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Award Winning Kitchen : The Kube Kitchen by Snaidero

If you are looking for a cool design for your kitchen you might want to see a kitchen that just won an award, the “Good Design Award“, the prestigious award of the Design Athenaeum of Chicago. The design has been awarded to Snaidero for Kube, the latest innovative kitchen by Offredi Design, presented by the […]

New home audio design concept : Shelf Speakers

Designers Witek Stefaniak and Anielka Zdanowicz come up with an interesting new home audio design concept that combines a stereo speaker and a CD/DVD shelf. The object becomes the item of furniture by a simple arrangement of dvd and books. Two suggestion of shape give the possibility to arrange the interior in the modern style […]

Marcia Rafelman Fine Arts: Stunning gallery-business residence with elegance galore

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Designed in a pristinely beautiful manner by Kohnshnier Architects, this breathtaking home captures your imagination at the very first sight. The beautiful interiors are spacious, lavish and a visually magical staircase that lies in the heart of the home completely steals the show. Transformed by the designers from a modest home into a gallery-business and […]

Idea : How to Paint a Wall Mural

Caroline’s DIY mural project is a great way to apply graphics on a wall by using a simple projector, a simple technique for those of you who like to make your own projects and designs. Now here are few words about this project & technique from CarrieCan blog : “I designed the mural for my […]

Jamie Bush Designs: Merging the period designs with modern outlook

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The best of both worlds is not a philosophy that sits well with everyone and quite honestly, is not something that many designers can pull off when it comes to decorating interiors. Though, Jamie Bush of California falls in the rare category of designers who mix and match the period style with contemporary textures to […]

Black and White: Classic style integrated with contemporary design

In a case of contemporary architecture borrowing from the classical design, this beautiful Scandinavian home is dressed in what looks like a flawless black and white format with a bit of improvisation. The moment you step into this home, it is the stylishly patchy couch (milka?) that steals the show with its unique dairy farm-styled […]

Decorating Ideas When Shifting From a Home to Small Apartment

One of the most painful parting experiences of your life comes when you are trying to move from a large home to a small apartment. For those who love the furnishings that have been so carefully hand-picked for their home, it becomes tough to leave a few of them out as their lives are revamped […]

Modern Fireplaces from MetalFire: Sizzling fashion with scorching hot design

Most modern minimalist homes do away with fireplaces or believe that they are a tradition of the past that do not fir into the sleek, slender and futuristic design of today. One look at the collection of contemporary fireplaces dished out by the Belgian designers from MetalFire and it will set your pulse racing and […]

Warringah House: Exquisite design and exotic appeal

The trend in designing homes these days seems to be excessive usage of glass, which brings in a whole new dimension to the surrounding space. But defying the convention of contemporary design, the Warringah House looks as modern as any other lavish present-day home by just using loads of timber and sandstone with elegant ease. […]

Ch House: Brilliant blend of the contemporary and the classic!

It is not very often that architects blend in the modern with traditional in such a hot and sizzling fashion as the Ch House in La Garriga. The stunning home draws from the old-age charm by using wood and a modern minimalist touch with white and grey shades. The blend of both techniques along with […]

Virtual Interior Decorating: Designing is now for everyone!

The virtual world is a window into what human potential can truly accomplish. In the age where the world of wires and peripherals is helping us out in everything else, there is absolutely no reason why designers and individuals cannot take technologies help decorate homes to perfection. The introduction of CAD (Computer Aided Design) has […]

Transforming a Swedish bakery into a cozy little abode

Swedish designer Cathy Gedda Westrell and her fiancé Erik could be considered a couple of brave souls for taking up a running Swedish bakery and transforming it into a place that one can proudly call their home. The incredible feat was achieved with extensive planning, intelligent and affordable solutions along with the right usage of […]

Relax: Wooden Cabin on Wheels

With a little creativity, the good folks from Olson Sundberg Kundig Allen Architects designed a structure that not only looks like a cabin on wheels, but actually is. Partially clad in wood with one side entirely made of glass, the environment friendly hut has low maintenance costs and looks like the perfect choice for those […]

5 Reasons Why Home Design Matters

Different people have different ways and methods of leading their life, but most of them will often agree on a few basic things that are a must. And everyone believes that home design, at some level, is a must. Of course, the degree of sophistication, interest shown in it and success achieved vary from individual […]

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