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Zaha Hadid : Complete Works Book

Architect Zaha Hadid, the first woman to receive the coveted Pritzker Prize (in 2004), is celebrated in a new book from Rizzoli titled Zaha Hadid: Complete Works. Architect Zaha Hadid was born in 1950 in Baghdad, Iraq and she has become one of the most famous architects in the world. Zaha Hadid’s style is boldly […]

Build Kids Furniture from Wooden Blocks

  • wood-shapes-3
  • wood-shapes-1
  • 9-prefab-green-blocks
  • 7-prefab-green-blocks

These wooden pieces were created by Michelle Kauffman for a family who recently had a baby. “The gift of building”- she calls it while happily remembering her favorite activity as a child. Nevertheless, we saw how these wooden lego pieces fit together in order to produce furniture items, which is why we figured it was […]

Shelving Units from Lago- Color and Diversity

  • logolineea-shelves-3
  • logolinea-shelves-1
  • logolineea-shelves-14
  • logolineea-shelves-13

We would like to present an amazing showcase of color and creativity. Lagolinea is the latest shelving collection from Lago and was designed to  “offer everyone the greatest freedom of expression”.  You will notice that all the arrangements -from the company’s 2009 catalog- are vivid, daring, colorful, highly creative and quite versatile.  Weird bedrooms,  classy […]

Fun Bedding Design from Lago

This wacky bed was designed by Monica Graffe for Lago, an Italian company with a wide range of interesting furniture products. Letto Steps is the official name for the design, available for ordering online here. The material used to produce it was aluminum and the feltyou see on top is completely recyclable. The fact that […]

Water Recycling System in Your Own Shower

Recycling is a great concept with even greater effects. The fact that designers everywhere seem to grow an interest in the field is a wonderful thing. This revolutionary concept proves that with hard work and experience, amazing recycling products can become available worldwide.  Jun Yasumoto, Vincent Vandenbrouk, Olivier Pigasse, and Alban Le Henry created this […]

Vulcan: A Fireplace, A Stove and A Shelving System

We are seeing more and more designs lately that bring together one or more home appliances in order to make the life of users an easier one. Because sometimes a single object doing the job of three others could be a lot more practical, occupy less space and even reduce costs. Vulcan belongs to designer […]

Utuwa Bathtub by Spiritual Mode

If you are looking for a bathtub design that stands out then you should take a look at these unique bathtubs designed by Japanese company Spiritual Mode. The Utuwa bathtub is a unique bathtub that boasts lots of room and even more in the way of style. Straying from the conventional tub, the sculptural shape […]

Cottesloe House by architect Paul Burnham

The Cottesloe House was designed by Australian architect Paul Burnham, and is located in the beach side suburb of Cottesloe in Perth, Western Australia. On his website Paul doesn’t talks about this project, but if you are looking for some inspiration take a look at the pictures attached below. You might see something you’ll like. […]

Cute Tiny Living Room Inside a PC

This post is not something that I usually post on Freshome, but I tought that is cute. Here you can see all kind of interior design ideas, but today I’ve found via Russian casemod site Modding.Ru this cute tiny PC living room that is furnished tiny little dollhouse furniture, including a sofa, a comfy chair, […]

Flexible Kitchen Table : Accordion by Olga Kalugin

With a very suggestive name “Accordion” is a very interesting flexible kitchen table that was designed by Russian designer Olga Kalugin. This flexible kitchen table that expands and contracts to the meet the needs of different users is an entry at the International Design Award 2009 and I can say that the design is very […]

Q-House by asensio_mah in collaboration with JMAguirre Aldaz

The Q-House is located in Northen Spain and it was designed by asensio_mah in collaboration with JMAguirre Aldaz and it was finished in May 2009. The building is organized in three bands that are arranged around a central circulation core. These three bands maintain a prevailing orientation in the northeast-southwest direction to secure maximum daylight […]

Sleeping Grizzly Bear Bean Bag

If you are looking for a really cool bean bag then you should take a look at this bean bag that was designed by Chic Sin Design and looks like a hibernating bear. The Grizzly Bear Bean Bag looks like a real wild animal sleeping its beastly ass off. The Big Sleeping Grizzly Bear Bean […]

Soft Oak Chair by Pepe Heykoop

Designed by Pepe Heykoop the Soft Oak Chair looks like massive blocks held by a slim frame. These massive blocks have the look of a butchers block but appear to be soft and quite comfortable while touching it. The ‘fabric’ of the chair consists of a wooden mosiac of oak. Found on Studio Pepe Heykoop […]

Closet and Basin Unit with an Integrated Storage Space

The Batra(S)-I is a bathroom unit with a very trendy contemporary design. This closet and basin unit has storage space integrated behind the front panel. The side deco panels and the sink unit can be decorated with effects and designs suited to your individual taste by using fabric textures, floral patterns or natural marble and […]

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