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Cute Limited Fungi Shelf by Katharina Mischer

Designed by Katharina Mischer, the Limited Fungi Shelf is a series of shelves which features an endangered Austrian fungi species. Katharina Mischer chosed an endangered Austrian fungi species and translated them into a limited design edition. The limited fungi species is figured in tin, growing on an old ‘rotten’ wooden board. Each tin mushroom is […]

Inspiring Tree House by KAA Design Group

  • Tree House by KAA Design Group 8
  • Tree House by KAA Design Group 9
  • Tree House by KAA Design Group 7
  • Tree House by KAA Design Group 6

The Los Angeles chapter of the American Institute of Architects is actually developing into the one-stop destination for amazing architecture. This time around, the KAA Design Group introduces this Tree House in Manhattan Beach. With lofty Southern Californian coasts to the fore, the unitary house (which obviously is not a tree house) combines aesthetic exteriors […]

Charlotte Mann’s Surface design lets your walls go vibrant

Impressive is the word that best describes the wonderful surface design that has won London-based artist Charlotte Mann a reputable position at the British Design Awards 2009. Her basically argumentative work of print makes white walls expressive enough to portray the hidden yearning of a person who doesn’t have access to the things depicted on […]

Night Storage Units from Pianca

  • abbinati-people-4
  • abbinati-people-3
  • abbinati-people-1
  • abbinati-people-7

A fresh touch and a vivid look – this is what will “happen” to any interior that will come in contact with these new night storage units from Pianca. You are looking at a successful collision between fashion and function. Gloss lacquered finishes make the cupboards unbelievable noticeable and therefore the highlight of any room. […]

Giant Thread or Unconventional Furniture?

  • baukeknottnerusgreycouch
  • bauke-knottnerus-slurven
  • Art-and-Furniture-Exhibit
  • phatknitsdesignhuis

“PHAT KNITS” is the name of this truly creative project initiated by Bauke Knottnerus, a designer from Holland. The colorful giant thread can be used in the most crazy and unexpected ways in order to create lovely pieces of furniture. Sofas, seating places, decorative items, you name it- the only limit is your imagination. Just […]

Today’s Theme : Black and White

“Minimalist and elegant”, this is how Ex.t., the Italian company that came up with these designs describe their products. Here are a few sets of black&white bathroom furniture, all quite stylish and with a very pleasant look. The items in this collection are all interchangeable, therefore you can just set your eye on a product […]

Biowaste by Christian Moser, a Sustainable Recycle Bin

When living in an elegant and stylish interior, you become accustomed to all the items fitting in your luxurious place. Here is an example of how a garbage can can go well in a modern and classy home. Biowaste by Christian Moser was especially created to encourage people to lead a sustainable life. What strikes […]

Vita, A Universal Modular System from MDF Italia

If you are looking at the pictures and thinking “wow, this is amazing” or something similar, that is exactly the reaction that we had when first seeing these fantastic sets of furniture. Vita is a modular system which includes cabinets and shelves. As you can see, the designs are endless; the units can be combined […]

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater House Offers Exclusive Access

Frank Lloyd Wright was one of the most famed American architect, interior designer, writer and educator, who designed more than 1,000 projects, which resulted in more than 500 completed works. He is best known for designing Fallingwater. Fans of Frank Lloyd Wright’s house Fallingwater have long been able to visit the architect’s modernist masterpiece as […]

Pixels™ : Add Image Quality to Your Interior

We found this interesting design idea while surfing around Pixels™ is basically an add-on to furniture items as we know them. The dots embedded in the materials completely change the visual effect of any product and also the focal point of the room, being given that the color is also strong- like in the […]

“Heritage Boy” from Lee Broom

“Heritage Boy” is Lee Broom‘s third collection of furniture design which embraces a “classical fusion of the old and new”. The eye-catching “carpentry” sideboard “in the images comes with a very daring look but with a high practicability as well.  Having three drawers, four cupboards and a considerable amount of space, this sideboard could be […]

Mosaic Tiles : A Fresh Bathroom Look

Just take a look at these amazing glass tiles!  Wouldn’t you like your bathroom to look like a huge, beautiful and inspiring…puzzle? With plenty of playful pictures, most of them based on nature motifs, these amazing mosaic tiles are sure to leave anyone that enters your bathroom for the first time speechless.  Some of the […]

Beautiful White Dresser that Looks like it’s Floating

I have to admit that I’m fascinated about the pieces of furniture that seem to float, and this piece designed by Ronald Tuber is a really beautiful piece. The flowing movement has resulted in this three dimensional S-shape turning into a well balanced and elegant piece of furniture. The rounded off top can simply be […]

The Pion Chair by Aleksandr Shnayder

The Pion Chair is about highlighting the contrast between the two elements that compose a chair, the structural mechanical element, and the human interaction element. Rather then starting with the structural and then putting the human part on top, the designer moved the structural to the outside and the interaction to the inside. Thus, both […]

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