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Mountaineous Inclined House by Nunatak Architectes

  • Mountaineous Inclined House by Nunatak Architectes 10
  • Mountaineous Inclined House by Nunatak Architectes 9
  • Mountaineous Inclined House by Nunatak Architectes 8
  • Mountaineous Inclined House by Nunatak Architectes 7

Designed by Nunatak Architectes, this amazingly unique house is located in a picturesque valley of Switzerland. Inspired by a mountain, this house is like a huge inclined block – sloping roofs epitomize mountain slopes and the lovely grey color of the house blends in perfectly with the hilly terrain. The most interesting thing is that […]

Present Time Book Table Clock in Color Paper

If you are looking for a fun, easy and colorful way to incorporate a time piece in to your library or bookshelf then the “Present Time Book Table Clock in Color Paper” is something you’re looking for. The hours are cunningly disguised as book titles, making this clock really blend in with your reading material. […]

Original Coffee Table : Kersplat Coffee Table by James Ian Killinger

Designed by James Ian Killinger, a 2008 graduate of Iowa State University’s College of Design the Kersplat Coffee Table is a pure example of creativity. A piece of furniture so simple, but so original, guaranteed to get attention. Now here are a few words about this coffee table from James : “A liquid’s life is […]

New Trend: Bright White in the Bedroom

If you’re in the market for contemporary bedroom furniture, here’s a new trend that might be worth checking out: white platform bed sets. Lest you think white is plain and without personality, think again. Making a bold statement by standing out against modern décor like colored walls, bright bedding, and large picture windows, white modern […]

Ken Tomita’s Visually Appealing Bamboo Tables

In open concept living space, it’s important to consider not just how individual furniture looks but whether they are still visually appealing from different angles. One designer who does consider this detail is  Ken Tomita. There are two outstanding table designs from his Bamboo Collection which look good from all view points. For the Sensu table, […]

Shelving Only When You Want

Large blank wall?  No problem. Fill them with shelves so you can artfully display and store your things. But if you could also rearrange shelves without having to remove and reinstall the units all the better. Sebastian Errazuriz‘s clever Repisa N5 allows you to do just that because you can  bring down selected parts of […]

Parthenon Place, Luxurious Residence in Vancouver

Dubbed the Parthenon Place (like it has anything to do with the Parthenon), upon a first glance this luxurious house manages to stun with the lavish scenery that surrounds it. Then, as you dwelve in, you get to see an outdoor pool, an exclusive waterfront park with a private beach and playing field for children […]

Sao Paulo Exotic Villa by Isay Weinfeld

Renowned for his amazing structures, Isay Weinfeld is one of the best Brazilian designers. The guy recently took the project of building an exotic villa in the bustling Sao Paulo. With straight lines and sharp angles, the house is situated on a 600 sqm site just outside the urban center. The three storey villa is […]

Fitzpatrick’s Four-to-One Table

Taking influences from both Nordic and Asian design, Leon Fitzpatrick’s Four-to-One Table is a strong interior or exterior accent for those who enjoy sculptural centerpieces.  The white and woodgrain furniture piece can actually break down into easy-to-reassemble elements for quick transportation or just so that you can use the table just about anywhere in your […]

Sakuragawa House by Suppose Design Office

The good folks from Japanese studio Suppose Design Office are behind this amazing residential project in Sakuragawa, Japan. A spacious interior with a limited floor plan, the minimalist house covers a small 50sqm plot with a split-level layout that is spread over three floors. Featuring a massive bay-window to overlook the nearby park, lots of […]

Fire extinguishers as beautiful decorative objects by Fire Design

Fire prevention and safety should be a must in every home, and Fire Design a french company makes unique, artfully designed fire extinguishers. Now with these fire extinguishers you can combat any outbreak of fire and protect domestic and your family best, but also have a beautiful decorative object in your home. A fire of […]

Echo Modern Night Stand by Michael Rall

Designed by Michael Rall the Echo Night Stand is a modern piece of furniture that gives you the illusion of floating furniture or appears to stand only on one leg. Echo’s form created the opportunity for a balance between both private and public storage. The open area is meant to store your latest magazine or […]

Bathroom Vanity Inspiration : Stylish Contemporary Bathroom Vanities

A few months ago we wrote a guide called “How to pick out the most appropriate bathroom vanity“, where we shared a few tips on how you can pick the best bathroom vanity for your bathroom. Today while I was searching for new materials to post on Freshome I’ve stumbled upon a website called Quality […]

Definition of Architecture

Everyday we use a lot of words unconsciously, without thinking to much what they mean. Today for example Maya Design has put together this short video about the word architecture and what it really means.

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