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Original Design And Architecture: Modern Home in Spain by OmasC Architects

  • filled-with-light-contemporary-house-with-black-and-whit_002
  • filled-with-light-contemporary-house-with-black-and-whit_003
  • filled-with-light-contemporary-house-with-black-and-whit_004
  • filled-with-light-contemporary-house-with-black-and-whit_005

Designed by OmasC Architects, this modern home is located in Candamo, Spain and comes as an example of original design and architecture. The home has a very interesting structure: two individual areas were joined together- one is for day time activities and the other is used as a night zone.  A large parking lot was […]

Amazing Pavilion Exhibition At Expo 2010 in Shanghai

  • pavilion 3
  • pavilion 31
  • pavilion 312
  • pavilion 3123

Expo 2010 is a worldwide event that will take place in Shanghai, China starting May 1st. As expected, the building site is overwhelmed with action and all the major contestants will bring their own contribution. Today we would like to give you a sneak peak at what goes on in China. In the pictures below […]

Dream Apartment in Sweden. Ready For Some Great Interior Design?

  • apartment 1
  • apartment 12
  • apartment 123
  • apartment 1234

This beautiful and spacious apartment is located in Sweden and is said to be a “functionality dream”. Still preserving the feel of the old building it lies within, the place a display of modern elements as well. The apartment has two beautiful balconies, a spacious living room with a fireplace and a reading area where […]

Italian Kitchen Designs: Style and Originality

  • italian kitchen 1
  • italian kitchen 12
  • italian kitchen 123
  • italian kitchen 1234

We had a recent post here on Freshome about Scandinavian kitchen designs. They were all about color and let out a peaceful feel. Today we would like to show you a few Italian kitchen interiors from Ernestomeda.  In comparison, these designs look more sober, but that does not make them any less captivating. The color […]

Amazing Wooden Home in Barcelona

  • mountain-home-ideas-barcelona-7
  • mountain-home-ideas-barcelona-2
  • mountain-home-ideas-barcelona-3
  • mountain-home-ideas-barcelona-4

Located deep in the hillside of Barcelona, this amazing wooden home comes from H Arquitectes and has a unique architecture design. The project is called “Casa 205″ and it was built in order to take advantage of the beautiful natural surroundings. Impact on the environment is kept to a minimal level as well. The giant […]

Smart Energy Glass : Collect and Save Power

You’ve probably heard a lot of talk lately about sustainability and self-sufficient power devices. Today we would like to show you this innovative concept from Peer+ called “Smart Energy Glass“. With these type of windows one can control the intensity of the natural light that penetrates the room and collect energy. In other words, the […]

World’s Largest Architecture Project Built From Playing Cards

American Architect Bryan Berg recently spent 44 days building the largest architecture project made from playing cards. Most of you out there probably enjoyed building small homes from matches or cards, but you probably never thought using more than 10 items to make a lasting “structure”. 218,792 cards (if you do the Math, that means […]

Etirement Lamp by Rémi Bouhaniche

Desgined by Rémi Bouhaniche, a French design graduate, “Etirement” is a lamp that is dimmed by distorting its surface. It features a translucent membrane stretched over a steel frame which. All you need to do is pull the rod which you see in the center in order to adjust the level of intensity. The level […]

Unusual Suspended Guest Houses in Russia

Situated not far away from Moscow (in Moskovskaya Oblast), Russia, this unusual guest houses were raised on a previously closed settlement called Resort Pirogovo.  The buildings are suspended and their location on the top of the hill makes for some beautiful views. Wood was the main material used in creating this project and the red […]

Modern Mexican Villa: Mo House From JCNAME Architects

If you are a fan of contemporary architecture, then check out this modern Mexican villa from JCNAME Architects. Too parallel boxes, each with a well defined design were connected together for this project called “MO House”. White, red and black were the colors chosen for the exterior, a palette which brings a sober touch. Large […]

Beautiful Apartment in Lisbon : A Fun Family Renovation

These amazing interiors belong to in a beautiful apartment in Lisbon, Portugal, a place which dates back to the year 1850. However, the more interesting part is that the home was redecorated by a family and the work was done without consulting any specialists. Sure, by the way things look, you might say this is […]

19 Scandinavian Kitchen Designs From Marbodal

These original and diverse Scandinavian kitchen designs come from Marbodal, a company based in Sweden. The main theme is white, but bolder designs are also available. In the picture below you will see various arrangements, each one with it unique personality. There are even a few interiors that feature kids furniture. All the items are […]

IKEA Subway Display in Paris : An Insane Idea or A Genius Promotion Campaign?

From 10 to 24 March 2010, IKEA develops an interesting event in four important metro stations in Paris. Furniture collections are currently displayed in high-traffic spots, giving the potential customers a chance to interact with the brand by checking out the products. The subway walls are also filled with prints that showcase IKEA interiors. What […]

Breathtaking Home and Exceptional Views in Byron Bay, Australia

Located in Byron Bay, Aystralia, this breathtaking home really caught our attention. The stone walls and wooden elements of the house are impressive design elements, but what can really leave one speechless is the natural environment. The lush vegetation and numerous palm trees make this a dream place to live in. However the developers of […]

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