The Stor Chair by Tiina Hakala

The Stor Chair was designed by Tiina Hakala… and is a chair that allows you to store a few magazines, or books right underneath the chair. I don’t know how many people will find this idea useful, but sometimes a hidden place like that could be useful to get rid of mess. Anyway this chair won the 2nd prize in

Feel Like a Bird in the Sky with the Hello Down There Rug

Hello Down There is a rug that can get a lot of attention, more attention than any rug I’ve saw until now. The Hello Down There uses a photo-satellite of a city to add an urban element inside your home, and it will also give you a feeling that you are somewhere up in the sky, just like a little…

Minimalistic Glass Tables by Adi Fainer

Designed by Israeli designer Adi Fainer these tables come up with a sleek and elegant design that can add some beauty in any living room. The collections have the following names like the Walk like an Egyptian, Fettuccine Loop, Interlock, and HookUp. With a very fashionable and extremely minimalistic look, these tables are truly irresistible.  – Via

The Inflatable Chair-air

Did you ever enjoy floating on the inflatable pads for the pool or the beach?  Well, the inflatable Chair-air is somewhat like those as its cushion is an air bag. The air cushion is a quirky touch to what is a classic looking chair. The sleek PVC surely contrasts dramatically with the hand-carved beechwood Victorian-style chair.

Not only is there

F2 Folding Table by Nils Frederking

Designed by Nils Frederking for Ligne Roset the F2 Folding Table is described as a “distinct round table with an ingenious folding system that is both functional and requires minimal space. The top is comprised of three articulated panels available in walnut or gloss white lacquer with a steel chrome frame“. Since the stylish furniture can be easily folded and…

Stackable Chairs by Daniel Milchtein Peltsverger

Designed by Daniel Milchtein Peltsverger for Mabel Furniture, this set of stackable chairs made of molded wood or plastic are an interesting solution for a small place. You can keep the chairs stacked when you are alone at home to have more space, and unstack then when you have visitors. The ergonomic shape and portability make it ideal for hotel…

Show Your Cat that You Care with a Piece of Stylish Cat Furniture

Perhaps you’re lucky enough to live in a spacious house with a basement where the family pet cat’s litter box is out of sight (and smell). But many pet owners don’t have the luxury such as apartment dwellers. The kitty litter has to go somewhere fairly visible and it’s not a pretty sight.

So you may be delighted to know

Yu Chair by Pascal Bardel

The Yu Chair is a great furniture piece made by Pascal Bardel from his Hong Kong-based Sequoia Studios… combine the best of both worlds: technology and art, industry and imagination, the geek and the formal visionary. An outdoor/indoor chair made of cast one piece white polyethylene, its cushion is simple rigid foam with a washable cotton cover (available in four

Private Swimming Pool with Amazing Design by Heri&Salli

This swimming pool designed by Heri&Salli… is the most interesting and modern swimming pool project that I’ve ever saw, and it was designed to create and continue a kind of landscape character that includes different functions and tasks. The six stripes line up on each other and take over different functions around the swimming pool like seats or couch surfaces

Our Little White Sofa by Christian Vivanco

Designed by Christian Vivanco… this project called “our little white sofa” and is a concept started with the search for an all-together furniture, but at the same time looking for a new expression for this kind of piece. Just one single outline to create a sofa that follows the idea of a mixture between outdoor and indoor furniture, between function

Large Floor Sticker : An Alternative to the Rug or Carpet ?

Designed by Sofia Antonovich and Miss Miza this really unique sticker design made specifically for floors it’s a great alternative to the rug or carpet. The Large Floor Sticker measures 125cm in diameter, it is easy to use and adds an amazing style to any modern room. This floor sticker is £62.50, which would be right around $100 US dollars,…

“Arbores Laetae” by Diller Scofidio and Renfro

Launched on 20 August 2008, consisting of 17 vibrant hornbeam trees formally planted in a grid pattern, at the heart of this landscape three trees slowly rotate. This project is called “Arbores Laetae” or “Joyful Trees” is the latest project designed by New York architects Diller Scofidio and Renfro. Located in a roadside park in Liverpool, the slowly rotating trees,…

Tetris Tiles : Inspired by the World’s Most Popular Game

Inspired by the world’s most popular game here is a very alternative to the old fashioned and boring tiles. Just like the game, it’s up to you to interlock them to fill in every single spot. They come in just about every color under the sun, and are made from fine Italian ceramic.

Tetris Tiles were created by a London

Casa Kike – No More Writer’s Block

We’ve seen it in movies and in real life, that writers need a quiet place to come up with great ideas for their books. If you’ve been looking for the key elements for such a house, then we have Casa Kike located in Cahuita, Costa Rica (30 miles south of Puerto Limon).

Gianni Botsford from GB Architects… used indigenous techniques

Beach House in Bundeena, Australia

Remember the sunny California beach house, from the other days? Well if liked it, we have another from Gunyah beach in Bundeena, Australia. Created by architect Clinton Murray, solid as a rock and intended “last forever”, it wasn’t easy to tuck it into the hillside, very close to the breaking shoreline.

“The house sits with its toes touching

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