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Smart toilet system that uses shower water for flushing

The Grey Water Toilet System by Alison Norcott is a smart toilet system minimizes water wastage by allowing shower water to be utilized for flushing. When you shower drain water is collected and pumped into an in-wall tank, and when needed the toilet uses the in-wall tank of used shower water to clean the toilet. […]

Indoor Waterfalls and Fountains

When people think of cascading waterfalls, they often have images of rain forests. When they think of fountain displays, they will think of unique spurting ponds found as décor in urban environments. Yet, there are other formats in which a water display can be presented. One very popular method is with an indoor fountain. Yes, […]

G-Full Toilet and Bidet(bench) from Hatria

Italian company Hatria come up with an interesting idea for the bathroom that hides toilet and bidet smartly under the stylish solid wood cover, so when is not in use it converts into an elegant bathroom bench. Hidden away from view, the toilet and bidet are revealed when you flip up the wooden cover. The […]

Patio perfect: How to choose the right furniture for your patio

Patio is more than a mere extension of your home. If done and designed just right it turns into your own personal comfort zone and a relaxation spa in your very own house. Modern patios are often extravagant and over indulgent forcing many to believe that a good look patio comes at a heavy price […]

Duvet cover : Periodic table of elements

Today I’ve found something really interesting, a really original duvet cover featuring the “periodic table of the elements” that a loving woman made for her chemistry major boyfriend. This is a really awesome way to show your loved one that you love him, and I would really love a girlfriend like this. She explains how […]

Armchair that transforms into a study desk : Also Chair

Designed by Akin Bacioglu the ‘Also Chair’ is a piece of multifunctional furniture that not only works as a reading armchair but it transforms into a study desk as well. This piece of multifunctional furniture was designed especially for teen rooms and small houses in order to save some space. The functional furniture comes with […]

Classic Greek and Roman Architecture in Modern Times

Many will look for unique and different architectural designs in a home. In some instances, it can be difficult to center on an actual selection. This is because there are a great many brilliant architectural styles to choose from. Some are so magnificent they never go out of style. Some may even stay in style […]

The NV Bed by Karim Rashid

Karim Rashid teamed up with Hollandia International and created the NV adjustable sleep system. Right now you can see only a rendering at this point, but the finished product will feature a high gloss finish, drawers for storage under the bed and in the headboard, the all essential iPod docking station and cabinet doors in […]

How to Take Better Care of a Garden

There are many things that can make a home look special. One of the most prized aspects to many homes is the garden. This is because an avid gardener will often put an enormous amount of effort into crafting a garden into a work of art. Yes, with the right effort, a garden can become […]

Small Home Office Idea for a Small Apartment

Last week we presented a little guide entitled “How to Develop a Home Office” and today here is an interesting idea for a small home office especially if you live in an apartment. Many apartments have long corridors that often end up in dead zones that can be exploited if you use your creativity a […]

Some Advice on Selecting Furniture for Your Home

Selecting furniture is a little tricky for some. They may know they need some new items but are unsure as to what type of furniture to add to their residence. Thankfully, the variety of furniture available is so vast that no one will ever run out of options. However, making the actual selection can be […]

Small Apartment with a Spacious Feeling

This apartment was designed by Stanley Tham of KNQ Associates for a couple staying in a condominium in Leicester Road, Singapore. This apartment is a great example of how you can give a spacious and cosy feeling to a small apartment. The subtle color palette punctuated with brighter spots of tones. – Thanks Jwen for […]

Going Green Inside the Home

Many people are looking at going green light comes to the design of a home. This is a very noble concept. In addition to saving energy, the ability to save on expenses is possible as well. Of course, there is also the humanitarian benefit of contributing to the improvement of the environment. Yet, there are […]

Preparing the Baby’s Room, by L. McComber Architects

When a newborn baby arrives, it’s usually hard to keep your home untouched. And the changes are pretty radical. Here’s a very daring example where the folks from L. McComber Architects had to suspend the parents bed (a 700sqm loft in Montreal, Canada) in order to make space for the baby’s room. Built using curved […]

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