from it. The overall design was inspired by the topography of the site, as well […]

Delightful “Grand Blvd Residence” in California Exuding Freshness Throughout

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Designed by Robert Thibodeau of Du Architects, the Grand Blvd Residence in Venice, California exudes freshness throughout. With a living surface of over 3,000 square feet, this three bedroom home encompasses gorgeous architectural and design elements. A rich color palette brings in a vibrant, dynamic feel, one that can be experienced from every part of […]

Practical Bathroom Tile Ideas To Inspire You

There’s a reason tile is often the material of choice in the bathroom: it reflects light, it’s durable, it’s easy to clean and freshens up the space. We’ve assembled a list of bathroom tile ideas to help you get started. Tile is a good way to make the space look polished and to revamp a […]

Playful Mix of Textures Driving Energy Inside Modern Greek Residence: A&A House

A&A House in Athens, Greece is a three-floor, L-shaped private residence developed by WoARCHITECTS around an inner garden: “Every space is developed in the perimeter of the courtyard and therefore, through the existence of light and water, a dynamic relation of view, luminosity and reflection is created between the inside and outside spaces.” By using […]

Minimalist Residence in Greece Taking In Endless Sea Views: Villa Melana

Studio 2 Pi Architecture completed the design and development of Villa Melana, a contemporary seaside residence in Greece. “It all started as a simple snapshot; at a very steep site with a clear view towards the sea, a holiday retreat protects its inhabitants from the sun and the strong winds while soothing the senses under […]

Spiegel Haus in Australia Employs Mirrors to Bring Light Inside Living Spaces

Envisioned as a home away from home for a young family, The Spiegel Haus in Alexandria, Sydney, Australia is defined by a robust and low-maintenance nature. The project borrows its name from the many mirrors employed to better illuminate the spaces, while creating special visual effects: “At the Spiegel Haus the namesake mirrors line the […]

Small Japanese Home Exhibiting an Intriguing Wooden Facade: Checkered House

Checkered House by Takeshi Shikauchi Architect Office is an urban residence made almost entirely out of wood, a material less and less used for building houses in Japan; “I thought about designing a wooden house in the city considering disaster prevention and maintenance looking at the positive aspect of wood such as the soft texture […]

Weekend Retreat in New York With a Rustic, Cabin-Like Feel: The RiverBanks House

Situated on the banks of the Hudson River, in Saugerties, New York, USA, RiverBanks House by Foz Design was especially design as a week-end family escape. The  massive silhouette is described as a modern, yet inviting one, due to its rustic, cabin-like feel: “The clean forms are a nod to mid-century modern architecture, while natural […]

Original Architecture Fighting Neighboring Noise: House in Archaggelos

Dias Architecture Studio completed House in Archaggelos, a modern residence with an original architecture located in Nicosia, Cyprus. The brief of the project requested a design that would be able to cut off the continuous noise coming from the neighboring street: “The inclined position of the house gives the impression that the building is pushed […]

Why Every Room Needs A Dose Of Pattern

Like most trend-driven industries, popularity in interior design tends to go in cycles. Over the past few years, modern interiors favored sleek silhouettes with solid fabrics, monochromatic shades, and clean lines. During this time, printed pieces fell out of favor a little bit. But, pattern is starting to make a comeback and, take our word […]

Office&Shopping Tower in Singapore With a Green Park at Its Core

An original triangular geometry defines project “48 North Canal Road“, a complex office&shopping tower in Singapore envisioned by WOHA. The project consisted in reconstructing the shopfront and designing a contemporary new wing. Local architecture law imposed that the building (neighbored by three roads) had splayed corners. According to the architects, this inspired “a chiseled expression […]

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