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World’s Largest Tree House

Measuring over 100 feet, this colossal tree house beats record after record.  The general idea of a small place up in the tree is completely shattered when looking at these pictures. This house has ten stories and it took no less than 15 years to build. Its proud owner-Horace Burgess- says that a divine influence […]

“Frog Queen”, Pixels In a Cube

  • frog-queen-3
  • frog-queen-8
  • frog-queen-7
  • frog-queen-6

SPLITTERWERK is a German company that took on some truly creative projects throughout the years. Frog Queen is the name of this astonishing white & gray cube which happens to be the headquarters of the Prisma Engineering company, located in Styria,Austria. The overall image is that of random pixels, but don’t let the color simplicity […]

Yellow Living Space

  • yellow-living-space-5
  • yellow-living-space-4
  • yellow-living-space-3
  • yellow-living-space-1

New beginnings call for… colorful environments. This is how this interior was born. The project -a part of the Cooking&Living Concept from Logos- implied building an apartment for a young couple who wanted a place with a” fun and novel touch who would showcase their personalities and age”. Color and fun, this is the overall […]

55 Blair Road- Interior Design At Its Best

  • Spiral-Staircases-Amazing-Homes
  • Singapore-Homes
  • Singapore-Bathroom-Remodeling
  • Pool-Area

Ong & Ong is a famous company from Singapore that deals with designs and architecture projects, sometimes at a very large scale. They completed more than 500 such works and their massive portfolio includes residential homes, sales galleries, clinic designs and so on. For now we would like to hold your attention with this absolutely […]

Kitchen Integrated In Living-Room

  • eli %richard- cooking and living space 1
  • eli %richard- cooking and living space 3
  • eli %richard- cooking and living space 4
  • eli %richard- cooking and living space 6

In our never ending search for quality design ideas, we stumbled upon some amazing ideas about how to integrate a kitchen in a living room. Logos is where we found the “Cooking and Living” project, which unites several unique ideas about interiors that combine the two. The project below was created for a family of […]

Interior Design Ideas from Greg Natale

Greg Natale Design is an Australian company whose experience throughout the years is now appreciated and known worldwide. The pictures below are part of a recent project which embraces style, elegance and diversity. Each room has a few furniture elements that stand out. In spite of this, the overall image of the interiors remains homogeneous […]

Wall-Mounted Fireplace : Cupola

Today I’ve felt that the winter is knocking at the door, and in a time like that fireplaces are becoming an essential purchase that will keep users warm throughout the freezing season. Entitled “Cupola” the wall-mounted fireplace comes integrated with an advanced, adjustable bio-ethanol burner, allowing vent-less, hassle-free flames. This wall-mounted fireplace made in lightweight […]

Home In The Middle of Nature

This lovely estate was designed by Dutch architects Sluijmer & Van Leeuwen and is currently owned by the Utrecht Landscape Foundation. The villa represented a challenge from the very start. Building something in the middle of nature is not always easy, because the resources are sometimes scarce. This is why a huge creative effort was […]

Huge Skwak Pillows : Graphics and Fun

“Skwak” is a French illustrator who created amazing graphic designs inspired from children stories.  His work is called “Maniac World” and his unique characters are known as “maniacs”. Here are some words from the designer himself concerning his creations:” At first glance, it’s as if my work is made up of chance: a giant mess! […]

Single Line Furniture by Yuppie Hippie

A year ago we presented here on Freshome a similar project with what you are going to see today. That post was called “Furniture Made with a Single Stroke” and it was designed by Aykut Erol. Today here is a similar idea, but that I think it looks much better. Designed by a designer from […]

Put a Rainbow Right Inside your Bedroom

We all know that little children all seem to be fascinated by rainbows. Well instead of making them wait for the weather to be just right in order to see one, you could put a rainbow right inside of their bedroom. You might ask how is this possible ? With the rainbow projector that comes […]

Dwellings Built for Today’s Luxury Lifestyle : 1200 Sweetzer

Located in the heart of West Hollywoof, 1200 Sweetzer was designed by AI Architects & Urban Moment, Inc. , and delivers nine 2 and 3 bedroom boutique homes and 1 unique loft unit. These cool, yet sophisticatedly designed urban dwellings built for today’s luxury lifestyle include open private patios, balconies or rooftop decks for each […]

A piece of furniture with “muscles”

If you are looking for a piece of furniture that is more unique, then take a look at this chair that was sculpted by Eryn Ailor. The chair might look strange but it would be a great piece of furniture for an eclectic space. So ..what do you think about this “muscular” piece of furniture […]

Pillow In The Shape Of A Log

Ok, we admit, we like the kid more than the pillows and this is the main reason why we posted this. Still, you have to recognize the idea of a pillow eaten by beavers is pretty cool. Also, having some knitted logs randomly placed around your house is quite a new thing nowadays. This design […]

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