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Curvex Table With Removed Edges

If you are looking to add a touch of Italian elegance to your dining experience, then you might want to take a look at the impressive curves the Curvex table has on display. Designed by Matthias Demacker for Italian furniture manufacturer Varaschin, the table removes the edges, for a safer option to have around your […]

Space Management: A table That Pops Out of a Cabinet

In the modern world, space and time are the costliest commodity of them all. Since one has to learn to use the available room to the fullest, Spanish designer Attua Aparicio Torinos came out with a cabinet that holds a table inside it with ease. Just pull the two legged table and the cabinet acts […]

Colored Upholstered Vintage Furniture by Bokja

White walls are no longer fashion because they tend to look boring. But not if you choose the lively upholstered vintage furniture by Bokja. The couch above is dubbed Swivel Talia and is made of some vintage lakii from central Asia mixed with a decorative texture, suzani while Below, the Swivel Chair tries to bring […]

The Ivy Lamp

The Ivy Lamp is what you might call an organic lamp because it combines a lighting fixture with a potted plant. The combination of an ivy climbing up a LED light is beautiful as the light appears to make the plant glow.  The plain light fixture is placed in a flower pot which is then filled […]

DIA Wool Rugs

Designed by Magdalena Lubinska and Michal Kopaniszyn, the DIA rugs are absolutely beautiful – like colorful floor doilies. DIA line of rugs is awarded prestigious Red Dot 2008 prize in the Red Dot Museum in Essen. This rug comprises the finest wool from New Zealand due to its long, full and elastic fibers. The woven […]

Ripple 3D Wallpaper by Mio Culture

This 3D wallpaper by Mio Culture not only looks sleek, but also looks like a green solution for your walls. Eco-green! Made of 100% recycled wallpaper tiles, it features the Ripple effect that allows you to create different patterns or designs by simply turning those 12-inch tiles every direction you need. Selling for $32 a […]

Indoor/Outdoor Fire Cube

John Beck Steel (USA) designed this wonderful environmentally friendly fire cube. As he promises, you can enjoy a fire without the hassle of smoke, smell and ashy messes to clean up! The strong simple shape makes it a stand out design that looks good outdoors amongst the plants aswell as indoors in contemporary spaces. The Fire Cube runs […]

Bookcase Inspired by the DNA by Joel Escalona

Designed by the Mexican designer Joel Escalona and called “MYDNA” its a unique bookcase design with twist shape. This interesting piece of furniture called “MyDNA” take their influence from that of the DNA strand, as you can see in the pictures attached below. MYDNA can be on several colors and in two presentations: Static MYDNA, […]

When the Western Can Met the Eastern Cup

Designed by Xue Lei as the western crushed can that met the eastern tea cup, meet Tea! The porcelain cups are shaped in the form of crushed cans and have taken the exact same features of a coke tin that you would find in the bin. Yet, the porcelain and the art work on the […]

Modular Shelving Units + Wall Graphics

Designed by Russian industrial designer Maria Yasko these modular shelving units would definitely add a focal point to any room, especially when added with the wall graphics. The project is named “Vjunok“and and at this project the designer seems to have been inspired by nature and surroundings, as one can see many of the designs […]

The Orcas Residence in Seattle

Seattle as a city is all about simple style and ever-green romance and the Orcas Residence designed by Pb Elemental Architecture is all about translating that same sense of elegance into a multi-family dwelling. Designed for four families in two floors, each home sports a custom open riser stairs, two master suites with private baths […]

Modern Shower Design : Sensamare Shower by Hoesch

Sensamare shower is a beautiful Italian design that was designed by Professor Gunther Horntrich. As you can see from the pictures attached below the the Sensamare shower combines the modern with the traditional in a highly elegant way. For this design Professor Gunther Horntrich used patented Hoesch Everclean glass to reduce limestone and water deposits […]

Experience a Rain Like Experience Shower

If you want something that is a striking combination of both splendor and functionality for your bathroom, then you should take a closer look to these breathtaking designs from KOS. The high-end bathroom products which combine beautiful shapes with decorative elements, add to the exquisiteness of your bathroom, giving it an elegant look, and also […]

Revolutionary furniture design : Carsicum

This unique piece of furniture presents brand new idea how to make your home a little private gallery. Based on an elaborate concept and a carefully planned study this unique artistic creation is a perfect combination of functionality, and the art of painting, sculpturing and design. The idea of combining these elements is definitely one […]

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