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USB Sofa, A Couch With a Different Type of Storage Space

Designed by Cabracega Studio, these four sofas in the images below are able to store… 14 GB of memory. They were especially designed for users to gather around and exchange information in a more unconventional way: through USB cables. The sofas were  made with built-in desks that can be removed in order to install the […]

Social Housing Solution in Degana, Spain

  • Social Housing Solution in Degana, Spain 9
  • Social Housing Solution in Degana, Spain 8
  • Social Housing Solution in Degana, Spain 7
  • Social Housing Solution in Degana, Spain 6

Architects Nacho Ruiz and Jose Antonio Ruiz Allén Esquiroz from Zon-e Arquitectos have been commissioned to come up with a social housing solution in the small mining town of Degana in Spain, and by the looks of it, they’ve done a sterling job. In a city where nothing new has been constructed for more than […]

Minimalist Black & White Kitchen Design by Futura Cucine

  • black-white-kitchen4
  • black-white-kitchen3
  • black-white-kitchen2
  • black-white-kitchen

In the last few years kitchens have changed because we have become more demanding of our time and having less of it to spend cooking. Many of us are on the move, always busy, looking for time saving methods. Then, there are those of us who are more interested in having a stylish kitchen, rather […]

Z House by Eva Harlou

  • z-house3
  • z-house2
  • z-house1
  • z-house4

Designed by Eva Harlou the Z-House is a 700 sqm house located on the eastern coastline of Jutland, Denmark. The minimalistic Z-shape of the house is a simple geometrical shape that creates a three level house with outdoor terraces on two different levels with views towards the sea. Ramps lead from the surrounding garden to […]

Beautiful Poufs in an Array of Stunning Colors by John Derian

The heart of Moroccan design is vibrant colors and patterns, tiled courtyards and elegant rooms. If you have fallen in love with all things Morocco then you’ll love these handmade Moroccan poufs designed by John Derian. Each of these leather ottomans is stuffed with foam and natural fibers for equal doses of style and comfort. […]

Complex Apartment in Oregon from Sienna Architects

Today we would like to present some interesting apartment interiors that we think fall in the category of “complex” arrangements. That is because there ere many elements that needed to be combined and placed together in the same room. You are looking at a two-story high apartment from Portland, Oregon that was developed in a […]

Modern Closet Organizing System Idea

Organization is the key to reducing stress in every part of an individual’s life. Closet organization systems are one way to expand an existing clothes space and improve storage. “Onda” is a closet organizing system that features Italian flair in its styling and shelving design. The shelves zig-zag up the wall creating their own distinct […]

Using Small Birds to Keep the Clothes on the Washing Lines

A lot of people use the nature as their source of inspiration. For example “Early Bird” designed by Fabian von Spreckelsen was inspired in a moment when he wanted to capture a picture by using small birds to keep the clothes on the washing line instead of using conventional cloth pegs. Fabian designed the Early […]

Amazing Staircased Office Building in Groningen

NL Architects is an architecture company in The Netherlands. The team recently “showcased” their newest project, the SoZaWe in Groningen. This is actually an ingenious office building constructed in stairs for the city’s Welfare Department and Work Agency. Terraces and and plenty of green spaces make it more friendly and also a very pleasant sight […]

New Approach to Door Design : Useful or Not ?

In this post we are going to present an innovative new approach to a design object as old as the idea of dwelling itself. Usually we don’t pay to much attention to a door, but this one really got my attention. ThreeStyle adds a humble but critical twist to the typical contemporary door – nothing […]

Interesting and Flashy Interior Design From by Altamoda

We found this really interesting interior design on Altamoda and you probably can tell why it got our attention. We are not sure how many of you out there would go for such a design, however, you have to admit this living-room is really flashy and eye-catching. Classic elements and modern influences are the basis of […]

Classic Home Ideas From Central Kitchen & Bath

We found this original collection of kitchen interiors from Central Kitchen & Bath. Even though there is a large variety you can observe while admiring  these arrangements, one common thing is noticeable. The furniture and atmosphere reminds one of a pre-modern era, without flashy furniture, LCD monitors or fancy lighting.  The pendant lamps and chandeliers […]

Minimalist House H in Tokyo by Sou Fujimoto Architects

It’s a fact that space has become a high priced commodity but when you say Tokyo, it’s even worse. A very good example is the latest project by Sou Fujimoto Architects, the House H. Meant as a way to perfectly balance volumes, spaces and light, the house follows on the Japanese minimalism with white walls […]

Leonid Afremov Paintings, Wild on Colors

You don’t have to be paintings fan, but when looking at the work of Belorussian painter Leonid Afremov, there’s not much that can be done, it gets you. Doing only with a palette knife and oil paint, Afremov loves to create colorful scenes that reproduce the bustling city aroma. Some would say it’s the oversized […]

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