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Aveleda’s House : Inspired By Roman Architecture

  • aveleda_house_01
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  • aveleda_house_05

From architect Manuel Ribeiro, Aveleda’s House is located in Portugal, next to “Bracara Augustae”, an old Roman city. The main idea of the design took its roots from the fact that ancient Roman homes were usually built around a square.  Here is a statement from the designer about this: “We tried to take the most […]

“Playing with Tradition” : Original Carpet Designs From Richard Hutten

  • Clipboard01
  • dzn_playingwithtradition02
  • dzn_playingwithtradition03
  • dzn_playingwithtradition04

This interesting line of carpets was created by Richard Hutten and exhibited by I+I in Rotterdam, earlier this year. It features rugs with traditional patterns which at a certain point become stretched into regular lines. Here is how the artist came up with the idea for the carpets in the first place: “For the carpet […]

A Stunning Combination Between Classic and Modern : Abril Furniture Collection

  • coming-soon-grupo-mobilfresno-s-alluring-abril-collection-large1
  • coming-soon-grupo-mobilfresno-s-alluring-abril-collection-large2
  • coming-soon-grupo-mobilfresno-s-alluring-abril-collection-large4
  • coming-soon-grupo-mobilfresno-s-alluring-abril-collection-large5

Abril is the latest collection of furniture from MOBILFRESNO, expected to be launched this April. The elegant set brings together dining chairs, bed frames, interesting wardrobes and great looking night-stands. The designers like to say they are “suffused with the self-same light of the serenity and elegance of April”. Leaving poetry aside and looking at […]

“Four Works” a Cool Multifunctional Workstation

  • four-work_01_2c5p9_22976
  • four-work_02_oPD4f_22976
  • four-work_03_GowxW_22976
  • four-work_05_E6ta8_22976

“Four Works”  Workstation comes from Danish manufacturer Four Design and was created due to the joint effort of Patricia Terrazas and Michael Swan. Whether it is kept at home or at the office, “Four Works” comes with cool integrated features in order to serve the needs of any pretentious user. The innovative office has a […]

Mirrored Furniture : Think It Will Ever Get Old?

  • glass furniture
  • mirrored furniture
  • mirrored furniture1
  • mirrored furniture12

It’s true, most of the people out there can’t get enough mirrors. But is this a reason to create mirrored furniture? It’s up to you to find the answers to this question,  but in the mean time we would like to show you some of the positive examples of what this type of furniture has […]

Breathtaking Views Of the Pacific : Y Residence by Kidosaki Architects

Located in Japan, this beautiful home was under a recent renovation from  Kidosaki Architects Studio. The company is famous for they works, and especially for the fact that they manage to perfectly integrate traditional Japanese items into contemporary residences. Y Residence is such an example. With a large panoramic view over the Pacific Ocean and […]

Colorful Radiators For The Children’s Rooms

Sometimes there is so much effort put in decorating the kids’ room, that a simple element such as a doll radiator can really mess up all the atmosphere. We think this colorful radiators from Jaga come with a great and adaptable look. Not only do these types of radiators go great next to furniture for […]

Unusual Wahbasin Shape from Ekateryna Sokolova

Ekateryna Sokolova is a young designer from Kiev, Ukraine, with works in the field of furniture and industrial design. Today we would like to present an unusual washbasin, a project called “Iris”, due to its shape correspondence with the elegant flower. Here is what Ekateryna stated about this design: “The idea is that the wash-basin […]

Pink Handcrafted Drawers With Embedded Mother of Pearls

Handcrafted in India, this Pink Pearl Inlay Chest of Drawers took many weeks to build and implied the work of a team of people to build. It is an interesting piece of furniture if you are interested in handmade designs or if you are planning on integrating it into a simple environment with few other […]

Modern and Flexible Sofa From Stefan Borselius

There are times when it only takes one furniture product to define the whole look and atmosphere of a room. This beautiful couch was designed by Stefan Borselius for  the Swedish manufacturer Blå Station and it stands out due to its bright colors and fancy style. What we like about it is the fact that […]

10 Interesting Door Models For A Contemporary Crib

We’ve given you plenty of interior ideas lately regarding interiors and out-of-the-box arrangements, but we put little emphasis on doors in the previous posts. Today we would like to change that. After all, the door is an important aspect of any apartment and its design should influence and be influenced by all the other elements […]

Wolfgang Bench : Pretty Much Like Sitting On Your Keyboard

This may not be the most comfortable chair in the world, but you have to admit the concept behind it is pretty cool. The Wolfgang Keyboard Bench comes from designer Nolan Herbut, who’s keyboards experiments also feature a lamp made out of keys. Getting back to our chair, at a first glance I had the […]

Flexible and Fun: “Cross” Sofa from Elvis Pennetuzzo

We really love furniture that is versatile and can change its look over time by just a simple move from the user. This is also the case with Elvis Pennetuzzo‘s original design presented in the pictures below. “Cross”  Sofa is an innovative furniture item that can really challenge the owner’s creativity in coming up with […]

Lovely Black and White Apartment With a Wooden Theme

Here is an inspiring way of putting 93 square meters to good use. This freshly redecorated and renovated apartment is not that big, yet in the pictures it almost looks double it size. This is due to the fact that designing it did not only take into consideration aesthetic features, but practical ones as well. […]

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