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Antoine Proulux’s Wooden Armoire Doubles as Media Cabinet

For those who are serious on how functional an armoire should be, this combination between a wooden armoire and media cabinet would be an astute selection. Although it’s a conventional looking piece of furniture with black painted supports, the armoire creates a warm and inviting ambiance — making it a perfect fit for both your […]

Ergonomic Push Table Dining Set by Svilen Gamolov

Looking for an ergonomically modified dining set? You’d better set your target on something like this Push Table by Svilen Gamolov. Built under a sleek sophisticated design, the table certainly brings a futuristic knockout for your guests. With contrasting colors, the chairs are designed to glow on their own and seem to be designed in […]

Domino Working Desk and Forma Suspended Desk, from Pianca

Some people like me and Michael might spend lots of hours on a chair behind a working desk. Sometimes that’s bad, but not as bad as having a messy old working desk with no style pasted at all. So if you are like us and crave for the contemporary, then you’ll definitely appreciate these Pianca […]

Luxurious Riverfront Apartment in Gold Coast, Australia

  • Luxurious Riverfront Apartment 7
  • Luxurious Riverfront Apartment 6
  • Luxurious Riverfront Apartment 5
  • Luxurious Riverfront Apartment 4

When it comes to perfect positioning between a rare river view and the sparkling backdrop of Surfers Paradise city skyline, there are probably some stunning house candidates along the way. But this Riverfront apartment must have been an unrivaled dwelling place around Gold Coast, Australia. And just by taking into account their salient spacious architectural […]

The Bull Sofa – A Daring Addition to Your Living Room

Some would say that these days, contemporary furniture often has a monotonous standard, a repetitive design that takes the modern away. But not if you set your eyes on this Bull Sofa. Hand crafted and hand painted, with a fiberglass resin base material, this $1,342 sofa is an amazing addition to your collection of furniture. […]

Modern Kitchen Designs by Must Italia

It’s not always true that the kitchen is the heart of a house, but when you think that here’s where people tend to chit chat and by looking at these amazing kitchen designs — it got to be true. The talented designers at Must Italia have successfully created an exquisite new kitchen arrangement combining both […]

Diaz Collection, Bed Design Ideas from Italians at Prealpi

Everyone could easily recognize that one of the most important element of a modern bedroom is the sharp statement of the contemporary designed bed, itself. Generated by talented folks over at Prealpi, the Diaz collection features a bunch of illuminated beds made of wood. Most of them come with a stylish reclining headboard and a […]

Wood Carving-Inspired Acoustic Walls: Pentagon

Designed to reflect the style and texture of old Norwegian wood carvings, designers at StookeAustad and the wood manufacturer Bosvik developed the Pentagon wall system to lock in and reduce sound using felt and a condensed assortment of recycled materials.  Geometric but casual, the Pentagon wall would serve as a great partition for a relaxed, […]

Girls Bedroom Design Ideas by Pm4, Pampered in Luxury

Designing a bedroom could be a significant issue in re-designing your home. The problem might grow bigger if you have to do it for a child – a girl in particular. But worry no more, as we got some girls bedroom design ideas by the creative minds of those working with the Italian company, Pm4. […]

The Evolution Dresser by Ferruccio Laviani

Living in the era of contemporary design and architecture, people sometimes need to look back in past and come up with very fresh conventional things. Things like this “Evolution” dresser by Ferruccio Laviani (for Emmemobili), that has been concerted as the evolution of conventionality to progressiveness. Beautifully hand-carved from oak wood, the conventional side conserves […]

Modern Interior Design by Reese-Roberts

Everybody knows that the true meaning of good interior design is to work out your small gap within a strict budget in a creative way. And a great example is this residence by Steven Harris and Lucien Rees-Roberts. The guys worked with a 4,000 sqm building and succeed to bring about a contemporary styled interior. […]

Hug Set, Modern Patio Furniture from Schoenhuber Franchi

Have you been dreaming about a gorgeously designed furniture set, ranging from armchairs to loungers and tables that create a cool poolside set? Well the folks over at Schoenhuber Franchi would like a talk with us. Adopting simplicity in its block-like shape with these gentle round corners, the Hug Set deals with a matter of […]

Antique Meneghini Refrigerators and Freezers, Are Actually Modern

If there is one thing in your kitchen to represent the Italian Antique Modern in aesthetics, with glass shelving, and various other pleasing details like beautiful portholes and claw foot legs, these would definitely be it! And believe us, even if they may look antique, there is absolutely nothing old fashioned about the Meneghini Refrigerators. […]

Another Delightful Swedish Apartment That Stuns With Its Chromatics

Swedish interior designers are famous for their ability to extraordinarily spice things up using the ordinary to come up with what we can easily call — work of art. So how about dwelving in, once again, into their amazing apartments. Another stunning creation of contrasting black and white, this piece is the incontestable living proof […]

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