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“Running Lights” from Salvini Style

  • salvini lighting5
  • salvini lighting1
  • salvini lighting2
  • salvini lighting3

“Running Lights” is the translation for the Italian product Fughe Luminose, from design company Salvini Stile Srl, whose mission is “to offer a living concept and not a mere general product”. This very original lighting idea implies a few Led strips of lights that can be embeded in the walls of your apartment creating new […]

The Geometric Home on a Golf Course: Zafra-Uceda

  • Casa-Zafra-2
  • Casa-Zafra-3
  • Casa-Zafra-4
  • Casa-Zafra-5

Designed by Eduardo Arroyo of the Spanish studio NO.MAD Arquitectos and photographed by the architectural photographer Roland Halbe, Zafra-Uceda is a two-story polygonal anthem of modern metal architecture.  Literally designed on top of a golf course, the wire-mesh façade was designed both as an intricate artistic accent as well as a very practical shield against […]

The Stunning Noyack Creek House

  • Noyack Creek House 9
  • Noyack Creek House 8
  • Noyack Creek House 6
  • Noyack Creek House 7

The amazing Noyack Creek House both excites the senses as it confuses them with it’s seemingly out of place design. At first glance it appears not quite finished, but, on closer inspection, the building reveals itself to be a wonder of modern architecture and imagination. Built for a New York actor, from the simple front […]

Luxury Home in Hualalai

Located in the Hawaiian Islands,near Ke’olu Golf Course,  this dream house has it all: fantastic views, a near-by ocean, an infinity swimming pool and luxurious architecture. We found this house on  Ownby Design, a place “where passion for craftsmanship and true designer-client collaboration unite”. Spread on 25000 sq feet, this house is not only colossal […]

Symbol, an Armchair With a Colorful Design


Looking for an armchair that makes a statement? A bold design and a creative approach – this is what characterizes the Symbol chair. The item comes from Adrenalina, an Italian design company with a lot of out-of-the-box furniture creations. The chair in the images can come in different colours, which is what makes this design […]

Impulses, a Stylish Sofa Collection

Having a furniture set that is highly versatile, that can be used in a variety of situations and that can be shaped in many ways is exactly the idea behind the Impulse series, from B-alance. This elegant set contains a single large sofa, three small couches that can also be used as armchairs, a coffee […]

Island Sink by Kohler

Introduced at the 2009 Kitchen/Bath Industry Show, the Iron/Occasions Island Sink by Kohler is a sink, island, and design statement all at once. The “one-piece surface and integrated basin” uses the incredibly strong Kohler cast iron, covered in a thick layer of enamel. The material is super sturdy—and that doesn’t even cover how good it […]

Modern Living Room Decorating Ideas from Tumidei

This is not the first post about modern living room furniture ideas. If you look at the end of this post you can see more living room ideas that we posted in the past. Today I wanted to add a new article with some new inspiration for the living room from the Italian furniture Design […]

Multimedia Upholstered Sofa with an Integrated Computer

This modern upholstered sofa is a hybrid model of electronic entertainment and comfortable sofa. Athena is a multimedia upholstered sofa that features an integrated computer into it’s cool design. It includes an integrated computer, an iPod/iPhone dock, MP3 player with a wireless connection over the 2.4 Ghz radio signal, an 8 inch subwoofer and series […]

Home Office Ideas for Those of you Who are Working from Home

In the last few years working from home become easier and easier because of the internet. I’m one of those lucky people who work from home and I have to admit that I enjoy a great flexibility. Today I though to make a selection of a few home office ideas for those of you who […]

Optical Illusion Flower Vase

Here’s a great way to turn an ordinary water glass into a visually unique vase! All you have to do is to bend the shapely metal silhouette into position over a table edge, and stash a boring glass of water behind it. Voila! Your fresh-picked blooms get water, and you get a real cool optical […]

Cute Storage Jars : Tom, Dick and Harry

Tom, Dick & Harry are a set of porcelain storage jars designed to make an entertaining and stylish addition to any kitchen worktop. The concept for these little fellas came about when the guys from Thabto realised that there were no storage jars on the market with character, something that these three definitely do not […]

Flexible Chair Design That Can be Folded to Carry Around

After I watched the video attached below I can say that the Flux Chair it’s a really interesting chair designed with style and mobility. The Flux Chair which is comfortable to sit in and can also be folded to carry around. The innovative flux chair is easy for storage just like it is for transportation. […]

Low Profile Beds with Adjustable Headboard to Fit Your Needs

Designed by a Swish furniture company named De Sede, these low profile beds are crafted from the highest quality leather, and feature an adjustable headboard to fit your needs (see images below). This feature makes it a true premiere in bed design. These beds bear eloquent witness to how daring design can play delightfully with […]

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