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Alphabet Drawers by “Kent and London”

Inspired by vintage printing blocks, this beautifully finished chest of 26 drawers called Alphabet Drawers by “Kent and London” is made from solid oak – the perfect place to file everything from A-Z. At Kent & London they use quality materials and traditional methods to create solid, beautifully finished, bespoke furniture. As all of their […]

J House by Isolation Unit & Yosuke Ichii Architect

  • j-house-by-isolation-unit-and-yosuke-ichii-6
  • j-house-by-isolation-unit-and-yosuke-ichii-5
  • j-house-by-isolation-unit-and-yosuke-ichii-4
  • j-house-by-isolation-unit-and-yosuke-ichii-3

Designed by Isolation Unit & Yosuke Ichii Architect, J House is a private residence for a married couple with three children in a suburb of Kagawa, Osaka, Japan. A single plain volume with a generous space in between of two boxes, the rooms inside the J House are continuously interconnected in the most stylish way. […]

Sonos Multi-Room Music System

If you like to listen music at home then here is something that you might want. The Sonos Multi-Room Music System lets you play all the music you want, all over your house and control it all from the palm of your hand. With ZonePlayers in the rooms of your choice and a full-color Controller […]

Swedish Minimalism: Villa UH1 by RB Arkitektur

  • villa-uh1-sweden-3
  • villa-uh1-sweden-4
  • villa-uh1-sweden-5
  • villa-uh1-sweden-6

Designed by the creative folks at RB Arkitektur as a German bunker from the Second World War, Villa UH1 is actually a minimalist home with contemporary accents. Meant as a single-family house, it’s actually an eco-friendly example of how to go beyond the boundaries. Located on a soft natural slope in a residential area of […]

OneLessOffice suite of products by Heckler Design

  • onelessdesk4
  • onelessdesk
  • onelessdesk2
  • onelessdesk3

Heckler Design has rounded out their OneLessOffice suite of products. Now joining OneLessDesk, the beautifully minimal computer desk, is OneLessStand and OneLessFile. OneLessDesk is designed to be more flexible. Re-arrange and re-direct your work environment throughout the day. OneLessDesk is the beautiful, ergonomic, space-saving computer desk. At one time, you needed a desk that could […]

Villa Hrozno in Bratislava’ Old Town

Located in Bratislava’s Old Town, Villa Hronzo is an architectural masterpiece that stuns at a first glance. Designed by creative architects from Zavodny, the structure is made from two basic substances. One is a three storey building oriented towards the Old wine street, while the other one is a two storey terraced building. Modern architecture […]

The Cozy Shelf by Michael Weaker

Designed by Michael Weaker, the Cozy Shelf is a die-cut plastic sheet product for embellishing existing shelving systems that won the 1st prize of the 2009 Pratt/Umbra Design Competition. With a beautiful decorative pattern, the Cozy Shelf makes the hard straight lines of our shelves and bookcases visually-softer and more inviting. The competition, was open […]

Top 10 Trendsetters Of Industrial Design

At the beginning of this month, Forbes has released their list of “10 Trendsetters in Industrial Design”, so if you are looking for an industrial design model to follow, and who knows maybe copy their success, you should start with this list. So who made the cut? Go to Forbes list  to read (and see). […] is now on Facebook ( Join us )

Today after I’ve made some changes to Freshome I’ve also decided to create a Facebook Group, because a Facebook group allows you to interact with other followers on the Facebook Wall and follow the most recent posts. It’ll supplement what we do on this blog and our Twitter feed, and hopefully become a lively […]

T-House by Den Nen Architecture

Yasushi Mizuta and Naohiro Sumi are the creative designers from Den Nen Architecture who came up with the great geometry for the minimalist T-House in Ako, the Hyogo Prefecture in Japan. Meant as a single family residence (for two adults), the two-story reinforced concrete construction features a lot of white that enhance the clean appearance […]

Computer into a vase : Decorate without messing up the decor

Today you’ve gonna see something really innovative, an easy way to decorate your living room without messing up the decor. As we all know most computers don’t really fit into stylish living rooms, but taiwanese manufacturer ECS came out with this great looking computer at E3. At a first look you might think that this […]

Carapicuiba House in Brazil

What do you do when you have a site that “weird” that restricts the building of your dreams? How about drawing inspiration from the Carapicuiba House? Built on a ground surface that falls abruptly down to 6m below, architects Angelo Bucci and Alvaro Puntoni have suspended a two level steel structure on pilots and covered […]

Brazilian Modernism: C16H14O3 House by Marcio Kogan

No, that’s not a chemistry formula. It’s the name Brazilian architect Marcio Kogan came up for this amazing home. Located in Sao Paulo, the C16H14O3 House is simple and elegant at the same time. Following a a South American theme with the base raised like a platform and large exposing supporting beams, the house is […]

Herzelia Pituah House 3 in Tel Aviv, Israel

We at Freshome love modern clean structures that don’t go shy on using glass, but the Herzelia Pituah House 3 is taking things to a whole new level by adding a tinge of minimal. Designed by the creative folks from Pitsou Kedem Architects, the concrete house is located in Tel Aviv, Israel. Delightfully minimalist and […]

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