A Microsoft Window for Your Home?

The internet and computing has changed our lives so much so that many of us now spend hours and hours on our computers. We often forget what it is like outside. So why not get a window that looks just like Microsoft Windows, the operating system that most of us use? John Nouanesing…, the talented French designer has come

Unstable by Rafael Morgan

Rafael Morgan’s “UnsTable…” is a genial concept table is currently being prototyped in Europe at the Studio Mango but will be manufactured in Brazil by Rafael’s design company VIRA. This table gives the illusion of being a shaky table thanks to the clever use of movable blocks round a stable rod. However the in reality the table is

Styrofoam Dome Houses

The Innuit who live in northern Canada once built homes out of ice blocks. Now a modular home manufacturer, Japan Dome House Co. Ltd…have come up with styrofoam dome houses. These houses are produced in sections and are designed to be assembled easily and quickly by a few people. There are already 480 of these houses at the Aso

Swing with Style in a Suspended Bed

I don’t know why but it seems that each time I see a bed suspended on ropes I automatically fall in love, and I sure that I’m not the only one. A suspended bed makes a dramatic statement in the uncluttered space, as you can see in this picture that I’ve found here…. Now some people might ask me

Urban Collection Sofa by Marta Antoszkiewicz

This beautiful Sofa from Urban Collection for now is just a very interesting concept designed by Marta Antoszkiewicz. This is not the first project by Marta presented on this blog, we presented also the Ultra-Functional Bulb Table and Table with Chairs that Saves Space in the Dining Room….This sofa it’s two heat-formed planks and minimal fasteners are the basis

Innovative Washbasin System FOLLO by Will MacCormac

FOLLO… is the first bathroom product designed by London based designer Will MacCormac. FOLLO is a combination of modern aesthetic and underlying function. This innovative washbasin system is an ideal solution for both commercial and domestic applications. The linear aesthetics naturally follow the soft contours of the surface to create a stunning and unique visual impact, particularly suited to the

LAX Wall Mounted Shelf, Sleek with Clean Lines

First time when I posted about the LAX Wall Mounted Shelf it was more than a year ago, but then were focusing on a Wall Mounted Desk Office…, but the LAX Wall Mounted Shelf was also present in that picture. The LAX Series by MASH Studios combines sleek, minimal elegance with practical space-saving solutions built into the designs. The

Really Creative Fireplaces Designs by Anne Colombo

Since I have this blog, I’ve discovered a lot of cool designs, and today I would like to present a few fireplaces designed by Anne Colombo’s that really impressed me. Being one of the five natural elements, a fireplace is a great way to give a warm and peaceful feeling to any room. Anne Colombo the designer of these beautiful…

Contemporary Family Home That Looks Like a Castle : Lymm Water Tower House

Designed by Ellis Williams Architects, the award-winning ( won a Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) award.) Lymm Water Tower… House is a project that converted a Water Tower Situated in the historic village of Lymm, into a contemporary family home. The basis for this opulent design – a 130-year-old water tower – rises five stories above Cheshire, England’s

Cloned Eyeball Lamps To Watch Over You

Have you ever had the feeling that somebody is watching you? Well, you can definitely get that feeling with these lamps by a French Design Group called 5.5 Designers…. These designers are into object cloning which to no one’s surprise was inspired by medical cloning technology. They offer a custom lamp service where they make eyeball lamps based on

Mobile Mini-Home – Woonbox

There are portable toilets and portable cabins. Now there is the portable kitchen and bathroom called the Woonbox. The Woonbox is a compact wonder. It is a large box which when opened up somewhat like a book will reveal a shower and toilet on one side and a kitchen complete with two cooking rings and sink on the other. Additional…

Global Warming Polar Bear Rug

Nanimarquina, the Spanish textiles company recently launched this global warming rug for the Valencia International Furniture Fair. The striking design created by the Mexican collective NEL… depicts a polar bear stranded on an ice floe in the vast expanse of the Arctic sea. Polar bears as we know are at risk for global warming will melt much of the

The String Chair

This string chair invites a second look, a wish to try it out and perhaps even a love-hate reaction. The chair boasts strong clean lines – literally – for the seating area and backrest are series of taut strings. The two groups of strings neatly interlock at the junction of the seating area and the backrest much like the warp…

Tokyo Residence by Yasuhiro Yamashita

Sometimes I find interesting things on the internet and I want to post here on Freshome, but I hesitate, just to find them later on another website and then I don’t know why but I want to post them. I’ve found this collection of images of interesting houses in Tokyo at Flickr almost a week ago but as I’ve said…

Giant Ceiling Light : Ociu Light

If you always wanted something really cool and unique then the Ociu Light from Zava… that has a diameter of 6 feet ( 185 cm ) certainly makes a statement. The suspension is fully realized in opal methacrylate, 8 mm thickness, diameter of 185 cm and a width of 90 cm. OCIU is available in various colors: black and white

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