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Walking in a Winter Wonderland …by Kimberly Reuther

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As many people know I am a huge fan of anything white.  White has been a very popular trend in design in recent years from the casual, Coastal Living style to the minimalist ice white design.  During this time of year, how do you incorporate holiday spirit without adding color?  Actually, neutral color schemes require […]

Phenomenal Villa Built From a Solid Cliff Rock

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We really enjoy the fact that we come across residences that have a natural element in their structure, in its purest form. This is a great thing in many aspects, but we will just emphasize on the creativity and incredible work of architects that deal with this kind of unusual projects. This villa is located […]

Christmas Tree Decorating Tips and Ideas

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We know that you can’t hardly wait to do your Christmas shopping and get that tree ready for the holidays. We tried to do a little research and come up with some good tips on how your tree can really shine and maybe contribute a little to your inner joy. In the next post we […]

Architecture Pocket Guide for iPhone Released

If you like to travel and you also have an Iphone then you have to see this great tool for architecture and design lovers, world travelers and city dwellers, that allows you to discover great buildings worldwide. ‘Architecture‘ is the first GPS based architectural pocket guide for the iPhone and it was created by Bas […]

Crisp White Porcelain Deer Head Used as a Wall Vase

This deer head is a pure white ceramic wall vase with one small part missing, his antlers. From ear to ear the vase is 14″ (36 cm) wide and it is 8″ (21 cm) high and extends 8” (21 cm) from the wall. Made out of white porcelain, the vase is absolutely waterproof and attaches […]

Bathroom Sets by Foster : Simplicity, Color and Style

These beautiful bathroom sets come from Foster, and they are a part of the Piaf collection, promoting a sense of simplicity and style. Launched under the slogan “high quality products, unalterable by time”, the interiors contain beautiful arrangements and original sets of furniture. The decors are mainly white, inspiring elegance and purity.  Subtle light arrangements […]

Awesome Idea for Public Spaces : Kajen Public Bench

Designed by Thomas Bernstrand, The Kajen Public Bench is a very interesting & comfortable public seating idea. I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only one who would like to see more of these benches in parks and public spaces. Crafted in an expressive, swooping form that balances atop three structural supports, the bench is […]

Residence in South Dublin: “Matilde” from Ailtireacht

What you can observe in the pictures below is a makeover of a  Victorian house located in the South of Dublin. The team behind this plan is Ailtireacht, whose headquarters is also in Dublin. The owners of the house wanted some more living space so the brief consisted in adding such a construction, in order […]

Australians Have the World’s Largest Homes, According to a Recent Reuters Study

You were probably thinking about USA as “the place to be” in matters of big and luxurious homes. However, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia recently revealed some interesting information regarding the country with the world’s largest homes. Apparently Australia took the lead, with an average home size of 214.6 square meters (2,310 sq ft). The […]

Yard That Features An Optical Illusion in San Francisco

“Deformscape” is a recent project from Thom Faulders, founder of  Faulders Studio, an architecture company from the US. The project is in fact an interesting outdoor pattern that was created in order to bring something fresh to a house in San Francisco. We quote from the designer’s website: “This limited space outdoor sculpture garden inherits […]

Nature And Architecture Combined: The Stone House in Portugal

If you are one to go for residences that are constructed with sustainable materials, what better way to do that than actually use nature in your architecture plans? This is the case with this interesting looking house in the images below. Located in Nas montanhas de Fafe, Portugal, its resistance is mainly ensured by two […]

River House by MCK Architects- Stunning Architecture and Beautiful Views

This dream home comes from MCK Architects, a team from Sydney, Australia. From their rich portfolio, we can say that many projects caught our eyes, due to their original approach. However, today we would like to present  the River House, mainly because it has the ability to impress one down to its smallest details. With […]

Istanbul’s New Airport is Also The World’s Largest Earthquake-Proof Building

Sabiha Gökçen International Airport has recently been open and in short time became a modern symbol of Istanbul and Turkey. This is probably due to the fact that the building is not only a terminal, but currently the world’s largest earthquake-proof building as well. The structure has a stunning 2 million square feet surface and […]

Quick Home Makeovers: Wallpaper Ideas

Sometimes the best way to freshen up your interior is  also the easiest way. Wallpapers can completely change the way a room looks and can even place it in a different environment. We made a selection of photos in which you will see a large variety of wallpapers, for almost every room in the house, […]

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