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The Orcas Residence in Seattle

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Seattle as a city is all about simple style and ever-green romance and the Orcas Residence designed by Pb Elemental Architecture is all about translating that same sense of elegance into a multi-family dwelling. Designed for four families in two floors, each home sports a custom open riser stairs, two master suites with private baths […]

Modern Shower Design : Sensamare Shower by Hoesch

Sensamare shower is a beautiful Italian design that was designed by Professor Gunther Horntrich. As you can see from the pictures attached below the the Sensamare shower combines the modern with the traditional in a highly elegant way. For this design Professor Gunther Horntrich used patented Hoesch Everclean glass to reduce limestone and water deposits […]

Experience a Rain Like Experience Shower

If you want something that is a striking combination of both splendor and functionality for your bathroom, then you should take a closer look to these breathtaking designs from KOS. The high-end bathroom products which combine beautiful shapes with decorative elements, add to the exquisiteness of your bathroom, giving it an elegant look, and also […]

Revolutionary furniture design : Carsicum

This unique piece of furniture presents brand new idea how to make your home a little private gallery. Based on an elaborate concept and a carefully planned study this unique artistic creation is a perfect combination of functionality, and the art of painting, sculpturing and design. The idea of combining these elements is definitely one […]

Bathroom vanities for smaller sized bathrooms by Nameek

The Luna Set L16 and Set L15 bathroom vanities by Nameek’s are clean, complete, and available in four different colors and sizes. The ones shown in the images are Gray Oak and Teak, but the vanities are also available in Glossy White, and Wenge. The width of the vanity ranges from 18.6″, perfect for smaller […]

Moody Aquarium Sink

Many people enjoy keeping an aquarium. There is something calming about watching tropical fish swimming and the tank is a great focal piece. You usually see the tank in living and family rooms but what about the bathroom?  Intalbrass’ Moody Aquarium Sink will liven up boring routines like washing hands and brushing teeth. It is […]

A Stylish Cooker Hood from Elica OM

When is a cooker hood not a cooker hood?  When it is an Elica OM. The sleek Italian design bears no resemblance to the typical extractor fan models.  It looks like a wall mounted flat panel TV or even a funky piece of art! The fan itself is located in the round part which can […]

TrailerWrap: Trailer Transformed into Ravishing Home

Modern architecture lays as much importance to recycling and sustainable design as it does to lavish interiors and stylish ergonomics. TrailerWrap is the brain child of Prof. Hughes and his Design Outreach Initiative which has seen a team of 50 undergraduate and graduate architects work towards transforming a run down, discarded trailer into a fabulous […]

Amazing Home in Seattle

Designed masterfully using plenty of glass and wood along with some very sound architectural features, this beautiful home in SW Seattle is a complete visual spectacle. Designed by Replinger Hossner Architects, the home looks as tranquil and romantic as the city itself, with a minimalist design and a futuristic kitchen that catches your eye at […]

Blood Splatter Decor by Amy Lau

Amy Lau was one of 11 designers who transformed a Gramercy Park townhouse as part of Showtime’s Design House project. Their inspiration came from the six original hit series. However, it is Amy Lau’s dramatic dining room makeover which stands out. Her macabre decor was inspired by Showtime’s Dexter series starring Michael C. Hall as a forensic […]

Ocho Casas Housing Complex in Spain

The effervescent structure of Ocho Casas can be found in the neighborhood of Santa Margarita in Spain. Designed by Romera y Ruiz Arquitectos, it looks very special because the it can change its appearance with each passing moment and thanks to a beautiful white-walled facade made of panels that opens in brilliant pops of color. […]

Double Up Bench

Designed by The Design Laboratory, the “Double Up” bench is a really original and fun design. Amazing shape and adaptability of the sofa/bench in self-skinning polyurethane, element initially closed, that opens in a zoomorphic way in order to show the own structural wealth. Like a flower, Double Up, opens up in order to give infinite […]

Beautiful Space Saving Furniture : Nettlestone Library Ensemble

At a first glance this piece of furniture appears to be a bookshelf, but the Nettlestone Library Ensemble is actually a library table with two tone-on-tone cushioned barrel chairs on casters and hidden compartments. With a piece of furniture like this you could really impress your guests, because transforming the library in a table with […]

OUTrial House in Poland by KWK PROMES

A house covered with grass? That doesn’t sound like a bad idea, is it? Dubbed the OUTrial House it was built in Poland by KWK PROMES Archtects by carving out on the hillside. The shapes aren’t all that modern but the fact that you have a great scenery to surround it, adds to the Wow […]

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