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Forever Young: Timeless Designs That Always Keep You Trendy

People usually wonder about how often they need to redecorate their homes to stay chic and fashionable. Making your home the latest and the coolest market trends is more of an art of changing as little as possible rather than revamping the whole home every couple of years. Smart design and decorating pattern is one […]

The Amazing Avenel House in Victoria, Australia

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Situated on an expansive property overlooking the vineyards in Central Victoria in Australia, the Avenel House by Paul Morgan Architects definitely gets its roots from the rural setting and the granite hillside. With an absolutely brilliant contrasting sense of mass and lightness, the four-bedroom house has a stone-founded basis, a light metal skin and a […]

Marcello Zuffo’s Movable Kitchen Design

Marcello Zuffo, a senior designer with Motorola’s Consumer Experience Design Group, entered the 2008 Electrolux/Interior Design Magazine competition for innovative kitchen design and took the Grand Prize with this design: an ultramodern kitchen with multiple movable components.  As required by the competition, Electrolux ICON appliances are incorporated throughout the space while the overall design can […]

Contemporary Residence in Santa Ynez Valley, USA

  • santa-ynez-valley-residence-2
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  • santa-ynez-valley-residence-5

Covering 20- acres in the semi-rural Santa Ynez Valley in US, this amazing home is a contemporary amendment to the natural landscape it’s been slated on. With amazing views of the nearby mountains and the canyon, the contemporary residence has a 7,000 sq ft interior that includes 3 bedrooms (with a 800 sq ft master […]

Bookshelf inspired by the map of United States of America

In the furniture industry right now is very hard to come up with something new, but Ron Arad wanted to create something new, and he created a bookshelf inspired by the map of United States of America. This is only an art piece and not in production – but feel free to get excited about […]

Pleats-Pleats Sofa by Daniel Hedner

Here on Freshome we already have an amazing collection with the 35 of the Most Unique & Creative Sofa Designs, and Pleats-Pleats is an unique sofa designed by Daniel Hedner from Imaginary Office that could be easily the 36 piece from our collection. Here are a few words about this sofa from the Imaginary Office […]

Flip Hook by David Quan

Designed by David Quan the Flip Hook is a wall mounted multi hook has hooks that flip down for use. What I like the most at this hook is that when is not used you don’t even know that is a hook, and it looks really nice. These stained and lacquered hardwood with brushed nickel-plated […]

Cash Conundrum: 9 Things About Decorating on Budget

With the recession blues hitting everyone across the globe in someway or another, saving cash and spending wisely is all that is on the lips of one and all. Decorating on a budget though is an art that is far more difficult than just going out and looking for the cheapest deals available. Here are […]

Wrap around corner frame : A new way to display pictures

The Wrap Around Corner Frame is a product offered by Photojojo. We presented something like this before here on Freshome, the “Angled Corner Picture Frames“. The Wrap Around the Corner Frame can hold up to 12 photos of various shapes and sizes, and is the perfect frame for a montage of your favorite vacation photos, […]

Ica Contemporary Rocking Chair

If you love the sensation that a rocking chair offers you, but you have a house with a contemporary design, the Ica Contemporary Rocking chair is a great option if you’re looking for a more modern take on this relaxing seat. Made from Italian leather, the chair also features a polished stainless steel frame, and […]

HansaLatrava Faucet by Octopus Design

So if you are here and your are looking for something unique to make your bathroom really cool, then this faucet design might be something you are looking for. Octopus Design, in collaboration with Bruno Sacco of Hansa, former head of Mercedes-Benz design designed the HansaLatrava faucet. According to Octopus Design. “It is a formal […]

How to buy the right bedroom storage space

There are built-in storage spaces and wonderful opportunities to keep your mess hidden all around your home and the bedroom is no different from the rest. But your own private hub needs to do a lot more than just store stuff while you relax and get some much needed rest. Your bedroom storage space must […]

The Bergert by Iacoli & Mcallister

The Bergert is a iacoli & mcallister creation. The Bergert is a little shelf that allows you to store a few things ( keys, wallet, credit cards, etc ) that you need in the morning right before you got to work/ school. The interesting part of this shelf is that you it has four magnets […]

Hunn Wai’s PING-PONG Dining Table

If you’re looking for an exceptionally elegant home dining and entertaining experience, this PING-PONG table designed by Hunn Wai combines smooth, heavy planes with the Rococo ordainments of 18th century neo-classical furniture.  Both a stylish dining table and an officially-sized ping-pong table, the long, rectangular blossom-filled vase that divides the center can serve as either […]

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