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Modern Bedding Collection from DwellStudio

Here is a lovely bedroom design idea brought to you by DwellStudio, a company currently manufacturing their products in Portugal, Europe and whose aim is “to marry the contemporary with the traditional and luxurious quality with innovative design”.  Even though the company only manufactures the bedding set, we considered that the first picture is a […]

Glass$Crystal Pendant Lamp with Antique Design

Yaowei Lighting Factory is a large glass manufacturing company located in China. We decided to show you this particular piece of their work, as we consider it would go well with a vintage interior.  Even though we don’t really appreciate the look of the chain that holds the lamp, the antique design still caught our […]

Igloo Shelving by Linda Bergroth

  • igloo-shelves-bergroth-03_rect540
  • igloo-shelves-bergroth-02_rect540
  • igloo-shelves-bergroth-01_rect540
  • igloo-shelves-bergroth-05_rect540

Even though you have seen an “igloo for books” on Freshome before, we would like to present another shape for the same design idea. This particular igloo comes from Linda Bergroth, a talented designer from Helsinki.  There are not so many elements added in the pictures below, so it may not look very friendly to […]

Interesting & Multifunctional Bedside Cabinet and Table by Maria Cichy

This very interesting multifunctional piece of furniture designed by Maria Cichy combines a table and a small bedside cabinet as you can see in the pictures attached below. Although stylish finished, it appears to be low-priced furniture with a distinctly graceful surface. This piece of furniture exhibits fine craftsmanship and a sense of modern home […]

Wall Panel System, an Ingenious Interior Design Solution

It usually takes a lot of planning and decision making to come up with the best living room design. Here is how a single item can let you skip through that annoying stage and get right to the phase of admiring your beautiful interior. ELEVENFIVE is the name of this clever panel system and is […]

Revolving 330 Degrees Lamp

Here is a very flexible lighting accessory for those time reading a good book requires more than just a comfortable bed and natural light. Revolve Lamp was created  by Pearsonlloyd, a design studio in London. What separates this lamp from your regular table lighting items? Well, its looks for starters. Simple,slim, white and elegant, he […]

Family House in Guadalajara- Amazing Architecture and Interior Design

Sometimes it is hard to combine a masterpiece of architecture with stylish indoor decors. This house comes from Agraz Arquitectos and manages to do just that. Designed for a family in Guadalajara, Mexico, the building has no less than three levels, each with a different purpose and personality. The first level includes a basement, a […]

A Showcase of Elegance: EcoSmart Fireplaces

Designed for the  Allianz-Arena Cooking Lounge by EcoSmart Fire, these fireplaces sure spell “high-class”. Even though it is possible to install a single fireplace, the effect of three fires burning with the same flame is much more intense. Here are some words from the produces concerning this fireplace design :” The EcoSmart™ Fire is an […]

Beautiful Pillow Cases : Dreams and Art Combined

“Cuddly” is the word that strikes us when looking at these amazing pillowcases. Fun and diverse, covering a wide range of nature elements, the drawings imprinted on the pillows seem to call out for you and your dreams. And it really does not matter which side you sleep on, because they are both just as […]

Interesting Sinks: The Herms Baby Slide

If you are looking for an impressive and functional addition to your bathroom and you are planning on having children, the Herms Baby Slide is definitely worth a look. Designed not only to be attractive, it is a multi-function bathroom addition that serves many roles. With the slide of a lid this fixture turns into […]

Laurel Indoor Bench from Mark Goetz

Need a classy and refined piece of furniture for extra seating places? Whether you want to fit it in your apartment or in your office- in a waiting room for example, one thing is certain: you will not have to do any decor changing, because the Laurel Bench goes great in almost any environment. In […]

Unique Concrete Bookshelves Act as Room Dividers

Kamat & Rozario Architecture in Bangalore, India, has created a highly unique set of concrete bookshelves. The idea behind these amazing shelves was to create an inexpensive divider in order to separate one room in two distinctive spaces. The outside rings are made of precast concrete, similar to those usually seen in culverts. They were […]

London House With a French Style Interior

French architecture always comes with a uniqueness of its own, with a unitary color scheme setting it past others. Conveying the same feel and cloaked in a white expanse is this beautiful abode with chic interiors for those craving for serenity. You can also notice the azure and sea green hues tagging in with overall […]

Big Rain Shower from Dornbracht

This new shower design from Dornbracht is guaranteed to bring you a genuine rain experience directly to your home. With an amazing look, the Big Rain shower will make you forget about your long day at work and just concentrate on the gentle cascading water. You can embed the shower in the bathroom ceiling or […]

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