Catching the Wild – The Coat Stand

I remember how much I loved westerns movies when little, so I suppose that’s why this odd and innovative piece of furniture, Catching the Wild, appeals to me. It’s a coat stand made of steel and polyester rope that looks just like a lasso. It should be perfect to catching your clothes if you’re into … wild things. My idea…

Funky Patchwork Furniture

Patchwork is most often associated with quilts. Once a craft born out of economic necessity, patchwork quilts still enjoy widespread popularity. However, British designer Lisa Whatmough whose company is Squint Limited… has adapted the patchwork technique not for familar bedcoverings but as upholstery material for her fun and funky bespoke furniture line. Just one of her chic furniture pieces will

Wooden House in the Czech Republic

The Czech architects, from Sporadical, finished their wooden house project in Central Bohemia at a former arboretum, last year. It’s a three floors economical and spacious weekend house, surrounded by nature, that has an open residential ground floor, an enclosed bedroom floor, and a rooftop terrace.

The ground floor (the living are) is a great concept that was built

The Penta Pendant Lamp

With a versatile and attractive design, the Penta lamp is a striking concept created by Luca Casarotto of Cosca Design… in Northern Italy. Made of recycled polyethylene, with a shape that suggests rotary motion, the Penta Lamp is innovative for to dynamically change its shape and create the optimum lighting for your mood. Open it up and the light will

The Living Lounge Chair

I don’t know about you, but after sleeping on the floor until my bedroom furniture gets here, I am really excited to see comfy looking chairs. Take the Living Lounge Chair for example. The concept was created by JGreen Design and won the 2008 Niche Awards…, even though the price is more than most of us would pay: $7,500.

Small One Room Apartment Interior Design Inspiration

Last week I was in Bucharest to meet a few people that I knew from the internet. We spoke for a long time online but we never saw each other in real life, and I’ve decided that right now I could go to visit Bucharest and meet a few of my “digital friends“. Now to avoid paying between 50 &…

Urban Seat : Cisca by juampi sammartino

Juampi Sammartino… from Argentina has designed the “Cisca: Urban seat”, that is a seat made from concrete and plates of wood, that it can be used in a series or on its own. The design incorporates a section for pot plants and can be used in both commercial and residential environments. It’s a grand blend of concrete, timber, and vegetation

Boiled Leather Stools – Simon Hasan

Medieval knights and soldiers once wore boiled leather or cuir bouilli armor. Thick leather was boiled in water,oil or wax. The treated leather remained soft enough for it to be molded into various shapes. The hardened leather with a wood-like consistency provided some protection against bludgeoning blows. It was used as scale armour or in cuisses or greaves – thigh…

Vortex Water Fountains

Water features have got to be the top must-have features in gardens. One of the best designers who creates wonderful water sculptures is William Pye… (UK). He takes his inspiration from nature and the way he manipulates water is truly outstanding such as his vortex fountains. Although he makes smaller versions, the largest one has got to be his masterpiece.

Summer Houseboat

If you enjoy being in a houseboat floating down a river by green meadows then you will like this floating houseboat designed by Russian architect, Vladimir Plotkin. The structure was built for the Arch Stoyanie Summer Festival 2008… in Nikola-Lenivets village, Kaluga, Russia. This summer’s festival theme was “Noah’s Ark”. The houseboat was actually floated down a gently meandering

Multi Functional Furniture – Tao by Colico Design

If you are a big fan of multi functional furniture, then you might like Colico Design… ingenious idea named Tao. The main attribute of the Tao is its ability to transform into different looks and in effect different pieces of furniture. The Tao can be transformed from two chaise lounges to a double bed with a simple reposition of the

Cool Bedroom Radio Clock Shaped like a Capsule

Small and interesting objects are used to add some color, or to make a boring place a little bit more interesting. Created by the Hong-Kong based Sequoia-studio… “Gélule” is a concept radio clock shaped like a capsule with a backlit LCD display and an omni-directional speaker and is a great object that can attract attention in any room. The volume

Floating Media Drawer from West Elm

Have you ever needed just one more drawer, or a little more space to store a few things, without buying a new piece of furniture ? If your answer is yes, then West Elm… has an interesting idea that could solve this problem …. their new floating media drawer — a stackable, single drawer that complements their various media stands

Vila Isabella by Brasil Arquitetura

Vila Isabella is a 330 sqm project that was completed in 2007 and was designed by Brasil Arquitetura…. This project is located in Hanko, Finland. The building displays a personality of its own in between the bleak and untouched nature, without imposing itself onto her. Its integration into the landscape will be orchestrated according to the seasons, to varying

Changing Building Facade acts Like Pixels formed by Natural Light

When you are looking at these pictures this might look like a modern piece of architecture, but after you’ll see the video attached below you’ll see that Flare is more than that. Flare… is a modular, computer-driven system that creates a moving skin for the facade of a building and it was created by Christopher Bauder and Christian Perstl. The

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