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Malibu 5: A dazzling home brimming with solar goodness

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Designed by a team of architects led by Stephen Kanner, the Malibu 5 home is a beautiful example of blending shapes with sustainable and eco-friendly technology. Facing the beautiful Pacific Coast, the home is designed to reduce energy consumption by using the sea-breeze for natural cooling and solar energy for conventional energy needs. Equipped with […]

Lili Lite : Awesome reading light, bookmark and bookshelf

Designed by Studio Smeets Design in Amsterdam – Lili Lite is a reading light, a bookmark and a bookshelf combined into one smart product. The most interesting part of this multifunctional product is that if you want to turn off the light, you’ll have to put an open book on the shelf as pictures, and […]

Steel Folding Dining Table with 10 Chairs : Monolith Table

Designed by Gioia Meller Marcovicz the Monolith Table is a masterpiece of steel featuring a folding dining table and ten perfectly fitted (also folding) chairs to go along with it. It transforms from a long, slim sculpture into a dining table and 10 chairs. The idea behind this table is quite original and looks good, […]

High Quality Garage Doors from Silvelox

It’s that simple, that some things are built to last. Take the Silvelox Garage Doors for example, which are premium garage doors that even the celebrities would use to protect those expensive cars they own. Devoted to design, with vision and passion for aesthetics and building great products, the Italian garage door manufacturer has an […]

A Bookcase Designed to Grow with your Books Collection

This piece of furniture is something for anyone who loves books. The REK bookcase by Reinier de Jong is designed to grow with your collection, the more books, the bigger the bookcase. The bookcase consists of five parts, the REK can expend and collapse like an accordion. The great thing about this bookcase is that […]

Lounge Chair in stack-laminated Plywood by Julia Krantz

This chair designed by Julia Krantz , a Brazil-based designer is a limited edition piece of furniture made from stack-laminated plywood and it was presented at Design Miami last week. Combining the design of wooden furniture with an environmental concern is one of the main characteristics of Julia Krantz’s work. Carefulness and fascination with nature […]

3 in 1 chair : Chair Ssstoel

The Chair Ssstoel is designed by Studio Voortman & Girod a studio in the Netherlands. This chair is a unique 3 in 1 chair that allows a person to sit correctly despite its shifty appearance. The idea might look cool and original but I’m pretty sure that you’ll don’t think the same after you’ll see […]

Wooden House of the Future, in Australia

We at Freshome, love wooden houses. Less conventional and recreating a “warmer” atmosphere, this wooden house of the future, is located in Sydney, Australia, the modular prefabricated house is the work of Xenian who built it in a workshop and transported later, on site. And more to it, the house seems to be eco-friendly. It […]

Shell House in the Japanese Forests

The Shell House designed by Artechnic, something that you would expect to see on the shore of the ocean, is one of the most amazing architectural designs I’ve seen. Deep in the woods of Karuizawa, in the Nagano prefecture of Japan, this amazing double-elliptical holiday retreat, features lots of space and is made of reinforced […]

Bookshelf ( great for corners ) Inspired by a Spider Web

“Silk” is a brand new idea designed by Bloq based on a spiders web in the corner of a room. This large bookcase was designed to sit in the space that is under used in the corner of the room, but it can be placed in the middle of a wall. “Silk” can also be […]

Contemporary Belair Residence in California

On a two-acre plateau in Belair, California, the contemporary Belair Residence by Gwathmey Siegel & Associates Architects is a great mix of rounded shapes, amazing lighting and colors. Promoting open spaces, featuring wooden furniture in perfectly chosen places and an inverted cone that creates a contemporary focal point, we’re looking at an exquisite and tranquil […]

Interior Design Ideas for Men (Bachelors in General)

First of all we’d like to apologize to all the ladies reading Freshome, but today we have a pretty hot topic we’d like to cover. Interior design for men. Many think that we men , can’t decide what piece of furniture to use, how to paint our walls or what flooring to go with. Could […]

Maison De La Lumiere in Bologna, Italy

Whole Italy is filled with a stunningly beautiful old Mediterranean architectural style, but not the house you’re about to see. Designed by architect Duilio Damilano, Maison De La Lumiere in Bologna, Italy, is a great example of contemporary design that stays far from any Italian stereotypical styles you’ve seen. With a stunning open space ground […]

Rooftecture in Japan

Located in an old residential home in Shioya Tarumi-ku Kobe, Japan, the small home you see above is a great example of what innovation can do. Designed Endo Shuhei Architects the house stands out from the crowd thanks to its roof, which certainly is something you ain’t going to see every day. Facing the sea, […]

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