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Time-lapse Video of the Construction of 11 Times Square Tower

Archpaper shared this magnificent time-lapse video of the construction of 11 Times Square (located at 42nd Street and 8th Avenue). The 11 Times Square Tower was designed by FXFowle and is now in the final stages of construction. The time-lapse video of the construction was photographed everyday for the past two years or so from […]

Cottage House Design : Perfect for a Summer Weekend

  • cottage-house-white9
  • cottage-house-white8
  • cottage-house-white7
  • cottage-house-white6

Cottage houses are for those people who are seeking simplicity and the tranquility of nature. Cottages originated in Medieval Europe as housing for farm workers families, and they were built of stone or inexpensive local materials such as thatch. Nowadays small cottage house plans are usually used by retirees whose families have moved away, or […]

Textile Tile Art you Can Create : Kvadrat

  • kvadrat 7
  • kvadrat 3
  • kvadrat 3
  • kvadrat 5

We have featured Danish Kvadrat textiles before but their Clouds innovation is something else! This innovative tile concept called Kvadrat Clouds lets out the artist in you. The individual tiles can be assembled together using special rubber bands. Each element also comes with crease lines which allow you to manipulate the tile reminiscent of origami, […]

Modern Mountain Home Design by Ulisses Morato

  • morato-contemporary-mountain-home-6
  • morato-contemporary-mountain-home-10
  • morato-contemporary-mountain-home-9
  • morato-contemporary-mountain-home-8

Designed by architect Ulisses Morato ( Brazil’s Morato Arquitetura ) this beautiful modern mountain home design was awarded the 10th Architecture Award promoted by IAB-MG (Instituto dos Arquitetos do Brasil – Minas Gerais) 2008, in the single houses category, and is situated on a hilltop in Minas Gerais, Brazil, embraced by a vast valley and […]

Decorating White Spaces by Adding a Delicate Touch of Color

  • white-color-interior-design
  • white-color-interior-design11
  • white-color-interior-design10
  • white-color-interior-design9

The interior design color you choose for your room will influence the effect the room has on people. By understanding how this works, you can then deliberately select the interior design color to get your desired effect. We wrote and article about Room Color and How it Affects your Mood some time ago. Today I’ve […]

Transparent Ball Chair or Bubble Chair by Eero Aarnio

I’m pretty sure that you saw this chiar before in a music video, advertising or in a Fashion magazine. Based on the idea of the Ball Chair the Bubble Chair is a reduction of this design. As Ludwig Mies van der Rohe said: Less is more! A masterpiece of reduction. Here are a few words […]

Camelback Houses by GRAFT Architects

There are times when people should mingle within the neighborhood. Those kinds of situation were being carefully considered by GRAFT‘s Make It Right (MIR) Project Designers when they came up with the Camelback houses — they all have a strong connection between the private interior zone and the shared public space on the street. Inspired […]

Travel in Style with Exclusive Tents : Freshtents

Just because you have to go on vacation, doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice amazing design!  Based in Arizona, custom tent manufacturer and interior designers Exclusive Tents develop custom tents and interiors for your various outdoor requirements.  I was able to walk through one of their tents at Los Angeles’s Dwell on Design event […]

Twinni Wardrobe by M&G Interior Founders

Innovatively developed by Austrian based designers Heinz Glatzl and Joachim Mayr (M&G Interior Founders), ‘Twinni’ is a minimalist wardrobe with a simple framework to implement its shape. Cheerfully colored to bring an excitement to your home, it turns out that ‘Twinni’ could also be brought to play as a matt-lacquered MDF (medium density fiberboard) sitting […]

The Muswell House by Adrian James

A distinctive curved roof house has been spotted in Piddington, Oxfordshire, and architect Adrian James is behind this. Awarded a commendation at the Clay Roof Tile Council’s 2008 Clay Roofing Awards, The Muswell House was able to make use of its roof to maximize the internal space. A stunning architectural example, Adrian has supplemented a […]

Wooden Electronic Ruler

Designed by Shay Shafranek and Oded Webman with the support of udk industrial design department, Berlin the “Electronic Ruler” is concept that measures the length of drawn lines no matter where on the ruler you start and stop drawing. It can also measure the distance between 2 points, add the value of different lines and […]

Pushing Neon Away from a History of Flatness : Split Stack Lamp

The Split Stack Lamp is a very interesting lamp design by Roger Borg. To understand the evolution of the Split Stack Lamp, it is best to look first at two earlier bodies of work- the open series, and the flat stacks . The open series marked the first step in pushing neon away from a […]

Orca Chaise by Ricardo Barddal

Recently recognized as an innovative designer from south region of Brazil, Ricardo Barddal presents pieces like the Orca Chaise: confortable, playful, unexpectable. Constructed over a glass fiber base and polyurethane foam, it’s dressed up on a 2 milimeters cover of neoprene. The “flat lock”stitchings on it resembles real diving and surfing clothes and gives a […]

Teen Girl Bedroom Decorating Idea for a Small Space

Decorating a girl’s bedroom, opens up even more problems, especially if the girl in question is a teenager. If you’re the parent of a teen girl, then the first thing you should do is discuss her ideas. Although it’s your house, it is her bedroom after all, and she still needs to feel comfortable in […]

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