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Wonderful Handmade Carpet Rugs from Liz Eeuwes

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If you ever traveled by airplane and looked down at the fields in a sunny day, this is probably what you saw. Colorful geometrical shapes that seem to line up in place like Tetris shapes.   “Inspired by the Scottish countryside”, Liz Eeuwes came up with these fantastic rug designs that are not only beautiful […]

Diesel Turntable Bedding

Italian apparel manufacturer Diesel has designed Turntable Bedding collection, featuring prints of turntables or phonographs on the pillows and bed sheets. The new black and white bedspreads are available in Diesel retail stores. The pillows and bed sheets feature images of turntables with decks, equalizers, cords and knobs. Diesel Turntable Bedding is part of their […]

Max, A Black&White Stylish Sofa

Black&White furniture items seem to be more and more of a trend this day. And why shouldn’t they? Classic colors with the ability to go with anything, beautiful and eye-catching, black and white sure deserve a fashion section of their own. Max Sofa was created by Antonio Citterio and can be found on Flexform USA. […]

Unusual Interior Separator

From Edward Cella Art+Architecture (ECAA), this interior separator made out of cardboard surpasses the limits of …paper. Fashionable and slick, it would certainly fit in a reception office for a firm that deals with recycling or paper. This item is “hand-made” and you can probably guess how. An impressive numbers of layers of cardboard were […]

Wood-Made Bathtubs by Stolis Turn Your Bathroom Into a Spa

With STOLIS wood-made bathtubs your bathroom turns into a spa. Plunge into it and enjoy the relaxing effect of warmth and nature. Rally new strength and forget about your daily routine in a bath surrounded by the cosy atmosphere of wood . STOLIS bathtubs made of massive, high grade wood creates a very special, classy, […]

Converting an Old TV Into a Chair

Here is an interesting idea for all DIY that are here on Freshome. Designed by Phil Garner this clever TV-Chair appeared in the architectural book Freestyle: The New Architecture and Design from Los Angeles in 1986. No idea the origins of this crazy idea, although we’ve got to say it seems like a custom, DIY […]

Hair Chair Designed by Baron & Baron

B&B&3 is a collaboration between B&B Italia and Wallpaper – Viktor & Rolf, Elmgreen & Dragset and Baron & Baron have been invited to create 3 very different interpretations of the new Grande Papilio Chair, designed for B&B Italia by Naoto Fukasawa. The one-off chairs will be donated to the HIV and AIDS charity Terrence […]

Interesting Expansible Coffee Tables

Bringing us the perfect solution for dining in a small room, these amazing expandable coffee tables come from Sculrtures Jeux and stand out do to their vivid look and design creativity. Colored and fun, the tables come with four extra tops that can be brought out of the table whenever you need. You can take […]

Contemporary Transparent Glass Tubs from Regia

If you are looking for a special tub, something to be more different than the ordinary white tubs then you should take a look at these contemporary tubs from Regia. The Jolie Tub is made from polyester and acrylic blend. The blend is then mixed with glass pigments to produce the brilliant colors; then it […]

Rugs Made Out Of Shoelaces

Surely you did not think that design would not consider doing something with shoelaces sooner or later! Well, they the thing occurred and we happen to consider this idea to be quite crazy and ingenious. Designed by Nate Siverstein and Andrea Paustenbaugh, the unusual rugs are fun, fresh and particularly… playful. The size and shape […]

Luxurious Private Residence in The Pacific Palisades

This house is a private residence up for sale here for the sum of $3,499,000.  The project belongs to Gallagher Design and it is a display of opulence and style. The whole property is situated on a surface of 9191.0 sq. feet and the surroundings are magnificent. The building houses an impressive number of rooms: […]

Extruded Shapes Turned Into Furniture: Lathe Chairs

Take a look at this fantastic collection of chairs from Sebastian Brajkovic. Exhibited in London earlier this year, the set is called “Lathe” and brings together several extruded shapes that can be characterized as having a bold look and a lot of color.  Here is what Sebastian Brajkovic stated related to the designs : “This […]

Dondolo Armchair by Milla Rezanova

The Dondolo Armchair designed by Milla Rezanova was presented at the 2009 Abitare il Tempo exhibition in Verona, Italy. From these pictures the chair looks very good, but I don’t think that it’s to comfortable. What do you think ?

Flames Coming From Your Furniture

You’ve seen all sorts of unusual chimneys here on Freshome, but you have to admit most of them were …well, tamed. Here is an example of an “unrestrained” fireplace. Designed for a private residence in Boulder, Colorado by EcoSmart Fire, this project certainly does not lack originality. The design makes it seem like flames come […]

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