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Rock Blending Summer House in Vestfold, Norway

  • Rock Blending Summer House in Vestfold 8
  • Rock Blending Summer House in Vestfold 9
  • Rock Blending Summer House in Vestfold 7
  • Rock Blending Summer House in Vestfold 5

It’s hard to imagine that you can build a house on a terrain surrounded by rocks, but the designers from Jarmund / Vigsnæs AS Architects MNAL have done it on the coast of Vestfold in the southern part of Norway. Meant as a vacation house, the building replaced an older construction but adjusted to the […]

Stylish Kitchen Designs fron Alno

  • kitchen-alno-12
  • kitchen-alno-1234567
  • kitchen-alno-123456
  • kitchen-alno-12345

With a design heritage for more than 80 years, Alno is currently in the top of kitchen manufacturers in Europe. Just a few numbers will sum up things: the firm offers a range of 200 door styles and 1,700 finishes. The luxurious and modern kitchen design we would like to present today are part of […]

Wood Furnished Butler Residence in Portland, Oregon

  • Wood Furnished Butler Residence 8
  • Wood Furnished Butler Residence 9
  • Wood Furnished Butler Residence 6
  • Wood Furnished Butler Residence 7

Sometimes it’s the shape of the building that gives its charm, but other times it’s the furnishings you apply that get the eyes. Just take a look at the Butler Residence in Portland, Oregon, and you’ll know what I’m talking about. In charge with the whole project, the creative designers from PATH Architecture have managed […]

Gas Station House in Berlin

  • gasstation14
  • gasstation13
  • gasstation12
  • gasstation11

It is a fact that people nowadays brake plenty of boundaries in what architecture is concerned. Also, their creativity can sometimes go sky-high and build houses in the most unusual places. This is exactly the deal with with this project. The Gas Station House (former Shell Gas Station) was transformed into a living environment by […]

We have a Facebook Fan Page !

Starting from today I’ve decided to create a Facebook Page for Freshome, because I think that a Facebook Page is better than a Facebook Group, and people can interact better on a Facebook Page. So check it out! Become a fan! Tell your friends about it ! Leave a comment …everything is appreciated. Here is […]

Beautiful Modern Waterproof Wood Sinks by UWD

Inspired by nature and gifted with new technology potential these beautiful washbasins were designed to complement the harmony of your house design. These beautiful washbasins are created by Unique Wood Designs, a company that began by building yachts, boats and canoes. After thirty years they had developed a very high quality boat-building and carpentry workshop, […]

Minimal Super Stylish White Kitchen : Bulthaup B1

If you are a fan of simplicity in kitchen design then you should take a look at this beautiful kitchen called the Bulthaup B1 Kitchen. This modern kitchen collection is in a class of its own and worth some serious consideration if you’re looking for a minimal super stylish white kitchen that packs a punch. […]

Contemporary Wall House in Seattle by Adams Mohler Ghillino

What do you do if one day you see that the home you’re living in, no longer suits your family’s needs? Most people would probably sell and buy something bigger. But not if you’re architect Adams Mohler Ghillino and if it’s the 810 SF, single-story house in Seattle’s Queen Anne neighborhood. Previously a single-story environment, […]

Create the Illusion of More Space with Transparency

For those who had enough with their living room setup and look for a more contemporary feel, designer Philippe Starck came up with these Kartell Victoria Ghost Chairs that promise to offer both comfort and versatility, . Designed with a rounded backrest and keeping on the classic robustness, the new Ghost chairs are made from […]

Zaha Hadid Designs the Jesolo Magica Retail and Business Center

The internationally renowned Zaha Hadid studio is at it again, this time in Italy in the small town of Jesolo where the creative designers came up with a futuristic project for a retail and business center. Dubbed the Jesolo Magica, the structure is meant both as a eye catcher for anyone visiting but also as […]

Stacking Nesting Table by Florian Kräutli

Designed by Florian Krautli each unit in the Stacking Nesting Table can be utilized as a table or shelf. Depending on your personal needs, you may stack them up into a top-heavy tower, lay them out separately as table & chair, or pack them up for storage. Take a look at the pictures attached below […]

Suitcase Furniture by Erik De Nijs

Designed by Dutch designer Erik De Nijs of Nieuwe Heren, the “Suited Case” is a project which is inspired on the idea of people waiting during their trip, to help travelers feel more at home when they are on the road. The Suited Case features two pieces of hand luggage and two pieces of larger […]

Gorgeous Wood and Glass Staircases by Siller

Many of us regard a staircase as a mundane aspect of home decor. After all, they serve a mere practical function of ascending or descending between floors. These gorgeous wood and glass staircases by Siller is stylishly simple, barely there floating staircase. The minimalist design enhances every modern space with the clean, clear look of […]

Contemporary Apartment in Sweeden

Located in the heart of Gothenburg and surrounded it by all its history lies an interesting and  modern apartment. A few unusual things are worth pointing out. First of all, the sleeping area is separated by the rest of the apartment by a wall that can easily be removed. In connection with the sleeping area […]

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