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Letters Bookshelf by Pieter de Leeuw

Pieter de Leeuw just graduated as an Industrial Designer, and this project is his thesis. The project consists in letters that have various colors that can be arranged to the user’s liking. The letters are made of EPS with a wear-resistant coating. From my perspective this project this is not to practical, but if you […]

Contemporary Living Space : Notting Hill House

  • notting-hill-house-interior6
  • notting-hill-house-interior5
  • notting-hill-house-interior4
  • notting-hill-house-interior2

Designed by Staffan Tollgard Design Group, Notting Hill House was a traditional terraced house in Notting Hill that right now is a contemporary living space. The well-balanced use of natural and man-made materials creates a tactile journey through the ground floors harder ‘public’ areas up to the higher private floors where the couple that owns […]

Rocking Chair that Generates Electricity from the Rocking Motion

I have to say that this idea is very useful, and I would like to see it applied more. The Murakami Chair’s has an attached lamp that is powered by your rocking back and forth. Why waste valuable kinetic energy created while leisurely rocking when you could power an OLED lamp while doing so? The […]

Beautiful Minimalist Glass Sink from Axolo

Italian design is well known to be among the most refined in the world. This glass sink from Axolo is a modern and minimalist sink at its finest, a simple smooth modern gesture composed of a single line of curved glass serves several functions. Quality materials, among which multi-layered wood lacquered with ebony, the sinuous […]

Modern Interior Design- Apartment in Stockholm

  • Contemporary-Apartment-in-Central-Stockholm-1
  • Contemporary-Apartment-in-Central-Stockholm-15
  • Contemporary-Apartment-in-Central-Stockholm-12
  • Contemporary-Apartment-in-Central-Stockholm-10

This interior comes form  Olle Rex, a company of  “young and enthusiastic architects” from Sweden. The place is called “The Karlavagen 59″ and it is basically a king-size apartment which includes a huge balcony, no less than four bedrooms and a large living-room with modern furniture and a fireplace. The kitchen is classic with a […]

Luxury Bathroom from Spiritual Mode

Spiritual Mode is a Japanese company which deals with creating furniture items for day to day life. We were particularly drawn by the bathroom sector and the company’s ability to imprint originality and style to every bathroom design that is present in their portfolio. With a unique bathtub shape and a classic rain shower, the […]

Amazing Hidden Kitchen

This lovely project comes from LOGOS and is a part of their Cooking & Living Series. The challenge was to build a living area for a young lady who wanted a roomy, comfortable apartment. Also, she is not into cooking very much, which is why she wanted a kitchen that would occupy very little space. […]

Floating House in Seattle

This place is definitely not for those who have a water phobia or who mind seeing a few boats swinging near by when looking out the window.  Located in Lake Union, Seattle, this floating residence is a display of tasteful interior and exterior design. Its room structure was designed so that all the private areas […]

Beautiful Family Residence by Bates Masi Architects

Bates Masi Architects is a company located in Long Island whose portfolio includes school, houses, offices and furniture. They say they are not interested in the size or type of their upcoming projects, but rather in  “the opportunity to enrich lives and enhance the environment”. This particular house was elaborated for a couple with a […]

Blue Solar Tiles, Looks And Sustainability

Solar panels are no longer a thing of the future, but are slowly starting to be accepted and used by the population worldwide. People begun to understand their utility and despite their high prices, the need for alternative energy sources that in time will prove worthy of the initial investment. This project is called Solé […]

Great Design vs. Small Costs

Created by Bates Masi Architects, winners of prestigious awards throughout the years, the Noyack Creek project comes with a great and revolutionary design considering the small budget that was used to build it. Located in the middle of beautiful nature elements, this house has a minimalist design, with an elegant but simple and monochrome exterior […]

Meldown, A Chair Worth £8,750

Meltdown Chair PP Tube #1 was designed by Tom Price and was available for an auction for Phillips de Pury & Company. The unusual chair was meant to be given away for a sum of £4,000-6,000 maximum, but someone offered £8,750. The Meltdown design was created using polypropylene tubes, after they were heated and pressed; […]

Casa Sao Francisco, A Mixture Of Classic And Modern

Casa Sao Francisco is a project belonging to Andrea Vivas created for MG Studio. The place is a mix of modern and classic and each room is individualized. The large living-room includes a wooden TV support and side decorative panels, an elegant white couch and an interesting table and chairs set. The kitchen is also […]

Lot 18, A Fresh And Modern Residence

Lot 18 is a residential project design by Arkitek Axis, a company founded in 1989 who’s slogan is “less is more”. Their aim is to “give their client’s project a value for money, and at the same time create a concept identity in which both the clients and the company can be proud of”. Perhaps […]

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