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Inspiring Contemporary Bedroom in Red, Black and White

  • bedroom freshome 12
  • bedroom freshome 123
  • bedroom freshome 1234
  • bedroom freshome 12345

When it comes to choosing the bedroom furniture and coming up with the perfect interior design, things can get a little tricky. After all, it is the room  you spend most of your time in, even though half of it you are asleep. Still, a bedroom should inspire comfort and relaxation. Today’s example somehow comes […]

Fresh and Original Interiors from Ryann Ford

  • ryannford1
  • ryannford8
  • ryannford12
  • ryannford123

Ryann Ford is a photographer who is specialized  in architecture, design and tourism. We found this amazing photos on her site related to the subject of our interest, interior design. Some of the rooms in the pictures below really managed to catch our attention: a bathroom with brick-walls and wooden furniture, a  living-room with words […]

DP Chair: Great Comfort in Any Setting

  • dp chair
  • dp chair 3
  • dp chair 34
  • dp chair 345

Because sometimes business meetings can get very long, employees inevitably find something to take their mind off the repetitive speeches and go to their happy place. Ok, that was mean, but you have to admit this is a good reason to create a comfortable meeting chair.  From Itoki Design, the DP chair comes with a […]

Fenced-In Coffee Table from Jason Horvath

There are several moments of the day when coffee tables become the centerpiece of a home. Whether it is about enjoying a morning snack while watching TV, or having tea with friends, it is nice to have a coffee table with a personality. Today’s example is called the “Fenced-In” table and it comes from designer […]

Chalckboard Clocks : Creative and Fun

  • chalckboard clock 1
  • chalckboard clock 12
  • chalckboard clock 125
  • chalckboard clock 1256

Sometimes having interactive furniture around can really reduce boredom around the house and make things fun. For today, we gathered up a bunch of chalkboard clocks, some of them with simple messages  like “see you later”, some of them more fancy. However, they all have something in common: the possibility of bringing your own contribution. […]

Private Wooden Residence in Romania: Style and Diversity

Located in a beautiful natural area, surrounded by hills, this project comes from architect George Balan and it is the type of residence that is beautifully integrated in its environment. The concrete and wooden exterior makes for a fantastic camouflage and the finishes  are weather resistant.  The interior is wide and spacious, with walls made […]

Having Trouble With Finding Your Keys?: “Remember-Me !” Key Hook

We know most of you out there have not yet found in yourselves the organization models you’ve dreamed of being. Which is why from time to time you’re prone to minor incidents such as forgetting to save a file before closing, hitting random things in your home because your mind is focused on something else […]

Golden Residence in Colorado, Interior Design and Nature Combined

This amazing home was built at an altitude of 8,500 feet in Rocky Mountains, Colorado. The project comes from Gibson Architects and was initially looked upon with disbelief. Building a house in the middle of nature and at that height seemed like a huge step. However, the plans took off and the results are spectacular. […]

Contemporary and Fresh Apartment in Sweden

We like the overall youthful atmosphere that this place inspires. A bike in the middle of the living-room, towels randomly scattered throughout the apartment, modern furniture and vivid colors really make this a comfy and interesting home.  Sharp contrasts are also the elements that give life to the rooms, while the solid brick wall gives […]

Unusual Moebius House by Tony Owen Partners

We know you like every residence that brakes the barrier of “common” and we will try to constantly feed your need for special homes. Today’s project comes from Tony Owen Partners and is located in Sidney, Austrailia. With views accross the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge this family home was built using an innovative […]

Short Circuit Shelf by Alexandra DiCairano

I think that a bookshelf is a piece of furniture that can be designed in a lot of ways. If you look here on Freshome you can see a lot of creative designs, and the “Short circuit shelf” by Alexandra DiCairano is one of them. Here are a few words about this project from Alexandra […]

Bookcase Inspired by the Pac Man Game

Remember that old video game character called Pac Man ? I’m sure that a lot of you played this game a few years ago. Now inspired by the Pac Man game here is the Puckman bookcase that is made of shining varnished wood and is possible to hang it by a practical wooden hang. With […]

Amazing Art Gallery Annex in South Africa

If you enjoy looking at the latest design trends we figure you are also an art fan. For those of you who like visiting museums and discovering what contemporary art has to give in matter of sculpture and paintings, here is a double treat. From StudioMAS Architects + Urban Design, this project is an extension […]

Stunning American Residence by Robert Mills

From Robert Mills, this home is an example of an American architectural successes.The stunning looking residence can be characterized by straight lines and cubic modules as opposed to a more dynamic interior with an  impressive staircase with curved lines.  The rooms are all very inspiring and have a modern feel. From dark colors to white, […]

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