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Unconventional Design or How to Check In a Cold War Aircraft

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Up for some unusual accommodation? Or perhaps you would like to catch up on your History lessons in an unconventional way. Either way, for today we’ve prepared something unexpected: a plane dating back to The Cold War that was transformed into a luxurious and intimate hotel. The aircraft had a capacity of 120 seats and […]

Cindarella Table, Inspired by the Design of the 17th Century

From Duch artist Jeroen Verhoeven, we would like to present a table that definitely does not lack personality. In fact, its identity can be searched back into the 17th century, in the times of “archetypal shapes of tables and commodes” , as it was inspired by the how furniture looked four centuries ago. What is […]

Amazing House Built from Shipping Containers

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It is unbelievable where creativity can take lead. In architecture, it is imperative to let go of all the rules and think laterally or out-of-the-box- this is the main condition for creating projects that will last through the ages. Today’s unusual construction comes from French architects Claire Helene Drouin and Jean Marie Sanchez and was […]

F1 Lounge Chair Inspired by the the Ultimate Auto Facing

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This goes out to all of you crazy Formula 1 fans out there. We now you enjoy speed and the rush of adrenaline and we are trying to see today if any of that has anything to do with design. From Alexander Christoff, F1 Lounge was inspired by the  the ultimate auto racing and its […]

Hungry for Quality in Design? 22 Kitchen Ideas from Tecnocucina

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Tecnocucina is an Italian kitchen design company with quite an important experience behind. “A workshop of ideas for the kitchen”, Tecnocucina is working with a professional team of specialists, including architects and engineers, in order to come up with innovative, functional and great looking kitchen interiors. It is up to you to decide if they […]

Beautiful Countreyside Home in The Czech Republic

From Orak, an architecture firm with an impressive portfolio, comes a cosy and interesting looking home located on a sloped lot in the hills of the Czech Republic. The house has three levels, each of them being defined by its own personality and in the same time level of them is very different in style […]

Amazing $13,500,000 Residence in Malibu, California

Located in California, with fantastic views of Point Dume and priced at $13,500,000, this luxurious residence in Malibu is sure gonna bring some piece of mind to its next owner. This place has access not to one, but two private beaches reachable by stairs. And this is not surprising, being given that the building is […]

Modern Bathroom Sets from Ambiance Bain

Ambiance Bain is a design company dealing in bathroom interiors. And you know what they say about companies that stick to a single line of business: they become really good at it. We think these interiors are truly exciting which is why we would like to share some of them with you. A variety of […]

Original Architecture Design: Suurupi House Extension in Estonia

Creating a design for a house extension can become very tricky. Aside from matching the exterior with the already existing one, the interiors have to blend also. Here is an extension that brakes the pattern of similarity, but creates a great effect while doing so. Often called “a matchbox” or a birds nest, this building […]

Radiator Humidifiers for Comfortable Rooms During the Winter

You probably noticed that turning on the radiators makes the air harder to breathe in a room. If you haven’t, just think of those times you woke up feeling you have a sore and dry neck. This is due- we will leave out all the secondary causes- to the fact that there is not enough […]

Tell Me About Yourself, Dear Freshome Reader

Freshome is almost 3 years old and I feel it would be wonderful to give some space to our readers to present themselves. A lot of different people visit Freshome, some come and go, some come occasionally, some are with us daily, and a few of them have been with us from the very beginning. […]

Penthouse Duplex in London: Make the Most of Urban Living

Located in London, on Mallow Street, this contemporary apartment stands out due to its unusual design. With two floors, high ceilings, large and inclined windows, this place was built on the site of an old warehouse. It is located at the fourth floor and is reachable by elevator also. Getting back to the interior design, […]

Magazine Wallpaper: An Interesting Identity for a Graphic Design Agency

We ran into an original idea for a wallpaper, which becomes a great source of inspiration  once you put the whole thing into the right context and fill in the blanks. From Elding Oscarson,  these interiors belong to a graphic design company located in Oktavilla, Stockholm. The planning firm had to come up with the […]

Creative Cushions for Creative Bedrooms

Sometimes the smallest of details could determine the overall look of a room. In this particular case, we are referring to pillows and their strong design effect. Whether they are placed on the couch in the living-room or in your bedroom, they could become one of the central pieces of that interior with a little […]

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