Casa Kike – No More Writer’s Block

We’ve seen it in movies and in real life, that writers need a quiet place to come up with great ideas for their books. If you’ve been looking for the key elements for such a house, then we have Casa Kike located in Cahuita, Costa Rica (30 miles south of Puerto Limon).

Gianni Botsford from GB Architects… used indigenous techniques

Beach House in Bundeena, Australia

Remember the sunny California beach house, from the other days? Well if liked it, we have another from Gunyah beach in Bundeena, Australia. Created by architect Clinton Murray, solid as a rock and intended “last forever”, it wasn’t easy to tuck it into the hillside, very close to the breaking shoreline.

“The house sits with its toes touching

Horse Head Pillow Inspired by “The Godfather”

Just by visiting a few pages of this blog, you can see that there are a lot of creative and crazy designs, and today you’re gonna see something that is really crazy and creative in the same time. Inspired by the famous scene of “The Godfather” the horse head pillow is a great home accessory as a tough guy’s Teddy…

The Campbell Divertimento in LA

There are times when words are not necessary to make a point and that’s one of them. But I’m still going to give you a few details on L.A.’s Beverly Crest neighborhood and the house (the Campbell Divertimento) that has a 5,000 square foot swimming pool with a towering stone fountain.

Thought to be designed by the famous Mexican architectural

Beautiful and Practical Under Stair Drawer System

Ctd 2005… designed these stairs for a client who wanted to combine Shaker and Japanese utility into the space. The owner had both a shaker elemental utility look he wanted and to the Japanese for their use of storage under stairs as part of designing space, and the final result is a very practical use of space that I have

Adding Colorful Accents into a White Danish Home

There is something about Scandinavian interior designers because most of the homes I’ve seen use white in excess, but not this Danish home. With a very good mix of modern and classic, and a lot of white furnishings it still managed to amazed me when I saw how they used colorful accents to suppress all that white. Some of the…

Posi+ive Chair by Jittasak Narknisorn

Designed by Jittasak Narknisorn and selected as a winner of the One Good Chair competition, the Posi+ive Chair is a comfortable and sleek chair. Narknisorn created the concept for the Posi+ive chair by playing with folded paper, discovering a design that would be ergonomically comfortable and stackable at the end of the day.

This design is minimize waste material

George Residential by Matt Gibson

In Albert Park, Australia, architect Matt Gibson came up with a great design for George Residential…, with a a classic Victorian workers cottage look on the front and a contemporary terrace at the back end. Combined as a metaphorical bridge of history between the front and the rear, the house has a minimalist design with a huge livingroom with

One Really Cool Idea for an Original Swimming Pool

If you’ve ever wanted a really nice pool for your house what you’re gonna see today might be a design that you’ll love. This is a creation of Taiwanese sculptor/artist Ju Ming and is called the “Zipper Pond“. This creative lotus pond is now one of the feature attractions of the Juming Museum…, located in Taiwan, and I’m pretty

Building a Bed Starting from a Picture Saw in a Magazine Ad

One day while Fabienne saw some ad pages in some magazines she was inspired by a photo ( attached below ), to design a bed, here are his own thoughts “gee I really hate bumping into a hard bed, I want something completely padded, but modern looking”.

Starting from this picture Fabienne has documented in his blog all the steps

Beach House in Malibu, California

For some reason I’ve always dreamed of having a beach house, unfortunately, in my country it may not be suited. But take Malibu, California, for an example, and you’ll know what I mean. With one of the finest weather and some of the best beaches on Earth, this must be the perfect place to build a beach house – or…

3-D Textured WallPapers by Hanna Nyman

Hanna Nyman…, a Swedish designer has made her wallpaper designs not only interactive but 3-D as well. Users are able to peel back whichever sections of her wallpaper to create their own versions of wallpaper sculptural art.  The wallpapers are truly innovative for they deliver texture and style as a package deal! Her designs have a floral theme and

Floating Gym and Spa in Wolfsburg, Germany

Living in Wolfsburg, Germany? Then you already know or probably even tested the floating gym and spa, but for the rest of us it just looks as a dream come true.

It’s a 800sqm river floating pontoon by designer Max Wehberg that includes a 40 meter long and 9 meter wide open-air swimming pool 30cm above water (includes heated water,

The Cube Condo Hotel

Can anyone take a quick guess and tell us where the Cube Condo Hotel will be placed? Just look at its design. Anyone? Well for those that thought about those rich sheiks, you’re close. It’s located in Dubai Sports City, has 27 floors and 561 luxury condos that will satisfy even the pickiest tourists.

What you should expect if you

35 of the Most Unique & Creative Sofa Designs

One of the most important things to do while furnishing your living room is to get good sofa sets. In today’s article we will present 35 of the most interesting & creative sofa designs that you can find on the internet… so let’s begin.
1. The fabric for the Pixel Sofa has been picked up by Danish manufacturer Kvadrat, based…

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