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A Girls Touch: Crafting a Chic Living Space in Just 43 sqm

  • girls-touch-apartment-2
  • girls-touch-apartment-3
  • girls-touch-apartment-4
  • girls-touch-apartment-5

It is amazing how some people can take a seemingly cramped space and turn it into a perfectly good and even astoundingly beautiful living space. This fine home in Gothenburg uses the limited space on offer to the hilt and yet never looks crowded or overdone at any point. The feminine-looking home uses subtly demarcated […]

Ocean Front Residence in West Vancouver: A culmination of the warm and cool

  • backyard-house-by-shed-11
  • backyard-house-by-shed-21
  • backyard-house-by-shed-31
  • backyard-house-by-shed-41

Designed by Grant + Sinclair Architects and featured on the prestigious Canadian ARCHITECTURE & DESIGN magazine, the ocean front residence steals your heart with a bundle of lovely contradictions. Apart from a fantastic view of the ocean through a retractable door that leads to the exterior pool, the pool itself gives the home a very […]

Stripes & curves, When your world turns to black and white

  • tom-atwood-2
  • tom-atwood-3
  • tom-atwood-4
  • tom-atwood-5

If you are under the illusion that this is a set out of the 101 Dalmatians flick, then you could be forgiven for feeling so. Conceived and given shape by interior designer ( correction : photographer ) Tom Atwood, these absolutely stunning interiors try to capture the beauty of modern minimalist design and style by […]

Frame Bar: Flowing Bands For Exclusive Interiors

  • frame-bar-at-st-george-lycabettus-hotel-2
  • frame-bar-at-st-george-lycabettus-hotel-3
  • frame-bar-at-st-george-lycabettus-hotel-4
  • frame-bar-at-st-george-lycabettus-hotel-5

With arguably the best beaches in all of Europe, for the style-conscious Greece is also home for one of the most special bar designs we’ve seen. Put together by architects from TSIG at St George Lycabettus Hotel in Kolonaki, Athens, the interiors use a very special design pattern where flowing white bands move on from […]

James Clar’s Brutalist “Spike Light” Sculpture

A bold and contemporary addition to a spacious room or loft space, James Clar’s Spike Light brings a staple of landscape architecture right into the home.  Where a traditional spike light is meant to uplight trees in parks or courtyards, Clar’s Spike Light for an interior space stands a significant 1.2 meters high and is […]

Apartments with Personal Car Elevators

Last year we presented something similar here on Freshome “Apartments that Allow You To Park Your Car in Balcony“. Today here is something similar, apartments that have an elevator to raise your car up to your personal, apartment-side garage ( you can see a video of how these elevators work on 200 Eleventh Avenue website […]

Bearskin Rug by Eelko Moorer

The Bearskin Rug by Eelko Moorer a London based designer and visionary in product design is a product that is a little bit unusual. Made of urethane rubber the rug can be put on the floor or mounted on the wall (a mounting system has been placed into the rug). In the past if you […]

The reason why so few women are architects

Have you ever asked this question : “Why so few women are architects ?”. In the video attached below, well-known architect Robert A.M. Stern is asked why are there fewer women architects than men. Want to know his response ? Hit the play button ..and finally what do you think about this ?

Furniture Design Styles: Drawing Lines and Redefining Conventions

Whenever you wish to decorate or redecorate, the most common advice that comes your way is pick a style and stick to it. So what exactly is this style? What defines a style and how many of them are there today? To be honest, every home has its own style, but we have some broad […]

Dancing Apartment: Adding green to the concrete jungle

Designed by Unsangdong Architects, this fabulous building is set to take shape in the heart of South Korea and will boast not just a unique blueprint, but a special feel that is not matched by any other modern structure. Dubbed as the ‘Dancing Apartment’, the structure is planned using oblique lines unlike straight ones that […]

Children’s bedrooms by Dearkids: A splash of color and a dash of delight

Set to be showcased at the 2009 Salone del Mobile furnishings show this April, the cool and contemporary children’s bedrooms designed by Dearkids stole our heart with their attractive shades, wonderful use of available space and great design options. The complete bedroom designs vary from the eternal favorite pink (though this one is a tad […]

Warm and Natural Interiors Created by K2LD Architects, Laced With Wood

The beautiful and ambient apartment designed by K2LD Architects largely revolve around extensive use of natural wood. Quite obviously, that gives the interiors a warm, cozy and comforting feel. The lighting options that have been chosen use an equally mellow yellow shade to bring out the very best from these stylish and minimalist interiors. Despite […]

The art of concealment: Melbourne’s Trojan House

As you walk past the Trojan Home on the streets of Melbourne, you may not find much appealing in this monotonous wooden giant. But just like the name suggests, a whole new world awaits on the inside. With its lavish and sweeping interiors that are insulated with perfection, a thermal chimney that keeps the home’s […]

Coaxing clothes: How to plan a perfect wardrobe

Getting your home right is not always about hiding the mess in the closets, but at times making sure that the closets themselves exude class and style. Setting your wardrobe in order is something that should be simple but ends up becoming a tough and often daunting task as you tend to ignore its needs […]

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