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Innovative Modular Wallpaper : Tear off by Znak

Designed by Znak the “Tears off” wallpaper is an innovative modular wallpaper that gives your interiors a face-lift without having to undergo the pain of moving the bulky furniture and getting the rooms whitewashed. The wallpaper is created with a specially designed perforation. By tearing off pieces of the wallpaper, you can create your own […]

Modern Black Glass Bathroom Furniture by Stemik Living

  • Black-bathroom-furniture-Onyx-by-Stemik-Living-2
  • Black-bathroom-furniture-Onyx-by-Stemik-Living-1
  • Black-bathroom-furniture-Onyx-by-Stemik-Living-5
  • Black-bathroom-furniture-Onyx-by-Stemik-Living-6

The Onyx bathroom collection by Stemik Living is very good looking piece of bathroom furniture. Glossy black doors are perfectly accentuated by aluminium frame, which changes this furniture into a real art masterpiece. Straight and pure lines in combination with the black color look awesome and could help to create a modern and refine bathroom […]

Helal New Moon Residence, An “Oasis” Of Modern Design

  • Clipboard041
  • residence-erhlich-architects127793
  • residence-erhlich-architects1223
  • residence-erhlich-architects1

Located in the middle of a desert site, building this structure must have definitely not been an easy job. However, the team from Ehrlich Architects took advantage of some of the “qualities” of this place (lying deep in the Persian Gulf) such as the existence of desalinated water and built this residence. It rises today […]

Luxurious Interior Design: Modern Mansion in London

  • Mansion5
  • Mansion4
  • Mansion3
  • Mansion2

Global Interior Design were initially engaged in the project of designing a luxurious entrance for a residence in London. However, seeing the results, the owner of the house decided that the company should rearrange the whole space. This is how this opulent interior was born. Staring with the hallway, luxury and comfort seem to by […]

Contemporary Summer House in Menorca

  • Summer-House-in-Menorca11
  • modern-summer-house
  • modern-summer-house3
  • modern-summer-house9

The creative designers from Dom Arquitectura are to be blamed for coming up with such an astonishing summer house in Menorca — one of the Balearic Islands located in the Mediterranean Sea belonging to Spain. Inspired by the “tonca” architecture, the contemporary residence blends with the surrounding landscape by using large windows and clean white […]

New Style Mobile Office Made of Cardboard

Created by Liddy Scheffknecht and Armin B. Wagner, the “Pop Up” is an office you can take your office anywhere you can carry a giant piece of cardboard. The 94 x 275 x 200 cm installation, which is designed by by Liddy Scheffknecht and Armin B. Wagner, is entirely made of cardboard and tape. The […]

10 Contemporary Living Room Ideas From Alf Da Fre

If you happen to be a fan of modern Italian interior design, then you certainly heard of Alf Da Fre, an important brand in the field. Today we decided to show some of their ideas on minimalist and contemporary home arrangements. These particular pictures are of 10 different living-rooms, all having a well determined personality. […]

Helsinki Named World Design Capital 2012

Icsid (the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design) announced November 25 that the designation was conferred to Helsinki because of the city’s design initiatives’ positive impact on everyday life. Helsinki has won the title of World Design Capital for 2012. The honour was bestowed on Wednesday at the World Design Congress in Singapore. Helsinki […]

Amazing Architecture in Black&White – CCO1 House From Levenbetts

We really liked the way these pictures were taken and especially how the black&white house seems to rise from the snowy lands. But these are rather irrelevant facts when confronted with some of the more “technical details”. The “CCO1” as a project belongs to Levenbetts, an architecture firm from New York. Located in Columbia County, […]

R3 Triangle Building in San Diego from Lloyd Russell

Raising above the surrounding elements, the “R3 Triangle Building” from Lloyd Russell seems to reign its environment due to its unique and impressive architecture. The building was constructed for mixed purposes (residential and commercial) and it is located in Little Italy, San Diego. The exterior design is very original, even though the lack of many […]

Alki Townhomes in Seattle by Johnston Architects

From Johnston Architects, comes Alki Townhomes, a project which implied the construction of two similar residences that look as if concentrated in a single unit. The houses are located very close to Alki beach, which makes it a great escapade and also a place with fantastic views. Beautiful glass facades  and amazing interior design are […]

A Light Weight Design: The Primitive Series

Turin Design studio Nucleo have developed the appropriately-named “Primitive Series” of furniture which pretty clearly looks like weightless white granite. Although made from cardboard or foam and actually covered with resin to give it the style and stone-like quality, the materials allow the heavy-looking furniture and light fixtures to appear boxy, heavy, ancient and almost […]

Maroubra Residence in Australia, a Display of Beautiful Interior Design

Designed by Eddie Kenda and built by Halemist, this beautiful house comes from “The Architecture Company” and is located in North Maroubra, Australia. Being given that its location is by the beach, the views from the residence are absolutely fantastic, which is also a strong feature of the building. The first floor houses the living-rooms, […]

USB Sofa, A Couch With a Different Type of Storage Space

Designed by Cabracega Studio, these four sofas in the images below are able to store… 14 GB of memory. They were especially designed for users to gather around and exchange information in a more unconventional way: through USB cables. The sofas were  made with built-in desks that can be removed in order to install the […]

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