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Ambient Lounge : Take the comfort of your living room sofa outdoors

Ever wanted to take the comfort of your living room sofa outdoors? Innovative Soft Furniture company Ambient Lounge makes this a reality with the new Elements fabric Range. It’s all about chic, comfortable Outdoor Lounging Café Del Mar style; ideal for contemporary summer living spaces. Ambient Lounge have taken the weightless comfort of bean bag […]

Victorian Loft : Located in Boston (photos)

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Brad Dufton ( colorTHEORY ) and his wife Kendra wanted to share with Freshome readers their Boston home. Now let’s hear a few words about this home from their owners : “What used to be the brownstone’s former Formal Living and Dining rooms, is now our 820 sq. ft., 1 bedroom condo. The living layout […]

Sleep away your worries: How to buy the right mattress

Considering that we all spend one-third of our lives in the bed sleeping/resting,  it is essential to get nothing short of the very best for a mattress when it comes to dreams and enjoying a few lovely and intimate moments. A quality mattress that is just right will help you wilt away your worries after […]

Read & Roll : Elegant Solution for Bathroom Readers

A lot of people like to read in bathroom, and Read & Roll is something especially designed for this. Read & Roll designed by Turkish Architect Direnc Demirbas is a simple and elegant solution for both toilet roll and a space for magazines newspapers and books. It is made by plastic injection molding and thanks […]

The Natural: Stylish and Sustainable Home Furnishing

Meeting the needs of those looking to furnish their homes with both style and sustainability, furniture designer Bob Naboicheck, the fourth generation owner of Gold Bond International, recently released ‘The Natural,’ a stylish, eco-friendly and modern-day futon. The Natural, which was designed specifically for the ‘Greenest House in America,’ is manufactured with 100 percent rubber […]

Experience Wildlife, The Luxurious Resort of Singita in Africa

You have a stressful 9 to 5 job and you definitely need a place to retreat and recharge your batteries for the upcoming week? We have the perfect place, except that it’s not ours. Losing concrete, class and the modern flooring and furnishings we’ve been used with, check out the exquisite luxury safari lodges in […]

Mounting Protection: How to install a Home Security System

The world is changing at rapid pace and homes are being built bigger, better and more lavish with each passing day. Designers and customers invest time and money to build their dream homes and irrespective of where you live and how secure your locality is, you can never be too sure. Home security systems are […]

Contemporary Glass House in Sydney, Australia

There is something about Australians when it comes to architecture. They certainly have the taste and the means to put up a great house. Designed by Utz-Sanby Architects, the glass house (actually a luxury tree house) has been perfectly nestled on a steep slope in Sidney among green surroundings. With curved steel beams and a […]

Andrei’s “LIE” can also Sit and Stand.

With this multifunctional furniture concept by designer Pop Vlad Andrei, your need determines your use.  Do you need an elegant coffee table for a wine party?  Or maybe a square table for a light fixture?  Or even a ramp to launch your remote control car?  The design is a combination of distinguishable geometric shapes and […]

Armor House in Los Angeles

The creative designers from Studio 0.10 Architects, have put up a single-family house a few blocks away from the chic strip of Sawtelle Blvd. in Los Angeles. Specially built for a client that is passionate with photography,  the custom-built residence maximizes the living space and adds a modern flavor to the whole deal. Nothing short […]

Forever Young: Timeless Designs That Always Keep You Trendy

People usually wonder about how often they need to redecorate their homes to stay chic and fashionable. Making your home the latest and the coolest market trends is more of an art of changing as little as possible rather than revamping the whole home every couple of years. Smart design and decorating pattern is one […]

The Amazing Avenel House in Victoria, Australia

Situated on an expansive property overlooking the vineyards in Central Victoria in Australia, the Avenel House by Paul Morgan Architects definitely gets its roots from the rural setting and the granite hillside. With an absolutely brilliant contrasting sense of mass and lightness, the four-bedroom house has a stone-founded basis, a light metal skin and a […]

Marcello Zuffo’s Movable Kitchen Design

Marcello Zuffo, a senior designer with Motorola’s Consumer Experience Design Group, entered the 2008 Electrolux/Interior Design Magazine competition for innovative kitchen design and took the Grand Prize with this design: an ultramodern kitchen with multiple movable components.  As required by the competition, Electrolux ICON appliances are incorporated throughout the space while the overall design can […]

Contemporary Residence in Santa Ynez Valley, USA

Covering 20- acres in the semi-rural Santa Ynez Valley in US, this amazing home is a contemporary amendment to the natural landscape it’s been slated on. With amazing views of the nearby mountains and the canyon, the contemporary residence has a 7,000 sq ft interior that includes 3 bedrooms (with a 800 sq ft master […]

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