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Stunning Home by Ryoko & Keisuke Masuda

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From Ryoko & Keisuke Masuda, this stunning single family residence is located in Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture, Japan.The three story building was made predominantly using wood and steel and its unusual shape and architecture design almost make it look like a lighthouse. This is the main reason why analyzing this construction from a “living” point […]

Architecture in Light Colors: Casa Palo Blanco in N. L. Mexico

  • PB11
  • casa pablo blanco
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From architect Gilberto L. Rodriguez comes Casa Palo Blanco, an impressive white residence located in N.L. Mexico. Due to the unusual exterior, the lack of large windows and the tall vertical structures, the residence could be mistaken for a contemporary fortress with watch towers. We imagine the view up there must be something else, especially […]

Elegant Bedroom Collections From Gautier

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Gautier is a design company founded in 1958. We found some really nice bedroom arrangements on their site which we hope will give you fresh decorating ideas. Most of them are simple, sober and elegant, with wooden furniture and stylish carpets to go with it. The color mix goes from mild to fresh, but the […]

Tree Cottages- A Different Kind of Accommodation

  • parc de la belle
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Here is a crazy and unconventional place to get away. These tree cottages are made in order to accommodate a family of four and they have all the means for doing so. Some even have an outdoor terrace in order for guests to enjoy the peace and beauty of the surrounding forest. The interiors have […]

Impressive House S in Zurich by Nimmrichter Cda

  • house_s_nimmrichter_cda_02
  • house_s_nimmrichter_cda_03
  • house_s_nimmrichter_cda_04
  • house_s_nimmrichter_cda_05

House S is a low energy consuming building situated in a a Zurich municipality, a place known for its industrial potential. From Nimmrichter Cda, Architekten ETH SIA, an architecture firm in Dietlikon, Switzerland, this project is had to be developed as a response to the client’s wish of living in a place that offers “different […]

Bed Shaped like the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars

Designed by Kayla Kromer the Millennium Falcon Bed is a Star Wars geek dream come true. I mean, look at it, it is a bed shaped like the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars. And there is a lady dressed as Princess Leia, for crying out loud. The only thing that would make this dream better […]

This is the Future of Magazines : What do you think ?

When I first saw this video I thought that this technology is really cool, but I didn’t wanted to post about it here on Freshome. After some time after I’ve saw this video again and I really thought that this could be the future of magazines. Now I’m thinking how will look like on […]

Interior Design At Its Best: An Apartment With A Personality

Black, white, yellow and green, a still and tasteful display of colors which is sure to leave you breathless while looking at the images below. Two large windows guard the stylish living-room, a large space, perfect for socializing and relaxing. Right next to the living-room there is a cosy bedroom with a large bed and […]

Classy and Luxurious Bathroom Furniture From Edil-Italy

How do you feel about luxurious bathroom furniture mixed up with some style and even some classic influences here and there. We gathered up some interesting photos from Edil-Italy in order to showcase just how glamorous a bathroom can get using the proper decorative items. We particularly like the mirror frames, the classy cupboards, the […]

Concrete House With Minimum Impact on The Environment in Mar Azul

This unusual concrete residence lies in Mar Azul, a small seaside town located 400 km away from Buenos Aires, in Argentina. The house belongs to BAK Architects and was placed in a landscape with complex topography. The architects had to plan a construction that had a small budget, a minimal impact on the environment, no […]

Kitchen Models from Mobalpa: Color and Variety

Who says kitchens can’t engage a lot of creativity? We gathered up for you a set of amazing kitchen designs, of great originality. Each of them is special, so take your time, check out the details and tell us if any of them resemble your dream kitchen. The models come from Mobalpa, a place where […]

Beautiful Apartment In The Center of Gothenburg, Sweden

Located in the center of Gothenburg, the second largest city in Sweden, this spacious apartment bears with it remains of the city’s historical value. The core of the place is its beautiful living-room, with large windows in the shape of the original architecture design dating centuries ago. The walls also have sculpture that were kept […]

Beautiful House By The Pool by Dom Arquitectura

Most of our readers dream houses must also have a pool. Not just a small indoor one, but a huge swimming area that is also private and can be covered at will. Today we bring you this breathtaking home in Menorca, Spain. The project was developed by Dom Arquitectura and the interior design ideas belong […]

Fancy and Youthful Apartment in Sweden

Today we would like to introduce you to some more inspiring ideas on how to arrange your apartment.  This Sweedish apartment looks great and we will try to emphasize the elements that stand out. First of all, the atmosphere is fresh and youthful, which is a great  thing to begin with. A large panorama window […]

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