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The Log House: Music and Architecture Combined

  • 134AP20100106D7007.jpg
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  • Architecture,projects,log-house-study-Hans-8Liberg,log-house-office-on-wheels
  • Architecture,projects,log-house-study-Hans-Liberg,134AP20100106D7000

The Log House is located in The Netherlands, Hilversum, and it was built in order to house a music-study environment for music-entertainer Hans Liberg. Design by Piet Hein Eek, the construction strikes through its originality in exterior design. Perhaps this was the wish of the singer, a quiet retreat were he could practice his peaceful […]

Tree House overlooking L.A., a Luxurious Place of Retreat

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A tree house is usually that place kids love to go in order to play and do whatever children do. It usually has a very simple construction plan, with nothing inside but some comfy pillows and dozens of toys.  RPA Architects come to shake this perspective, by creating another type of tree house. The concept […]

Private Circular Bookcase, Or How to Be Literally Surrounded by Knowledge

I’m sure all of you out there enjoy having books around. However, the harder part may be how to fit them in your place. Unusual shelves, a bookcase, or even the floor, if you are a student leaving with rent- these are your basic options. We found this really interesting way of arranging your books […]

Amazing Storage Unit : Bookwave Hanging Storage

Rememeber our “30 of the Most Creative Bookshelves Designs” collection ? That posts is a great source of inspiration if you are looking for a bookshelf. In today post I would like to present the Bookwave Hanging Storage …it’s a curtain, a room divider and a bookshelf. The soft soul of the fabric provides all […]

Amazing Spiral Staircase Slide

This is one of the coolest things I’ve seen, and I have to admit that I would like to have something like this in my own home. Even is you don’t have kids to enjoy this amazing spiral staircase slide you have to admit that this staircase is still fun to look at. What do […]

Exotic House in Brazil by Isay Weinfeld

Isay Weinfeld is an architect from Sao Paulo, Brazil. You will find a large variety of projects on the company’s website, starting from items of furniture to state-of-the-art architecture. Today we will focus on the latter. Iporanga House is as exotic in look as it is due to its location. Probably the first thing that […]

Eiffel Lamp, A Little Closer to Paris ?

Murillo is a company whose business is something that runs in the family as skills were passed on from the father to the two suns currently managing the firm.  We found a few interesting items on their site and today we would like to present the Eiffel lamp, an unusual lighting item. This may not […]

Spiral House, a Creative Home Extension

From Powerhouse Company, the Spiral House comes with a creative architecture plan and an extension in the shape of a spiral. The unusual exterior makes the place very inviting and it made us eager to search for more. Below you have a bunch of pictures that can best describe this residence. We hope you will […]

Adagio, a Heater in The Shape of a Harp

Whoever listens to the sound of the harp will forever remember its smooth and peaceful sounds. Owning one and knowing how to play it is a dream for many people. However, if that is not the case, you could always go for something less exciting in the field of music, but quite cool in the […]

Michael Jackson Wired Interior Design Ideas

TMZ just published a few pictures with all sorts of flamboyantly bizarre furniture that Michael Jackson spent more than $700,000 before he died. All these unique pieces of furniture were ordered for a London mansion he was supposed to live in during the run of his “This Is It” tour … but he died before […]

Small Home Office in Your Backyard : OfficePOD

In these days working from home is becoming a trend thanks to the internet. For those of you who work from home, or want to have a quiet place to work the OfficePOD provides a new additional space that is dedicated to work only. This creates a very important mental and physical boundary between home […]

Log Sofa by Patricia Urquiola

Designed by Patricia Urquiola for the French manufacturer Artelano the Log Sofa features a cushion seat with loose pillows along the backrest and arms, all of which sit on a wooden frame. The backrest has a distinctive beam which wraps around the whole sofa, matching the style of the log series. The cushions all feature […]

Woody Barstool for Home and Public Areas by Odoardo Fioravanti

Woody is an original bar stool designed by Odoardo Fioravanti for home and public areas. Woody is made from a plywood sheet mounted on a rolling pneumatic basement. The challenge was to create a body in wood able to solve the structural supporting functions of the stool. The solution led to an innovative shape. Two […]

What was the last product you’ve bought online for your home ?

Everyday I get at least one email from someone visiting Freshome asking me how to purchase something presented on the website. I’m pretty sure that these people are not computer & internet savvy and they can’t make a difference between a post and an online shop. I try to explain them that I post a […]

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