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Giveaway : SlouchBack Helps You Make Any Surface A Comfortable Couch!

I’m happy to announce a fabulous GIVEAWAY by our sponsor SlouchBack. Now you might “Ask what is SlouchBack ?” Here is the answer + some pics & a video. “Developed by two university students as a comfort solution to their compact living situations in residence halls is ideal for reading in bed, watching TV, and […]

The Fluxus, a Wavering Murano Glass Sculpture

  • Fluxus-8
  • Fluxus-7
  • Fluxus-5
  • Fluxus-3

The Fluxus, a wavering Murano glass sculpture, has been created for the White Gallery ( an impressive lifestyle store dedicated to Fashion, Food, Design, Art and Fragrances ), the new luxury lifestyle store due to open in Rome on the 2nd of December. Fluxus is a suspended and apparently fluid surface, a fabric of hand […]

Zip-Up the Lights : Cache-Cache Lamp by Victor Boeda

  • zipper lamp
  • zipper lamp3
  • zipper lamp34
  • zipper lamp345

Victor Boeda is a designer from Paris whose creations are quite impressive. For today we decided to show you this original lighting design. It is called “Cache-Cache” lamp, which in French stands for “hidden”. This is exactly what this item is all about: the light stays concealed behind a flexible material which can be closed […]

Exhibition in Spain by Cadaval & Solà-Morales

  • Ulls-del-mon_web
  • Cadaval-Sola-Morales ULLS-DEL-MON-6-4
  • ulls-del-mon-exhibition24
  • ulls-del-mon-exhibition245

Cadaval & Solà-Morales is a design company founded in 2003 in New York, but moved their headquarters in Barcelona and New Mexico in 2005. Winner of impressive awards, their main mission is to constantly conduct research in order to come up with new and improved “intelligent solutions”. This particular project is an exhibition(Ulls del Mon) […]

La Roche Chair, A Creative and Unusual Design

From Milla Rezanova, comes the new “La Roche Chair” concept, with a shape that has the ability of making you stop for a minute and analyse it in detail. Sustained mostly by its outer “cloak”, the chair almost seems like it’s floating, making it hard for one to imagine it is actually stable and connected […]

Amazing Gas Station Design from Kanner Architects

A mix of form and function, the United Oil Gas Station from Kanner Architects is located in Los Angeles, California and is actually a mini-market, a 12-pump gas station, and a car wash. The imposing structure dominates the streets around it and will probably become a center of attraction for the near-by citizens. Its exterior […]

Tyler Residence in Biloxi, Mississippi

Raising 12 feet above the ground, this property’s architecture plan was not so easy to develop, due to the fact that the house is located on the Gulf Coast, a rather hostile terrain for high buildings. However, the project by Marlon Blackwell was finished nonetheless with remarkable results. The materials involved in the construction were chosen […]

12 Modern Bedroom Design Ideas For a Perfect Bedroom

Whether you have just shifted to your new home or want to give a makeover to your old bedroom,you need some exclusive ideas to make your bedroom design stand out. So do you want a modern bedroom but do not know where to begin with all of the options available? That is a common stumbling […]

What Does A $75 Million Luxury House Look Like?

Have you ever wondered how a 75$ million house looks like ? I’m pretty sure that most of you watched MTV Cribs at least once in your life, but this house is something that only a few people can afford. Called Cielo de Bonaire this amazing house is without doubt one of the premier luxury […]

aChair by Ivo Otasevic

Ivo Otasevic is a Serbian architect who designed a multiform chair that, at the same time, is noted for its simplicity of design. a Chair is the name of the object that led Otasevic towards the lights of worldwide recognition in the last Design Fair of Milan. The young architect leads the Otako office, with […]

Amazing Restaurant Interior Design : Banq Restaurant in Boston

Designed by Office dA the Banq Restaurant is located in the old Penny Savings Bank (1375 Washington Street, Boston, MA) at the base of the old banking hal. Now this restaurant has a very unique design, and I’m pretty sure that every guest will remember this restaurant design, and of course talk about it. The […]

Beautiful Loft Design in London

This fantastic 1118 sq.ft. loft where the predominant color is white has been completely redesigned and refitted to create a stunning, high spec space ideal for entertaining, facing west over London and is unlike any other we have seen in this well known and sought after deployment. Overlooking the canal basin, this space boast a […]

Iconic Pop Pieces Made Entirely from Rubik’s Cubes

Before I start this post I would like to know how many of you know to solve a Rubik cube ? I personally don’t know, and I never wanted to know how to solve one. Now you might ask yourself why I started this post by asking a question about rubic cubes ….because what I’ve […]

Design Trends Embrace Nature : Wooden Wall Surfaces

I don’t know how to exactly call this fabulous wall covering from Bleu Nature, a craft-based business located in Northern France. I wanted to call it Ecological, organic, rustic, nature-based design…but I couldn’t choose a name for it so I’ll just call it “Pixels of Driftwood in Relief Wall Panel” the name guys from Bleu […]

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