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Beautiful and Fresh 81 Sq Meter Apartment in Sweden

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With vivid colors, a strong appearance and stretching over a relatively small area, this apartment really stands out A funky, open floor plan connects the  kitchen and the  living room. There are two bedrooms, one of which features a double bed, a bedside table, huge windows and a practical wardrobe wall with sliding doors and […]

Egg House, A Fantastic Circular Residence in Prague

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A69 is an architecture company from the Czech Republic. Contrary to a general belief, this house was not projected like this willingly. The site had many particular elements (a garden that needed to be preserved, an old building that was used as an adjacent support for the contemporary one) which made the development of the […]

The Inflatable Blow Sofa by Malafo

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Showcased at [D3] Design Talents during imm cologne 2010, the “Blow Sofa” by Malafor is a simple yet functional unit that lets you carry and use your furniture anywhere, anytime with minimum fuss. The size of the sofa when fully inflated is 180 cm in width and 90cm in height. Made of 100% recycled dunnage […]

Fujitsubo, an Unusual Architecture Design from Archvision

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From Archivision, this unusual architecture project is called “Fujitsubo” and is located  in the area of Omote-Sando in Tokyo, one of the centers of  “trend setting” in matters of buildings and design.  The construction has three openings in the deck leading natural light into the interior, which is carried through open light shafts between floors […]

Colorful and Flashy Furniture : QBig Sofa

In case you are tired of black, white and gray, here’s something flashy. The QBig  sofa is made out of three individual armchairs that can be combined together to create a whole. Vivid colors and an overall heterogeneous graphic model are the main things that characterize this sofa. The product features low profile stainless steel […]

Amazing Optical Illusion : Floating Indoor DeLorean Car

We keep recommending you all sorts of wallpapers and wall art themes here on Freshome. Today we’d like to show you something new. A stunning three-dimensional graphic drawing of a DeLorean Sports Car. Indoors.  As you start watching the video, you will probably have the impression that what you see is not real. I mean- […]

Inovative Children’s Furniture from Masahiro Minami

Masahiro Minami is a student in Japan currently learning the tricks of the design industry. So far it seems he he has no problems with doing that, as some of the artist’s projects (in design as well as in architecture) spell “creativity” and “talent”. This lovely piece of furniture, especially created for kids, brings together […]

Football Field Rug

Designed by Karin Mannerstål for Kateha, this grass green carpet is a perfect present for any football fan. The simple design features clearly marked end zones and a starting line portraying a very subtle but unmistakable soccer field. Designer Karin Mannerstål has created an approximation of a footie field with 100 percent, hand-tufted wool. So […]

White and Spacious Apartment in Stockholm

Do not take colors for granted. Some of them have an overwhelming effect on how your home will feel. Some can even transform a residence and give the impression of large spaces, even though this is not the case. This white apartment in Stockholm has a minimalist arrangement. In spite this fact, it contains all […]

Amazing Camouflaged Stone House in Greece

“Embedded”  in the  exotic Antiparos lands in Greece, this stunning home comes to demonstrate, once again, that stone homes are a real trend of the 21st Century. The amazing architecture plans belong to Deca, a company based in Athens.  This place literally fusions with the environment, and its design “is a dual response to the […]

Beautiful & Efficient Design in a One Room Apartment

Because we know these ideas might come handy one day, we would like to continue showing you interesting and efficient ways to decorate small apartments. This particular arrangement gives the feeling of space, even if this is just an illusion, as the area is really no that big (just 46 sq m). The place features […]

Modular Furniture that Switches Between a Seat and Recliner

It seems that modular furniture is becoming more and more popular these days but I don’t think Freshome has featured such a beautiful furniture piece as this La Bande one. Designed by Sarah Lovgren this modular lounge named “la bande” can be modified to be used as both a seat and a recliner. Developed in […]

Bathroom Cabines with a Sleek Mirrored Door that Opens Upward

The Robern Uplift Collection of bathroom cabinets offers contemporary styling, with minimalist flair and innovative technology. Setting a new benchmark in mirrored cabinetry design, the Uplift cabinets feature a door that opens vertically, offering the aesthetics of a seamless mirror and flexible storage and design options. The sleek mirrored door of the cabinet opens upward, […]

Insert Clock by Leo Yiu

Designed by the Hong Kong designer Leo Yiu the Insert Clock was designed as a simple idea to change the way we see the clock. The clock has a slice cut from one side of the face that creates a flat edge for hanging it. Some people might say that this idea is not to […]

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