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10 Interesting Door Models For A Contemporary Crib

  • tekno-model-1
  • tekno-model-2
  • tekno-model-3
  • tekno-model-4

We’ve given you plenty of interior ideas lately regarding interiors and out-of-the-box arrangements, but we put little emphasis on doors in the previous posts. Today we would like to change that. After all, the door is an important aspect of any apartment and its design should influence and be influenced by all the other elements […]

Wolfgang Bench : Pretty Much Like Sitting On Your Keyboard

  • keyboard-bench
  • keyboard-bench-5
  • keyboard-bench-6
  • keyboard-bench-8

This may not be the most comfortable chair in the world, but you have to admit the concept behind it is pretty cool. The Wolfgang Keyboard Bench comes from designer Nolan Herbut, who’s keyboards experiments also feature a lamp made out of keys. Getting back to our chair, at a first glance I had the […]

Flexible and Fun: “Cross” Sofa from Elvis Pennetuzzo

  • ElvisPennetuzzo_SofaCross_Img1
  • ElvisPennetuzzo_SofaCross_Img2
  • ElvisPennetuzzo_SofaCross_Img4
  • ElvisPennetuzzo_SofaCross_Img5

We really love furniture that is versatile and can change its look over time by just a simple move from the user. This is also the case with Elvis Pennetuzzo‘s original design presented in the pictures below. “Cross”  Sofa is an innovative furniture item that can really challenge the owner’s creativity in coming up with […]

Lovely Black and White Apartment With a Wooden Theme

  • black-and-white-apartment-design-1-554x378
  • black-and-white-apartment-design-2-554x368
  • black-and-white-apartment-design-3-554x366
  • black-and-white-apartment-design-4-554x369

Here is an inspiring way of putting 93 square meters to good use. This freshly redecorated and renovated apartment is not that big, yet in the pictures it almost looks double it size. This is due to the fact that designing it did not only take into consideration aesthetic features, but practical ones as well. […]

Lebron James, About To Launch His Own Furniture Line

Lebron James, the famous NBA superstar has recently signed a contract with American Signature in order to launch his own collection of furniture, with design help from his female soul mate and also his brand manager. The collection will be based, according to what Lebron stated, on a family tradition which he would like to […]

Clean Modern Lines Home Design : Bainbridge Island Home

The clean modern lines of this newly constructed waterfront home are a rare and perfect match for the person looking for simplicity and a zen-like quality in a home. Striking and progressive materials are utilized throughout in this smart and edgy design. Featured in a recent Seattle AIA exhibition, the architect/builder has been recognized as […]

An Original Architectural Concept: The Sandwich House From Ryoichi Kojima

We’ve shown you a lot of weird looking homes lately. Upside-down ones, weird-shaped projects from unconventional materials, built in strange places and on unusual terrains. It would be a little out of line to say that this place was inspired by something in the culinary area, however the Sandwich House follows our list of original […]

Cuckoo Clocks: Unusual Art from Stefan Strumbel

Stefan Strumbel is an artist from Germany, whose creations are well known national-wide. He combines a strong details in his works, coming up with items that make a statements. Most of the elements used are German images with great meaning for the citizens. His style was also connected to pop art, a current which challenges […]

Store Built Entirely Organic From Cardboard

More and more companies today go over their heads in order to promote -an let people know they are doing so- a sustainable environment. However, in the long run this turns out to have positive effects, so who are we to complain about the subliminal effects? We hope in this situation there are none, which […]

An Alternative for Wallpapers : Classy Quartz Surfaces

From CaesarStone, a company that has in time become a global brand, comes “Motivo”, an impressive collection of classy quartz surfaces, with an embossed texture. The best part of this design is its customizable feature. Users can chose from the wide range of surfaces and colors and create their own patterns. For today we decided […]

Beautiful Concrete House from Atelier St

Located in Cainsdorf, Germany, The Concrete House comes from Atelier st architects and stands out primarily due to its exterior design. An original shape, the house features large concrete blocks that seem to blend in order to form the walls of the residence. In between them, large windows are asymmetrically placed and allow beautiful views […]

Pillow Shaped Like Robert Pattinson : Appealing or Freaky?

The Twilight phenomenon seems to go on and on. We’ve seen how a whole industry took off of object and designs based on the movie. Today we have another treat for you: the “Robert Pattinson manllow”, which is fluffy and …stiff version of the famous actor, perfect for stirring up the infatuation of young ladies. […]

A Great Architecture Concept: House C-2 Yamanashi in Japan

From Curiosity.Jp. this amazing looking residence is called  House C-2 Yamanashi and is located in Japan. We are used to creative, sometimes even unbelievable architecture projects in this part of the world, so this place should come as no surprise. Still, we cannot help but appreciate this building’s exterior design, as it is really unique. […]

Furniture Inspired by Puzzle : Jigsaw Puzzle Stool

Do you like puzzle ? If yes take a look at this Jigsaw Puzzle Stool that was inspired by the game of puzzle. Made of sheesham wood, they are precisely cut to look like puzzle pieces. It can stand alone but can also be connected with other puzzle stools if you need more flat space. […]

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