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“Dark Side of the Moon”-Inspired Pink Floyd Chair

A wild rendering of a chair that looks like it would be strangely comfortable while listening to music, designer Candela Mosse’s the Pink Floyd Chair is meant to serve as a strong contemporary design accent for a relaxing space.  Finished with fiberglass to accentuate the modernity of the chair’s design, the chair definitely radiates a […]

My House Nightclub by Dodd Mitchell Design

  • My House Nightclub by Dodd Mitchell Design 9
  • My House Nightclub by Dodd Mitchell Design 8
  • My House Nightclub by Dodd Mitchell Design 6
  • My House Nightclub by Dodd Mitchell Design 7

Is there anything cooler than getting to choose which area to hang out in someone’s house? Well, now that you mention it, there is! Check out the attractive My House nightclub in Los Angeles by Dodd Mitchell. Adopting a little bit of both classical and contemporary, with each room bursting with textures and details, the […]

Comfortable Sleeping Environment for your Baby : Alma Urban Cot

  • Alma Urban Cot by Bloombaby 5
  • Alma Urban Cot by Bloombaby 4
  • Alma Urban Cot by Bloombaby 3
  • Alma Urban Cot by Bloombaby 2

With simple patented folds to enhance its mobility and storage ability, the Alma Urban Cot is fresh and chic design by Bloombaby specifically created for your little baby — because he deserves the best. Complemented by two mattress heights, this cot/crib also offers you convenience by not having to bend, while providing a safe and […]

Beautiful Furnished Apartment in a Finely Restored Property

  • furnished-apartment-sofa
  • furnished-apartment-rooms
  • furnished-apartment-office2
  • furnished-apartment-office

Everybody dreams to have a good, beautiful furnished, comfortable and luxurious house to stay. As today people are more comfortable in having apartments, and this sometime becomes very important to choose right apartment which have all the amenities that makes the apartment luxurious and furnished too, to make a pleasure living, which helps you to […]

Furniture Sales and the Economy

In these days with fewer people buying houses, so fewer are buying furniture to fill up new homes, and many furniture makers and retailers have suffered big sales losses as the economy has slowed. Those who might have upgraded their current décor are holding off. Few purchases can be put off as easily as furniture. […]

The Mini Plus Mini Staircase

Quaint and conservative, Italian manufacturers Misterstep have developed a condensed staircase design called the Mini Plus.  Aside from the obvious modular and space-saving attributes that the Mini Plus has, it’s also a very charming concept which seems perfectly suited to urban living.  It’s hard enough getting around a space when the staircase serves as a […]

Stephen Fletcher Architects: Luxurious Flat in Hampstead, London

Specially made for luxurious hearts, this elegant flat by Stephen Fletcher has taken lavishness to a whole new level. Located in Hampstead, London, originally this spacious flat used to be a ground floor and basement for a gothic-styled grand house built for an artist way back in 1870. Here’s where Stephen Fletcher stepped in and […]

PeoplePad – Multimedia Furniture with Hi-Tech Functions

Revolutionary designed by undpartner,  the Peoplepad is a set of multimedia furniture (if there is something that can be called that way) that allows its user to decide on which of those high-tech functions to put at work. This high-tech home furniture is designed to bundle playing, relaxing, sitting, and resting activity all at once. […]

Dwelling-workhouse by Hoogte Twee Architecten in Nijmegen

Have you been thinking to combine an industrial workspace with the uniqueness of a modern home? Well, here’s one of the best combinations we’ve ever seen — the Dwelling-workhouse by Hoogte Twee Architecten. Outstandingly constructed in the Nijmegen Area, in the Netherlands, this five person family villa was designed to create a paradox between life’s […]

New Orleans Blueprints by Brad Pitt Architecture Foundation

The idea of reconstructing 150 houses after Hurricane Katrina was both challenging and difficult at the same time. However Brad Pitt (yes, THAT Brad Pitt) teamed with 14 architecture companies and decided to put their contributions by working on the Make It Right (MIR) project to release 14 new home designs at New Orleans’ Lower […]

Modern Bedroom Furniture: The Aesthetics of Philosophy

The term “modern bedroom” does not refer to the physical “age” of the room itself. Rather, a “modern bedroom” is one decorated in a manner that parallels modern design values. Generally, this means that for your furnishings to be considered modern bedroom furniture, they have to be indicative of a characteristically modern minimalist aesthetic. To […]

Dancing Living House by Junichi Sampei

Talented designer Junichi Sampei (A.L.X. (ARCHITECT LABEL Xain) came up with a new house that can combine the needs of a home with those of a dancing studio. Located in Yokohama, Japan, this Dancing Living House had put other houses in the neighborhood hide to humiliation. The three stories reinforced concrete building has a big […]

Pillows Inspired by the Internet Big Websites

In these days everybody who uses the internet is a member of a social network, Facebook, Twitter, Digg, etc …and a lot of people spend more and more time on them. If these social networks and websites have become such an influence in your life that you’re decorating your home with them, it might be […]

Audi 100 Years Anniversary Sculpture by Gerry Judah

When you reach one hundred years in any business, it’s most definitely a cause for celebration. Audi just joined the few manufacturers that have lived to see 100 years, with Bugatti, Mercedes Benz, Fiat, and General Motors among those that that have been fortunate enough to make it this long. To celebrate this event Audi […]

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