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The Rising Glen Residence: Seamless blend of the indoors and outdoors

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Erasing the boundaries that created between the inside and the surrounding nature, is an art. An art that is being constantly enhanced by vision of modern architects like Janna Levenstein and structures like her remodeled West Hollywood home— the Rising Glen Residence. It’s a lavish four-bedroom home spread over a hilly half acre region and […]

Home Design Tips: Get the ball rolling on your dream home

Building your own little cozy adobe is a dream for many. The design for your home would have started long back in your own mind and before actually taking shape on paper, every individual has a certain perception and vision for what his home must ultimately look and feel like. But designing a home is […]

City Centre Townhouse by Fuse Interiors

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Fuse Interiors is led by award winning interior designer Danielle Mac Innes. Awarded ‘Best Newcomer’ at Ireland’s premier interiors show, Interior Design 2008, she has been widely recognized by the media for her fresh and unique style. The images from this article are from a city center townhouse that Fuse Interiors completed last year. The […]

Modular bookshelves and room dividers by Permafrost and Katharina Styren

Designed by Permafrost and Katharina Styren, the Røys collection serves dually as modular bookshelves and room dividers. Set at an angle, the modular nature of Røys creates a compelling design aesthetic that allows for many uses in many environments, “bookshelves” being only the tip of the iceberg.

Bathroom that works best for the person living alone : Oneself

Designer Pavel took the concept of utilizing the economy of a single space to develop the “Oneself” bathroom: a bathroom that works best for the person living alone. The essential elements of a full bathroom are incorporated into the wall space, blurring the line between design and utility, conservation and functionality. At a first glance […]

Modern Renovation at 101 Russel Hill Road in Toronto

Canadian architects from gh3 have been behind the facelift of a 1970 residence located on 101 Russel Hill Road in Toronto. Originally built with large open spaces, the renovation involved a futuristic approach that converted to a more cellular room design where everything flows together. And the most striking features are the white interiors that […]

Staying in touch: Hot Interior Design Styles of 2009

They say that what is cool in fashion changes overnight and while the world of interior design is not that overly dynamic, the trends when it comes to doing your interiors also change with passing time. With each year come there are new hot designing tips, colors that are more relevant, shades that reinvent the […]

Modern Monte-Silo House in Utah

Designed to accommodate a bachelor and his weekend guests, the Monte-Silo house in Utah looks like the perfect party house. Located close to Provo River and surrounded by an amazing scenery, it links two corrugated-metal grain silos that adds to its uniqueness. Warm in winter and cool in summer, the metal house proves interesting from […]

The View Road Villa: Extravagant design wrapped up in lavish delights

The entire 7,395 square feet of the stunning villa on View Road is an example of how you can maximize the available space and create a comfort condo that is drenched in luxury. Designed by Harrison Verma, the entire villa contains 5 bedroom suites, 2 reception rooms, indoor pool, staff apartment, three landscaped terraces, a […]

The Mansion: Picture perfect to the core

If you were going around the planet looking for one of the most picture perfect home, it would be hard to find something far better than the Mansion designed by Harrison Verma. Located in Hampstead, London, the 16,000 square ft home is so beautiful from the front that it seems almost like a playhouse designed […]

A seductive modern prefab with a touch of Italian class

Modern prefabs seem to have the same blueprint, yet the amazing creativity of designers and decorators seems to give each one its very own unique look. Designed by Bestetti Associati Studio and furnished by the famous Italian furnishing giants B & B Italia, it seems to bring the best out of the European design hub. […]

DsRt Sofa by Vincent Cadena

The DsRt Sofa by Vincent Cadena is a sleek piece of furniture that could be just perfect in a minimalist design. There are not to many details about this sofa, but the final purpose of this website is …inspiration …and pictures.

Going Classic: How to accent your home Victorian style

Designing a home and decorating it the way you want is a lot more than merely putting a few objects together that serve the purpose. It is often a wise thing to have a running theme across your home as it will give the right idea on how to accessorize and make shopping a lot […]

Wall Mounted Sinks and Cabinets From Sonia

A wall-mounted sink can add style to any kitchen or bathroom space. Today I would like to present you a new series of wall mounted sinks and cabinets from Sonia. These pieces have a beautiful curved design that maximizes space by mounting sink/cabinet combinations directly to the wall, freeing up floor space and helping to […]

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