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Trendy Furniture: Modular Tetris Shelves

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The game of Tetris has inspired many designers throughout the years. These Modular Tetris shelves are another practical influence of the hugely successful puzzle game.  From Brave Space design, the Tetrad Flat Shelving is a set of ten colored pieces in the popular shapes of the game. The shelves are made of wood, although their […]

Macrolux LED Poles- No Limits To Adjusting the Lighting in Your Home

There always seems to be something tricky about adjusting lights in your apartment.  First off, the angle: where should the lamps or light bulbs be placed so that the lighting could be perfect? But let’s say it will eventually feel that you got it right and that the source of light is where it should […]

Fashion Louis Vuitton House, Bad Taste or Creativity?

It has been discussed before how your walls create a wonderful impact to the house design, but we never got to talk about those that are ineffective and make you wow from a negative perspective. Speaking of which, here’s the Louis Vuitton wall design that an anonymous Internet user has found on a Facebook profile […]

East Meets West Zodiac Clock

Behind the ‘East-Meets-West’ wall clock by Kit Men stands a creative design idea: the blending of two cultures. From far away the two separate clocks seem to have some incomprehensible art forms on the margins, but as you see the product up-close, this changes and the zodiac characters are visible and clear. This is exactly […]

Venere Curved and Modern Kitchens by Record Cucine

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By looking at these curved and modern kitchens in the Venere collection by Record Cucine, it is understandable why most women (sometime even men) need an appropriate design for their kitchen. The Venere kitchens set a fresh mood for your cooking space and thanks to their ergonomic design they also provide great functionality. Available within […]

LIT Color-changing LED Tubes to Hide Under Furniture

Today, white is a trend among contemporary interior designers. However, if you are the type who enjoys colors in your home, here’s a little something that will add to any contemporary interior. These brightly illuminated LED strips from LIT let you morph any piece of furniture into a colorful new canvas. The idea is to […]

Sleek Storage Systems From Thomasville Cabinetry

If you need a contrivance to get your organizing work done, it would really be accommodating to afford yourself these nifty storage systems crafted by the designers from Thomasville Cabinetry. Their innovative collections include the Tip-out Storage Organizer which makes use of dead spaces around your wash basin to hold up your sponge and soap […]

“Love Burns” Fireplaces

Here on Freshome you’ve seen a large variety of fireplaces. However, we are about to surprise you once again. This revolutionary idea for a fireplace comes from Conmoto,  a company that “designs with passion” and that works with international renowned designers. DOTS is a part of the “Love Burns” collection, which includes more interesting concepts […]

Modi Sofa: Fun and Flexible

Interactive design is the new wave of the future. Lamps that lit up when you touch them, wardrobe doors that glide when you clap your hands, these are just a few of the examples you’ve seen here on Freshome.  Today we would like to present another creative way of interacting with a product.  Modi sofa […]

Naos Vanities and Bathrooms Collection from Neabath

Are you one of those who envisage about having a master bathroom with a bathroom vanity that is uber elegant, yet chic at the same time? Then Neabath have found a way to make your dream come true. Neabath is an Italian company that is on a mission to redefine bathroom designs and by looking […]

Light Box by Studio Jo Meesters

Some people don’t pay enough attention to their home interiors, especially when it comes to lamps or lighting — sometimes mainly because there aren’t enough good options to choose from. But that changes right when you see these gorgeous floor lamps that do great as a glowing room divider. Attractively crafted in wood by Dutch […]

“Easy Click” Panels for Bathroom Furniture

These fashionable and easy to install bathtubs come from Duravit, a company that produces bathroom furniture for more than two hundred years.  With their experience, it is no wonder that these do-it-your-self bathtubs are so appreciated worldwide. The panels around the tub are elegant and sophisticated. Their exterior can be custom made so it could […]

Pottery Barn Smart Technology Daily System for the Design Lover Geek

Talking about a good place to take good care of your gadgets and gizmos, how about the Smart Technology line? Other than appealing to our geek side, it somehow managed to catch people’s attention with its innovative combination of both creativity and functionality, as well as conventionality and high-end technology. They come with a digital […]

1960 Canna Road Residence Turned Modern

Located in the Brentwood District of Los Angeles, Canna Road Residence is a dwelling place that is totally beyond your expectation for a mid-century residence. Originally build by a California-based architect Ray Kappe, this house was opportune enough to be beautifully touched up by Michael LaFetra a few years ago — and now the house […]

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