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PeoplePad – Multimedia Furniture with Hi-Tech Functions

Revolutionary designed by undpartner,  the Peoplepad is a set of multimedia furniture (if there is something that can be called that way) that allows its user to decide on which of those high-tech functions to put at work. This high-tech home furniture is designed to bundle playing, relaxing, sitting, and resting activity all at once. […]

Dwelling-workhouse by Hoogte Twee Architecten in Nijmegen

  • Dwelling-workhouse by Hoogte Twee Architecten 5
  • Dwelling-workhouse by Hoogte Twee Architecten 4
  • Dwelling-workhouse by Hoogte Twee Architecten 3
  • Dwelling-workhouse by Hoogte Twee Architecten 1

Have you been thinking to combine an industrial workspace with the uniqueness of a modern home? Well, here’s one of the best combinations we’ve ever seen — the Dwelling-workhouse by Hoogte Twee Architecten. Outstandingly constructed in the Nijmegen Area, in the Netherlands, this five person family villa was designed to create a paradox between life’s […]

New Orleans Blueprints by Brad Pitt Architecture Foundation

  • New Orleans Blueprints by Brad Pitt Architecture Foundation 6
  • New Orleans Blueprints by Brad Pitt Architecture Foundation 5
  • New Orleans Blueprints by Brad Pitt Architecture Foundation 4
  • New Orleans Blueprints by Brad Pitt Architecture Foundation 3

The idea of reconstructing 150 houses after Hurricane Katrina was both challenging and difficult at the same time. However Brad Pitt (yes, THAT Brad Pitt) teamed with 14 architecture companies and decided to put their contributions by working on the Make It Right (MIR) project to release 14 new home designs at New Orleans’ Lower […]

Modern Bedroom Furniture: The Aesthetics of Philosophy

The term “modern bedroom” does not refer to the physical “age” of the room itself. Rather, a “modern bedroom” is one decorated in a manner that parallels modern design values. Generally, this means that for your furnishings to be considered modern bedroom furniture, they have to be indicative of a characteristically modern minimalist aesthetic. To […]

Dancing Living House by Junichi Sampei

  • Dancing Living House by Junichi Sampei 6
  • Dancing Living House by Junichi Sampei 5
  • Dancing Living House by Junichi Sampei 4
  • Dancing Living House by Junichi Sampei 3

Talented designer Junichi Sampei (A.L.X. (ARCHITECT LABEL Xain) came up with a new house that can combine the needs of a home with those of a dancing studio. Located in Yokohama, Japan, this Dancing Living House had put other houses in the neighborhood hide to humiliation. The three stories reinforced concrete building has a big […]

Pillows Inspired by the Internet Big Websites

In these days everybody who uses the internet is a member of a social network, Facebook, Twitter, Digg, etc …and a lot of people spend more and more time on them. If these social networks and websites have become such an influence in your life that you’re decorating your home with them, it might be […]

Audi 100 Years Anniversary Sculpture by Gerry Judah

When you reach one hundred years in any business, it’s most definitely a cause for celebration. Audi just joined the few manufacturers that have lived to see 100 years, with Bugatti, Mercedes Benz, Fiat, and General Motors among those that that have been fortunate enough to make it this long. To celebrate this event Audi […]

Amazing Eclectic Style Decorating & Interior Design

Most people, when asked their decorating style say they are eclectic style, meaning they like a little bit of this, and a little bit of that. Eclectic style interior design is the way to go if you just can’t choose one style. This fabulous house is a great example eclectic style that encompasses a variety […]

Architectural Association Summer Pavilion 2009 : Driftwood

The Architectural Association School of Architecture has unveiled their 2009 summer pavilion, designed by third year Danecia Sibingo, its undulating form now sits outside the AA in London’s Bedford Square. This is the fourth year that the AA has challenged its students to create a temporary Summer Pavilion from sustainable timber. Driftwood was designed by […]

Contemporary Freestanding Bathtub : Viaggi

The Viaggi bathtub is an elegant bath with spa-inspired flair, that speaks of simplicity while transforming the everyday tub into a work of art. The Roman bathtub by Maax brings a luxurious and romantic appeal with classic looks that will never fade! This freestanding tub features ornate lines and a strong, square shape that commands […]

Saegeling Medizintechnik Offices in Heidenau, Germany

Specialized in producing high end medical equipment, the Germans from Saegeling Medizintechnik have impressed the design world with their latest office building in Heidenau, Germany.  Created by Gerd Priebe architects, the new building is nestled in the middle of their existing complex and combines a functional office space with a two story entrance hall in […]

Garden Ideas : Make a Tree Look Like a Giant Plant with the Tree Pot

If you are looking for some ideas for your garden, then this might be something interesting. Have you ever tought at a pot for a tree ? Just take a look at these images to see how a tree would look like in a pot. The Treepot can create the illusion that there is actually […]

Living Inside a Cube by Jose Kos

Designed by Jose Kos and located on a beautiful terrain close to Rio de Janeiro, this 100 sqm modern white cube house is aligned to the land position and blends amazingly with the green that surrounds it. With very good ventilation, large open spaces, lots of natural light and a highly modern interior to make […]

Best Tall Building Award 2009 : Linked Hybrid by Steven Holl Architects

The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) has named Steven Holl Architects recently completed the Linked Hybrid complex in Beijing the recipient of the “Best Tall Building” in Asia and Australia award for 2009. Annually, the CTBUH recognizes one outstanding tall building from each of four geographical regions: Americas, Asia and Australia, Europe, […]

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