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Expanding TV Screen

We all dream about that huge TV screen that would take over our room and give us the perfect cinema-like experience. But too bad that  idea usually conflicts with the lack of space. Here’s an ingenious solution for this problem: the TV wall unit from Acerbis. Make your living room a home cinema by simply […]

Stylish Bathroom From Duscholux

  • duscholux-bathroom-cx-41
  • duscholux-bathroom-cx-5
  • duscholux-bathroom-cx-4
  • duscholux-bathroom-cx-3

This elegant modern bathroom design comes from Duscholux and was created under the slogan “let yourself be inspired”. The CX bathroom set seems to have it all: unexpected sloping angles, an amazing furniture design and that touch of elegance that will keep your senses awake. Every piece is special: the shower comes together with a […]

Italian Furniture: Modern Leather Round Beds by Prealpi

  • Leather Round Beds by Prealpi 9
  • Leather Round Beds by Prealpi 8
  • Leather Round Beds by Prealpi 7
  • Leather Round Beds by Prealpi 6

Interested in adding glamour, panache, and incontestable smudge of excitement to your bedroom? Experience this contemporary leather round bed crafted by Italian leading furniture manufacturer, Prealpi. Upon all modernity, round beds are amongst the most practical when they come with an integrated rotating mechanism. It is dreamily endowed with a built-in light to bring about […]

Reinventing Art Nouveau

This unusual and fascinating set of furniture comes from Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance, a designer that is known for reinterpreting and giving new meanings to History and its influences. These items are a part of a furniture collection called “Manta” and they were designed for Italian company  Ceccotti. The sideboard, the armchair and the desk represent the […]

Elegant Bathroom Design : Suave Bathtub from Lacava

The bathroom was originally designed to be purely functional place, but now it’s a place for pleasure and luxury. Elegance, softness, and sophistication are the keywords for bathroom decor. The Suave bathtub from Lacava is an elegant tub that has the capacity of approximately 40 gallons and the bathtub is dressed with the floor mounting […]

Stunning Rahimoana Villa in the Bay of Islands in New Zealand

New Zealand’s Bay of Island has long been a retreat for those who urged for a getaway site that prizes privacy, stunning landscapes and end-of-the-earth exclusivity. Stunningly build in 2006 on 30 hectares at the top of a steep slope at the end of a long private driveway, the Rahimoana Villa extends into the bay, […]

Cool LED Staircase Handrail Concept

Here is an interesting idea that can help you physically and visually perceive your way through dark passages and corridors and it was designed by Zoran Sunjic from Croatia. The idea also appeals to those who are interested in saving energy as LED consumes less energy and is more environmentally friendly than fluorescent bulbs. You […]

House in Wakaura, Japan, from Archivi Architects&Associates

This fascinating private home was built near Wakayama city, in Wakaura bay, Japan by Archivi Architects & Associates of Osaka. The intention was to build this house around two small courtyards and the architects certainly aced that one. Here is some further information from the creators of the project: “The shape of site is transformed […]

Bi-Axis Fridge for Samsung by GRO Design

When it comes to beautifying your kitchen interior, most of the time you think about tiles, furniture and furnishings in general, but have you ever thought that your refrigerator might have a role in the big picture? So, what if your vertical standing refrigerator could move on one side or another? GRO Design’s Bi-Axis Fridge […]

Slim&Strong Lamp, an Interesting Diploma Project

This lamp comes from the design graduate Delphine Frey and was her diploma for the University of Art and Design Lausanne in Switzerland. The carbon-fibre lamp has a very interesting shape  and the hidden spots create a unique atmosphere. Here are some of Frey’s comments on her project :” This desk lamp or console table […]

Interesting Bathroom Sinks from Amin Design

You probably never thought about bathroom furniture as being able to have personality. We thing these sinks are special. The products come from Amin Design, a “fresh and young team that strives for excellence in Design”. If you visit their site you will see that bathroom furniture is not all that they are intersted in. […]

James May Builds Himself a Real LEGO House

If you have a passion for cars you may have heard about James May. The guy is producer and co-presenter on one of Britain’s best TV Shows, Top Gear. Also known as Captain Slow, James is more than just a guy with a passion for engines. He also loves LEGO and to prove that he’s […]

Casa Reutter by Architect Mathias Klotz

Almost everyone’s dream is to own a house with magnificent views and an eye catching architecture. Hence why Casa Reutter seems like the perfect house to check out today. Built off the coast of Cachagua in V Region of Chile by architect Mathias Klotz, the idea of Casa Reutter was to situate the house at […]

Amazing Door Design : Shattering Door by Leandro Erlich

Designed by Argentinean artist Leandro Erlich, a desginer who lives and works in Paris, France the “Shattering Door” is a really amazing project, that is on display at Luciana Brito, São Paulo, Brazil. I have to admit that I’m in love with this design, and I would immediately buy it if it would be available […]

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