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Cipria Sofas : Disco Style!

  • colorful-furniture-sofas
  • retro-furniture
  • Pink-Fluffy-Sofa
  • Edra-Furniture

Now don’t let yourself be overwhelmed by these extremely vivid colors, you surely have not forgotten  those crazy nights in the disco and how colorful everything was back then, not necessarily furniture-wise. This was the idea behind the Cipria Sofas from the 2009 furniture collection from Edra. Even if you do not own a disco […]

Nirvana Bathtub, an Extreme Bathing Experience

This modern bathtub was inspired by stars and the idea behind it was to create a feeling that is similar to floating in a star galaxy. You are looking at one of the winners of a The Red Dot Award 2009. The design comes from Bathroom Tomorrow, a company from Bangkok, Thailand. “Nirvana” Bathtub manages […]

Dice Lamp- Play On!

If you enjoy a good game of Backgammon, Monopoly, if you like casinos, if you are a fan of Caesar’s and his historic sayings or simply just enjoy the idea of dices in design, this lamp will seem like a great idea. We surely enjoyed it, which is why we would like to share it […]

Wilson House, an Eye-Catching Design

  • wilson house
  • wilson house1
  • wilson house 2
  • wilson-house-an-eye-catching-design-image-2

From architect Denton Corker Marshall, the Wilson House is an example of minimalist and pure building design. With an exterior that is not flashy nor extreme, the house sure does its job when it comes to catching your eye.  The construction plans included a few parallel walls made out of concrete that support the two […]

Versatile Pool Sofa for Ladies and Their Guests

  • Fiore-Sofa-Inspired-by-Flowers-5
  • Fiore-Sofa-Inspired-by-Flowers-4
  • Fiore-Sofa-Inspired-by-Flowers-3
  • Fiore-Sofa-Inspired-by-Flowers-2

Designed for ladies, the Fiore sofa certainly does not lack femininity. Fiore comes from B-alance, a Swiss design company. The idea won one of the prestigious Red Dot Awards in 2009 for its amazing design and structure. Especially created for outside decors, such as a garden, a pool, or the outside perimeter of a beach house, […]

Folding Shelving System- Art and Creativity

Sometimes you find a design that just leaves you speechless. This is also the case with the Riveli-Shelving System from designer Mark Kinsley.  A huge art piece on your wall can turn into an ingenious storing device and still keep that feeling of elegance that art is all about. Mark addresses to the target’s “thirst […]

Beautiful Villa Interior Design with Amazing Panoramic Views

When I saw this amazing villa, I have to admit that I was envious on the owner, but I’m pretty sure that someone who knows maybe I’ll also have one. The villa is beautifully set up to make you feel totally relaxed and totally at home. I know that a villa like this costs a […]

Two Minimalist and Elegant Shelving Systems

Tired of the classical bookcases and need a more different approach for storing your favorite magazines?  We would like to present two unusual shelving systems, both of them with a minimalist design and the possibility of being placed almost anywhere in your apartment. The designs come from Comp.a.r, a young and dynamic company from Italy. […]

Inexpensive House Design- Makao Homes

Jennifer Margell came up with this wonderful idea of creating these modular homes for the people in Nairobi, Kenya. Easy to put together and resistant to natural phenomena such as rain or wind, these items can be combined in order to create minimalist homes. This type of house does not require a great deal of […]

Dots Leather Carpets from Eclipse

If you did not think dots was a strong and welcoming theme for designers, we are here to prove you wrong. These  fascinating  leather carpets are a part of the Eclipse collection by Cell DSGN and the idea came from representing the Universe and the overall Cosmic perfection. The collection was described as being an […]

Portable Workstations Brought Together in a Swiss Table

Business waiting  rooms with huge tables and chairs that occupy a lot of space can be made history with this small and ingenious design.  The Swiss Table is a concept from Brazilian designer Paulo and combines function with design creativity. Although it was inspired by Swiss cheese, the table does not make one think about  […]

Lotto Coffee Table with Hidden Storage Space

Just a circular table with a strikingly elegant and appealing design at the first glance, Lotto Coffee Table has a hidden advantage. Underneath the circular glass lies a perfectly embedded storage space. Magazines, CD’s, office items like pencils and scissors, there are so many items you can store in this apparently small table. A perfect […]

The Ghost Chair

The Ghost chair is a very original idea from Design Drift and was created to “show the future feeling of a chair that does not really exist yet”. Made entirely out of Plexiglas, the design consists of a white, phantomatic interior stuck inside a see-through exterior. With a different look from any angle, this chair […]

Life Off-Shore: House on the Water

Built in Greece, near the island of Zante in Navagio Beach, this breathtaking house on the water comes from formodesign, and was created as “a rental house for people who want to be independent”. What a sight! Just imagine leaving all your problems behind and getting lost somewhere in the sweet Greek Islands in this […]

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