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Modern Bedding Sets Designs from Inhabitliving

I few days ago I’ve decided that I need to change something in my bed, and I’ve thought that a new modern bedding set would be useful. You can completely change the look and feel of a room by changing the comforters and bedding within it. After all, when spending over 3,000 hours in bed […]

Multifunctional Design : Ironing Board & Mirror by Aïssa Logerot

Ironing boards and mirrors work toward the same goal of making you appear put-together. Fortunately, neither is necessary 24 hours a day and rarely, if ever, are they used at the same time. Multifunction is great when it can be pulled off without compromising style. This ironing board designed by Aissa Logerot flips back into […]

Mini Kitchen for a Small Apartment by Joongho Choi

If you are looking for the ideal space saving mini kitchen for a small apartment, then take a look at this clever design by Joongho Choi. The moving kitchen module takes its shape from a simple box like table to a kitchen with ample storage area, a table to place the ingredients/cutlery etc. At a […]

Modern Suspended Bed : Aladino up by Alf Group

Designed by one of the most popular Italian furniture companies Alf Group the Aladino Up is a piece of contemporary bedroom furniture that looks very good. Now I say that this bed looks really good because it seems that is suspended and hasn’t support except headboard, but in the reality this surprising effect is achieved […]

Take Advantage of Unused Corners in Your Home : Lorna Corner Shelf

Designed by Brooklyn-based furniture designer William Feeney the Lorna Corner Shelf has a new design to take advantage of unused corners in your home. The Lorna Shelf is a wall-mounted, lacquered shelf that is available in custom sizes and colors. The shelf shown measures 78″ x 14″ x 14″ and it looks very good in […]

The Light Brix: Modular Hexagons of Light

A wild and fun concept for a home where you’re looking to mix up the lighting scheme, designers Helen Evans and Heiko Hansen have developed Light Brix, a modular light system for any space.  Activated by touch, Light Brix can be arranged in a number of sequences to create a dynamic atmosphere with soft white […]

Universe Beach House in Mexico by Tatiana Bilbao

Tastefully designed by architect Tatiana Bilbao, this exotic beach house is located on the pretty shoreline of Mexico. The structure was built more on the concept of a camp with separate interconnected rooms where you basically, enter one to exit another. Although it looks like a downside, it saves space and when you get to […]

Modern Gas Fireplaces Ideas from Attika Feuer

Who said that the fireplace is something old ? In this post you’re going to see that the fireplace is not old, because the latest generation of gas fireplaces from Swiss manufacturer Attika Feuer is a completely new form of fire. These amazing gas fireplaces offer a perfect view of the fascinating interplay of flames. […]

Space Oddysey Inspired Apartment by Romolo Stanco

Inspired by the Space Odyssey flick, this futuristic styled apartment is a class in its own. Furnished with a pure luxurious white lacquer, the apartment not only proves an unique “work of art” but also a highly modern place to live. Completely covered in red and white,the stunning minimalist vibe is only enhanced by the […]

Amazing Bathroom Glass Tile Backsplash Collections from Evit

If you want a spectacular design for your bathroom then take a look these amazing bathroom glass tile backsplash collections from Evit that are each a work of art. Ranging in shape, size and color to offer a full spectrum, these bathroom glass tile ideas will make your next bathroom redesign nothing short of spectacular, […]

Red and White Themed Apartment in Tel Aviv

This gorgeous red-white themed apartment in Tel Aviv is a sight for sore eyes. Though only 80 sqm big, it surely gives an impression of a big studio-like flat, with glass walls to separate the rooms, slim closets and folding doors adding to the effect. Highly modern and roomy, the flat’s stunning style in which […]

Stand Up and Eat: Plates for Parties

Sleek in design and clean in implementation, Argentinean designer Gabriel Contino has devised an amazing plate for eating while standing up.  The plate is designed almost like a wide cup to hold in your hand, with a holder for a glass of wine on the front so that you can manipulate your way casually across […]

Casa Blair Road by Ong & Ong

Designed by talented architects from Ong & Ong from Singapore, Casa Blair Road is a stunning, truly breathtaking property — with everything designed to perfection. With white walls, white marble floors, the lovely white designer chairs and white and brown coffee mugs giving it perfect color sync, the house charms with its amazing white theme. […]

Striking Chair Design : Douglas’s LumBar Stool

Reflecting the way in which stone is developed from thousands of layers of earth movement, James Douglas’s LumBar stool is a striking chair design that would be a very powerful accent for organic spaces (especially homes with attached bar sections).  Developed from stacked CNC-cut plywood around a single 12mm steel bar, the LumBar stool appears […]

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