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Furniture Disguised as a Simple Container by Edgar Navarro

Designed by Edgar Navarro the “Lounge” is a cool set of home furniture disguised as a simple container. As you can see in the pictures attached below this design looks like a cube, but this cube is a table with four chair that you have to drag whenever needed. Made of recycled cardboard, this lounge […]

Small Budget House by Pb Elemental Architects

  • Small Budget House 8
  • Small Budget House 7
  • Small Budget House 5
  • Small Budget House 6

Check out this great example of turning a small site into a fresh looking house. The Pb Elemental Architecture guys are behind this project. They managed to make a sleek urban house plan for this Crockett Residence only with the budget of $167 per sq. ft. What is mind-boggling is the fact that this residence […]

Interior Design Fail

Usually I don’t post things like this on Freshome, but today when I received this picture from a reader I was just speechless. After some time I’ve thought that I should post this on Freshome because this crazy idea is to much fun, and everybody likes to see something funny from time to time. So […]

Deepest Darkest Beauty by Erik Andersson Architects

  • Deepest Darkest Beauty 7
  • Deepest Darkest Beauty 5
  • Deepest Darkest Beauty 6
  • Deepest Darkest Beauty 4

We agree that the title may be misleading, but when you’ll dwelve in below and look at the pictures you’ll appreciate the stunning/mysterious design. Designed by talented folks from Stockholm based Erik Anderson Architects, the Swedish white we’ve been used with has been turned into a dark pleasure — one that you simply can’t resist. […]

1896 Swedish Apartment Becomes Modern

  • 1896 Swedish Apartment 8
  • 1896 Swedish Apartment 7
  • 1896 Swedish Apartment 6
  • 1896 Swedish Apartment 5

This beautiful apartment combines modern décor with turn of the century 1896 designing. It is like a mixing of two centuries and the effect is surely unique, to say the least. Beautifully lit, with lots of windows and artificial lights, it boasts lovely ethnic features like a fireplace, a stucco, a foot rail, mirror doors […]

Palabritas Beach House in Lima, Peru

Designed by Jose Orrego, this mind blowing white elevated box styled house stands gracefully on Palabritas Beach in Lima, Peru. Modern, yet simple, with state of the art modern designing and lovely red and white contrast furnishing, the beach house would definitely suit anyone’s taste for décor. There’s an amazing red that stands out in […]

Bucharest Scenography Apartment by AA Studio

AA Studio has done perfectly well in blending it into harmony through this Scenography Apartment interior. Located in Bucharest, this 400 sqm living space is made through form and light. Divided into two regions, one area for ’day spaces’ and another for ‘night spaces’ to distribute the space productivity, the amazing apartment is the result […]

Turkey Building Demolition and an Amazing Unexpected Bad Surprise

What you are going to see today is something really unexpected. A plan to demolish a building in Cankiri, central Turkey went badly wrong when the 25-metre high structure rolled over onto its roof. The building, a flour factory built in 1928 which had been idle since the 1980s, was scheduled to be demolished to […]

Modern Bedding Sets Designs from Inhabitliving

I few days ago I’ve decided that I need to change something in my bed, and I’ve thought that a new modern bedding set would be useful. You can completely change the look and feel of a room by changing the comforters and bedding within it. After all, when spending over 3,000 hours in bed […]

Multifunctional Design : Ironing Board & Mirror by Aïssa Logerot

Ironing boards and mirrors work toward the same goal of making you appear put-together. Fortunately, neither is necessary 24 hours a day and rarely, if ever, are they used at the same time. Multifunction is great when it can be pulled off without compromising style. This ironing board designed by Aissa Logerot flips back into […]

Mini Kitchen for a Small Apartment by Joongho Choi

If you are looking for the ideal space saving mini kitchen for a small apartment, then take a look at this clever design by Joongho Choi. The moving kitchen module takes its shape from a simple box like table to a kitchen with ample storage area, a table to place the ingredients/cutlery etc. At a […]

Modern Suspended Bed : Aladino up by Alf Group

Designed by one of the most popular Italian furniture companies Alf Group the Aladino Up is a piece of contemporary bedroom furniture that looks very good. Now I say that this bed looks really good because it seems that is suspended and hasn’t support except headboard, but in the reality this surprising effect is achieved […]

Take Advantage of Unused Corners in Your Home : Lorna Corner Shelf

Designed by Brooklyn-based furniture designer William Feeney the Lorna Corner Shelf has a new design to take advantage of unused corners in your home. The Lorna Shelf is a wall-mounted, lacquered shelf that is available in custom sizes and colors. The shelf shown measures 78″ x 14″ x 14″ and it looks very good in […]

The Light Brix: Modular Hexagons of Light

A wild and fun concept for a home where you’re looking to mix up the lighting scheme, designers Helen Evans and Heiko Hansen have developed Light Brix, a modular light system for any space.  Activated by touch, Light Brix can be arranged in a number of sequences to create a dynamic atmosphere with soft white […]

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