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Home Office Ideas for Those of you Who are Working from Home

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In the last few years working from home become easier and easier because of the internet. I’m one of those lucky people who work from home and I have to admit that I enjoy a great flexibility. Today I though to make a selection of a few home office ideas for those of you who […]

Optical Illusion Flower Vase

Here’s a great way to turn an ordinary water glass into a visually unique vase! All you have to do is to bend the shapely metal silhouette into position over a table edge, and stash a boring glass of water behind it. Voila! Your fresh-picked blooms get water, and you get a real cool optical […]

Cute Storage Jars : Tom, Dick and Harry

Tom, Dick & Harry are a set of porcelain storage jars designed to make an entertaining and stylish addition to any kitchen worktop. The concept for these little fellas came about when the guys from Thabto realised that there were no storage jars on the market with character, something that these three definitely do not […]

Flexible Chair Design That Can be Folded to Carry Around

After I watched the video attached below I can say that the Flux Chair it’s a really interesting chair designed with style and mobility. The Flux Chair which is comfortable to sit in and can also be folded to carry around. The innovative flux chair is easy for storage just like it is for transportation. […]

Low Profile Beds with Adjustable Headboard to Fit Your Needs

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Designed by a Swish furniture company named De Sede, these low profile beds are crafted from the highest quality leather, and feature an adjustable headboard to fit your needs (see images below). This feature makes it a true premiere in bed design. These beds bear eloquent witness to how daring design can play delightfully with […]

Clutter Free Working Environment : StudioDesk

If you are a fan o minimalist design, they you’ll love this clutter free working environment. BlueLounge have designed a minimalist StudioDesk for laptop users. All peripherals and excess cables are hidden just under the sliding desktop surface. The storage compartment is therefore conveniently accessed from above. Made from mahogany wood with a faux leather […]

Frames for Your TV

Turn your TV into a revolutionary object of art by simply adding one of these decorating frames.  The original design idea comes from Dhesia, an Italian company. The conversion is possible for flat TVs only, but the good news is that you have plenty of frame dimensions to choose from. To be more exact, there […]

Cipria Sofas : Disco Style!

Now don’t let yourself be overwhelmed by these extremely vivid colors, you surely have not forgotten  those crazy nights in the disco and how colorful everything was back then, not necessarily furniture-wise. This was the idea behind the Cipria Sofas from the 2009 furniture collection from Edra. Even if you do not own a disco […]

Nirvana Bathtub, an Extreme Bathing Experience

This modern bathtub was inspired by stars and the idea behind it was to create a feeling that is similar to floating in a star galaxy. You are looking at one of the winners of a The Red Dot Award 2009. The design comes from Bathroom Tomorrow, a company from Bangkok, Thailand. “Nirvana” Bathtub manages […]

Dice Lamp- Play On!

If you enjoy a good game of Backgammon, Monopoly, if you like casinos, if you are a fan of Caesar’s and his historic sayings or simply just enjoy the idea of dices in design, this lamp will seem like a great idea. We surely enjoyed it, which is why we would like to share it […]

Wilson House, an Eye-Catching Design

From architect Denton Corker Marshall, the Wilson House is an example of minimalist and pure building design. With an exterior that is not flashy nor extreme, the house sure does its job when it comes to catching your eye.  The construction plans included a few parallel walls made out of concrete that support the two […]

Versatile Pool Sofa for Ladies and Their Guests

Designed for ladies, the Fiore sofa certainly does not lack femininity. Fiore comes from B-alance, a Swiss design company. The idea won one of the prestigious Red Dot Awards in 2009 for its amazing design and structure. Especially created for outside decors, such as a garden, a pool, or the outside perimeter of a beach house, […]

Folding Shelving System- Art and Creativity

Sometimes you find a design that just leaves you speechless. This is also the case with the Riveli-Shelving System from designer Mark Kinsley.  A huge art piece on your wall can turn into an ingenious storing device and still keep that feeling of elegance that art is all about. Mark addresses to the target’s “thirst […]

Beautiful Villa Interior Design with Amazing Panoramic Views

When I saw this amazing villa, I have to admit that I was envious on the owner, but I’m pretty sure that someone who knows maybe I’ll also have one. The villa is beautifully set up to make you feel totally relaxed and totally at home. I know that a villa like this costs a […]

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