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Casa Blair Road by Ong & Ong

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Designed by talented architects from Ong & Ong from Singapore, Casa Blair Road is a stunning, truly breathtaking property — with everything designed to perfection. With white walls, white marble floors, the lovely white designer chairs and white and brown coffee mugs giving it perfect color sync, the house charms with its amazing white theme. […]

Striking Chair Design : Douglas’s LumBar Stool

Reflecting the way in which stone is developed from thousands of layers of earth movement, James Douglas’s LumBar stool is a striking chair design that would be a very powerful accent for organic spaces (especially homes with attached bar sections).  Developed from stacked CNC-cut plywood around a single 12mm steel bar, the LumBar stool appears […]

Giant Rubber Bands that Function as Wall Shelves

Designed by Pete Oyler a recent graduate of the Rhode Island School the “Stretch Shelf” is an innovative design that allows you to get rid of the structural limitations of your personal storage space. They are made of cast rubber and machined aluminum and are, essentially, giant rubber bands that function as wall shelves. What […]

Ikea Catalogue 2010 is Now Online

Ikea …this brand is a celebrity in the interior design and furniture industry. I know that lot of people wait for the Ikea Cataloge 2010 launch to get some fresh inspiration for their home, and I would like to announce that today 28th, 2009 the 2010 IKEA Cataloge launch is going to be held in […]

The EPIC Miami Hotel and Residences

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  • The EPIC Miami Hotel and Residences 7
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We haven’t stumbled upon Cheryl Rowley‘s work up until now, but seeing the interiors at the EPIC Miami Hotel and Residences, we’re sorry we didn’t … Located at the edge of the Miami River and Biscayne Bay, the 54 story has 411 charming guestrooms and suites that make you crave for spending your whole life […]

Windows Curtains Ideas/ Pictures and Tips

Many people consider window treatments as finishing touches to the rooms decor, and usually pay little or no attention to this interior detail.  However, window treatments should never be neglected, as they play an important part in emphasizing the individual character of the place. Window curtains truly stand out in any well decorated room. They […]

Harrison Varma Strikes With a New Luxury Property in London

We’ve covered some of Harisson Varma‘s breathtaking designs before (here and here) but this gorgeous London property certainly comes first for us, with everything on the inside and outside spelling luxury. The residence, which is extremely roomy with 7 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, a lovely indoor pool, a cinema, gym, 3 reception rooms, underground parking and […]

Flat Renovations: Swedish Minimalist Apartment Proves Modern

Homely and comfortable to the core, seems perfect for those looking for a soothing atmosphere. The flat is located in a charming neighborhood in Gotheborg, Sweden, at the third floor in a 1905 four storey building surrounded by galleries and the seeping coffee scents from the nearby cafes. Small, yet unbelievable large, the 64 sq […]

Bed with High Tech Features : Somnus-Neu

If you are interested in pieces of furniture with high tech features here is something that might get your attention, the Somnus-New Bed. A few months ago we also presented another high tech bed called the “Hi-Can Bed“, but here is another ambitious project created by Yoo-Pod Ltd …their Somnus-Neu project, named after the ancient […]

Urban Cottage Design Nestled in Stephentown, New York

Imagine that you’d like to build a beautiful house in the middle of nowhere! Would it look anything like this one? Not actually in the middle of nowhere, architect David Jay Weiner has just put up a contemporary cottage design in Stephentown, New York, that totally caught our eye. Meant as a weekend retreat place, […]

London House Blends Contemporary and Classic in a Very Charismatic Way

If you’re like me you think that the style of the house has to be either contemporary or either classic, but can you imagine that such a mix could be as charming as this London house? With sky blue wallpaper and white interior furniture, there’s no way for you to deny the calming ambiance you’re […]

Nordic Architecture: Norwegian Contemporary Villa Design

Norway architect Todd Saunders of Saunders Architecture have been on a quest to come up with a futuristic, fashion-forward and functional villa in Hjellestad, Norway. A great example of Nordic architecture, the villa comes with a sculptural facade and lots of windows to flood the interior with sunlight. Built over three symmetric main modules, the […]

Mind-blowing 3D projection on German building created by UrbanScreen

This is probably the most elaborate 3D projection on architecture that I have ever seen. You don’t have to believe me, watch the video called“How it would be, if a house was dreaming” and say your opinion. The conception of this project consistently derives from its underlying architecture – the theoretic conception and visual pattern […]

Thoughtful Creativity : 1FORMTABLE by John Brabham

Designed by British designer John Brabham the 1FORMTABLE is an ambient display of careful design and thoughtful creativity. The table features a section which can house 18 dvd’s, along with an overhang surface top which creates room for snacks and beverages. The elegant curved sections can also hold books, journals or more personal accessories. Now […]

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