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Amazing Eclectic Style Decorating & Interior Design

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Most people, when asked their decorating style say they are eclectic style, meaning they like a little bit of this, and a little bit of that. Eclectic style interior design is the way to go if you just can’t choose one style. This fabulous house is a great example eclectic style that encompasses a variety […]

Architectural Association Summer Pavilion 2009 : Driftwood

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The Architectural Association School of Architecture has unveiled their 2009 summer pavilion, designed by third year Danecia Sibingo, its undulating form now sits outside the AA in London’s Bedford Square. This is the fourth year that the AA has challenged its students to create a temporary Summer Pavilion from sustainable timber. Driftwood was designed by […]

Contemporary Freestanding Bathtub : Viaggi

The Viaggi bathtub is an elegant bath with spa-inspired flair, that speaks of simplicity while transforming the everyday tub into a work of art. The Roman bathtub by Maax brings a luxurious and romantic appeal with classic looks that will never fade! This freestanding tub features ornate lines and a strong, square shape that commands […]

Saegeling Medizintechnik Offices in Heidenau, Germany

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Specialized in producing high end medical equipment, the Germans from Saegeling Medizintechnik have impressed the design world with their latest office building in Heidenau, Germany.  Created by Gerd Priebe architects, the new building is nestled in the middle of their existing complex and combines a functional office space with a two story entrance hall in […]

Garden Ideas : Make a Tree Look Like a Giant Plant with the Tree Pot

If you are looking for some ideas for your garden, then this might be something interesting. Have you ever tought at a pot for a tree ? Just take a look at these images to see how a tree would look like in a pot. The Treepot can create the illusion that there is actually […]

Living Inside a Cube by Jose Kos

Designed by Jose Kos and located on a beautiful terrain close to Rio de Janeiro, this 100 sqm modern white cube house is aligned to the land position and blends amazingly with the green that surrounds it. With very good ventilation, large open spaces, lots of natural light and a highly modern interior to make […]

Best Tall Building Award 2009 : Linked Hybrid by Steven Holl Architects

The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) has named Steven Holl Architects recently completed the Linked Hybrid complex in Beijing the recipient of the “Best Tall Building” in Asia and Australia award for 2009. Annually, the CTBUH recognizes one outstanding tall building from each of four geographical regions: Americas, Asia and Australia, Europe, […]

House H in Croatia by 3LHD Architects

More of a deck on a luxurious cabin cruiser rather than a house in the old-fashioned surroundings of Zagreb, House N by 3LHD Architects has what it takes to make it to our dream homes on Freshome. With a charming wood and glass exterior and keeping away from the Croatian trend of house building, once […]

Ideal Summer Get-away : Chic Home in Guadalajara, Mexico

The summer is already here, and everybody wants to take a relaxing holiday for a few days ( at least ). For those of you who plan to go somewhere this summer here is a chic home in Guadalajara, Mexico is that is the ideal summer get-away. Soucie Horner Ltd. designed this eye-catching residence with […]

Electrical Light Poles Wallpaper : Denchu

Hiroshi was asked to design a wallpaper for Bloompapers, a Barcelona-based wallpaper supplier. When one thinks of Japan or Japanese culture, it is likely that minimalism, order, and ancient customs come into mind, along with karoke, geishas, and sushi. Yet with this project, Hiroshi strayed from these conventional symbols and was inspired by an object […]

Fort: Recycled Magnetic Acoustic Modular Partitions

Developed as high-performance acoustic partitions, designer Arihiro Miyake’s Fort partitions are extraordinarily modular in their conception.  Developed from recycled PET bottle fiber, each piece of the partition is held together with high-powered magnets strong enough to hold it together indefinitely.  More importantly, the magnets allow for the structures to be very easily modified to suit […]

New Skyline Homes by Marmol Radziner Prefab and Dwell

Marmol Radziner Prefab and Dwell have taken the wraps off of a new green home meant to bring “good design to everyone”.  The Skyline house is well equipped with recycled woods and materials, insulated glass, and an optional installation of solar panels. Available as a one story structures (1755 sq ft) for $223,000 and as […]

El Uro House in Mexico by 7XA Taller de Arquitectura

The creative designers from 7XA Taller de Arquitectura have started by carefully choosing the location to sport the best view of the Sierra Madre Mountains and then they nestled a minimalist design of a partially open-air house close to El Uro in Mexico. Crafted by Angel López and Carlos Ortiz to suits your personality, the […]

Becoming an Architect : The Truth

Architecture is the art, the science and the business of building. An architect will design and build spaces of the future, as well as restoring and conserving old buildings. An architect’s work can involve planning the layout of groups of buildings and the spaces around them. Find out how becoming an architect  is really like […]

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