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“Easy Click” Panels for Bathroom Furniture

  • duravit-wood-panelled-bathtub-easy-click-3
  • duravit-wood-panelled-bathtub-easy-click-4
  • duravit-wood-panelled-bathtub-easy-click-1
  • bathtub-panels-easy-click-duravit

These fashionable and easy to install bathtubs come from Duravit, a company that produces bathroom furniture for more than two hundred years.  With their experience, it is no wonder that these do-it-your-self bathtubs are so appreciated worldwide. The panels around the tub are elegant and sophisticated. Their exterior can be custom made so it could […]

Pottery Barn Smart Technology Daily System for the Design Lover Geek

  • Pottery Barn Smart Technology Daily System 5
  • Pottery Barn Smart Technology Daily System 4
  • Pottery Barn Smart Technology Daily System 3
  • Pottery Barn Smart Technology Daily System 2

Talking about a good place to take good care of your gadgets and gizmos, how about the Smart Technology line? Other than appealing to our geek side, it somehow managed to catch people’s attention with its innovative combination of both creativity and functionality, as well as conventionality and high-end technology. They come with a digital […]

1960 Canna Road Residence Turned Modern

  • Canna Road Residence 7
  • Canna Road Residence 8
  • Canna Road Residence 9
  • Canna Road Residence 5

Located in the Brentwood District of Los Angeles, Canna Road Residence is a dwelling place that is totally beyond your expectation for a mid-century residence. Originally build by a California-based architect Ray Kappe, this house was opportune enough to be beautifully touched up by Michael LaFetra a few years ago — and now the house […]

Erasing Darkness by Steffen Kehrle and Julia Landsiedl for Moree

  • Erasing Darkness by Steffen Kehrle and Julia Landsiedl 5
  • Erasing Darkness by Steffen Kehrle and Julia Landsiedl 4
  • Erasing Darkness by Steffen Kehrle and Julia Landsiedl 3
  • Erasing Darkness by Steffen Kehrle and Julia Landsiedl 2

Steffen Kehrle and Julia Landsield are the talented brains behind the Erasing Darkness lighting system. Designed for Moree, the light of the Erasing Darkness was apparently too bright, hence why the duo decided to literally block it somehow. The idea was brought to reality by covering the object that was replicating the look of a […]

The Clean and Contemporary Calibra Seating Collection

Designed by Harry and Claudia Washington of due estudio, the Calibra Seating Collection was developed to appear to float casually and comfortably over your floor with legs that narrow to a point toward the floor. Easy on the eyes, the Calibra collection pieces softly accent a space with its strong concentration on the horizontal shape: […]

Circled Kitchen by Compact Concepts

If you’ve been looking for a stylish kitchen set because what you own so far is not big enough to fit up the load, how about the Circle Kitchen? Designed by Compact Concepts, the kitchen furniture manages to address space problems in a highly functional and stylish manner, although it only measures 1.8 square meters. […]

Enterprise Table & Chair by Marco De Gregorio

Designed by Italian architect Marco De Gregorio who is currently living in Barcelona, Spain – the Table & Chairs Enterprise evocates the fascinating and futuristic atmosphere of Star Trek (Spaceship USS Enterprise) and reinterprets usual objects with a modern conception of design. These soft fluid objects are conceived as a mesh molded and sculptured in […]

Gaudi Stool, a Mix of Architecture and Design

This interesting stool was designed following the creative patterns of Gaudi, the famous Spanish architect. Gaudi’s plans for building churches impressed millions of people throughout the decades, so why not make the most of them and include them in modern design? The stool comes from Bram Geenen, a young designer from The Netherlands. Its shape […]

Remarkable Design : Save Energy with Solar Roof Tiles

Renewable energy and alternative sources of energy are some of the buzz words that we are hearing daily. The fact that the principles of sustainability are embraced by the design industry is remarkable. These solar roof tiles are an example of how some designs can be creative and environmental friendly at the same time. SRS […]

Asian Creativity at Its Best: The SongMax Clothing Store for Women

The SongMax Clothing store is an amazing design project that comes from a Chinese company called Elevation Workshop (ELEV). The founders say that ELEV is “positioned at the crossroads of art and architecture”. We here at Freshome believe that The SongMax clothing store is a perfect combination between the two, a great idea for a […]

Abstract Tiles from Fogazza- Color and Fun

With these new tile patterns from Fogazza you can really turn a regular walk to the kitchen into a fun experience. Various, fresh and exciting, these modern tiles spice up any dull room and turn in to a cheerful interior. Pavimenti Fogazza is an Italian company, founded in 1905. With more than a hounded years […]

The Simply-Structured Tensile Sofa

Austerely–structured and bereft of color, Swedish designer Therese Glimskär’s product, the Tensile Sofa, would be an interesting accent in a large space that needed something eye-catching.  Meant to call into question the techniques of applying and manipulating traditional upholstery, the Tensile Chair is held together simply with fabric and wires, further minimizing and playfully recontextualizing […]

Cool Design for Your Bathroom : WAVE Diamond Tub

If you are looking for tub that has a cool design then the WAVE Diamond model is undoubtedly the tub that you are looking for. This freestanding tub features a base of mahogany wood that’s available in a range of colors to reflect your personal style, and is enclosed in walls of glass. If you’re […]

Excellent Use of Space and Natural Light : Modern Oriel Window

This modern oriel window is part of a renovation to a run-down derelict house in the London Borough of Hackney, and it was designed by Platform 5 Architects. This idea is an excellent use of space and natural light, and I have to say that this place is just an awesome place to read a […]

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