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Sustainable House Integrates a Roof Terrace by Chris Pardo Design: Elemental Architecture

  • Roof plan
  • Second floor
  • First floor
  • Courtyard and transparence

Wren House is a sustainable house, a residential project designed and completed by Chris Pardo Design: Elemental Architecture in Missoula, Montana. It was built with sustainability in mind, for the homeowner and his family have a deep respect for the environment. Boasting several unique sustainable features, the freshly built dwelling requires very little energy and heating. […]

10 Ways to Bring Tudor Architectural Details to your Home

  • tudor style outdoor
  • tudor living room details
  • tudor kitchen details
  • tudor style brick material

If you’re a fan of romantic movies, children’s fairytales and architecture that feels like it’s right out of your favorite novel, Tudor style homes are probably the epitome of these memories. Tudor architectural details are not necessarily from the Tudor England style of buildings in the 16th century. When most homeowners refer to this style […]

House Redesigned to Integrate into the Surrounding Site in Silleda, Spain

  • 3D project
  • Section
  • Details Plan and Garage
  • House Plan

The Spanish firm terceroderecha arquitectos redesigned the house of a family in Silleda, Spain and transformed it into a comfortable and balanced living environment. The client’s request was to integrate it seamlessly into the surrounding site and not simply rebuild it from scratch in a modern manner, but establishing a dialogue between the past and present. He […]

Contemporary Collection O from THG-Paris Decorating Luxury Bathrooms

The luxury brand, THG-Paris has created together with Christofle, a leader in French silver and decorative arts, an elegant contemporary collection of luxury faucets and taps named “O”. These gorgeous accessories were inspired by Andrée Putman’s “Vertigo”, designed for Christofle, back in 2002.  “O” is a statement of pure art, being more than just an act of vanity dedicated to […]

Fabulous Prefabs: 13 Luxury Portable Abodes That’ll Move You

  • OLGAA Prefab Home 1
  • OLGAA Prefab Home 2
  • OLGAA Prefab Home 3
  • OLGAA Prefab Home

How often have we looked at a design and imagined what life would be like if that were ours.  Why settle into a mindset where we believe that all the best things in life are for others and not for us?  Let’s strive for excellence in our designs and plans, dreaming and imagining ideas that’ll […]

How to Share Your Bathtub Without Actually Sharing It: Couple Bath Yin Yang

Discovered on Technabob, Yin Yang Bathtub for couples is the optimal choice for those of you who feel like sharing their bathtubs without actually sharing it, a magnificent couple bath. A little bit confused? We all know that the time you spend with your significant other is precious and that every moment counts. But comfort and […]

Modern Single Family House Conferring Tranquility in Slovenia by Multiplan Arhitekti

A modern single family house located in the middle of the wilderness is, sometimes, all we need to disconnect from a hectic (and toxic) lifestyle. No longer tightly connected to nature, the modern man is overwhelmed by the city’s pressure, exploring the fields of an unknown territory, that of stress and a life that does not […]

How to Follow Design Trends While Keeping Your Home Decor Timeless

Is it possible? Can one be both trendy and timeless in decor? While trends come and go and timelessness lasts forever, the two can certainly be merged together to form something quite beautiful that will end up being timely and timeless. Read on to learn how to create a look for you that seamlessly blends […]

Versatile and Lightweight REK bookcase jr. by Reinier de Jong

Reinier de Jong is a Dutch designer who likes to keep things simple and elegant. He believes his projects should be strong enough to go without explanation and this small bookcase design definitely speaks for itself. Nevertheless, the story behind REK bookcase jr. goes like this: “Despite the iPad and its countless toddler apps, my […]

Continuous Lines Delivering an Elegant Seating Unit: Lyubkka by Nuvist

Lyubkka seating from Nuvist (you may also remember the studio’s recent designs Nasvtia Bar Lounge and Evfyra Table, which we presented on Freshome a while back) represents a dialogue between the traditional usage and the fluid contemporary language with simple continuous lines and touches. Ergonomic and endless loop lines are blended in a continuous organic […]

New Spacious Apartment Boasting a Fresh and Modern Interior in Bojnice, Slovakia

Fresh and modern, the interior of this spacious apartment located in the historical city of Bojnice, Slovakia surprises you with both, its warmth and a clean design line. Designed by RULES Architekti and defined by comfort and spaciousness, the place is, in fact, the result of a merger between two smaller apartments. With a wide […]

Contemporary and Practical Urban Duplex Unit in Seattle

The Lever Homes residence consists of two homes built as a practical urban duplex. The interesting elongated structure and the triangular roof shape make it stand out. This is definitely something you don’t get to see everyday in a neighbourhood near you. First Lamp Architecture and Construction acted as both designer and builder on this project. The cramped […]

Gorgeous and Comfortable VIK Lounge Chair Designed by Arian Brekveld

VIK Lounge Chair is a gorgeous project designed by Arian Brekveld for the Dutch design company Spectrum. A light metallic pipe frame supports its comfortable seat made of leather or fabric. The backrest and the headrest are both adjustable keeping your body into a permanent reclined position – reminding us of a car seat and it characteristic comfort. It’s clearly that the […]

10 Ways Window Design can Influence your Interiors

Ask any homeowner what the top amenity that they love about their home and their response is usually the views and the location. In fact, many homeowners can stand to live in a smaller home if it means they will have a great view, and the windows that deliver this view is essential. Every room […]

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