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Suntro House : Enjoy a Tequilla With Style

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You may wonder why so many people turn their houses white. It’s chic. Really chick and modern. Designed by Jorge Hernandez de la Garza, the Suntro House is not just a highly modern structure but also a functional one. Located in Morelos, Mexico, the tranquil home stuns with its elegant white furnishings, and amazing pool […]

How to Develop a Home Office

These days, more and more people are working at home. There are many benefits to this. Namely, the ability to earn significant income while cutting down on the common travel related expenses. However, it is important to point out that in order for work at home ventures to be successful they must be organized. One […]

Ultra-modern Living Rooms by Presotto Italia

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Contemporary furniture makers have been taking a new approach when it comes to decorations. Most of them embraced the minimalist style with elegantly shaped objects and clear spaces. Such an example is a collection from the creative folks from Presotto Italia. Their ultra-modern furniture looks outside the traditional box bringing functionality and beauty all together. […]

How you can improve the look of a kitchen

While we lounge in the living room and sleep in the bedroom, it is often the kitchen that is our “favorite room”. After all, it is the kitchen that provides us with so many memories of great meals! While cooking can make a kitchen memorable, it would also be a nice thing if it was […]

Beautiful 35 mp One Room Apartment with Kitchen

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What you are going to see today here on Freshome is a beautiful 35 mp small apartment that looks awesome and it would be ideal for a student. Total refurbished and very well planned with one bed and a large lovely balcony on the west this apartment is something small but really nice. To be […]

Why pellet stoves are better than a regular wood burning stove

Although it is difficult to talk about design, home renovations and home and garden improvements without thinking about the money and ultimately the economy, many people are not letting the grey economy from keeping them from making some great purchases for their home. Instead, the economy is making many people become innovative in the choices […]

Confluence Seating System by Philippe Nigro

Designed by Philippe Nigro the new seating system called Confluence is structured like a jigsaw puzzle and has an innovative design that requires a very sophisticated manufacturing. With a design very different from a conventional sofa, Confluence brings fresh air and breaks all the rules. he draft is not only for the lovers of radical […]

The Versatility of the Carpet Tiles

Over the last few years, I have seen a real move away from carpet. Most people are opting for hardwoods or laminates and carpet is almost becoming a thing of the past, that is except for area rugs that are lovingly placed over a hardwood floor to add color or style to a room or […]

Cascading waterfall from the washbasin to the bathtub

Chin Chia Lim’s Würfel recreates the magic of a cascading waterfall from the washbasin to the bathtub. I’ve never saw something like this before and this new approach is something really unique. The bad thing about this design is that you’ll need to fill up the sink every time you want take a bath and […]

Stairway to Heaven : Designer Home

Contemporary architecture is all about amalgamating sensuous forms with flowing functions, and it would be real hard to find a designer home that does that better than this beautiful adobe. With a special ability to maximize the available space and fill it up with a host of designer art and furniture, it’s a creative design […]

Amplitude 33m² : Modern Home With a Touch of Ancient Charm

Modern minimalist homes and contemporary structures look awesome at times, but the design is being so overdone that the singular shades of white and grey are starting to look rather pale at times. That is exactly where this modern home – dubbed Amplitude 33m²? – improvises and adds some eye-catching designs that offer a wonderful […]

Understanding Fabrics in your Interior Decorating

One thing that you will always notice about interior decorating is that designers will often play with a variety of fabrics to create the desired look. This could be a simple tablecloth on a large, impressive looking dining table or it could be a throw draped across the couch. Fabrics are generally used to provide […]

Carl Dahlstedt Home: An aesthetic mix

How about showing off a bit of your patriotic fervor along with adding a whole new shade to your home? This modern home captured by Carl Dahlstedt mixes elegant modern interiors with bold and bright shades of blue that makes it somehow unique. The entire home and even the furnishings borrow shades, colors and textures […]

Apartment Design by ERGES: Targets The Young

Designed to steal your heart at the very first look, this awesome apartment conjured up by the folks from ERGES, somehow throws your mind back to a beautiful and snowy Christmas. Extensive use of bright LED lights, pristine white shades and fabric, comforting fur carpet and frosty glass give the apartment a stylish, sleek and […]

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