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Luxurious YTL Residence in Kuala Lumpur

  • ytl-residence-9
  • ytl-residence-2
  • ytl-residence-3
  • ytl-residence-4

A breathtaking study of contrasts between the inside and outside,the YTL Residence in Kuala Lumpur blends the traditional with the ultra-modern and the natural scenery in the most stylish way. Designed together by the creative folks from Agence Jouin Manku from Paris and YTL Design Group from Kuala Lumpur, the lavish house was commissioned for […]

Temperature Sensitive Glass Tiles

Moving Color is an innovative technology which takes glass tiles to new heights in terms of interior design. These are temperature sensitive textured glass tiles  which change color with the ambient, body or water temperature. So when someone touches them or if warm water from a shower hits them, the tiles then literally “bloom with color”! How neat is […]

Dazzling delights: How to light up a room beautifully

No matter which part of the room you are decorating and how you wish to improve the beauty of your home, you will always find decorators telling you that lighting makes or breaks the entire effort. Creating the perfect lighting conditions is the difference between an attractive home and dull interiors that are pale and […]

Horchow Mirrored Furniture

  • circled-mirrored-chest
  • black-mirrored-cabinet
  • mirrored-hall-chest
  • mirrored-cocktail-table

Mirrors do help give a living area the illusion of space. They also help brighten up a room by reflecting light. But if mirrored tiles on walls seem dated and even tacky to you, consider the selection of stylish mirrored furniture from Horchow. They are even better in some ways than stainless steel fixtures which give […]

Jesus Floor Lamp

Feeling a little holier than thou lately? Then you should get the Jesus floor lamp by Mexican designer, Ricardo Garza Marcos.  You can place the halo style lamp behind where you sit either at home or at the office. Not only will it illuminate your work or reading area but it will make you look positively […]

Shelving Knowledge: How to decorate your own home library

A home library is not something for everyone, but if you do have an inclination towards books or even love collecting the rare ones, then this can really add immensely both to the look of your home and how people view you when they come for a visit. A home library talks about your personality, […]

Two Awesome Pieces of Cardboard Furniture

Ssome time ago we posted about the “30 of the Most Creative Bookshelves Designs” and today I’ve found two incredible pieces of furniture that are made from cardboard on AT. These pieces are made using a construction technique that Eric Guiomar developed after looking for affordable and lightweight seating. These two pieces look awesome and […]

Freeing Up Space: How to Get Rid of Clutter

Decorating is a lot more than just getting all the fancy stuff from the nearest store and throwing them inside, without any sense of order or form. It is not about how much you can cramp into the given space, but is more like the way you do it to accentuate the beauty of the […]

Bath tub design inspired by the natural form of the human body

This bathtub design by Marco Tallarida won the Bathroom Innovation Award in 2008. The bath tub design is inspired by the natural form of the human body. Its shape resembles that slanting organic posture that we take while bathing. It was consciously designed to minimise the volume of water yet maximize comfort. The bath tub […]

How to choose the perfect theme for your room

These days, more and more people wish to convert their room into a paradise that is filled with stuff they love the most. No matter what you like, you can always convert it into a theme for your room and surround yourself with things that lift your spirits. Modern accessories and the range of decorating […]

Small fridge in an under-counter cabinet : Izona Cool Drawer

If you live in a small apartment, and you have a really small kitchen then the Izona Cool Drawer might be something that you’ll like. As you can see, the unit looks more like a standard cabinet than a real deal fridge, and it reportedly does an outstanding job of preserving the few essentials that […]

Top Home Improvement Retailer Home Depot hit by Recession

Top home improvement retailer Home Depot Inc said per-share profit would fall for a third consecutive year in 2009 as the recession and softer U.S. housing market eat into sales.  The company has been hurt as fewer of its customers are buying new homes and spending money on repairs and remodeling. Home Depot posted a […]

Woolen Lamp by Jessica Nebel

Remember our 40 of The Most Creative Lamp Designs Ever collection ? Today I’ve found a new really interesting piece that could be placed in this list that is called the Woolen Lamp and is designed by Jessica Nebel. “Wool-light” is a ceiling sculpture which exudes soft light from folds of pure wool, thus promoting […]

Coffee Cup Lights

These decorative coffee cup lights would look good in a coffee shop, or in a place in your home where the coffee is served.  In conclusion if you something that is a little bit more unusual, you can get them for 156.00 € from here. – Via

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