The Most Beautiful Public Sculpture : A Drop of Mercury

Here on Freshome I try to gather all kind of inspiring things for homes from around the internet, and today I’ve found something that is really beautiful and also inspiring but not related to home design or interior design. What I’ve found is a public sculpture by Anish Kapoor in Millennium Park, Chicago, that is called Cloud Gate. The sculpture…

London’s Sustainable Building by Sheppard Robson

There’s a new “green” office building in London, on the shore of the River Thames at One Westminster Place in Southbank. The sustainable construction was designed by Sheppard Robson and is wrapped in glass that reflects the sunlight in a rainbow of colors creating a crystal like effect, varying throughout the day.

Other than the looks, the 18 stores high

Swing yourself to Sleep : Hanging Beds

Hammocks are popular because you can relax and swing yourself into a nice afternoon nap. Hanging beds extend that idea on a larger scale as they can give you much more room to stretch out and share it as well. Unlike hammocks, hanging beds suspend from the ceiling which gives two great advantages – they are space saving and cleaning…

Sofa Wall Climber – Canape

There is no way you can miss this sofa design by Lila Lang. One half is a plain looking sofa with a decidedly curvy old fashioned style. The other half appears to be climbing the wall! You have to admit there is something whimsical about this design. On one hand it fulfills a function – somewhere to sit on. On…

Bookcase with Integrated Giant LED Clock

Until now we saw a lot of multi functional pieces of furniture but nothing like this before. This ingenious storage system doubles as a giant LED clock, so you’ll actually be getting some utility out of an otherwise single-purpose bookshelf. The oversize clock conceals red 7-segment LED displays for each digit in the edges of the storage cubes. Measuring in…

Organic Floral Pattern Rug : Ethereal

This very interesting and beautiful rug is from Top Floor…, a multi-award winning design studio based in London, and it was designed by designed by Esti Barnes. An organic floral pattern reaches into the whitespace on this rug, yet this pattern is more than grooves and layers.  Designer Esti Barnes has cut these layers right through the rug itself,

Book House – Casa De Retiro Spiritual

There comes a time in our lives, when we need some time alone. And where can we do that better than in the middle of the nature. Architect Emilio Ambasz… knew all these and in 1975 he designed the House of Spiritual Retreat (Casa De Retiro Spiritual).

Built on a 1,000 ha estate, the Book House is located just 25

Flowing Floor Designs by Alistair Bramley

Dimension Flooring by Alistair Bramley uses a radically different design concept to achieve the final effect of what looks like contour lines on laminate flooring. The designer did not create the design himself in the traditional sense but he conceived the idea of letting the traffic flow of a particular space dictate the placement of the lines. Video footage of…

Black Bathroom Design Inspiration

Can anyone blame me for loving black? Before you answer that question why not take a look at this GSG ceramic designs for your bathrooms. Everything from faucet to bathtub, the furniture or the washing basin are all black and though I don’t know how that’s going to affect your Feng Shui living, you’ll have to agree it’s more than…

Rotating Cabinet by Fak3

FAK3, pronounced “fake” is one of the most innovative and edgiest design companies in Asia. They are responsible for creating an elliptical cabinet that can rotate 360-degrees. It’s a concept of open multi-functional spaces that facilitate a variety of activities like dining, studying, recreation and entertainment.

The main feature of such a cabinet, should be easy rotating, but guess

Catching the Wild – The Coat Stand

I remember how much I loved westerns movies when little, so I suppose that’s why this odd and innovative piece of furniture, Catching the Wild, appeals to me. It’s a coat stand made of steel and polyester rope that looks just like a lasso. It should be perfect to catching your clothes if you’re into … wild things. My idea…

Funky Patchwork Furniture

Patchwork is most often associated with quilts. Once a craft born out of economic necessity, patchwork quilts still enjoy widespread popularity. However, British designer Lisa Whatmough whose company is Squint Limited… has adapted the patchwork technique not for familar bedcoverings but as upholstery material for her fun and funky bespoke furniture line. Just one of her chic furniture pieces will

Wooden House in the Czech Republic

The Czech architects, from Sporadical, finished their wooden house project in Central Bohemia at a former arboretum, last year. It’s a three floors economical and spacious weekend house, surrounded by nature, that has an open residential ground floor, an enclosed bedroom floor, and a rooftop terrace.

The ground floor (the living are) is a great concept that was built

The Penta Pendant Lamp

With a versatile and attractive design, the Penta lamp is a striking concept created by Luca Casarotto of Cosca Design… in Northern Italy. Made of recycled polyethylene, with a shape that suggests rotary motion, the Penta Lamp is innovative for to dynamically change its shape and create the optimum lighting for your mood. Open it up and the light will

The Living Lounge Chair

I don’t know about you, but after sleeping on the floor until my bedroom furniture gets here, I am really excited to see comfy looking chairs. Take the Living Lounge Chair for example. The concept was created by JGreen Design and won the 2008 Niche Awards…, even though the price is more than most of us would pay: $7,500.

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