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Modern Home in Fitzroy, Melbourne

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What you see above is a 4 bedrooms home that packs an intelligent design by combining a living area with a truly amazing backyard garden. Located on the streets of Fitzroy, an inner city suburb of Melbourne, even though it’s not wide it promotes open space to make it look bigger, and packs some modern […]

Nokia’s ‘Smart Home’ Solution

Nokia is putting themselves on the “smart home” scene with their latest solution. Their Linux-based platform dubbed Home Control Center plans on managing the power needs of your home appliances, electronics, entertainment, security, the climate control system. And plans on doing it all, from your mobile phone. What’s really impressive is that Nokia’s platform is […]

The Trio Sofa, Practical and Stylish

There is something about the Trio Sofa that gets it way ahead of others. Other than the elegant looks or the stylish lines, it’s not just comfortable to sit on, but it’s also highly practical. Designed by talented Julia Hamid for both work and leisure, it features side tables for your laptop, a quick dinner […]

The Asymmetric Chair by Asad Firdosy

Last month we presented The Fish Tail Chair designed by Asad Firdosy, and today he sent us his new project called “The Asymmetric Chair”. The chair handmade in teak & leather is an experiment to evoke emotions that emerge in these modern times of straight line mass productible furniture. In this chair Asad Firdosy tried […]

The Dip Vase by Robert Bronwasser

Designed by Robert Bronwasser and his Dutch design company – Smool, the Dip Vase is a functional and logical product. This cool form of interconnected cylinders looks like it is made of porcelain but is actually a soft unbreakable vinyl which has been formed with a dip-molding technique. This was looks amazing when it has […]

Sculpted Entry Doors That Really Stand Out

If you are looking to impress your visitors right from the start, then these beautiful sculpted entry doors are something you should take a look at. These wooden doors are sculptured, so each door is almost statue like with a three-dimensional aspect that visitors can touch if they want. Instead of having a simple door […]

Innovative Rug Design, Awesome for a Contemporary Space

Designed by Magdalena Lubinska and Michal Kopaniszyn the Koko Rug is a great way to add visual appeal to any room. Made 100% from pure wool this colorful rug has an innovative design, that is just perfect for a contemporary space. Size: 140x 200 cm, 200 x 290 cm, + other size on demand. For […]

Beautiful Shelves with Round Corners by Peter Petersen

These beautiful shelves from the Tank Collection are designed by Peter Petersen. The shelves in The Tank Collection have an untraditional design in which functionality and aesthetic create a synthesis. The designer’s goal was to create shelves with a different, sculptural expression – a piece of practical furniture that also makes a contribution to its […]

Inspirational Interior Design of the Day : Black, White and Yellow

Today Inspirational Interior Design of the Day is a beautiful picture that I’ve found in Boris Breuer photography portfolio. In this picture you can see a beautiful minimalist bedroom when black and white were used to catch the eye and sharpen the decorating scheme. The use of black and white in decorating gives a fresh, […]

Create an Unique Bathing Experience : Omvivo Le Cob Bath

Designed by Omvivo CEO & Chief Designer Joseph Licciarsi, the elegantly minimalist Le Cob bath pays hommage to Le Corbusier’s famous chaise longue. This bath tub is not something you see everyday, I can say that this bath tub can create a unique bathing experience. The soothing cascade overflow is naturally therapeutic, reminiscent of a […]

Stylish DIY Magazine Coffee Table

Magazines are just beautiful to look in addition to great reads! But don’t you hate it when you’ve got to get rid of them eventually?  Think of the waste. Well, designer Vered Zaykovsky put some thought into it and came up with a fantastic upcycling idea using just 6 copies of Domus magazine. There is […]

Gravity Defying Interior Decor

Zestyping so enjoyed coming up with this unique interior design approach that he posted photos of how he and his friend, Metamouse did it in 10 easy steps on his livejournal. The final room design looks like a typical living room. It’s when people are in it that things really start looking weird. Remember, there […]

Hideaway Island House in Australia

In case you wish to purchase real estate in Australia and have loads of cash in your bag waiting to be freed, then we quite simply cannot suggest you a better way to let go of your fortune other than spend it on this spectacular home. Located on a hideaway island in Noosa region of […]

Giralot Storage System: Swivel Around for Space

Modern furniture is all about keeping in touch with the shades and textures of an existing home along with expanding the available space. The Giralot storage system incorporates a minimalistic design along that maximizes storage space with its unique swivel system. The entire system is based on container-like shelves that swivel 180-degrees on a column […]

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