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Children’s Bedroom Ideas from Dearkids

  • pink-bedroom-2
  • pink-bedroom
  • kids-bedroom6
  • kids-bedroom5

Dearkids is an Italian company that produces furniture for children.  Founded in 1951, their experience made them so great at what they do, that we couldn’t help not sharing these lovely bedrooms with you. Pink, orange, purple, yellow and blue are the dominant colors and the overall impression that these rooms give away is “cute”. […]

Bubble Lamps from Foscarini

You are probably starting to get used to interesting lighting designs from Foscarini here on Freshome. Well guess what-there’s more more to come, because designers working for this company never seem to get any sleep which is of course in our best interest. And, without further ado, we would like to present these elegant bubble […]

Orange and Green Bathroom Design from Duebi Italia

  • colorful-bathroom-vanity-orange-1
  • colorful-bathroom-vanity-orange
  • colorful-bathroom-vanity-green-bamboo-2
  • colorful-bathroom-vanity-green-bamboo-1

Here are some really fresh designs to go with the name of our site: these colorful ideas come from Duebi Italia, an Italian company who built its prestige on modern and original bathroom furniture sets.  Green and orange items are our pick for the day. These two bathrooms have the ability to really catch one’s […]

Leaving and Breathing Green Walls from Nendo

Designers at Nendo sure know how to play with ideas and create wild things-literally. The pictures below are taken in an actual house in Tokyo. The fact that the property is located on a riverbank and it had some vegetation growing on the external facades of the building, inspired the designers to come up with […]

Trio Contemporary Coffee Table by Rick Lee

Designed by San Francisco industrial and furniture designer Rick Lee the Trio Contemporary Coffee Table is a beautifully designed piece that is both functional and versatile. The versatility of this piece allows for a lot of mixing, matching, and the appearance of a different furniture piece each time. The table is perfect for those to […]

Light Carpet : An Unconventional Way to Cheer Up Your Room

If you’re one to sleep with your light open due to some crazy childhood prank, here is a pretty convenient alternative.  Light Carpet comes from Imu Design and was designed by Johanna Hyrkas.  We are dealing with one of those items for which the actual process of production is very simple. However what makes this […]

Girls’ Bedroom Set by Starlight

A captain’s bed, a computer desk, a bookcase and a chest drawer are “must-have” items for any young lady. We particularly liked this simple and white collection from starlight as it inspires innocence and we consider that this would be a very stimulating room for a little girl to start writing her diary, study or […]

Louis Vuitton Encyclopedia : Art, Fashion and Architecture

We see all kind of coffee tables, bookshelves, and pieces of furniture here on Freshome and today I’ve decided to present something that can be put on them. Louis Vuitton: Art, Fashion and Architecture is a seductive anthology of the famed French fashion house’s collaborations with an international group of elite artists, architects, designers, and […]

Hand-Crafted Modern Ceramic Planter

Nature is a hand-crafted modern ceramic planter intended for growing a variety of herbs and flowers designed by Design Night. The form takes inspiration from patterns and shapes found in nature, hence the name. The largest opening at the top can hold plants that need to root deeper. Opening like a blossom, the form allows […]

A “Happy” Bathroom Furniture Set from Novello

Novello is an Italian design company located in Venice. Their products are modern and stand out through twisted shapes and an overall bold approach. The “Happy” bathroom collections in the pictures below is a display of vivid colors and creativity which really caught our attention. Every product in the set is an elaborated and original […]

Indoor Spiral Wine Cellar

We would like to start our presentation of this fantastic cellar design with a not-so-fantastic information: the costs of having one are around $30 000. Now that we can move pass that, we will also tell you what you will get for this money. Basically, a great looking indoor wine cellar with a capacity of […]

Decorative Tiles : Glue Them to Your Wall

If decorating your walls gives you a hard time, we found an easy way out. These lovely stainless steal decorative tiles come from Artecnica, they are designed by Tord Boontje and they are called “Puddles”.  The shapes are medium in size and can be easily glued to any surface. Ceilings and floors are not to […]

Lanserhofwiese’ Project by Wimmer Zaic Architects

At the first glance, the building looks more of a Lego construction empathizing with a succinctly evasive structural design. When you peep closely into it and try to notice the exterior facets, you come to know how remarkable this visibly simple design is. Dubbed as Lanserhofwiese’ project, the residential colony by the Austrian architects Wimmer […]

Sustainable House By The Pond

Situated in a suburban area, south of San Francisco, this particular dream home comes from Turnbull Griffin Haesloop Architects and brings two strong attributes to the table:  design and sustainability. The house was built considering the future owner’s requests: he wanted place that “maximizes the drama of the pond and takes advantage of the privacy […]

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