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Western Minneapolis Residence

  • contemporary-home-89
  • contemporary-home-5
  • contemporary-home-3
  • contemporary-home-1

This residence is actually a “remodeling” of an old family ranch. The team at U+B Architecture and Design did a great job in making the house more spacious and adding plenty of windows in order to ensure a great lighting throughout the day. The building seems to blend in its natural environment (a beautiful large […]

Fresh Room Designs for Kids

  • children-room-interior-ideas-01
  • children-room-interior-ideas-02
  • children-room-interior-ideas-03
  • children-room-interior-ideas-04

When you think of a room for children, what comes to mind? Probably a lot of plush toys, bunk beds, colors and small furniture. These elements are all here, in this fresh collection from Sergi, an artist from Barcelona with a strong passion for design. However, there is more to this interiors than that. The […]

N85 Residence in New Delhi

  • N85-Residence-by-Morphogenesis-2
  • N85-Residence-by-Morphogenesis-3
  • N85-Residence-by-Morphogenesis-4
  • N85-Residence-by-Morphogenesis-5

Morphogenesis is a design and architecture company created in 1996 in India. Their portfolio includes various projects, some of which were recognized through important awards.  The 85 Residence is located in New Delhi, the capital of India. The challenge of the project was to create a structure that would house three generations of people, so […]

Color and Creativity- The New Flux Collection from Lasa Idea

  • flux-08
  • flux-07
  • flux-06
  • colorful-bathroom-collection-flux123

Lasa Idea has just launched a glamorous collection in terms of color and originality. Flux_US combines the latest materials with a modern design approach in order to create these fresh and innovative interiors. Orange, green, purple and pink are the main colors this collection takes advantage of. The results are cheerful and fun. Oval shapes […]

Black Kitchen Cabinets are Stylish

If you thought that painting cabinets is an overwhelming job, then deciding to paint them black tends to make the task a lot more challenging. However, for some people black is a favorite color and probably just about the only shade that won’t frighten others. So take a moment to check out Emily’s kitchen. Prior […]

Murphy Beds for Smaller Living Spaces

It’s a fact that smaller living areas like apartment and flats usually have hardly any furniture choices on hand, hence why a large bed in the bedroom, might be a problem. But worry no more, as we just laid our eyes on a Murphy Beds collection that will solve all your space crunch problems. Custom […]

House in The Netherlands: Architecture and Sculpture Combined

A project by Rocha Tombal Architecten , this house seems to be the product of “sculpting”  aside from being of an architectural value. The exterior design looks  almost surreal with its windows “coming out” of the actual building. The unexpected architecture is also reflected in the original interior design. Rooms are given an unusual touch, […]

Dubai’s Latest: James Law Technosphere

You are probably all aware of the limits that are being broken everyday in Dubai in terms of architecture. Hydropolis-the underwater hotel, Burj-Dubai, the world’s tallest building, Ski Dubai, The Palm Islands and  Burj Al Arab are just a few of the landmarks of this Arabic emirate. This “miniature” planet Earth was created by James […]

Mistique Resort, A Design That Captures The Spirit Of Santorini

Who hasn’t heard of the romantic sunsets in Santorini? This is a great example of  an island of unbelievable pristine beauty, one of the few in which architecture and human influence combine with natural resources in creating something even more authentic. Mistique Resort is actually the name for eighteen suites and villas located in this […]

Roll Fire from Conmoto

You don’t have to be into dangerous fire tricks to like this new design from  Conmoto. Slick and modern, the Roll Fire can be easily moved over in any part of the room by spinning it. Don’t let its smooth and elegant shape fool you, this item can really be a serious heat source. The […]

Original Interiors from KMD

Sometimes dark and mysterious, other times white and pure, the atmosphere these interiors let out is definitely something new. Kara Mann is a designer from Chicago, Illinois with an impressive interior design experience. Today we would like to present some of her work. You should know that she also likes to collaborate with artist and […]

Ideas For a Moden Living Room

These “color-mad” interiors come from Circulo Muebles and were designed by Paco Alcalde and Kiko Moreno. A mixture of diverse furniture items, bold, otherwise classic colors, wooden finishes but also lacquered one, these arrangements seem to have nothing in common except for a modern touch and a high amount of style. The shelving systems are […]

Decorating Ideas for A Fresh Apartment

I really loved the fresh feeling that these arrangements inspire and I hope so will you. It’s amazing what adding a small colorful object can do to a place. And this is true for any room of the house, from the kitchen (green, purple and pink plates and baskets) to the living-room (purple puffs, bathroom […]

House of Shades and No Windows : “Slit” from Eastern Design Office

EASTERN Design Office is a company of architects located in Kyoto, Japan. The “Slit” house is made entirely out of walls which implies this building has no windows. The light only gets in through slits which turns this project into a very original one. Still, the concrete walls don’t really make this the warmest and […]

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