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Curvy lounge chair designed by Noé Duchaufour Lawrance

This curvy lounge chair designed by Noé Duchaufour Lawrance was introduced by Zanotta at this years Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan. It sports a swivel steel base with a removable fabric or leather cover.

House of Vision by Kouichi Kimura in Shiga, Japan

  • house-of-vision-by-kouichi-kimura-2
  • house-of-vision-by-kouichi-kimura-3
  • house-of-vision-by-kouichi-kimura-4
  • house-of-vision-by-kouichi-kimura-5

In 2008 Japanese designer Kouichi Kimura created a specific property in the outskirts of Shiga, Japan. Located on foot hill area with fields surrounding the entire property, at a first glance the building looks odd, a bit minimalistic, and clean. But a deeper look and you can get a feel for the exceptionally emotional design […]

$4,95 million 8400 Grand View Drive Residence in LA

  • luxurious-property-with-stunning-views-in-la-2
  • luxurious-property-with-stunning-views-in-la-3
  • luxurious-property-with-stunning-views-in-la-4
  • luxurious-property-with-stunning-views-in-la-5

A first look at this luxurious residence in one of the most exquisite neighboorhood of Los Angeles— Hollywood Hills, and you’ll understand why it’s great to be rich. Located at 8400 Grand View Drive and well hidden behind gates for privacy, the spectacular residence charms with its contemporary interior and the mind-blowing views over the […]

Home Theater Room Planning Guide in 10 Easy Steps

Call it media center, an extended TV room, a giant home theater or a complete entertainment center – at the end of the day it all comes down to one wonderful room and the delights it offers. Since a home entertainment center extends a tad bit beyond your conventional TV room by creating a whole […]

Great Home Entrance Idea Using a Tree

When I first saw this picture I was amazed, because you have to admit that this is a really cool idea for a home entrance. I instantly wanted to have something like this for my own home …don’t you feel the same ? Picture found in Katy Rose Pritchard photostream.

“Electronic chaos” Vinyl Wall Stickers

Designed by Julia Wolf, these amusing and creative vinyl wall stickers are awesome. Instead of trying to hide plugs and cables, the vinyl stickers, created for the Brazilian company Diz Decor, emphasise the “electronic chaos”. I have to admit that I love this idea, and is an awesome way to make a white wall a […]

Stroyzk’s Wooden Carpet

A wildly creative idea, German designer Elisa Stroyzk has developed a rug made of wood-cut veneer.  Geometrically-designed wooden shapes fastened together to develop an actual carpet, Stroyzk was able to develop a radically original concept and a fun new textile all in one.  Right away, we can see how this would be a perfect addition […]

Nic Bochsler designs Brighton House in Melbourne

Nic Bochsler is the guy behind this amazing home in Melbourne, Australia. Dubbed the Brighton House, it features 4 gorgeous bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, with stunning views of the Melbourne bay and actually the entire city. A contemporary and minimalist design that allows for a feeling of open space, relaxation, and comfort, the luxurious residence […]

Luxurious Chestnut House in Newport Beach

A sustainable and eco-friendly home that was both cost-efficient and easy to build, the exclusive “Chestnut House” was designed with an ambient feel in mind. The location at Newport Beach adds a tinge of luxury and gives the home more than enough power for harvesting the sun’s power via solar panels attached to the Energy […]

House Prices Decline, Again

Image by sean-dreilinger House prices across the world are declining by massive percentages, and less than a year ago prices were set to 15% more than they currently are. That’s a drastic drop when you consider everyone who has been affected. And even when prices rise (like the rise seen in March), they quickly drop […]

Tetris Furniture by Diego Silverio and Helder Filipov

Tetris is one of the most classic and phenomenal games ever created. Even over two decades later, the interest and hype still continues. Tetris is so popular, that two artists, Diego Silverio and Helder Filipov, have created epic and modern pieces of furniture which are modeled after the famed tetriminoes. Designed to be multi-functional (as […]

Victorian Terrace House Extension by Ailtireacht Architects

The extension for this Victorian Terrace House in Rathgar, has been commissioned by Dublin-based Ailtireacht Architects to create an additional multifunctional livingspace, that would meet the growing needs of a growing family. And they managed in the most stylish way. Made from light-grey zinc foil wraps and featuring some colourfully glazed projections, the generously proportioned […]

Khyber Ridge Residence by Studio NminusOne

NminusOne may not be the most innovative name for a design office, but the creativity of the architects definitely got us sold. Commissioned for Marc Morisset— a professional snowboarder, the five storey house is built like a shredder following the line of a steep mountain. Perfectly blending with the green environment, the Khyber Ridge Residence […]

The Financial Crisis and Its Effects on Product Design

Are you an industrial designer? How is the financial crisis being felt on your site? Worth a read, the recent article by journalist John Hockenberry over at Metropolis is trying to pick on the main issues that will happen to design when demands shrink. When the market is filled with non-buyers and the inclination not […]

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