Karl Lagerfeld to Design “Haute Homes” in Dubai Isla Moda

After last month we saw that Brad Pitt will design an eco-friendly hotel Dubai Infinity Holdings just announced that Karl Lagerfeld will design 80 residential homes for them, including a limited-edition design on Isla Moda…, the world’s first dedicated fashion island, set in the iconic development, The World ( one of many man-made islands being created in Dubai). In

Bicycle Trailers on Loan at IKEA

IKEA of Denmark is now starting a new concept at their Danish stores. After they made a survey and found that 20 percent of its customers arrived by bike, the IKEA outside of Copenhagen has hooked up with the Danish Freetrailer service to offer (relatively free) Velorbis… bikes with trailers to customers. IKEA has invested in Velorbis bikes, at a

Decorated Shelves : Nero Shelf

The Nero Shelf was designed by Nanni Holén, and was inspired by the decorated shelves you sometimes find in old cupboards. The shelf can be used alone or in a group and gives a wall a strong and contemporary look. The Nero Shelf has an eye catching design that looks good, and is not just a simple shelve that can…

Erotic Furniture Inspired by the Most Attractive Female Forms

I don’t know what was in Mario Philippona… head when he created these pieces of erotic furniture. His work is inspired by the most attractive female forms, and his pieces available for sale are hilarious. The pieces might be unique, but they are to much, for example how would you explain to your kids that the furniture looks like a

Hide Your Valuable Stuff with Air Vent Secret Compartment

The Air Vent Secret Compartment is supposed to be a hidden place where you can hide your stuff. You can hide stuff under your mattress or behind various other things that a thief would want to steal, but that’s pretty unorganized. What if you could hide your valuables inside of something that’s so common, that it’s completely out of sight?…

Contemporary Cupboard : Tide by Karim Rashid

This interesting contemporary cupboard, designed by Karim Rashid for Horm…, is the ideal solution for those who are looking for a piece of furniture that has something unique. This piece of furniture designed by Karim Rashid called “Tide Cupboard” echoes the ripples and undulation of ocean waves in thin, parallel slats, bringing a peaceful tranquility and minimalist aesthetic. In

Minimalistic House in Iporanga by Arthur Casas

This house is called simply “House in Iporanga” and it was made by Arthur Casas…, and is a beautiful example of minimalistic design. “I always wanted a house in the middle of the forest, in a place where I could relax and recharge my energy”, says Arthur. In the form of two large symmetrical cubes embracing an open space,

Defenestration : House of Falling Furniture

Called “DEFENESTRATION…” the abandoned four-story tenement building sitting at the corner of 6th st. and howard st. in San Fransiscio, California has been a sculptural mural since 1997. This multi-disciplinary sculptural mural involves seemingly animated furniture : tables, chairs, lamps, grandfather clocks, a refrigerator, and couches, their bodies bent like centipedes, fastened to the walls and window-sills, their

Stylish Prefab Homes Units by Toyota

Toyota is a well known brand when we speak about cars, and is best known for its top-selling cars like the Prius and Corolla, but did you knew that Toyota also makes homes ? Until now I didn’t know that, and they’ve been in the business of making homes for over 20 years! Right now Toyota is looking to apply…

Create a Relaxing Bathroom Atmosphere with Overflow Bathtub series by KÄSCH

The Overflow bathtub series by KÄSCH… ( website was down the last time I checked ) are designed in such a way that overflowing water is directed back into the tub which gives the bath the appearance of a natural waterhole. The concept resulted from the wish to combine the aesthetics of nature with the cultic character of bathing, and

Hidden Tap Faucet, a Possible Future for the Old Faucets

The Hidden Tap by Jalmer Moorman is a new idea that uses a sensor to follow your hands and dispense water. As you move your hands from left to right under the faucet, water goes from hot to cold just like a regular tap. This “faucet” is an interesting technology that who knows in future maybe it will replace the…

17 Cool Speakers Designs that Look Better than They Sound

Home audio speakers are designed to sound great, but many designers take it to the next level and create something so sexy that people can’t help but stare. They know what they do, because in these days a product that looks good has better chances to be sold. These creative speaker designs that you’re gonna see in this post combine…

Ultimate Ridiculousness: Louis Vuitton Trash Bags

I see a lot of people who wear Louis Vuitton shoes, handbags, wallets, clothes, etc ..and they feel extremely proud by wearing them. Now today I’ve found… something that I can say that is extremely ridiculous – Louis Vuitton Trash Bags …what’s next ? Gucci toilet paper !? It seems they will put Louis Vuitton logos on anything these day.

Satellite Dish that Blends in with your Brickwork

The Sqish is a camouflaged receiver which blends in with its surroundings. This idea would be successful years ago when rooftop antennas were much more common, when they dotted the roofs of neighborhoods and quickly became an eyesore. As cable become more prevalent, the number of rooftop antennas began to decline. With satellite TV becoming very popular now days, we’ve…

Plugless Sink Aims to Make People Realise How Much Water they Are Consuming

Plugless sink is exactly that, a sink without a plughole. To get rid of the grey water we have to tip the water out. This idea is totally useless, because what it does is just complicates everything, and takes time, and I’m pretty sure that 99% of the people will prefer to use a normal sink. Anyway the designer Maja …

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