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Casa Kimball, an Amazing Villa in the Dominican Republic

  • kasa kimball, freshome
  • kasa kimball, freshome1
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From Rangr Studio comes the breathtaking Casa Kimball. If Freshome still had the “dream homes” section, this would have definitely been a perfect candidate for our list. We will start with the things that particularly got our attention and continue with the rest. First off- have you noticed its location? Kasa Kimball is situated on […]

Curtains in Modern Houses no Longer a Point of Interest ?

  • courtain good 12340
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When looking at modern houses lately, I couldn’t help but notice curtains are no longer a point of interest. Their place was taken by the contemporary blinds, which are a lot easier to take care of and manage. However, you have to agree with us on the fact that curtains give a special feel to […]

Unusual Hotel Bed in Italy

When you think of accommodation, you probably imagine a warm bed in a room with some other furniture lying around, a TV, a bathroom and maybe even some rugs on the floor. Today we bring you this unusual item that is bound to shake your vision of a hotel bed. The “Million Donkey Hotel” comes […]

CASAOPTIMA, Beautiful Interior Design and Sustainability

  • casa optima  miguel claro
  • casa optima  miguel claro2
  • casa optima  miguel claro21
  • casa optima  miguel claro211

From  Sociedad Anónima Arquitectos, CASAOPTIMA is located in Santiago, Chile and comes to show us a successful mix between a modern architecture, interior design and sustainability.  it is a do-over of an old French-style housing from the 40’s. The architects  turned it into an area of 5 apartments with 1 and 2 bedrooms. As we […]

World’s First Augmented Reality Architecture Application : Sara

Developed by Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAI) in partnership with IN10 Communicatie and Layar, Sara is the world’s first augmented reality architecture application. Users of the technology simply hold up their smartphone to see photos, video, 3D models, scale models and other details about buildings currently in situ as well as those from the past and […]

T2, Concrete Leaning Shops in Tokyo

From General Design, T2 is an original architecture project located in Tokyo, Japan. The two leaning structures are made of concrete and serve as guidelines, directing the costumers towards the ground floor. A stairway leads them to the rest of the retail store. Here is some information from the architects about the idea behind this […]

Black, White an Wood: How is That For An Apartment Design?

Black&White has become a classic in the world of design colors combination. Stylish and elegant, black and white interiors are usually also quite sober and serious. However, this is not the case with this beautiful apartment in Sweden. Because of the touch of color here and there and due to some really interesting and fresh […]

20 Interior Designs That Prove Details Matter

We’ve come across a great collection of interior design photos that really bring out the “small details” part of the decorating process. Think about it- how would your house look without flowers, your favorite chandelier, the weird carpet on the floor, the paintings, photo frames or your living-room wall clock? We know these sort of […]

Private Island and Luxury Retreats in Seychelles

Before you read further, here is a warning: what you are about to see may cause side effects in the form of buying the next plane ticket out of your city towards the nearest beach. In this post we would like to present a beautiful location, on an island that was not inhabited for a […]

Inspirational Wallpapers Ideas from Ferm Living

Ferm Living is a company that uses graphics as a form of expression. So far this has led them to only good things, as they so far managed to put together a strong line of wallpapers, wall stickers and even cushions with a strong air of originality. We would like to show you some of […]

Unusual Typograhic Sculpture by Richard J. Evans

This unusual sculpture was presented by Richard J. Evans at the Free Range Graduate Art & Design Show. We figured it was just weird enough to pass around. On Freshome we do not really present many art-related items (unless you consider design and architecture as art, which you would be totally entitled to), so we […]

Beautiful Private Villa Bussum in The Netherlands

Located in Bussum, a small city near Amsterdam, in The Netherlands, this little architecture wonder has been nominated for the Daylight Award 2010, an event that honors the projects which “reach an optimum result in combining daylight, artificial light and design”. The architects in charge of this were Group A, an office with a team […]

The Log House: Music and Architecture Combined

The Log House is located in The Netherlands, Hilversum, and it was built in order to house a music-study environment for music-entertainer Hans Liberg. Design by Piet Hein Eek, the construction strikes through its originality in exterior design. Perhaps this was the wish of the singer, a quiet retreat were he could practice his peaceful […]

Tree House overlooking L.A., a Luxurious Place of Retreat

A tree house is usually that place kids love to go in order to play and do whatever children do. It usually has a very simple construction plan, with nothing inside but some comfy pillows and dozens of toys.  RPA Architects come to shake this perspective, by creating another type of tree house. The concept […]

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