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Wooden Electronic Ruler

Designed by Shay Shafranek and Oded Webman with the support of udk industrial design department, Berlin the “Electronic Ruler” is concept that measures the length of drawn lines no matter where on the ruler you start and stop drawing. It can also measure the distance between 2 points, add the value of different lines and […]

Pushing Neon Away from a History of Flatness : Split Stack Lamp

The Split Stack Lamp is a very interesting lamp design by Roger Borg. To understand the evolution of the Split Stack Lamp, it is best to look first at two earlier bodies of work- the open series, and the flat stacks . The open series marked the first step in pushing neon away from a […]

Orca Chaise by Ricardo Barddal

Recently recognized as an innovative designer from south region of Brazil, Ricardo Barddal presents pieces like the Orca Chaise: confortable, playful, unexpectable. Constructed over a glass fiber base and polyurethane foam, it’s dressed up on a 2 milimeters cover of neoprene. The “flat lock”stitchings on it resembles real diving and surfing clothes and gives a […]

Teen Girl Bedroom Decorating Idea for a Small Space

Decorating a girl’s bedroom, opens up even more problems, especially if the girl in question is a teenager. If you’re the parent of a teen girl, then the first thing you should do is discuss her ideas. Although it’s your house, it is her bedroom after all, and she still needs to feel comfortable in […]

The Taekwondo Park World Headquarters in Muju, Korea

  • Taekwondo Park World Headquarters 6
  • Taekwondo Park World Headquarters 5
  • Taekwondo Park World Headquarters 4
  • Taekwondo Park World Headquarters 3

After a fierce competition being held among the candidates, Samoo Architecture PC had won the first prize and got the building/construction application for the new Taekwondo Park World Headquarters in Muju, Korea. Muju County in North Jeolla Province has been transformed into an astounding center for the world’s Taekwondo practitioners. Inspired by the holistic training […]

A Sharp-Looking Green Ventilation System : Artica

Artica, a project developed by a group of designers supported by Design London and funded through NESTA, is a natural cooling and ventilation system for interiors that incorporates creative design while remaining almost wholly sustainable. Recently prototyped with trails underway for mass production, Artica will use less than 10% of the energy your conventional HVAC […]

Stylish Lobster Boat Residence in Portage Bay in Seattle

Portage Bay, Seattle, is famous for its dense urban shoreline site and their population issues. That is what Chadbourne + Doss Architects had to deal with when they refurbishing this waterfront property into a 2380 square foot condominium. At a place where the community bond means everything, a condominium with 4 detached residences and 2 […]

“Dark Side of the Moon”-Inspired Pink Floyd Chair

A wild rendering of a chair that looks like it would be strangely comfortable while listening to music, designer Candela Mosse’s the Pink Floyd Chair is meant to serve as a strong contemporary design accent for a relaxing space.  Finished with fiberglass to accentuate the modernity of the chair’s design, the chair definitely radiates a […]

My House Nightclub by Dodd Mitchell Design

Is there anything cooler than getting to choose which area to hang out in someone’s house? Well, now that you mention it, there is! Check out the attractive My House nightclub in Los Angeles by Dodd Mitchell. Adopting a little bit of both classical and contemporary, with each room bursting with textures and details, the […]

Comfortable Sleeping Environment for your Baby : Alma Urban Cot

With simple patented folds to enhance its mobility and storage ability, the Alma Urban Cot is fresh and chic design by Bloombaby specifically created for your little baby — because he deserves the best. Complemented by two mattress heights, this cot/crib also offers you convenience by not having to bend, while providing a safe and […]

Beautiful Furnished Apartment in a Finely Restored Property

Everybody dreams to have a good, beautiful furnished, comfortable and luxurious house to stay. As today people are more comfortable in having apartments, and this sometime becomes very important to choose right apartment which have all the amenities that makes the apartment luxurious and furnished too, to make a pleasure living, which helps you to […]

Furniture Sales and the Economy

In these days with fewer people buying houses, so fewer are buying furniture to fill up new homes, and many furniture makers and retailers have suffered big sales losses as the economy has slowed. Those who might have upgraded their current décor are holding off. Few purchases can be put off as easily as furniture. […]

The Mini Plus Mini Staircase

Quaint and conservative, Italian manufacturers Misterstep have developed a condensed staircase design called the Mini Plus.  Aside from the obvious modular and space-saving attributes that the Mini Plus has, it’s also a very charming concept which seems perfectly suited to urban living.  It’s hard enough getting around a space when the staircase serves as a […]

Stephen Fletcher Architects: Luxurious Flat in Hampstead, London

Specially made for luxurious hearts, this elegant flat by Stephen Fletcher has taken lavishness to a whole new level. Located in Hampstead, London, originally this spacious flat used to be a ground floor and basement for a gothic-styled grand house built for an artist way back in 1870. Here’s where Stephen Fletcher stepped in and […]

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