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OUTrial House in Poland by KWK PROMES

  • outrial-house-in-poland-6
  • outrial-house-in-poland-2
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A house covered with grass? That doesn’t sound like a bad idea, is it? Dubbed the OUTrial House it was built in Poland by KWK PROMES Archtects by carving out on the hillside. The shapes aren’t all that modern but the fact that you have a great scenery to surround it, adds to the Wow […]

Fish Table by Pol Quadens

The Fish Table you see above is the work of a talented designer that goes by the name of Pol Quadens. Designed for Corian and made of a thin and shiny white composite material, the fish table doesn’t look much like a fish except for the fact that it reflects light. The modern design also […]

The Geraci Residence in Calabria, Italy

  • geraci-residence-by-pierluigi-sammarro-9
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  • geraci-residence-by-pierluigi-sammarro-4

Mixing modern curves, shapes and materials with classic furniture and colors, Florence based architect Pierluigi Sammarro managed to turn the interior of the Geraci Residence in Calabria, Southern Italy, in a real dream home. With everything so well furnished, a lovely wooden staircase, beautiful curtains and wall prints, discrete lights and a highly modern kitchen, […]

An old-time Pendulum Clock that can be Used for Shelving

Designed by Yar Rassadin aka Babkin, a Moscow based product designer, the P-bookshelf is a combination of an old-time floor pendulum clocks structure and functional shelf for books. In this way we make ironic combined style and change the meaning of functions. This is the combined product with fifty-fifty distribution between two old ideas. This […]

A Wallpaper That is Actually a Coloring Book by Jon Burgerman

Designed by Jon Burgerman this wallpaper is actually a coloring book that can be applied on any wall. This wallpaper can be filled with your own colours as you can see in the picture attached to this post. This is a really good idea that could be useful in a kid room, and not just […]

Modern Rocking Chair : Stingray

Stingray is a soft-designed rocking chair that is unlike any other ordinary rocking chair you saw before. Stingray is a future interpretation of the classic rocking chair. This model dressed in soft comfortable white leather is a piece of modern furniture that is dynamic in its expression. Finally there is not to much to say […]

Putting Green Rug for Golf Fanatics

It’s now getting a little too chilly for golf but addicts can still practice their putting indoors with FLOR’s Putt Up or Shut Up rug. The rug is cleverly constructed with areas of smooth cropped surfaces combined with plusher ones all of which constitutes the golf green. The rug comes with golf balls which you can […]

Wallpaper that Looks like a Stone Wall

Personally I know that I would like to have in my apartment a wall that looks like a stone wall, but how this is not possible you can still have this idea by using a wallpaper that looks like a stone wall. For those of you who like this idea, and are already thinking on […]

Hookaboo Wall Hanger by Matt Carr

Hookaboo is a discreet wall hanger that you can have in the hallway, bathroom, bedroom or anywhere you wish. This wall hanger has 4 pieces of metal hanger that fold up when are not used. Designed by Matt Carr, this wall hook is made from bamboo and is 34 cm wide, 8,5 cm hight and […]

Oasis of Balance, a Beautiful Bathroom Vanity from Joerger

For those of you who would like to create a modern and high-quality living environment in their bathroom, here is something you might want to take a look. Called “Oasis of Balance” this bathroom vanity design by Joerger is characterized by three dimensions that create the perfect balance : function, form and fascination. The most […]

Drape Table by Jane Punnopatham

What do flowers, drapes and wave flower vases have in common? They were all sources of inspiration for designer, Jane Punnopatham who created the Drape Side Table. The molded acrylic table form resembles tablecloths except there are no tables!  The rigid form of the Draped Table makes it free-standing. The design softens with the wavy  edges created by heating […]

Futuristic hybrid Faucet from Paini: Bendy and Trendy!

Talk about bending over backwards to please someone! This hybrid flexible kitchen faucet from Paini is all about pleasing you with its futuristic design, ergonomic shape and utility that makes it simply delightful. This irresistible kitchen faucet is flexible enough to make all your tasks easy and simple and ensuring that you can reach wherever […]

Jesse’s Regolo Collection: Sleek, Stylish and Seductive

With modern technology making sure that high-end gadgets and latest flat screen televisions enter every home, the Regolo Collection from Italian furniture maker Jesse offers the prefect platform for your flashy new equipment. The collection of modern TV wall units and media centers at this year’s High Point Furniture Show is all about the new […]

Millbare House in London

Modern architecture and construction works with a philosophy of maximizing resources and yet adding that minimalist design to capture elegance and understated class. The Millbare contemporary house in North-West England captures the essence of new-age construction with its spacious and well-lit interiors, lavish swimming pool on the outdoors and an atmosphere that speaks with silent […]

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