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Today after I’ve made some changes to Freshome I’ve also decided to create a Facebook Group, because a Facebook group allows you to interact with other followers on the Facebook Wall and follow the most recent posts. It’ll supplement what we do on this blog and our Twitter feed, and hopefully become a lively […]

T-House by Den Nen Architecture

  • t-house-by-den-nen-architecture-7
  • t-house-by-den-nen-architecture-8
  • t-house-by-den-nen-architecture-2
  • t-house-by-den-nen-architecture-3

Yasushi Mizuta and Naohiro Sumi are the creative designers from Den Nen Architecture who came up with the great geometry for the minimalist T-House in Ako, the Hyogo Prefecture in Japan. Meant as a single family residence (for two adults), the two-story reinforced concrete construction features a lot of white that enhance the clean appearance […]

Computer into a vase : Decorate without messing up the decor

Today you’ve gonna see something really innovative, an easy way to decorate your living room without messing up the decor. As we all know most computers don’t really fit into stylish living rooms, but taiwanese manufacturer ECS came out with this great looking computer at E3. At a first look you might think that this […]

Carapicuiba House in Brazil

  • carapicuiba-house-4
  • carapicuiba-house-5
  • carapicuiba-house-6
  • carapicuiba-house-7

What do you do when you have a site that “weird” that restricts the building of your dreams? How about drawing inspiration from the Carapicuiba House? Built on a ground surface that falls abruptly down to 6m below, architects Angelo Bucci and Alvaro Puntoni have suspended a two level steel structure on pilots and covered […]

Brazilian Modernism: C16H14O3 House by Marcio Kogan

  • c16h14o3-house-by-marcio-kogan-6
  • c16h14o3-house-by-marcio-kogan-5
  • c16h14o3-house-by-marcio-kogan-4
  • c16h14o3-house-by-marcio-kogan-3

No, that’s not a chemistry formula. It’s the name Brazilian architect Marcio Kogan came up for this amazing home. Located in Sao Paulo, the C16H14O3 House is simple and elegant at the same time. Following a a South American theme with the base raised like a platform and large exposing supporting beams, the house is […]

Herzelia Pituah House 3 in Tel Aviv, Israel

We at Freshome love modern clean structures that don’t go shy on using glass, but the Herzelia Pituah House 3 is taking things to a whole new level by adding a tinge of minimal. Designed by the creative folks from Pitsou Kedem Architects, the concrete house is located in Tel Aviv, Israel. Delightfully minimalist and […]

Mosaic House by TNA Arch

Tokyo-base architects from TNA Arch are the guys behind this Mosaic House. Although the name doesn’t reflect the creative shape of the house, the Japanese sure managed to get us eye-struck. Following a contemporary minimalist theme, the interior of the Mosaic House looks like a place you buy a ticket to explore. Without much windows […]

Kouichi Kimura Architects Stun With Black-White Contrast

The wicked folks from Kouichi Kimura Architects have done it again. This time they managed to impress us with a house that featurers a black exterior and a contrasting white courtyard that gets the eye. Highly modern, with some rooms dark and other rooms light, the house features the minimalist theme like a lot of […]

Simple and Minimalistic Perpetual Wall Calendar

Personally I don’t have a wall calendar, but I know people who like them, and here is something for them. The Perpetual Wall Calendar – No.1 is a simple vintage 1970’s German-designed plastic perpetual wall calendar that looks awesome. Numbers and days of the week can be manually rotated to designate the proper day and […]

Casa Viviendas by MoRE Arquitectos

Mexican-based architects from MoRE Arquitectos came up with an interesting structure in their own Las Vegas. Dubbed Casa Viviendas, the house has two separate volumes unified under a deck inclined single roof. The facade to the street aligns perfectly with the other houses, adds a garage and still works as an area of transition with […]

Open your door without keys with the Numlock Handle

Designed by designer Jess Han the Numlock Handle is an innovative solution for those of you who want to enter your home without using keys. This design concept for a mechanical lock could be the ideal solution to the keyless lock problem. Numlock Handle is unlocked when you roll its four tumblers to the correct […]

Nouvel’s Lighting Scheme in the Louvre Abu Dhabi

Amidst a traditionally-inspired dome ceiling for the newly-designed renderings for the “Louvre Abu Dhabi” in the United Arab Emirates are thousands of little breaks, edges and holes that allow for a flurry of warm and charming sun light to slice in through the ceiling like the canopy of a rainforest.  As you walk down the […]

Wall-mounted ( LCD and Plasma ) TV frames by HD Envy

HD Envy is a company that creates wall-mounted TV frames for both residential and commercial use.They took the concept to the next level with their Invidia Frames and the FastenEZ mounting system. Literally “fast and easy” to mount, the steel bracket system locks the frame in place and allows for easy removal for servicing the […]

Lavish Kensington House by SHH Architects & Designers

The creative folks from SHH Architects & Designers have been comissioned to revamp this six storey, 1,114 sq m house in London’s best. Known as Kensington House, it’s a contemporary take on a Georgian terrace house that stuns with its “cream, off-white and funky”. On the lower 3 floors, there’s a very generously proportioned reception […]

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