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Fort: Recycled Magnetic Acoustic Modular Partitions

Developed as high-performance acoustic partitions, designer Arihiro Miyake’s Fort partitions are extraordinarily modular in their conception.  Developed from recycled PET bottle fiber, each piece of the partition is held together with high-powered magnets strong enough to hold it together indefinitely.  More importantly, the magnets allow for the structures to be very easily modified to suit […]

New Skyline Homes by Marmol Radziner Prefab and Dwell

Marmol Radziner Prefab and Dwell have taken the wraps off of a new green home meant to bring “good design to everyone”.  The Skyline house is well equipped with recycled woods and materials, insulated glass, and an optional installation of solar panels. Available as a one story structures (1755 sq ft) for $223,000 and as […]

El Uro House in Mexico by 7XA Taller de Arquitectura

  • El Uro House in Mexico by 7XA Taller de Arquitectura 9
  • El Uro House in Mexico by 7XA Taller de Arquitectura 8
  • El Uro House in Mexico by 7XA Taller de Arquitectura 7
  • El Uro House in Mexico by 7XA Taller de Arquitectura 6

The creative designers from 7XA Taller de Arquitectura have started by carefully choosing the location to sport the best view of the Sierra Madre Mountains and then they nestled a minimalist design of a partially open-air house close to El Uro in Mexico. Crafted by Angel López and Carlos Ortiz to suits your personality, the […]

Becoming an Architect : The Truth

Architecture is the art, the science and the business of building. An architect will design and build spaces of the future, as well as restoring and conserving old buildings. An architect’s work can involve planning the layout of groups of buildings and the spaces around them. Find out how becoming an architect  is really like […]

Adventurer’s Bridge House by Max Pritchard Architect

  • Bridge House by Max Pritchard Architect 9
  • Bridge House by Max Pritchard Architect 8
  • Bridge House by Max Pritchard Architect 7
  • Bridge House by Max Pritchard Architect 6

The wicked folks from Max Pritchard Architect want to bring out the adventurer side in you. Apparently these guys think there’s nothing more challenging than living inside a “bridge” surrounded by the lush green scenery. If that is not enough, look at this Bridge House carefully. It’s made of two steel trusses with concrete floors […]

Softwall+Softblock: A Wall of LED Light

Developed by the studio Molo Design, the Softwall+Softblock modular LED wall system is a glowing feast for the eyes.  The integrated LED lighting was designed to draw a specific focus on the texture of the fabric, which is very noticeable when the designers move and shift the size and direction as each wall moves through […]

Contemporary Kids Bedroom Design Ideas by Mariani

The wicked folks from Mariani came up with  a very interesting set of contemporary design ideas for your kid’s bedroom (no matter the age). Comfortable, clean, healthy and highly functional, the main concept behind these Mariani bedrooms is that they offer vivid colors and natural light that helps your child feel the whole ambiance of […]

Light Up Your Bedroom with an Alien Abduction Lamp that Steals Cows

Two years ago when I’ve first published about the Alien Abduction Lamp a lot of people loved this product, but unfortunately the lamp was in the concept stage. For those of you who wanted this lamp so bad the designer Lasse Klein announced that the lamp is finally almost ready for production. “The way from […]

Custom Pac-Man coffee table for a Game Geek Decor

For all you geeky nerds out there, designer Erin McFadden has come up with a cool Pac-Man Coffee Table designed exclusively on demand by a game collector, Syd Bolton from Ontario. She can design for you something similar, including redoing the look of entire rooms. I don’t know if you want a game themed piece […]

Beautiful and Practical Tiny Apartment Interior Design

If you want to see a great example of small space interior design then welcome to this bright and well planned apartment that exudes peace and quiet, despite its central location in the middle of Vaasa. The apartment rooms are well planned and each square meter used in the best possible way. This small apartment […]

Falling Books Bookend : Books Appear to Almost Crush The Little Man

I have to admit that I love books, and today I’ve found something really interesting to make them look cooler. The Falling Books Bookend can add a dose of omnipresence into your study or library. The heavy books appear to almost crush the handsome little man, but don’t worry – the sturdy bookend will keep […]

The Power Outlet of Tomorrow : Node Power Outlet

To be honest I think that I’m not the only one who noticed the increasing number of electronic devices intruding our apartments as well as offices, and all these gadgets require lots of sockets. An elegant solution to this problem is the Node Power Outlet, that makes the power strips almost useless.  “Node” is an […]

North Bay Road Residence by Touzet Studio

When a clean state of mind is stroked with a touch of modern in purity, there is no other color that could represent the situation except white. Touzet Studio understood this perfectly and blended their imagination into a 12,000 sq. ft “white house” with seven bedrooms. The North Bay Road Residence  is located on 100 […]

Sleek and Sizzling Interiors from West Chin Team

West Chin, his wife Roseann Repetti and his team of designers like to give the rooms and homes that they conjure up and create a sensuous and sexy look that is in line with the modern minimalist trends. Opting for the sweeping and untainted white interiors, sleek furniture and a sophisticated space-age look, the interiors […]

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