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Children’s bedrooms by Dearkids: A splash of color and a dash of delight

  • children-bedrooms-from-dearkids-2
  • children-bedrooms-from-dearkids-3
  • children-bedrooms-from-dearkids-4
  • children-bedrooms-from-dearkids-5

Set to be showcased at the 2009 Salone del Mobile furnishings show this April, the cool and contemporary children’s bedrooms designed by Dearkids stole our heart with their attractive shades, wonderful use of available space and great design options. The complete bedroom designs vary from the eternal favorite pink (though this one is a tad […]

Warm and Natural Interiors Created by K2LD Architects, Laced With Wood

  • minimalist-apartment-02
  • minimalist-apartment-03
  • minimalist-apartment-04
  • minimalist-apartment-05

The beautiful and ambient apartment designed by K2LD Architects largely revolve around extensive use of natural wood. Quite obviously, that gives the interiors a warm, cozy and comforting feel. The lighting options that have been chosen use an equally mellow yellow shade to bring out the very best from these stylish and minimalist interiors. Despite […]

The art of concealment: Melbourne’s Trojan House

  • trojan-house-melbourne-2
  • trojan-house-melbourne-3
  • trojan-house-melbourne-4
  • trojan-house-melbourne-5

As you walk past the Trojan Home on the streets of Melbourne, you may not find much appealing in this monotonous wooden giant. But just like the name suggests, a whole new world awaits on the inside. With its lavish and sweeping interiors that are insulated with perfection, a thermal chimney that keeps the home’s […]

Coaxing clothes: How to plan a perfect wardrobe

Getting your home right is not always about hiding the mess in the closets, but at times making sure that the closets themselves exude class and style. Setting your wardrobe in order is something that should be simple but ends up becoming a tough and often daunting task as you tend to ignore its needs […]

Manresa City Hall by ADD+ Arquitectura

  • manresa-city-hall-2
  • manresa-city-hall-3
  • manresa-city-hall-4
  • manresa-city-hall-5

A dynamic project that has been undertaken by the designers at ADD+ Arquitectura, the extension for the Manresa City Hall building definitely proved to be an architectural challenge in itself. Standing near the edge of a hill bordering the river Cardener and in front of the Montserrat Mountains, the architects have been forced to come […]

Plastic Nature by Alexander Pelikan

The Plastic Nature is a furniture concept which exemplifies the connection of the “plastic-world” and the world of wooden furniture. Alexander Pelikan made the ‘Plastic Nature’ series by combining handmade wooden furniture with injection-molded plastic. In plastic manufacturing there is hardly any waste because plastic is cast in shapes and leftovers molten again for further […]

Window shopping: How to buy blinds and shutters

Blinds and shutters have been quite famously dubbed as the furniture for windows, they offer various degrees of ventilations, privacy and natural heat depending on your usage. With modern materials offering greater options in this area of furnishings, here is how you can give your windows the very best. Here’s how to buy blinds and […]

Mungle Office Desk by Dimitrios Tsigos

Designed by the Greek designer Dimitrios Tsigos the Mungle Office Desk is the product of a digital design technique that incorporates simple elements, which, in proliferation, are able to articulate more complex overall geometries. As a result, more intricate designs can be achieved using simple and inexpensive construction processes, and the cost of the finished […]

Table talk: How to buy the right kitchen table

Modern designers are offering millions of delights in terms of gorgeous and stunning kitchen tables, most of which were no where in sight a few years ago. With advent of a whole new material range, the popularity of the ultra-minimalist modern style and shrinking spaces, the kitchen table has changed shape and styles. Here is […]

Modular Freedom with the PROOF’s “Work Sofa”

PROOF, the Dutch Studio that puts a heavy emphasis on easily-arranged, standalone office furniture has fused the concept of modular elements and spacial isolation to develop their “Work Sofa.” A sharp and stylish concept to satisfy an open interior space, the Work Sofa allows for a great deal of creativity to those who love to […]

Ultra-minimalist Home in Pousos, Straight Lines and Sleek Form

Designed with grace and precision by Portuguese architect Bak Gordon, this modern home located in the heart of Pousos, is all about smooth and simple design that draws from the modern architecture principles of using simple cubical structures. Created as four separate blocks that are integrated into one large unit, the home sits a level […]

Recession-Savvy Decorating Tips: Shop Smart During the Credit Crunch

The global meltdown is taking its toll on everyone and everything and none of us are spared from the growing gloom. Of course, you can always try to outsmart it by making sure that you spend as less as possible, save as much as possible and by ensuring that you shop smartly whenever you go […]

Ergon by Venetian Celegon, Trendy Two-way Door

Space is such a premium in modern homes and tiny studio apartments that even a single square meter of area can make a huge difference. That is exactly why the ultra-modern and uber-cool Ergon rototranslating doors by Venetian Celegon are such a cool and chic innovation. The doors allow for both rotatory and translatory motion […]

The house of Versace: Neo-classical Art Brilliance

How about owning a grand home that housed classic art work that includes stucco casts of Antonio Canova’s Pair Of Pugilists estimated to be worth up to £40,000, a pair of cherry-wood bookcases by Karl Roos worth £120,000 and a previously unseen painting by 18th-century artist Johann Zoffany? As amazing as it sounds, Gianni Versace’s […]

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