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Breathtaking Compact Single-Family House in Madrid by A-cero

  • house-madrid11
  • house-madrid
  • house-madrid01
  • house-madrid1

The house was designed by A-cero and is located on a 3.500 m2 plot presenting a light slope that is used by the access ramp to the garage. The floor plan has the form of a greek cross, and is delimited by the access pathway and the other properties on both of its sides. The […]

Luxurious Armchair: R15 From Redo Studio

  • r-15-armchair_01_wIUd7_22976
  • r-15-armchair_02_hEvo5_22976
  • r-15-armchair_03_MZI7k_22976
  • r-15-armchair_04_Z1apn_22976

We’ve shown you all sorts of chairs here on Freshome, most of them quite unusual; today we bring you this luxurious armchair from Redo Studio. It is called “R 15″, a name that is similar to what you’ve probably come across in the plane industry or Formula 1 cars. You have to admit the shape […]

15 Colorful Interior Arrangements From John Loecke

  • john loecke
  • john loecke2
  • john loecke23
  • john loecke234

We would like to present 15 colorful interior arrangements that we hope will inspire you in case you are planning a major apartment make-over soon. They all belong to designer John Loecke and we like them because they are fresh and lively. Color is everywhere and so is diversity. Some of the interior arrangements may […]

Stylish “O & O Seat Chair” Relaxation At It’s Best

We are used to chairs which allows certain sitting comfort only up to the point where your back is relaxed. But usually the feet remain without any support, which makes staying on a chair for too long quite unpleasant.  Today we bring you this creative and stylish chair design which is meant to innovate the […]

Girls Bedroom Decorating Ideas

  • heart-themed-kids-room-red-polka-dot-design
  • heart-themed-kids-room-in-traditional-style
  • heart-themed-kids-room-in-traditional-styles
  • heart-themed-kids-room-light-fairy-white-design

Here on Freshome you’ve seen a lot of themed bedrooms for kids. It is true, fairy tales, castles and princesses provide a wide range of ideas for bedrooms, but today, we would like to show you something new: hearts. You’ve seen them drawn on every teenager’s diary, piece of paper or bumper sticker. And it’s […]

Original Cedar Residence in Japan from Naf Architect & Design

This beautiful and unusual house was created by architect Tetsuya Nakazono from  Naf Architect & Design and is located in Hiroshima, Japan. The residence has a total living surface of 172, 55 square meters and it has three floors. The black cedar  material was chosen because the construction was built in a traditional Japanese area, […]

Interesting Looking Bookcase for A Creative Living Room

Books bring a very special feeling to a place and if you think about it, they also offer nobility. We are major book fans here and up to now, we tried to find interesting storage places for them. Recently we’ve ran across yet another great design for a bookcase. We know you might not remember […]

Juxtaposed: Power Shelf by Mike and Maaike

San Francisco designers Mike and Maaike have created a shelf with slots specifically cut to house seven seminal books about power and society. I don’t know how many of you will find this idea useful, because this shelf can hold as you can see only seven books. Called Juxtaposed: Power, the piece is the second […]

Decoration Idea to “Hide” the Wires in Your Home

To be honest I hate to see cables all around the house, but with so much electronics in our lives, the cables are an inescapable fact. When wireless electricity will be available all these cable problems will be solved, but who knows when something like this will be available ? Fortunately, there are ingenious people […]

Aveleda’s House : Inspired By Roman Architecture

From architect Manuel Ribeiro, Aveleda’s House is located in Portugal, next to “Bracara Augustae”, an old Roman city. The main idea of the design took its roots from the fact that ancient Roman homes were usually built around a square.  Here is a statement from the designer about this: “We tried to take the most […]

“Playing with Tradition” : Original Carpet Designs From Richard Hutten

This interesting line of carpets was created by Richard Hutten and exhibited by I+I in Rotterdam, earlier this year. It features rugs with traditional patterns which at a certain point become stretched into regular lines. Here is how the artist came up with the idea for the carpets in the first place: “For the carpet […]

A Stunning Combination Between Classic and Modern : Abril Furniture Collection

Abril is the latest collection of furniture from MOBILFRESNO, expected to be launched this April. The elegant set brings together dining chairs, bed frames, interesting wardrobes and great looking night-stands. The designers like to say they are “suffused with the self-same light of the serenity and elegance of April”. Leaving poetry aside and looking at […]

“Four Works” a Cool Multifunctional Workstation

“Four Works”  Workstation comes from Danish manufacturer Four Design and was created due to the joint effort of Patricia Terrazas and Michael Swan. Whether it is kept at home or at the office, “Four Works” comes with cool integrated features in order to serve the needs of any pretentious user. The innovative office has a […]

Mirrored Furniture : Think It Will Ever Get Old?

It’s true, most of the people out there can’t get enough mirrors. But is this a reason to create mirrored furniture? It’s up to you to find the answers to this question,  but in the mean time we would like to show you some of the positive examples of what this type of furniture has […]

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