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The Wall of Sound : The World’s Biggest iPod Dock

If you are the kind of person who really want to annoy your neighbor then you have to see this amazing piece of technology. The Wall of Sound (WOS) by Brothers is a huge iPod speaker that measures 950mm x 1250mm x 300mm and weighing 102 Kg. The speaker boasts 28 elements, an iPod dock, […]

Brilliant Multipurpose Mirror for Those Who are Always on the Go

The Reflect Mirror is a brilliant multipurpose mirror for those who are always on the go. As you can see from the picture attached below the reflect mirror with its 90° angle can be used as a tray to place your keys, sun glasses, jewelries, coins etc so that you won’t forget to take them […]

9 Fresh Ideas For A Modern Kitchen

  • rustic-kitchen-design
  • oak-cabinets-in-kitchen
  • Macassar-Kitchen-in-Ivory
  • kitchen-design-modern

Today we would like to briefly focus your attention on some modern kitchen ideas. We hope you will get inspired in case you had redecoration plans or thinking of changing the style of your apartment. Smallbone of Devizes is a design company which offers great solutions for everyday living interiors. This display of kitchen ideas […]

Stylish Apartment For Sale in Linnéstaden, Sweeden

  • apartment in Linnéstaden
  • apartment in Linnéstaden1
  • apartment in Linnéstaden3
  • apartment in Linnéstaden11

Linnéstaden is a typical inner city district where you will find Gothenburg’s first suburb – Haga – and the big central park – Slottsskogen. We do not know if the location of this apartment had anything to do with its high-quality design, but we are really delighted to see how fresh everything in these pictures […]

Turning an Old Pool Into a Skaters’ Heaven : Octopus by NEVERCREW’S

  • octopus pool 1
  • octopus pool 1art
  • octopus pool 5
  • octopus pool art

We know you got used to seeing mostly interior design ideas here on Freshome, but this time we would like to try something new. NEVERCREW’S is a group of artist from Switzerland that so far have a very impressive portfolio of works concerning art in a few different forms: murals, graphics,  videos, comics and even […]

Metz Residence in Minneapolis

The Metz Residence by U+B Architects stands out through its impressive interior and exterior design. Emanating a feeling of coziness, of peace and relaxation, the colors are bold (blue, yellow) yet remain pale not to disturb the perfect balance of this house. The architecture challenge was to rebuild a 1923 home by  adding an office, […]

‘Anamorphism’ : A Stunning Street Project by Ninja182

Even though this is not directly connected to interior design, we consider this to be an art form worthy of you attention here on Freshome. ‘Anamorphism’ is a project initiated by the artists  over at the graphic design studio Truly Design. The amazing “paintings” were made using contemporary techniques and a lot of passion. They […]

Spoil Yourself With The New Globe Bench from Hstudio

Armchairs come in different colors, sizes and shapes. However, today we would like to present a substitute: The Globe Bench from Hstudio. A very original design concept, the “bench” has a round shape enabling a very comfortable seating place. The best thing of  this creation is its design versatility or the fact that it can […]

Stack your Wine Bottles with Style : Vineyard by Pack a& Rack

In these days I’m pretty sure that you’ve noticed that producers pay more and more attention to how the product looks. In today post here is an interesting idea on how you can use a few beautiful wine bottles to improve your home decor. Wine speaks to all your senses, not least to the eye. […]

Using Wallpaper as A Storage Solution : Pocket Wall

The Pocket Wall is an interesting idea proposed by Maja Ganszyniec and is probably one of the coolest ideas for storage, especially for a small apartment. If you’ve ever lived in a small place you tend to think about innovative ways to store all of your stuff, and you are looking especially for storage that […]

The Klein Bottle House, World Architecture Festival’s Home Of The Year 2009

With this fantastic unusual design, The Klein Bottle House by Mcbride Charles Ryan architects managed to successfully challenge the competition in winning this year’s award for best home of 2009, at the World Architecture Festival. The impressive residence is located in Rye, Australia, within beautiful natural surroundings. The complexity of the architecture is given by […]

Fire Screens that Present the Skylines of London and Rome

A reversed concept of design, an inverse process, backwards, in which the final object is a means, an instrument: the object serves merely as a vehicle for light to create the shadow. This is the starting point of the design of a series of fireshields by gspot. The fire screens embody the present skylines of […]

Western Minneapolis Residence

This residence is actually a “remodeling” of an old family ranch. The team at U+B Architecture and Design did a great job in making the house more spacious and adding plenty of windows in order to ensure a great lighting throughout the day. The building seems to blend in its natural environment (a beautiful large […]

Fresh Room Designs for Kids

When you think of a room for children, what comes to mind? Probably a lot of plush toys, bunk beds, colors and small furniture. These elements are all here, in this fresh collection from Sergi, an artist from Barcelona with a strong passion for design. However, there is more to this interiors than that. The […]

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