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Coffee Cup Lights

These decorative coffee cup lights would look good in a coffee shop, or in a place in your home where the coffee is served.  In conclusion if you something that is a little bit more unusual, you can get them for 156.00 € from here. – Via

Dragonfly Lounge and Swivel Chair Combination

Designed by the well knows Karim Rashid, who is already a “celebrity” in the furniture industry, “Dragonfly” is a chaise furniture where a lounge is combined with a swivel chair. This piece of furniture is very good in a small space because it can be adapted to the situation. You can open it fully and […]

Paper Clip Shaped Heaters by Scirocco

In these days a heater can become an object of decoration, something that is not just used to generate heat, but also to look good. The Graffe Heaters by Scirocco are made of steel pipe bent into a paper clip shape, that looks very good. The heater is made of steel and available in chrome […]

Vintage Laight Residence in the Heart of New York

  • laight-residence-2
  • laight-residence-3
  • laight-residence-4
  • laight-residence-5

Exquisite by excellence, the Laight Residence is an amazing job done by New York based Bates Masi Architects . From furnishings, to furniture, lighting or carpets, everything in here screams for elegancy. Designed with a lavish, yet traditional approach, using Mahogany wood interiors, plenty of curves that draw away from the straight lines and more […]

Princeton Residence: Effortless amalgamation of old and new

  • princeton-residence-6
  • princeton-residence-2
  • princeton-residence-3
  • princeton-residence-4

The one word that springs to mind when you take a glance at the gorgeous Princeton Residence in Highland Park, Texas, is ‘grace’. It looks like a charming old-fashioned home wrapped up by sleek and minimalistic modern walls. And the ease which it combines design elements for an amazing visual treat is simply astounding. Designed […]

How to Find the Right Canvas Wall Art for Your Room

Artwork is an important part of decorating your home. We use it to set a mood, add an accent or simply because we like it. Artwork can add a finishing touch to a space or it can be the inspiration for a design but it is important to know how to find the perfect piece […]

The Pasinetti House: Restoring an old work of timeless art

Named after its first Italian owner and having been designed by the famous Romanian architect Haralamb Georgescu, the Pasinetti House in Beverly Hills is steeped in rich tradition and great history. And that’s exactly why the arduous task of restoring this neglected real estate jewel was assigned to expert restoration architect Aaron Torrence. The resulting […]

Fresh Home an Unexpected Surprise from Readers Digest

As you might know when you start a website, you have to choose a domain name for that domain. First I wanted to get the domain, but it wasn’t available, so after searching other alternatives I’ve decided that I like …and I’ve started my online journey. Yesterday I’ve found from Charlesandhudson and Adage […]

How to Select the Right Window Curtains

When it comes to decorating, there is one element in the room that is often forgotten, and that is the window treatments. Most people will purchase curtains as an afterthought, something that needs to go up but doesn’t really matter. The problem is the window treatments do matter and it should be an active decision […]

Seattle Modular Coffee Table: All AboutTransforming

With space becoming a premium in the urban apartment setting, modern furniture is more and more about multi-tasking with each passing day. And since the cool trend is expected to catch on, here’s the Seattle Modular Coffee Table – another addition to the smart furniture line. It doubles up both as a stylish coffee table […]

Roaman Residence in New York

Designed with a touch of elegance and a dash of style by Bates Masi Architects, the Roaman Residence in New York, mixes and matches modern designing techniques with fine use of wood and sensuous lighting that creates a warm and cozy environment. With a white minimalist approach on the outside, a modern swimming pool, a […]

Top 10 Biggest Decorating Mistakes

Have you ever walked down a busy street and counted the number of fashion faux paus that you see? I know I have and, sadly, there are a lot when you actually stop and take count. The same thing can be said about home decorating. There are hundreds of mistakes that you can make when […]

World Home Day Collection: Around the world in seven rooms!

This innovative and outstanding design project by Mobilefee Italy is a test of creativity and adaptability as a single living room is decorated in seven different styles to suit seven divergent corners of the planet. By tapping into the local style, colors and textures and translating the native mood into flowing design and vivacious accessories, […]

Confusion by Pravdoliub Ivanov

Confusion is a simple idea that I’ve found on Pravdoliub Ivanov website. There is not to much to say about this idea, just that starting from this idea someone could create some unique and interesting designs by using corners of carpet. I’m the only one who got inspired by this picture and already has some […]

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