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Altavoz- Blue Shelving System from Carlos Tiscar

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There are so many ideas concerning shelving systems designs these days that few of them really manage to stand out. This blue system of shelves was created by designer Carlos Tiscar, from Spain. With various dimensions and unlimited  possibilities for combining the items, this set is not only practical, but also quite creative. Symmetrical or […]

Modern Fireplaces from Planika

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Planika is an Australian-European company whose main purpose is “to bring the primeval fire from before thousands of years to contemporary interiors”. Today we would like to present a few items from the “Fire Collection” designed by Arik Levy. Stylish and creative, these models are not just not just a great replacement for a fireplace, […]

Light Hangers

The coat hanger in your hall way is probably the last thing you would think of investing in. However when the improvment is substantial, the change is definitely worth making. The “Alone”  light hangers come from Daniele Trebbi for Palluco. Available in black, white and red, the circular hangers emit a soft wall light that […]

Shaquille O’Neal’s House in Miami

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For those of you who are not basketball fans, Shaquille O’Neal or “Shaq” is a famous and very good American basketball player (he has won five NBA championships so far), but also an actor and a rapper. This is one of Shaq’s cribs located in Star Island, between Miami and Miami Beach. With gargantuan proportions, […]

Anonymous Hugging Wall

After the famous and touching “Free Hugs” Campaign, here is another similar project that was “created” by Keetra Dean Dixon for Social Facilitation and Mood Elevation. Even though this may seem a little spooky at first, once you get used to the idea these hugging walls are not really that bad. Maybe this way some […]

Eclosion Sofa, Couch with a Zipper

We’ve been seeing more and more furniture items that can fit almost anywhere. From kitchens that can be reduced cu cupboards to tables for six persons that fold obediently into any locker, it seems that designers everywhere are coming up with new and ingenious methods of making our interiors welcoming and user friendly. “Eclosion” comes […]

Light Handed to You On a Platter – The Light Container

With a light bulb cradled casually amidst the curvilinear design of the sculpture, designer Jung Hwa-Jin’s light sculpture, The Light Container, is a clever little accent.  Hanging offhandedly, The Light Container was designed to reflect the different potential meanings of the term “putting in,” as they’re understood by western and eastern culture.  In order to […]

Ikea Space Maker : Interactive Dorm Room Planner

With the start of a new academic year comes the need for many first year students to buy some furniture. Ikea Space Maker is an initiative to make life easier for those who are returning to school and need to build your small room, probably because they live alone in some other city or closer […]

Nude Woman Body Furniture by Peter Rolfe

So you want to see something really interesting today ? If your answer is yes you are on right place. Created by Woodworker Peter Rolfe his latest sculptural pieces, in the form of female and male naked bodies are so interesting, I had to share them with you. Crafted of birch ply, the male and […]

Hook Anemone by Anders Ljungberg

Hook Anemone designed by Anders Ljungberg is an organic shaped multi hanger for clothes and jewelry that was inspired by the underwater life. The design is really unusual but I have to admit that it looks cool. For now this hook is just a prototype and we hope that it will be in production soon.

Raw Stone and Wood House in Buenos Aires

Located in Buenos Aires, Argentina this house has a very interesting exterior that incorporates only natural materials like stone and wood and consists of bearing walls and steel columns that allow greater openness to the garden. The load-bearing walls are made in stone, providing greater insulation and waterproof. The house is oriented north to catch […]

Storyteller by Isabel Quiroga

Designer Isabel Quiroga wanted to use some old pieces of furniture to create something new, original and unique …and she created this bookcase made of used tables. The tables are small cut and stacked. This is a great example of reuse old pieces of furniture to create something cool. The design is suitable for various […]

Parasols Umbrellas in the Shape of a Tulip

Let those excruciating summer heats pass you by easily and wave them gracefully from under these amazing Parasol designs. The umbrellas come from MDT, a German company. This is some information from their site concerning the firm and their creations: “From its origins as a traditional wood processing manufacture, Müller-Design-Technik has evolved into a high-tech […]

Walnut House by Giulietti/Schouten

Located in a beautiful hilly region in McMinnville, Oregon, the Walnut House is probably the best Portland-based Giulietti/Schouten Architects have ever come up with. Meant as a low maintenance house, the two-bedroom, three-bath home has been constructed with many sustainable features.The whole structure comes with exposed concrete walls and veneer wood panels for siding and […]

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