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Excellent Use of Space and Natural Light : Modern Oriel Window

This modern oriel window is part of a renovation to a run-down derelict house in the London Borough of Hackney, and it was designed by Platform 5 Architects. This idea is an excellent use of space and natural light, and I have to say that this place is just an awesome place to read a […]

Fun and Colourful Hamburger Scatter Cushions

If you are looking for something fun and colorful to decorate your living area, then you can take a look at these fun and colourful hamburger scatter cushions that are a great addition to any lounge room. Each cushion is approx 75cm across the middle, and the two tomato cushions are approx 35cm across the […]

Casa Fendi ’s Kitchen Studio- A Solution for Tight Spaces

Tight spaces are no longer a problem. Until that huge dream house comes along, design has made it so that any tight apartment could benefit from a wide range of furniture items to suit the needs of the most ostentatious owners. This Concealed Kitchen from Casa Fendi is particularly stylish. With an amazing lacquered wood […]

Luxury Seaside Villa in Mallorca

  • Mallorca_Palmer03
  • Mallorca_Palmer04
  • Mallorca_Palmer05
  • Mallorca_Palmer06

Completed recently by the interior designer Julia Palmer, this magnificent 530 square meter structure overlooks the Mallorca oceanside with casual grace and comfortable simplicity.  Designed softly to accent the minimal color from the choices in incorporated artwork and furniture, the Villa easily walks a fine line between a comfortable, elegant family living space and structural […]

Mural Made from Marvel Comic Book Covers

Love your comic book covers? Want to be surrounded by them but are afraid of the damaging affects of the sun’s rays? There is the perfect solution for you, the full wall Marvel comic book covers XL mural that features over 65 of the most popular and most relished covers from the revered comic publisher. […]

Ecran LCD Miroir or LCD Mirror by Ox-home

Some folks are just too busy watching television to keep an eye for all other things happening inside their house. Given that, the folks at Ox-home had designed this space-functional LCD Mirror to replace your ancient TV stand. And we’d say that their innovative design is an amazing style statement that has managed to get […]

Poesy Luminotherapy Bed by Philippe Boulet

If you think those French designers are running out of idea amidst their poems and romances, now this is what we call romance for interior design. This hi-tech illuminated bed comes with a programmable integrated LED lighting system that serves a multicolor purpose. Designed by Philippe Boulet to be operated with a controller remote, the […]

Frost: Furniture Frozen in Details

Developed by the designer HwaSung Yoo of Mars, Frost is an aluminum table design that is both smooth and busy at the same time.  Clearly designed with the concept of frost patterns in mind, the elements that construct Frost furniture are cut from the same sheets of metal, be they the legs, the table, or […]

Qo2 Chair by Erik Jørgensen

Global warming creates a new trend almost on every aspect on humans life — not to forget the impact on interior design. That must have inspired designer Erik Jørgensen to come up with a stylish and undoubtedly comfortable sofa chair that would fit perfectly in any lounge room. Using high quality organic materials in respect […]

Antoine Proulux’s Wooden Armoire Doubles as Media Cabinet

For those who are serious on how functional an armoire should be, this combination between a wooden armoire and media cabinet would be an astute selection. Although it’s a conventional looking piece of furniture with black painted supports, the armoire creates a warm and inviting ambiance — making it a perfect fit for both your […]

Ergonomic Push Table Dining Set by Svilen Gamolov

Looking for an ergonomically modified dining set? You’d better set your target on something like this Push Table by Svilen Gamolov. Built under a sleek sophisticated design, the table certainly brings a futuristic knockout for your guests. With contrasting colors, the chairs are designed to glow on their own and seem to be designed in […]

Domino Working Desk and Forma Suspended Desk, from Pianca

Some people like me and Michael might spend lots of hours on a chair behind a working desk. Sometimes that’s bad, but not as bad as having a messy old working desk with no style pasted at all. So if you are like us and crave for the contemporary, then you’ll definitely appreciate these Pianca […]

Luxurious Riverfront Apartment in Gold Coast, Australia

When it comes to perfect positioning between a rare river view and the sparkling backdrop of Surfers Paradise city skyline, there are probably some stunning house candidates along the way. But this Riverfront apartment must have been an unrivaled dwelling place around Gold Coast, Australia. And just by taking into account their salient spacious architectural […]

The Bull Sofa – A Daring Addition to Your Living Room

Some would say that these days, contemporary furniture often has a monotonous standard, a repetitive design that takes the modern away. But not if you set your eyes on this Bull Sofa. Hand crafted and hand painted, with a fiberglass resin base material, this $1,342 sofa is an amazing addition to your collection of furniture. […]

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